November 8, 2008

"Safe" Landings, Strong Iraqi Tea...or another Angry Manifesto.

I am a firm believer that people should really get very honest with themselves, once and for all. If they do so, everything will fall into place.

Take today's pilot for instance. He is not fit to fly anything, not even a kite let alone an areoplane. Really, my suggestion to him is to change professions altogether.
I see him much better off, keeping some kiosk, selling bubble gum and tobacco. There is nothing wrong with becoming a kiosk vendor, you know. Maybe the current puppet Iraqis should take up that vocation too and leave government and politics to REAL men.

Shit, the landing was so bad, my butt is still shaking....And just by coincidence I was listening to a song by Elvis Presley - All shook up. Came in handy. A sign that a Higher Power does exist and that nothing is a coincidence. Or as the French say "Le hasard fait bien les choses."Yes indeed, we landed in one piece...and that was remarkably good, seeing the kind of pilot we had.

The minute I arrived "home" and even before I had enough time to deposit my suitcase in some corner, I was told

- Yalla, Layla, ta'allee- Come Layla, we have so much to tell you.
- Can't it wait ?
- La'a. No. We missed you and we have so much to tell you.
- OK then, first my Iraqi chai, (tea), will not listen or discuss anything before having my Iraqi chai.
- Chai is ready, just sit down and hear the news...
- OK, give it to me now, who died ?
- La'a (no), this time, al Hamdullilah no one died, but...
- But what? Yalla,quickly am tired.
- You will not believe it, but your cousin Z. returned "home".
- What ? You mean she returned to Baghdad ?
- Yes.
- Wait a minute here, how can she ? Her eldest son is called Bakr, her daughter, Aisha and her youngest Omar. And her home is today in a all Shiite area ?
- Simple...She veiled herself. And since the Syrian authorities will neither accept Bakr or Aisha in their universities, she had no choice but to return.
- And where are her kids now ? And what about Omar ?
- They are safely hidden at your aunt's place. She can't take risks. And listen to the rest...Her house is in shambles. She had to pay so much money to get the "habarbashieh" out. - "Habarbashieh" stands for the new thugs of Iraq. Poor thing they left her house in ruins...
- And what about ours ?
- Don't ask.
- What do you mean don't ask - what happened to our home ???
- Ya Layla, some things in life, you need to let go of...

At that point I needed some stiff booze in my tea...

- I want to know, what happened ? Khalass, it's already taken for good ?
- Yes, am afraid so and not much can be done.
- I can't believe that !!!
- Listen to the rest...
- I don't want to listen to anything else. Tell me now, what do you mean for good ?
- Ya bintee,(my daughter) this is our destiny.
- I can't believe that. What about all the money we gave to W. to keep the place ?
- He could not hold out any longer...
- Ya'nee, what you are telling me, our home is no longer ?
- Listen to the rest...
- Ya Umee, I don't give a damn about the rest right now...Are you telling me everything we worked for and owned is gone just like that ?
- Ya bintee...(my daughter)

I wanted to hear nothing more...It's gone. Another "thing" gone. Another attachement gone. Another anchor gone. Another reference gone. Another memory gone. What does it matter anymore ? What is left ?

But of course, it did not stop...

My tea tasted like some bitter poison.

Why ? Why this poison I asked myself. Why this poison from whom I considered my brothers and sisters ? I can't fucking believe it.

OK, I tried rationalizing away the impossible...I tried understanding by giving labels, calling them Iranians, or calling them sectarians...or finding another, any other word to make sense of it all...Even when they came from Sadr City, and did what they did to the Nawasib (sunnis) males and FEMALES, I said to myself, it can't be them...But today I have no more words or labels left in my repertoire. It must be them.

- Wait till you hear the rest...

Thinking to myself, is there any "rest" to hear ?

- You remember M's daughter ? (M is a Christian). Imagine, they would not let her through the gates of the University because she was not veiled. She said to them, I don't want to veil. They mocked her and said you don't veil you don't get in.
And do you remember A.? (A is a muslim). She had the exact same problem with her daughter. You veil or you leave the university now! Besides, your aunt S. said to me that all of your cousins are veiled today. Even R! Can you imagine! They have to, the poor ones, they have NO CHOICE. Really they should have told us they wanted an Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq. At least we would have prepared ourselves...

Someone pour some pure undiluted alcohol in my tea now ! I need a stiff drink. A non armed AK.47, non lethal, non-dangerous stiff drink.
Very stiff...As stiff as you are. As stiff as your minds. As stiff as your beliefs. As stiff as your loyalties...As stiff as your denial...

Why, are you already blaming me ?

So what are you saying ? She is drunk, this is so haram. I wish I were drunk...the impact would have been delayed for a few days...Right now I feel one of your swords piercing me, the same sword that you use to slice your heads with.
Right now I feel chains choking me, the same chains that you wrap yourselves in. Right now I feel flogged and whipped, the same whips that you use to "relieve" yourselves...

Don't mind a crazy woman like myself...I am of half a mind. Is that not what they taught you in Qum ? So let me be and let me ask you a few questions, since am so retarded, surely you can't hold it against me. And do forgive my outright foul language, after all, am nothing but a "saqeeta" of a woman (a fallen woman).

Ya awlad al Gahba (sons of whores), tell me, who is the ma'seeya - the rebellious one here, that needs to be taught a lesson - you or her ?

Ya awlad al Muta'a, ya awlad al Gawada -- who is the one who needs to be veiled here ?
Her or your dirty, ugly hypocritical faces, you lice ridden shits from your pedophile hell hole Hawza ?

Tell me now ya awlad al ar'zeez, ya munafekeen, ya awlad al kalb. I am too angry to translate the insults. Ask your Obama the booma's foreign office to do the fucking translation for you or maybe settle for the Angry "Arab" - he has good translation skills when it comes to servicing you or ultimately you can turn to the Iranian foreign office.

Ya awlad al sharmoota from Nejaf, Kerbala, Qum and Tehran. How many of you have become sheikhs and mullahs today ? How many have worn the cloak of purity whilst your putrid stench still fills my nostrils from 2003 until this very day.

Ya hypocrites from the Hawza of the dajaleen and the charlatans, tell me now -- how much more acid are you intending to throw in our faces ? Tell me now, how much more rape are you planning on, to prove the purity of your religiosity. Tell me now, how many will you torture, drill, nail, whip, to prove your God, your fake false God from your stench filled muta'a gatherings.

Tell me now. Tell me now, how many nawasibs, christians and others are you willing to drive away, exile and murder in the name of your fucking Mahdi ?

So you think am drunk ? I wish I were...I wish I were...I wish something, anything can take my lucidity away...

So who is the fallen one ya rotten filthy ones - the one who does not veil to go to university or you who prevents her ?

Who is the fallen one here ya kharra ya shits, the one who takes a drink, or you the rapists, the torturers and the murderers ?

Yalla tell me, come on tell me, who is the fallen one here ? The one who collaborated with the Occupier, who invented and falsified stories, who ethnically cleansed and who built ghettos, or the one who walks the street, innocent ?

Ha?! Yalla tell me ya awlad al kalb. Had I not been a Muslim myself, I would have cursed your Hassan, Hussein and the rest, but I know that they have nothing to do with it. You used them, just like you used everything else...oppportunistic, parasites that you are.

When the Great one was hanged, you said " Ila Jahanam", to hell...Yabba you are from hell yourselves. And I say to you...wa bi'ssa al masseer..illa abad al abeedeen -- from here till eternity may you be cursed, for your hypocrisy.

As for you, you filthy Americans, rejoice in your "surge". It has worked.

You sectarian Shiites and your brothers the filth, Zionist Jews and the dumb assholes called - Americans - You are all one and the same.

And happy and "safe" landings !

As for you, ya "Arabs" -- ya prostitute, brothel, porn, casino gambling...addicts, I am dedicating this one for you, if you have any conscience left. But am not holding my breath...Yalla, am doing it for the "hell" of it.

And get your Angry "Arabs", or any other of your favorite "Arab" bloggers - translate that refrain for you.

OK enough. Now I have to go and open my suitcase, or pack another one...

ah ya arab - kazem el saher

Painting : Iraqi artist, Rafa Al Nasiri - From a distant land series.