November 28, 2008


I am in some mood tonight.

On my other blog, I just published a post accompanied by a piece of music from Last Tango in Paris.
Anyone who has watched this film will know what the "big scene" is all about - backdoor

I am not into back door, not my cup of tea. I just like to enter places through their front doors.

No window jumping or back door breaking or back stabbing for me - Front doors only.

It is called integrity in my dictionary. You go through the front door and if you are made welcomed and part of the "family", you can always exit through the back door, if you really need/want to.

Get my drift ?

OK, let me put it across more succintly.

When I read an article with a title " Iran in about-turn towards security agreement"... Am sorry, but I can't think nothing of but -- about turn -- backdoor.

Okay, I try again.

Since straight politics is not doing the trick, will try backdoor, maybe that will awaken your senses...

Simply put - it is like when you expect no one at your front door and you find someone sitting in your living room and they made their entry through your back door.

And you, acting all surprised say : "Oh my God, how did you get in ?"
And your unwanted guest grins and says "Your back door was open"

Same in Iraq.

The ones who kept the backdoor open are the Shiites. The way they operate needs an Iranian draft, a courant d'air.
No two ways about it, except for those who are not into drafts. But then, they don't really count.

The front door on the other hand, was forcefully knocked down by the Americans.

So where do you find yourself ?

Stuck in the fucking middle.

Yep, that is right, stuck in the middle.

Back doors are not your thing and front doors have been violently opened against your will...

I personally feel the draft - the courant d'air. Do you ?

If yes, make sure not to "catch cold".

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mazen Ahmad.