November 19, 2008

"Iraq out of Iraq" and other Mousetraps...

My Viking musician friend, Martin Kuchen from Sweden, sent me this and I am reproducing it here with his permission. He is probably the only Swede I know of, who is very aware of the intricacies of the Iraqi Occupation, in all of its dimensions. So hats off to Martin !

This is what he had to say :

"Iraq out of Iraq - Yes this was one of today's headlines on the front page of the biggest "newspaper" in Sweden -- Dagens Nyheter; "Iraq should be out of Iraq within three years". Was that a mistake !?
These hypocritical propagandists reveal the true nature of the reasons behind this occupation, just by "making a mistake"....hahaha."

Then Martin follows up with another mail in which he says :

"Since I haven't seen any correction of the false(?) headlines in today's paper - I decided to call them, the "journalist" at the other end says: "hallo, hallo, you don't think we did on that purpose, do you!?"
Me: "well, keeping in mind that the partition of Iraq has been on the agenda already from the start and...
Him : interrupting me, kind of arrogantly:" Well I haven't seen that, well I will talk to the others and see what we can do..." he could not care less - the fucking bastard.
Just for you to know - nobody in the fucking paper has seen it yet, and no reader either - obviously the headline is too plausible - "Iraq out of Iraq" does not seem strange to anyone - therefore no reaction!? Now I will e-mail them..."

IRAQ OUT OF IRAQ - The Swedish newspaper did not make a mistake. Even in Sweden there are unconscious slips, because the Iraqi REALITY can no longer be denied...

On another note but still very related...

I was watching with Mom - God bless her - Al Jazeera program "Itijah al Muakess" - Opposite Directions or Views. One of the guests was an "Iraqi" Kurd, the other a Lebanese. Why on earth did Al-Jazeera feel the need to bring in a Lebanese to talk about SOFA when there are plenty of Iraqis who are opposed to the DUAL occupation ?

The Kurd dismissed the question when asked about the persecution of the Iraqi Christians and literally ducked it. When grilled about American detention camps - he said " The AMERICANS NEVER ARREST ANYONE"

Kamel and Omar, my close relatives are STILL IN DETENTION. As for Omar, we are not quite sure if he is alive or not. And Kamel is over 67 years old. If he ever makes out alive, that in itself would be a miracle. They are both detained by the Americans with NO CHARGES.

At that point, Mom who was busy cleaning the Bamia - Okra or Ladies Fingers-said in her typical Iraqi fashion, "Nchab, kalb ibn al kalb." - Shut up, dog son of a dog. My Mom is polite.

I said "Yumma, those Shiites and Kurds sold Iraq for a cheap price". She did not even raise her head and continued cleaning the Bamia, and replied "sold only ? - there is no crime they did not commit"

When the Kurd, was asked how come the "Iraqi" (hahahaha) Hawza (theological council of my butt) was infiltrated by Iran (Has Al-Jazeera been reading my blog or what?), the Kurd dismissed that too, saying it was a pack of lies...

Basically that turd dismissed everything. The Lebanese guest, no longer able to contain himself - told him " You sold Iraq" but the Lebanese did not mention the Shiites who sold Iraq as well. come ?
I wonder what Sayyed Nasrallah of Ze Lebanon has to say about SOFA, now that Iran fully backs it ?!

Okay, let me nuance that. Iran fully and does not fully back it. Another mousetrap you need to be aware of...

The "Zubreme" (only Arabs will understand that version of Supreme) Ayatollah Sharoudi fully backs it. But check this out...

Ali Larjani, today in the Iranian parliament asked the members of the IRAQI parliament to refuse SOFA. And Muqtada al-Driller urged the Iraqis to oppose it as well.

Dual, paradoxical messages from Iran. Why ? You may ask...

Several reasons :

- They may be different political trends within Iran, and different pressure groups pertaining to different Ayatollah's influences. Another race for power.

- Another confusing game, that the Iranians are very good at, to frustrate both the Americans and the American-Iranian "Iraqi" puppets.

- To maintain a chronic, constant state of instability in Iraq, not by fighting the occupier, but by fiercely supporting very sectarian elements in Iraq, like Muqtada Al-Sadr for instance, in order to ensure the constant tiptoeing of the Americans and extract more concessions in favor of IRAN.

- and last but not least, it may be a theatrical show altogether, for internal and external purposes, to demonstrate what a "flexible" polity with "differing opinions", the Iranians have.

It can also be all of the above combined.

The Iranians are good at catching several birds with one stone. But the TRUE Iraqis are very good at catching the Iranians, catching them...

Ya Saddam Hussein, you were the BEST in that game of cat and mouse. And now that the Cat/Lion is gone, there is nothing left but the bubonic mice.

All this to tell you, that:

- Iran has officially given its green light on the IRAQI- American "security agreement".

- That it will keep the joker card as a last resort, by using Muqtada Al-Sadr if necessary, again and again...

- That it has started to demonstrate to the Arabs and the rest of the World, the weight of its negotiating powers with the "mightiest" country on earth.

So in fact, the Swedish newspaper is correct when it stated "Iraq out of Iraq".
It just missed one important word in that sentence - ARAB Iraq, out of Iraq.

More on that soon...

In the meantime, give your Americans and Iranians, the following message from an Iraqi woman --- Let the mice play for a while, the Lion of Babylon never sleeps even though he has closed his eyes...for a while.

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Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarei. Disaster, 2006.