November 25, 2008


In the past, I have often wandered in fields and was always taken by the sight of scarecrows. Something about scarecrows is very symbolic. But I also noticed, that despite their presence, crows always managed to screw up the harvest.

Have you ever seen a scarecrow ? The ones I saw, were usually male look alike, dressed up on a stick. From afar, they looked like puppets. But when you got close to them, they were inert black shadows, trying to scare the hell out of the crows...with no success.

When I was watching the "debate" of the "Iraqi" parliament, on SOFA, a few days back, it reminded me of scarecrows with a much ado about nothing twist to them.

CNN have a youtube video of the "debate" but they failed to show what al-Jazeera reported -- fist fights in Ze "Iraqi" parliament.

The Sadrists (and me who thought they boycotted the political process - someone call Cockburn now !) and the Fadhila party, or Fazileh in Persian, supposedly boycotted SOFA by throwing temper tantrums à la Qum. The latter parties are all Shiite ones. Mind you, so is the DAWA party of Al-Maliki/Jaafari (someone call P.Bennis now) and the Hakeem/Badr group of the SCII.

Some grotesque "women" draped in black Chadors were banging their Iranian dossiers, on the desks and the three day bearded men were leading the chorus of the scarecrows...

It finally degenerated, to my utter pleasure, in having ZEBari (only an Arab will understand the capital letters), the so-called minister of foreign affairs being ushered out by body guards and the Iranian backed Fazileh and Sadrists, smashing things up....hahahahahaha.

Masha'Allah -- praise the Lord, what democracy the US of A brought to us !

A Kurdish Zionist, addicted to Chivaz Regal and prostitutes, who has flunked all his Bachelors exams, coupled with hysterical wannabee mullahs from Qum...hahahahahaha.

Mind you Muqtada al-Sadr was calling for a 500 years occupation, as long it liberated Iraq from Ze "Tyrant". And now it has suddenly turned very patriotic and demands an immediate withdrawal ?! So we can have the Pasdarans also called the Quds force (I wonder where are they now, now that 1.5 million of Gazans are under siege. Maybe "Palestinian" pundits will have an answer), rule Baghdad single handledly.

On another note but still very related, a threesome appeared on al-Jazeera "Inside Iraq". Saleh al-Mutlak from the National Dialogue Front. Hey Saleh - what fucking front are you on about ?
ZEBari, aka Mr.Chivaz Regal.
And a woman (oh my God!) that goes by the name of Al-Mussawi, a Sadrist. An Iranian pure souche

Now, Madame or is it Mademoiselle? in full Iranian chador, said -- that during Saddam
times, they were allowed demonstrations...but not to the same extent as during the American occupation.

Ya donkey, ya Mussawi -- during Saddam times, you had no foreign occupation, you fucking idiot. Now you come and play patriotic on us, after your Mahdi men wiped out over half of Baghdad ?

Anyways, this post is not making sense anymore...a bit like "Iraqi" politics. Another scarecrow and the crows are still hovering above...

These are the Al-Jazeera English youtube videos. Mussawi has a very ugly AMERICAN accent - How come ? Do they teach her that in Isfahan ? Anyways. part I is here. It is too long and boring. And part II is here, a bit more digestible, but do keep your Alka Selzter handy.

And Mrs or is it Ms.Mussawi, there are no 40'000 Sadrists craps in prisons, but there are are over 150'000 ARAB Sunnis in Prisons, detained without charges. And I still want to know what has become of my relatives Kamel and OMAR, ya Mussawi, ya Iranian Muta'a sadrist prostitute!

But I am still burning to ask the Americans the following question :

Why is it that they institutionalized an Iranian theocracy in a "liberated" Iraq, when that same Iraq was a secular state prior to their " liberation" ?

Can any "intelligent" American (an oxymoron) answer that question ?

Oh! And I have one last question to the Shits, sorry meant Shiites.
Is there any Shiite political party that is not inherently sectarian and pro-Iran ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Al-Shammarei.