November 5, 2008

So Obama, the booma, won.

So Obama, the booma, won the elections. I had already predicted that in my post "A long American-Iranian Film".

I said the following : " My hunch is and my hunches are rarely wrong, if Obama the booma wins, and he will, by a small margin, Iraq will be handed over to Iran..."

I also said that Obama will strike a deal with Ahmadenejad on Iraq and in particular Southern Iraq.

And lo and behold, the vice president for the booma Obama is none other than J.Biden. J.Biden, the Zionist, is an ardent supporter of the partition of Iraq into three statelets. No wonder Maliki and Co were also backing the booma along with Iran. I also know that Iran had generously contributed to the Obama campaign.

I am glad that the evil, bastard Bush is out. No doubt about it. But I shall not congratulate you on your 44th president. He will simply finish off what the other Zionists had started -- The final partition of my country.

To hell with all of you and all of your presidents.