November 14, 2008

In Italian - On the Drillers.

My friend, Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet.Info, wrote this article in Italian, regarding Muqtada Al-Sadr and his drilling boys.

My Italian is terribly rudimentary and unfortunately I will not be able to translate this article for you. Click here for the article.

As you may well know, Muqtada Al-Sadr and his drilling Mahdi army spared none in Iraq. Sunnis, Christians, Palestinians, Gays, Secularists , Baathists, Nationalists, patriotic anti-Occupation, women, men, children....And as you may well know, Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army collaborated and propped up the various sectarian fascist Shiite governments that came into place with the Anglo-American occupation. Be it the Jaafari government or the current Maliki government. And engaged his own Sadrist party in the political process as well. And as you may well know, the Mahdi army was a crucial tool in implementing the ethnic cleansing that took place in Iraq, as per the directives of America and its zionistic plans and the subsequent exile of millions of Iraqis for the most part SUNNIS AND CHRISTIANS. And as you may well know, Muqtada Al-Sadr is now completing his "theological" studies in Qum - Iran, having achieved most of his Zionist American-Iranian assignments.

Some of the images are very graphic. Iraqis have seen thousands of them, albeit in REALITY, not just static pictures. It is about time you wake up to the reality of whom you have put into power since your "liberation", and watch them yourselves as well as the accompanying video.

And it is about bloody time that the supporters of "anti-zionist" Iran, as well as the supporters of this psychopath watch them too. And that includes some of the shameless guys in the Brussels Tribunal, bloggers including "Iraqis", any anti-occupation/ anti-war, resistance trend, movement, or group that is still hoping to find salvation in associating themselves with this murderer, anyone who whitewashes the crimes of this Chief Driller, and last but not least, Patrick Cockburn, the bad faithed "reporter/journalist."

If anyone can translate this article in its entirety or parts of it in English, please do so. Your help is much appreciated.