"Iraq out of Iraq" and other Mousetraps...

My Viking musician friend, Martin Kuchen from Sweden, sent me this and I am reproducing it here with his permission. He is probably the only Swede I know of, who is very aware of the intricacies of the Iraqi Occupation, in all of its dimensions. So hats off to Martin !

This is what he had to say :

"Iraq out of Iraq - Yes this was one of today's headlines on the front page of the biggest "newspaper" in Sweden -- Dagens Nyheter; "Iraq should be out of Iraq within three years". Was that a mistake !?
These hypocritical propagandists reveal the true nature of the reasons behind this occupation, just by "making a mistake"....hahaha."

Then Martin follows up with another mail in which he says :

"Since I haven't seen any correction of the false(?) headlines in today's paper - I decided to call them, the "journalist" at the other end says: "hallo, hallo, you don't think we did on that purpose, do you!?"
Me: "well, keeping in mind that the partition of Iraq has been on the agenda already from the start and...
Him : interrupting me, kind of arrogantly:" Well I haven't seen that, well I will talk to the others and see what we can do..." he could not care less - the fucking bastard.
Just for you to know - nobody in the fucking paper has seen it yet, and no reader either - obviously the headline is too plausible - "Iraq out of Iraq" does not seem strange to anyone - therefore no reaction!? Now I will e-mail them..."

IRAQ OUT OF IRAQ - The Swedish newspaper did not make a mistake. Even in Sweden there are unconscious slips, because the Iraqi REALITY can no longer be denied...

On another note but still very related...

I was watching with Mom - God bless her - Al Jazeera program "Itijah al Muakess" - Opposite Directions or Views. One of the guests was an "Iraqi" Kurd, the other a Lebanese. Why on earth did Al-Jazeera feel the need to bring in a Lebanese to talk about SOFA when there are plenty of Iraqis who are opposed to the DUAL occupation ?

The Kurd dismissed the question when asked about the persecution of the Iraqi Christians and literally ducked it. When grilled about American detention camps - he said " The AMERICANS NEVER ARREST ANYONE"

Kamel and Omar, my close relatives are STILL IN DETENTION. As for Omar, we are not quite sure if he is alive or not. And Kamel is over 67 years old. If he ever makes out alive, that in itself would be a miracle. They are both detained by the Americans with NO CHARGES.

At that point, Mom who was busy cleaning the Bamia - Okra or Ladies Fingers-said in her typical Iraqi fashion, "Nchab, kalb ibn al kalb." - Shut up, dog son of a dog. My Mom is polite.

I said "Yumma, those Shiites and Kurds sold Iraq for a cheap price". She did not even raise her head and continued cleaning the Bamia, and replied "sold only ? - there is no crime they did not commit"

When the Kurd, was asked how come the "Iraqi" (hahahaha) Hawza (theological council of my butt) was infiltrated by Iran (Has Al-Jazeera been reading my blog or what?), the Kurd dismissed that too, saying it was a pack of lies...

Basically that turd dismissed everything. The Lebanese guest, no longer able to contain himself - told him " You sold Iraq" but the Lebanese did not mention the Shiites who sold Iraq as well. Hmm....how come ?
I wonder what Sayyed Nasrallah of Ze Lebanon has to say about SOFA, now that Iran fully backs it ?!

Okay, let me nuance that. Iran fully and does not fully back it. Another mousetrap you need to be aware of...

The "Zubreme" (only Arabs will understand that version of Supreme) Ayatollah Sharoudi fully backs it. But check this out...

Ali Larjani, today in the Iranian parliament asked the members of the IRAQI parliament to refuse SOFA. And Muqtada al-Driller urged the Iraqis to oppose it as well.

Dual, paradoxical messages from Iran. Why ? You may ask...

Several reasons :

- They may be different political trends within Iran, and different pressure groups pertaining to different Ayatollah's influences. Another race for power.

- Another confusing game, that the Iranians are very good at, to frustrate both the Americans and the American-Iranian "Iraqi" puppets.

- To maintain a chronic, constant state of instability in Iraq, not by fighting the occupier, but by fiercely supporting very sectarian elements in Iraq, like Muqtada Al-Sadr for instance, in order to ensure the constant tiptoeing of the Americans and extract more concessions in favor of IRAN.

- and last but not least, it may be a theatrical show altogether, for internal and external purposes, to demonstrate what a "flexible" polity with "differing opinions", the Iranians have.

It can also be all of the above combined.

The Iranians are good at catching several birds with one stone. But the TRUE Iraqis are very good at catching the Iranians, catching them...

Ya Saddam Hussein, you were the BEST in that game of cat and mouse. And now that the Cat/Lion is gone, there is nothing left but the bubonic mice.

All this to tell you, that:

- Iran has officially given its green light on the IRAQI- American "security agreement".

- That it will keep the joker card as a last resort, by using Muqtada Al-Sadr if necessary, again and again...

- That it has started to demonstrate to the Arabs and the rest of the World, the weight of its negotiating powers with the "mightiest" country on earth.

So in fact, the Swedish newspaper is correct when it stated "Iraq out of Iraq".
It just missed one important word in that sentence - ARAB Iraq, out of Iraq.

More on that soon...

In the meantime, give your Americans and Iranians, the following message from an Iraqi woman --- Let the mice play for a while, the Lion of Babylon never sleeps even though he has closed his eyes...for a while.

Further Readings on "Iraq out of Iraq"

1) Stratfor : SOFA and Iranian options.

2) Iran and the US-Iraq SOFA - Reza Fiyouzat.

3) Obama, Iran, and the US-Iraq SOFA - Robert Dreyfuss.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarei. Disaster, 2006.


Anonymous said…
You know ..I know ..it is a political and personal constraint
to be involved in worldly (not wordly :) ) fights..

But the truth is the truth!!!

I still state.. that Uruknet did and do not allow comments to your text "FLUX..."
While trying again this morning ..I still get the same answer when clicking on the..
"Click HERE to post your own comment"...nothing ..NOTHING happens.

And when looking for either "Flux..." or "Layla Anwar" the answer is..
" Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class soapclient in /nusoap/nusoap.php on line 4096"

Either that means..."look over whom your friends are ...or ...there is a technical error to be fixed"

Further .. about this Swedish paper you are referring to..it is one of the most warmongering papers in Sweden ...
supporting capitalists rights against all peoples stuggle for their freedom from their masters.

So if you are real ...meaning to free Iraq from her enemies by being clear about how the political "essence" ...looks like..
I'am truly yours for what I can battle on from my position.

Anonymous said…
"the Lion of Babylon never sleeps even though he has closed his eyes...for a while."

How long is "a while" ????????????
Anonymous said…
Iran's mullas are Israel's best weapon, Israel removed the Shah and installed a Mullah, the removed the Taliban and installed another mullah and then removed Saddam and installed yet another mullah - so Iran's mullas know who their true masters are.

The Iranian mullah's death squads murder one million Muslims per year for Israel, and becuase of the Taliban and Iraqi freedom fighters the mulla's can not start the death squads in Syria and Lebanon - but Israel will still keep on finding assholes for them to fit in, Kurds and Persians are not the only stupid people who the zionist's priest and rabbis can fill with their hate and fear.

3 years should get Iraq into the 2012 elections, Obama will have to explain to his nation of sheep why he can't leave Iraq, his Israeli masters will not let him leave and will replace him if he thinks he can.

Iranians are dumb enough to worship their mullas, that is their purely the fault of their own racisim, their Khomayne worshiping death squads are now the only thing that keeps their mullas in place, so the Iranians are almost as screwed as the millions of Muslims they murder each year, they now have to keep on murdering Muslims else Israel does to them what it order them to do to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Keep on blowing up the zionist's soldiers and their Khomayne worshiping death squads - there really is no other way to get rid of zionists.

Bush was a blessing in disguise, his neocons exposed so much of the zionist corruption in America that it will take Obama's zionists years to cover it up again, but for a short time their zionist assholes are in full view of the whole world, and their genoiceds are getting harder and harder to cover up.
Anonymous said…
What we are seeing all over the world is an Eugenic Plan, coming into place more and more. It is a gen-nocide against all peoples who dont belong to the Nordic Arian 'race'. This plan will take about 100 years to fullfill, according to Eugenics. IF they succeed.

It is an old and ancient plan that differs and is adapted each century.

Stay strong people of Iraq. Stay strong Layla.

Anonymous said…
You make a lot of good points .

People are interested in knowing the truth, and a lot of westerners knows that the war, is all about the oil, but still they are to few.

But hopefully people in common will react when they find out that most of the worlds mainstream media - also their own - is governed
by their own states and powergroups owners, not to give a true picture of the reality but mere a widespread production to coverup
the reality, and twist the information so that the news reporting and their news anchors in the studios is making a veritable "media whores"
show, when giving out mostly a very propagandistic view on the situation, so that people don't get more than a small fraction of description
of what and how the reality in HELL works.

A good reaction would be if it lead people to criticize their own governments for accepting the American supremacy in the world by their
criminally cowardliness in not acting against - while they could - first in the UN and then later wherever they have had opportunity to do so.

I see the problems the Iraqi resistance has to reach the goal "a free Iraq" as a multiple one.

It has to win the war both politically and on the battleground, primarily through uniting the people above religious differences, at the same
time as they postpone that it is one country to be freed, and that is Iraq, and no other country has anything to do with Iraq.

How the resistance will do this is all together the Iraqis own matter to deal with.

But they have all worldly right and my heart in doing so.

Anonymous said…
At this point of the story, do you identity yourself more as an Iraqi, an Arab or a Sunni ?

And how do you think of your pro-Iran enemies, as collaborators, Ajam or Shiites ?
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…

I know that URUKNET allows comments. I have read comments there before. And on the previous post, the Editor of Uruknet, Paola Pisi left you a personal message, stating that comments are allowed.
It may be that something is not working your end of the line or they may be a technical error to be fixed.

I don't need to look over at who my friends are - I know who my friends are.
Layla Anwar said…
regarding the swedish newspaper,

I do not read Swedish, and am not acquainted with the Swedish daily papers either...But even if it is capitalistic, it did say the truth.
Layla Anwar said…
hurry up ,

How long ? As long at it takes...
Layla Anwar said…

However much this may shock but I agree with what you wrote ---when you said :

"Bush was a blessing in disguise, his neocons exposed so much of the zionist corruption in America that it will take Obama's zionists years to cover it up again, but for a short time their zionist assholes are in full view of the whole world, and their genoiceds are getting harder and harder to cover up"
Layla Anwar said…

A Eugenic plan ? Another 100 years ? Counting from when exactly ? 5 years ago or 60 years ago ?
Layla Anwar said…
a question,

Frankly right now, I feel I am nothing but a PIT OF RAGE.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Layla I am not trying to make a fuzz about anything...I just wanted to make a comment I felt lake I needed to...

Maybe it is something with the technical I dont take cookies into my computor I prefer live pure from those ..

But Its allright I know I can reach you with my words trough this site..

By..and take care

Anonymous said…

The flux post is on my uncensored blues which does not take comments. You can either leave your comment here or you can write to me at arabwomanblues.at.yahoo.com
Anonymous said…

You said it yourself. Iraq out of Iraq, meaning Arabs out of Iraq. Meaning the commoners, the profane, the indigious peoples, the you and me's. That's the Eugenic, designed Plan. Declining the peoples.

The Iranian aristocrasy is proud on their Aryan heritage. Combined with Nordic Aryans ( p.e. the Americans) they make the Eugenic Plan for this moment of time, profitable.

Counting from this day Layla and every other day after this day. In the end, all wars are about Eugenics. It is called: GEN-ocide.

Stay strong Layla

Anonymous said…
A pit of rage ? Fill it with pleasure...
Anonymous said…

Uruknet DOES ALLOW comments to Layla's "FLUX...", and as you can see
everybody else can, and so i don't understand why you can't.
bARABie said…
Burnin & Paola/Layla,

Burnin, you have stated you don't accept cookies at your end and that would explain why you can't comment on uruknet.

Yes it is a technical glitch from Burnin's end.

PS: Burnin, not very nice of you to bring Layla's/Paola's friendship into question just due to a computer technical glitch.

You obviously know enough about computing not to allow cookies but maybe not enough to know that can prevent you from doing a fair bit on the net.
bARABie said…
Layla, of all the people that have come into my life, you are the main person to make me appreciate being an Arab.
It is through you that i have come to love Iraqi/Arab art and through you i have learned what i never knew about the Arab "world".
Not to mention how much i have learned about the enemies of Arabs.
bARABie said…
"A Eugenic plan ? Another 100 years ? Counting from when exactly ? 5 years ago or 60 years ago ?"

Good question.
This is directed at the person who made the original statement about a "eugenic plan", so what were the crusades?
Anonymous said…
bARABie said...
"Layla, of all people that have come into my life, you are the main person to make me appreciate being an Arab"

See, Layla ? The tree still bears fruits...
Anonymous said…
From the window I shall throw myself off to you...From the window.
Anonymous said…
It is difficult to find "accurate" (whatever that means) information on what is going on in your part of the world; but then if the further readings you recommend all come from the same source - with all my respect for Uruknet, ... is there not other links you might recommend for us ignorant mexicans that do not speak arab?
bARABie said…
"See, Layla ? The tree still bears fruits..."

They do say lesbians are lemons. :)
Anonymous said…
Let the mice play for a while, the Lion of Babylon never sleeps even though he has closed his eyes...for a while.

So who is the Lion of Babylon?
Anonymous said…
bARABie said...
"They do say lesbians are lemons"

Why ?
Anonymous said…

It is more then obvious if you look into the history of the planet that Eugenics control the world.

bARABie said…
""They do say lesbians are lemons"

Why ?"

I am guessing because lesbians generally are bitter???
bARABie said…
"It is more then obvious if you look into the history of the planet that Eugenics control the world."

If you are saying that the crusades were part of this eugenics then there goes the 100 year plan out the window.

I guess you could say "from the window..." :) :)
Anonymous said…
Yes bARABie, also the crusades where a designed plan to loot and conquer. To thrive out the commoners, to humiliate them once again. To loot them, rape them and slave them.
Remember the crusades was a war between the Nordics and the Semits, disguised under the false flag of religion.

Nowadays we have sophisticated words for the wars in the world especialy in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it is still a disguised war. Once again we have the Nordics and the Semits against eachother.
But the commoners, have nothing to say. It has always been like that and you know it.

Although the world may think it is about oil or religion it is about setting up a global system.

The Islam with its strong family ties has to be destroyed. It is about the family ties. The 'tribe', the groups that will help eachother in difficult times. In the West, espacialy in the Americas, the family ties are mostly cut off by divorces, by familyplanning, by infertility, by extreme materialism. The Western system is a system of services, were all kind of institutions decide about personal and individual daily-life issues.

That will be implanted in Iraq as well. And they (the TOP of the World) know very well what they are doing because the Eugenic Plan is intergenerational for THEM. They also have all the time of the world. They opened the door in Iraq once more, like they opened the windows too. Literly and figuratively.

The Eu-GEN-ic Plan is ongoing.

Anonymous said…
Um Kulthum wasn't really bitter, though. More like bitter-sweet.
bARABie said…
"but then if the further readings you recommend all come from the same source "

But uruknet provides you with different sources not just from uruknet writers.
Anonymous said…
Won't find this kind of information anywhere else. here is something else that you people might not know. The war on Iraq was officially ended 3 weeks after it started. Everything after that has been a peace keeping mission. So we can't loose! :) We have already declared victory. And tell that Chuck Norris of Lions to do the damn thing already.
Anonymous said…

As barabie wrote, uruknet only reposted the articles quoted by Layla (you can see the original links at the bottom of uruknet's pages), but are articles taken from very different sources.

Stratfor is a private intelligence company, and is rumored to to receive information from the CIA. And it is well informed: it published in 2002 that there was a plan to split iraq int three part along sectarian lines.

Reza Fiyouzat is an Iranian writer and activist living in Japan. He is a socialist and of course strongly opposes the current iranian regime. This is his (very good) website;

Robert Dreyfuss is a US investigative journalist and is regular contributor to Rolling Stone, The Nation, The American Prospect, Mother Jones, and the Washington Monthly.
Anonymous said…
I hope everyone in the Muslim and Arab worlds is watching the live broadcast of the Iraq "parliment" these days, I call it "dueling puppets", Israel's puppets, America's puppets and Iran's puppets all going at it - and it is all recorded for the next generations to enjoy watching to.

The zionist mullas, priests and rabbis have lied for 1,000s of years about the history of Iraq to cover up (and use) their corruption, but now they are exposing their corruption to their own people on a daily basis, watch and record and put it on youtube ;)

I do not mention the Kurds enough, the poor idiots love their traitors to Iraq just as much as the Khomayne worshipers do - and their hate of Arabs makes them avoide learning to read the Quran by themselves to.

The Kurdish leaders kissed Israeli ass and paid the zionist lobby billions to help them murder one million Iraqi Arabs so they could steal from Iraq what Iraq had given them for free - and now the Kurdish people are ruled by the very same Kurds - now they can enjoy the corruption that the Israelis chose for them. The Kurdish leaders no longer recive billions from America, and they will have to start increasing their theft from some place - and those dumb Kurds will be milked like the mullas milk their Persian and Arab sheep - it'll be fun to watch :)

Funny thing is that the Americans do not know what is being done to them, 500 billion was nothing, and this 700+ billion will be forgoten soon to - as long as they can watch foxnews, MTV and Playboy on their flat screen TVs they are happy and the zionists can keep on milking them and milking them over and over again.

Here is a little gem I picked up from uruknet - the Kurds were smart enough to go to the the true masters of America directly:

= = = = = = =
From Kurdistan to K Street
Inside Washington's covert foreign policy apparatus, middlemen like Shlomi Michaels are key.
Laura Rozen, Mother Jones

Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you.
I just wish a few more " Arabs" open their eyes as well, and not just to Iraqi art. Keep it up!
Layla Anwar said…

I suppose Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet, replied to your query.
Anonymous said…
Sorry your Swedish saxofonist friend is telling you what he has seen in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. I usually look in that paper too on the Internet (one of the two biggest ones in this country and 'liberal' too)Perhaps you know that Sweden has been taken most iraqi refygees in Europe-I am afraid too many for our small population of 8 milj people, so it would be nice if the bigger countries would be more generous. We have people who organise and care for Iraq, but there is not so many news nowadays about the iraqi situation in our newspapers nowadays and we have had no soldiers there either, so the news is scarse.

Another rare thing with Sweden is that this is the only country I think in the world, where people think being patriotic is not a nice thing and abroad usually is telling not that good things about their country. And we are the least religious country in the world too. And haven´t been at war for 200 years. Also the only country in the world- until now - not being out in war abroad until now, when our government has sent (ISAF)troops to the US war i Afghanistan. And aid at the same time... Anyway I hope you will not think our country is that bad your musician friend is telling you about-specially now in your stressful situation

Kind regards

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