November 24, 2008

Imagine !

I read a piece of news today, you probably saw it too.
The Vatican and Ze Pope - by the way, I want copyrights on the "Ze" since I was the first on blogosphere to use it, and I have noticed others making generous use of it, with no credit given . What else do people want to steal ???

Anyways I wast telling you about this piece of news - It is only now, 42 YEARS LATER, that the Vatican forgave John Lennon for stating 42 YEARS AGO, that the Beatles are greater than Jesus-Christ.

I can understand that was bad taste from the Beatles, and I do think it is blasphemy, when the Beatles put themselves above Jesus or Issa in Arabic -the son of Mary, a thousand Peace and Blessings upon him...It is arrogant indeed. But 42 years is a tad too long in my opinion.

After all, the Beatles, did sing for Hare Khrishna, and for My Sweet Lord and Mother Mary in Let it Be...And it was just a stupid, unthoughtful phrase uttered by John Lennon.

But let me ask you something here - How many years would it take for the IRAQIS to forgive the Americans and their willing coalition of criminals ?

After all, America is BEHAVING like God, detaining the right of Life and Death over innocent people. After all America thinks and believes it is greater than God Himself....

So how many years do you think it will take the Iraqis to forgive this false God ?

42 years, 100 years, a 1000 years ?

It took the Vatican itself and Ze Pope, 42 years to forgive a singer for a sentence. How long will it take the 1.3 million dead, the 3 million widows, the 5 million orphans, the 4 million maimed, the 5 million in forced exile -- and am not counting the destitutes, the homeless, the sick from Cancer thanks to D.U, the burned from cluster bombs and Napalm, the raped and the tortured, the broken traumatized souls...

How long will it take us to forgive ?

How long would it take us -- according to you,turn the other cheek, people ?

Think about it. And if the answer still eludes you, you can always seek council from the Vatican and Ze Pope.

Imagine - จินตนาการ..ว่ามวลมนุษย์จะอยู่กันอย่างสันติ

and when in doubt :

When in Doubt, Fuck It - John Lennon

Painting : Iraqi artist, Bassil Al-Obaidi.