November 16, 2008

The Unfolding Nightmarish Script...

Yes I know, these are all variations on the same theme.

This is nothing but a short follow up on my American-Iranian Long Horror film, which I ask you to read again, to refresh your memories.

I did say in that post that I dreamt of Ahmadinejad moving around in oil sleek Basra with no bodyguards as if it was his own territory. Did I not ? Do you know when I had that dream ? In August. I dared not speak about it, lest it comes true. But guess what ? It is coming true...

Read the short article below reproduced via Uruknet. And read ALL of it.

Two Shi'ite lawmakers have called for a referendum on turning the oil-rich province of Basra in southern Iraq into a mini-state.

The push signals a renewed effort by Shi'ites to grant regions self-rule in what would be a federalist system of government.

Sunnis oppose the idea, fearing it could lead to the country's eventual break up or isolate them from oil wealth concentrated in mainly Shi'ite and Kurdish areas.

Sheik Kheir-Allah al-Basri, a Shi'ite lawmaker from a small secular party, sought to ease such fears on Saturday, arguing that the push for autonomy is not a "secessionist motion".

Wail Abdul-Latif, another secular lawmaker from Basra, argued that granting regions more power would give Iraq's political process "more chances for stability."

He added that they have collected some 35,000 signatures from supporters in the region to press the electoral commission to hold a referendum on an autonomous region.

The idea of creating a federalist system in Iraq is expected to play a prominent role in the country's provincial elections, which are to be held before January 31, and the three largest Shi'ite parties have used the issue in their fight to win supporters ahead of the vote.

The largest bloc - the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council - strongly backs the creation of a nine-province autonomous region.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Dawa Party and the movement headed by radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr both oppose the proposal, arguing it poses a threat to national unity.

The region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq already enjoys self-rule.

And while some of you are still basking in the Obama post-orgasmic glow, I want to remind you of something I wrote in June 2008 regarding Iran and the American administration.

Talking about the American-Iraqi agreement, SOFA this is what I said.

"... high ranking sources in Iran have the perception that this is what Bush is looking for and that the recent moves by the Sadrists and Sistani in Iraq who supposedly "oppose" this deal are part of Iran's pressure on Bush to tell him that if he badly needs this agreeement with Iraq, he will have to sign with Iran a COMPREHENSIVE deal"

Obama the Booma wins the elections, and the first thing he does, apart from having J.Biden and M.Albright, the Iraqi baby killer on board, he makes inflammatory speeches about fighting terrorism in Afghanistan where the Talibans are winning.

And who is he going to ask for help in his fight against "terrorists" in Afghanistan? Iran of course. (article here)

If Obama calls on Iran to help him win the war in Afghanistan, do you think that has no price tag attached ? Don't you think that perhaps Obama's "gift" to Iran is part of that comprehensive deal that I referred to above ?

And what is that comprehensive deal, apart from the Iranian nuclear dossier ? Southern Iraq. Yes Southern Iraq.

Re-read that article. The argument for a independent state of Basra, read Southern Iraq, is "more political stability." That was/is Biden's argument.

But I thought we had stability in Iraq with Maliki and the surge no ?
So what are they telling us now - that if this does not go through, there will be more carnage, of Sunnis in particular ? Like what ? Have the ARAB Sunni population dwindle down from 55% to less than 20% to 0% ?

And read what the rest of the article says - It says that Maliki and Muqtada Al-Sadr supposedly oppose the secessionist plan. Do you know why they oppose it, IF they truly oppose it that is. Because Maliki desperately needs to stay in power, and he knows all too well that if this plan goes through prematurely, sectarian strife will erupt again in Iraq. He needs more to time to pacify things and hand it over in a proper fashion to Iran. Don't forget he has the Kurds on his back, pushing for a fully fledged independent state and Iraqi Christians running away from Kurdish persecution. As for Sadr, he would like to come back into the political limelight with more force and finish off the few Sunnis and Christians that are left in the arena. It is very possible that we might witness another inter Shiite front developing between Maliki's DAWA party and the Sadrists of Muqtada - yet again. This latter has reorganized his militia to supposedly "fight the occupation".
This possible alliance between the Dawa and the Sadrists remains to be seen and I do not exclude it. Call it the race for power.

Meanwhile I can assure you that a great majority of the Iraqis in exile have no inclination whatsoever to live under sectarian fascist Shiite rule nor under Iranian rule, nor under American rule. So whatever the outcome, we are out of the game. Better be safe than sorry as they say.

But the biggest question remains, and this is something I will really have to tackle in my future posts - Why has Zionist America propped Iran to become a regional superpower in the Arab World ? Anyone vying for the gates of Mecca by any chance ?

Think about it, until we "meet" again. Insh'Allah.

Book Art : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarei . Stamp, 2005