A Travesty...

The online dictionary defines travesty as:

1.a literary or artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter.

2.a literary or artistic composition so inferior in quality as to be merely a grotesque imitation of its model.

3.any grotesque or debased likeness or imitation

Faithfull to my word and my promise, and in line with my last post, the time is ripe to expose travesties.

I find that noun totally appropriate to describe one political character who goes by the name of Nasrallah also known as the “Sayyed”.

Nasrallah is one of the most incongruous characters around. Incongruous is a polite word for a deceitful, lacking political and moral integrity, personage. And nothing is more apt to qualify Nasrallah but the latter.

Someone sent me this speech by the “Sayyed.” I read it.

Going past the usual verbiage that I am so used to by now, I noticed something worth EXPOSING and that is probably the only thing that caught my attention. Hence this post is devoted to him and by correlation to all of his supporters.

Nasrallah addresses the sons and daughters of Kerbala in his introduction.

You know where Kerbala is don’t you? Yes, you are right - Southern Iraq. What was called Iraq, but is now an official province of Iran.

But let me get on and not dwell on this “detail”, nor on the other “detail” when he calls Khameini “his Eminence and may God keep him..."

Not important for a so–called "Arab" patriotic nationalist, as “the Sayyed” likes to portray himself...Let me get to the real important stuff.

The paragraph that caught my attention, or should I say my rage is the following – An eloquent defense of Iran by a so-called "Arab" patriot. And I quote:

“Attack on Iran; siege of Syria.

What are the changes they said would take place in the region and on which they are counting? All I am going to tell you is part of the information available to us, but I am going to say it in a story-like manner in order to be very clear. I tell you now not to be afraid or worried. Anyway, listen to them. It was said that there was talk with this group that a US strike or a US war would be launched against Iran before May. Accordingly, Iran will be struck, Syria will be besieged, and the allies of Iran and Syria will be weakened - they classify everything as an Iranian-Syrian axis - and the situation will be in your favor 100 per cent.
I gave you this piece of information and now I will comment on it. My direct question to this group is: Are you sure that the Americans are telling you the truth? How many times have they said they will strike at Iran? If they strike at Iran and a war breaks out with Iran, will they or you guarantee the results? Who says war with Iran will achieve the US expectations? Who says war on Iran will not introduce a change in the region that might eliminate not only the Americans, but also all the Americans and their supporters?
Who guarantees this will not happen? They will come after a while and say I am making threats. No, I am saying facts. I am expecting things the way you expect a war on Iran to finish it off, weaken Syria, and destroy all the revolutionary and genuine national trends in the region. You have the right to expect things and I, too, have this right. I am saying this so that you will not waste your time by betting on things that may not take place and if they take place they might not at all be in your interest.”

I ask you to read this paragraph carefully. Then you get heated up as much as you like. But first read it carefully...

I have many remarks on this character, his incongruity and political hypocrisy.

The reason the “Sayyed” is giving assurances that any possible strike on Iran even though he dismisses its likelihood, is to the "advantage of the Region", is because of a very simple reality based fact – namely that the occupation and destruction of Iraq by the Americans and its handing it over to a sectarian Shia government whose main loyalty is to Iran does turn the table in favor of Iran.

Kerbala that he refers to in his introduction, is totally under Iranian control, so is Basrah, so is Diwaniah, so is Nejaf and so is Baghdad. So the “Sayyed” can afford to make promises for yet another “Divine Victory.”

The real backbone of the Arab world, Iraq has been shattered, with its vertebras lying like crushed dead bones on the ground...

Hence Nassrallah can easily claim yet another future "divine victory" should it be necessary...

And the ones who broke the backbone of the Arab world are none other than the Americans, the Iranians and the Israelis.

The other sentence that caught my attention is “destroy all revolutionary and genuine national trends in the region.”

Which genuine revolutionary and national trends ya travesty of a Sayyed ?

Iran’s and its militias in Baghdad, or Syria who was on the frontline in the first gulf War against Iraq? Or maybe your own group ya Sayyed?

The genuine revolutionary and national trends that you are referring to have been lynched, murdered, drilled, killed, raped, tortured, imprisoned and exiled...

The genuine revolutionary and national trends that you are referring to, have been eliminated by the Americans and your Iranian “eminences” and their militias, the militias of Jaysh Al Mahdi of Muqtada Al Sadr, of Al Hakeem, of Chalabi and of Al Maliki...Or maybe you did not know that ya Sayyed?

Just in case you forgot ya Nasrallah, I shall remind you. And do remember this Arab woman who reminds you - ya "patriotic, nationalist" that you are.

I will not even bother to go into your history and the history of your party.

We all know by now when and where it was formed and with which purpose.

But just in case you need me to refresh your memory when you were still a student of the not so great Sistani then, and after all, I am a few years older than you, so I will remind you...

Your Hezb ya Nasrallah was formed in Tehran to serve Khomeini in his war against all true patriots and nationalists and in particular the Iraqi ones. Do remember your Hezb’s bombing of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut will you ?

Not only did your Hezb develop very close ties to the DAWA party and the SCII of Al- Hakeem that currently form the puppet government of Iraq and which consists of Muqtada Al-Sadr, Maliki, Jaafari, Hakeem...But your Hezb also made sure that during the current occupation of my country by the barbarian American Zionists that you supposedly denounce, it formed,trained and funded Hezbollah Iraq, and formed, trained and funded the Jaysh al Mahdi of Muqtada Al-Sadr.

The Iranian Quds Brigades were/are involved too, and divided their services between the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and the Badr Brigades. A nice multi-tentacles medusa of killers, don’t you think so, ya Sayyed?

Furthermore the aspiring mullah Muqtada Al-Sadr has visited you on several occasions to copy your “art” of playing politics and war at the same time.
Engage in the political process of the puppet government and at the same time keep his miliitas on alert – just like you.

And no, it is not to fight the Zionists but to torture, rape and murder more Iraqis in particular Sunnis, Palestinians and women.

But it does not stop there ya Nasrallah...ya sectarian hypocrite. It goes even further...

Your Sistani and your Iranian Ayatollahs from Nejef and Kerbala, the Dawa party, the SCII of Al-Hakeem, the Jaysh Al-Mahdi and Muqtada Al-Sadr have all landed thanks to the Americans tanks. But that does not seem to trouble you much. Kind of strange for someone calling himself an anti-American, anti-Zionist, a patriotic Arab nationalist don’t you think ?

Not only these sellouts from Iran that you so ardently support, murdered the true ARAB nationalist, patriotic legitimate president of this country, Saddam Hussein, and yes, your little aspiring mullah, Muqtada Al-Sadr was part of the lynching. Saddam recognized him in his last minutes...

But they also engaged in the most vile, heinous, criminal sectarian cleansing of the Arab Sunnis of this country, bringing down its population from 40% to 20%, through rape, torture, murder, imprisonment and exile.

And the remaining survivors are in ghettoes built by your Jaysh Al Mahdi, your Hezballah Iraq and the Americans.

Furthermore, the current sectarian Shia government of your “eminence” even refuses to extend basic services like electricity, water and garbage collection (forget schools and hospitals)- Ya Sayyed, ya Garbage enta.

Am not done yet...

Did we hear ONE condemnation from the Sayyed on the ethnic and sectarian cleansing undertaken by the sectarian Shia thugs that he supports? NO.

Did we hear ONE condemnation on the horrible body drilling, eyes gouging, teeth and nail plucking done by his sectarian Shia mates? NO.

Did we hear ONE condemnation on the daily rape, burning and murder of women mostly Sunnis and Christians, committed by his sectarian Shia criminals ? NO.

Patience, ya Sayyed am not finished yet...

Let’s talk about your anti-Zionism and your so-called support for the Palestinians shall we ?

Again, you are 40 and am a few years older than you. I can safely say that I’ve been engaged in the Palestinian cause even before you were born. So my memory is slightly longer than yours, ya Sayyed.

A bit of history here. Do you remember when your sister Party Amal of which your Hezb is an offshoot was massacring Palestinians? I do...

Ok, let’s forget the past for a little while...Let’s turn to the present.

When the Palestinian population in Iraq mainly in Baghdad dwindled down from 35’000 to 7’000, thanks to the cleansing that Muqtada Al-Sadr’s Jaysh Al-Mahdi that you support and the Badr Brigades of Al-Hakeem that you also support (and both are from your love-Iran) did we hear one condemnation from your part or your Hezb ? NO.

When the Palestinians of Iraq were massacred and the ones who escaped with nothing but the clothes on their back and are still living in tents on borders, did we hear one word of condemnation from you ? NO.

Total Silence. How come Ya “Hero” of anti-Zionism ?

Wait, wait...

When your Hezb joined the current Lebanese Army after your so called “Divine Victory” against the Enemy, and when that same army leveled Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp to the grounds under the pretext of so called “Fath Al-Islam” - Did we hear one condemnation from you? NO.

When you talked of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and in Nahr Al-Bared being a "red line" not to be crossed. And 30’000 Palestinians from this camp have become refugees for the third time, did we hear one word of condemnation from you? NO.

Quite the contrary. I still hear some of your ardent members and supporters claim that over 150 of your finest Lebanese army men were killed and that turning Nahr Al-Bared to rubbles was a must. After all Fath al-Islam are nothing but Sunni, Mossad, American agents according to your analysis and their parroting of your worthless analysis...

Curiously, many Zionist, American hardliners are urging you for a rapprochement with Israel against the Arabs. I am not surprised ya Nasrallah. This is where you and your Iran are ultimately heading...

Ya Nasrallah, I have said enough so far.

Those who are orgasmic at your speeches, let them be. A misplaced politicized libido...poor things.

However, I and a good number of others have seen through you.

Iraq has been destroyed, beyond repair, thanks to the Americans, the Zionists and Iran with its “eminent” Ayatollahs like you like to call them and thanks to its mullahs and their criminal thugs and last but not least thanks to a travesty like yourself.

You and your supporters have no political, moral or intellectual integrity.

In fact, you and your herd have no shame. You are all a political sham of the first order. You are like a cheap aspiring belly dancer, who will follow the highest paid drummer and dance along....However your tune is very much Persian for a so-called Arab.

Yes, a Travesty indeed.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohaymen Sami.


Anonymous said…
niktee ummo lal zalameh.hehehehehehe.well done. about time someone speaks out.
Anonymous said…
very sobering.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,
It is really very rare to find someone that understands and analyzes Lebanese politics correctly. The problem is that most of the so called intellectual masturbators (I love this term as it fits them well) have short-term memory loss, (maybe long term as well). One of the very few nice articles can be found on Al-Shiraa website: www.alshiraa.com.
Before Lebanon got its independence, it was under the French occupation. The French influence stayed until the start of the civil war in Lebanon in 1976. The French ruled Lebanon with their allies who were basically Christians and Sunnis. The Shias were out of the political equation at that time. Not until the Israeli invasion in 1982, which it was a turning point for the Shia. After the Israeli withdrawal from Beirut in 1982, the Shia started to be more and more powerful in the political scheme. One of the very early militant groups was the AMAL movement. The Shia awakening started by the Imam Musa Asader, an Iranian Mullah, at that time. This Mullah started pouring the Iranian money into building the infrastructure for the Shia minority especially in the south of Lebanon. To understand why the Shia were given a future major rule here, you have to look at the Israeli strategy in the region for a long time now. For Israel to survive in a majority Arab Sunni environment they have to collaborate with the other minorities in the region, for instance look at the kurds and shia in iraq. You know there is a fascinating aspect about this strategy, it is that you can convince not only the leaders of the minority but also the entire population, of this minority, by your ideology. Naturally, the majority of any population will rule, it just a natural law. All the minorities have this sociopolitical desire to be in the political power as they were out of the picture for so long. So that is why Israel knows that its only chance of survival is to work with such minorities.
South of Lebanon is very important to Israel. It was out of control and military groups never stopped attacking the north of Israel. By invading Lebanon, and finishing most of the Palestinian groups, they needed a natural ally. Which it was there for them, the Shia minority in the South. However most of the Shia leaders at that time were Arab nationalist, they would never consider a course that does not go with the Arab cause. Then Iran comes to the rescue, and that is how the Amal movement was created and consequently hezbullah. Iran created and fueled the shia with its sectarian agenda against palestinians and arab sunni, as it mach the Israeli interest.
The first thing Amal did is the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from the south of Lebanon, all the way to Beirut. This ethnic cleansing also affected the Palestinian natural ally the Arab Sunni in Lebanon. That took place right after the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 1982, and continued until 1984, 1986 etc. Of course, no one dare to make any kind of military operation against Israel in the south of Lebanon after that time. All the war crimes that the Mehdi army is committing in Baghdad against Sunnis and Palestinians took place in Lebanon at that time, and again with the full support from Iran.
The Amal movement did a very good job in securing north Israel. Nabeh Berri, the war criminal, who was the head of AMAL movement, was awarded to be the head of parliament and still is. Due to this amazing success, they needed someone else to continue the Iranian-Israeli course in the region this time. That is why hezbollah was created. It should be noted here that so many secular Shia opposed this strategy, including the former head of hezbullah Sobhi Atofyli who said: “Hezbollah became the guardian angel to the north of Israel” he said also that “Iran is the most dangerous on shiasm, as they are using it to pursue their own sectarian Persian agenda” and yes this person is a shia scholar anti-Zionist, anti-American. Yes he was former head of Hezbollah, but apparently, they did not like his style. He seems too much consumed with the Arab nationalist propaganda.

The job of Hezbollah is to first convince the arab and muslim world that iran is really fighting Israel. It is really important to keep this harmony between Israel and iran against the arab and muslim cause out of the picture. That is why we witness some monkey like fighting in the south of Lebanon with Israel just to create the necessary distraction. In 2000, Israel withdrew from the south of Lebanon completely, and Israel gave the victory, intentionally, to Hezbollah. It was a huge reward to Hezbollah that made him the legend of the arab in the 21st century. Do you think, that it would be better to give this kind of victory to the Lebanese army or regime, but no it was given to Hezbollah because the story does not end here. They needed to popularize the image of iran and Hezbollah, because they need to keep iran in this flowery picture in the heads of the arab and muslim world.
It is really interesting to see who really lost the most in the recent war in 2006. Can you take a guess, well it was the Lebanese people, Lebanon as a country. The infrastructure of Lebanon was demolished. The unifil came, and now south of Lebanon is even more secured. They wanted to put huge pressure on the Lebanese government so that if it falls, a civil war will start.
So what is happening in Lebanon. Basically it is a conflict between Europe and the US. Yes, the government is supported by the French and Hezbollah is support BY THE US AND ISRAEL AND IRAN. In 2004, there was a company searching for oil and gas, the curse of the ME, in Lebanon. Unfortunately they were able to find some, and the former PM Hariri, gave the contracts to France. That was a grave mistake, as it angered the Americans. The Americans then gave the green light to their allies, the Syrians (yes they are their allies and I need another long post to say why) to assassinate Hariri. Because Hariri was Sunni there was humongous reaction from the Sunni population against the Syrians and they drove them out. The government fell in the hands of the French and the Americans didn’t like it. The government is trying to balance between the US interest and the French interest. Hezbollah job now is to threaten the government from upsetting their masters the AMERICANS. And it is very easy to do it as the government is considered as traitors, and Nasrallah, is considered hero. So it really comes in handy. And no the government cannot do anything about it because, if they say anything that upset the American-Israeli-Iranian scheme in the region they will be blown into small pieces that cannot even be found to put in a coffin.
You see Layla, it is not that Nasrallah is against the US in Lebanon, and with the US in Iraq. It is just the job requires him to appear, look like, pretend, to be against the US in Lebanon. But he is as loyal as all the Iranian/Israeli puppets in the region. Hezbollah is caring the US agenda in Lebanon and no one, including the government is dare to stope him. What is happening in Lebanon is just a fight between the French and the US to get their hands on the new found oil, the curse of the Arab world.
Anonymous said…
Wikipedia says that Hassan Nasrallah was born on August 30, 1960. So he is 47.
I admit that I rarely use wikipedia because it's a quite unreliable source, but I find it hard to believe that the date of his birth would get some tinkering...
Anonymous said…
'Those who are orgasmic at your speeches, let them be. A misplaced politicized libido...poor things.'

Ah, just as you were orgasmic at the speeches of Saddam, that little haywan...

You people never cease to amaze me.
Anonymous said…
If I could sing my comment to Layla, it would be to the refrain of the Halluljah chorus from Handel's Messiah...sing the tune along with me...if you do not know it, go to youtube, I suppose... "Blessing and honor, glory and power be unto Him (in this case, Her)..." Also, to the very, very helpful, insightful and informative anonymous writer, above, regarding Lebanon and Hariri's killing--not sure about that particular aspect, i.e, French versus American and the oil part. Perhaps? It's a hypothesis. But, I do not know if it is the correct one. The person put into place after Hariri was Siniora--a CITIGROUP Exceutive. The oil question, mentioned above, may be a part of the equation, but, the nexus of power represented by Citigroup and the PM position goes way beyond Lebanon, as I try to show in my blogs.--karlmarxwasright
Anonymous said…
CORRECTION--typing--spelling error--should read, "Hallelujah" chorus--above. Sorry.--karlmarxwasright
Anonymous said…
Layla does not understand the world of finances and the webs they weave. She's still hung up on tribal terrorism and cheerleads her favorite team.
G.Gar said…
You have handled the freak very well, Layla:) here is a clip that shows an interview with Nasarallh on the Irani television, where he meekly and politely and quietly pays allegiance to his master- Ali Khameini.


The freak never elaborated on what he means by national. Is it Arab national, or Persian national aka welayit fakeeh national?

I have watched Nasrellah on several televised interviews and internet clips, I have read many of his statements, What drew my attention most is that, he seldom used the word “ARAB”. I wonder how that simple observation missed all this huge cheering audience of writers, journalists, intellectuals, belly dancers..etc hailing that cheap Iranianised man to be “Saladin” of modern times. Whenever Nasarallh talks about resistance, Iran is promptly thanked in the same context. Nasarallah never misses a chance to crack down on Arab rulers in his bombastic speeches( I am not a fan of them myself)- while on the other hand, he highlights the heroic role of the Islamic republic of Iran in supporting the resistance. In the midst of boiling speeches he sometimes injects some short quick lines on the American occupation ridding Iraq of an Evil aka Saddam. The man is credible, he lost his own son in combat , he improved the lives of the disenfranchised poor Lebanese( with Iranian money). The man is trust worthy as he is a clergy man who speaks with a simple charismatic language that resonates well with a huge portion of Arab population. His storylines on resistance , corrupt rulers…etc move towards, anchoring Iran and its project as the “ good fellow” in the Arab street, discrediting Saddam Hussien and presenting the Iranian occupation of Iraq as an irrelevant domestic issue; leaving alone the confusion generated by the wide misunderstanding of the Arab-Persian conflict in Iraq as a Sunni-Shiite one, especially that social structure of Iraq is quite ambiguous in most of the Arab world. He tactfully and skilfully pulls the right chords with Arabs, as well as the western leftists who might as well be fascinated by the bizarre character of Nasarallh and oriental Irani mysticism, as opposed to the ancient and competitive Arabic rivalry.
To my own view, I think that Nasarallh is very sincere in his believes in welayit fakeeh and “Irani” Islamic Ummah- Nasarallh is part of Iran, and Iran’s biggest enemy is Arabs, whatever the definition of that is. So as to prove that Nasarallh is what is called Persian ( there is no such thing as Persian as they are extinct species) I shall go back to his attack on Israel. What did it exactly serve that attack? Did it liberate the Shabaa farms? Of course not, only a natural born fool would have expected that possible ( it is a very small surface area very close to Israel, so attrition war tactics could have never been effective in this regard). On the contrary, the outcome of the battle was the occupation of Lebanon by International troops! That was it, it maliciously and cunningly forged the annexation of a big chunk in the heart of the Arab world by Iran, since Hezbollah had turned into a state that declares wars and negotiates with U.N. In the meanwhile, the war fitted in perfectly well with the Nasarallh-Irani Discourse of the Khomeinist anti- imperial Islamic revolution. Then we finally come to the most crucial reason behind that bizarre war - which is Iraq. The war broke out at a time when the popularity of Saddam was on the rise, at a time when news about death squads were starting to spread in the media. So Iran decided to destroy Lebanon , in order to divert the sentiments of dissent among Arab populations into supporting it instead of Iraq!

What is equally astonishing is the total lack of any Arab discourse among the transnational Muslim brotherhood ( they have no problem with an Arab nation, but they totally reject Arab nationalism). Arabs are the common denominator of both Americans and Iranians. Iran would never finance and provide revolutionary consultancies to political powers that are not aligned with its project. On the other hand, Americans wouldn’t mind tamed Islamists in power, but NEVER ARAB NATIONALISTS.

Iran-Nasarallh is a master of the communication and playing Arab emotions i.e. propaganda. The best way to counter it is a counter propaganda that capitalises the integral relation between Arabism and Islam, the American—Israeli- Irani common interts as well as a relentless perennial rhetoric discrediting the Iran-Narallah malevolence.
Anonymous said…
To AMRE--Thanks for adding the part about interjecting international troops into a sovereign country, Lebanon. I should have done that in my previous comment, above. I had a blog on that very subject--the real winner of the Lebanon war. All that could not have happened without first eliminating the Syrian military from Lebanon, a stabilizing force, whatever role Syria may play, nonetheless, an Arab country, thus, opening up Lebanon to the scenario that followed Syria's removal, Siniora and international troops. In addition, as I recall, is/was the question of Russian military bases on the Syrian coastline, versus, now, "international troops" in Lebanon. And so on.--karlmarxwasright
Layla Anwar said…
will have to read the comments here, and will give my two cents worth later...
As for anonymous, then am wrong. I really thought that hypocrite is 40years old. But that does not change the facts. He had nothing to do with the palestinian cause, whilst studying in Qum and Nejaf to become a so-called Sayyed...
Anonymous said…
Hi karlmarxwasright,
the oil issue is still sort of indoors subject, as it may certainly create a civil war. The only media was able to spot it is alseyassah:
As far as the French-American conflict, it is more real than ever. The American trouble in iraq elevated the appetite of Russia and Europe to get back in the game in the region. The oil issue is much bigger than citigroup, harir and Sinuora
Anonymous said…
This talk about French-American conflict is imho laughable. Both the Americans and the French (and other the EU) do what Israhell tells them to do. All these countries are totally zionanzized and are only sheepishly "doing good for Israhell"...
Anonymous said…
well my friend, politics sometimes is really laughable...
In politics you don’t have black and white, friends and enemies, you just role with it, and that is what makes enemies of today friends of tomorrow. If you don’t consider this rule, then it is hard to understand the political game. Yes what you said about Israel is right, Europe cannot upset Israel, but that doesn’t mean they cannot fight for their own interests which are consistent with Israel interest anyway.
The US had a plan to divide the ME even further. However, the turn of events in iraq, had a major setback for them in the region. Subsequently, after the American bear got tired from fighting, the foxes try to snatch bite from here and there. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that the French or Europe will come to the rescue. They did not and will not give a damn about the iraq, or the arab nation. Remember Europe did not agree to invade iraq, that doesn’t mean because they had any respect to the people of iraq. It just did not work with their interest. That was a conflict between the US and Europe, right? So no the US is not Europe even if they are both good boys to the Zionist master.
The trouble in Lebanon is that the Christians were always in favour of Europe. At the end of the day the point I was making is that Hezbollah acts in Lebanon are consistent with the American interest in the region. They did their job perfectly in securing the Israeli border and they are fighting for the Americans to break down the French supported government, the Senioura government. That doesn’t mean that the government is innocent or the French are with Lebanon. It just to understand what is really going on, who’s on whose team. At the end of the day we are the cake and they are the ones eating it.
Anonymous said…
TO ABC-ANONYMOUS--Regarding the oil-I went to the Alseyassah website. Unfortunately for me, I cannot read Arabic. I have to look for more info on it in English, hopefully. Assuming it's correct, that makes the Citigroup representative, Siniora, in his role as PM position even more important, critical--it is an additional factor. By the way, altho I could not read the arabic, I did see that the source you mention, alseyassah, is from Kuwait, assuming I got that correct. That's interesting. I do know that French economic interests in Lebanon are and were extensive. That's most certainly true. Can't remember the names of the firms/companies off the top of my head. France, however, is now, along with eveyone else, very much involved with the international dealingmaking going on in the GCC at the moment.--karlmarxwasright
Anonymous said…
To my good friend regarding Lebanon and oil, yes, you are correct--sort of. You have caused me to do more research and review some old information. I will need to do a blog on the subject. Indeed, oil MAY be, probably, will be found in the coastal waters off Lebanon, but, the subject is NOT NEW. It's been known/speculated on for some time. It is much bigger and broader than just Lebanon, the entire Mediterranean. But, that fits into something I had previously done regarding "deep oil versus peak oil." Hope to do a blog. Multiple issues involved, but, PRIVATIZATION is THE key issue. Thanks. Blessings to you all, including Layla.--km
Anonymous said…
Thanks Layla and commentaries I am now learning things - regards, jocelyn
Anonymous said…
TO ABC-ANONYMOUS--just posted something on blog, www.karlmarxwasright2.blogspot.com/2008/01/nasrallah-and-lebanon.html
Check it out.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your excellent commentary that has shed even more light on the subjcet of political shi'ism and complements nicely the comment made by Amre al Abyad.

Karlmarxwasright.blogspot including these comments in his/her new post on Nasrallah and Lebanon. Seems the issue of oil and gas (which I was unaware of) seems to be very real. And that kinds of explains partly some of the political schemings going on in Lebanon.
However there is one point you mentioned I am not too sure about.
This rivalry between the EU and the US and between Frane and the US in particular seems to me rather secondary - bearing in mind the sweeping victory of SARKOZY, the ex mossad agent and one of America's favorites...

Whatever conflict of interests (however mild) are now in my opinion aligned in the same direction. What do you think?
Layla Anwar said…

One more thing, having read your reply to Amre - a question actually. Do you think Syria was not playing the Iranian card in Lebanon? And hence its withdrawal witnessed a rise in power (and thanks to the July war too) of Hezbollah to fill the political vacuum?
Layla Anwar said…

Salam and thanks for your wonderful remarks.
Nasrallah did mention on several occasions mainly during the July 06war that he is an Arab and not following an Iranian agenda. During the heat of the moment, everyone wanted to believe him, including myself. I now know he has LIED.
Your analysis of the multi purpose of the war is absolutely spot.
especially to divert the attention from the sectarian militias working for Iran in Iraq.
And again a quick look at the sectarian cleansing curve, if one may call it this way, will show that it got progressively worse from June 06 onwards to find its total apocalyptic height straight after Saddam's lynching all the way through 07.
I urge every one to remember that the death rates due to sectarian cleansing was reaching 2000 a month...and the good months were 1'500 in 07...

Again, you are absolutely correct when you say

" What is equally astonishing is the total lack of any Arab discourse among the transnational Muslim brotherhood ( they have no problem with an Arab nation, but they totally reject Arab nationalism). Arabs are the common denominator of both Americans and Iranians. Iran would never finance and provide revolutionary consultancies to political powers that are not aligned with its project. On the other hand, Americans wouldn’t mind tamed Islamists in power, but NEVER ARAB NATIONALISTS"

And that is why the Anti war movement in the West and the Left including the ARAB Left (with a few exceptions)having totally failed to understand the above, have actually contributed to the further occupation of Iraq. Yes, a lack of a principled stand does have this effect.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you. I just finished reading your last post on Nasrallah and Lebanon. This bit of news about oil and gaz in the lebanese shores is totally new to me...I need to think deeper about the implications of all of this.
Anonymous said…
Hi karl,
The Oil issue in Lebanon is not new, but just few days ago it was confirmed (it was on the site i gave you, yes the site is Kuwaiti). I am not sure if the Oil they found was deep or not, but sure if there is such interest in getting it out, then it should be competitive. Thanks for your post as well, it is very informative.
Hi Layla,
The Israeli concerns and interests in Lebanon are protected whether it’s in American or French hands. The issue is the Americans are weakened in the region thanks to the Iraqi resistance, so France is trying to get in from Lebanon. France lost interest in Lebanon after the civil war, but with oil and new events in the ME it seems it is worth fighting for. You can tell that by watching the French foreign minister spending every other week in Lebanon.
Concerning Syria, the reaction from the Sunnis in Lebanon towards the assassination of PM Hariri was huge and genuine. This reaction is the one who put the Syrians out, along with the Hariri connections with Europe and the arab world. The only American ally left in Lebanon is Hezbollah, so it naturally took their place. The 2006 war came to make them even more powerful. Driving the Syrians out was against the American will. Syria is/was the best ally to Israel so they cannot find someone better to rule Lebanon (they gave the jolan hills to Israel without firing a pistol and their border with Israel is the calmest in the region). Although the Americans gave the green light to remove Hariri, they did not expect such reaction from the people.
The only issue that upsets the Americans is that they need Syria to do the same in the Sunni tribes in iraq as iran is doing to the Shia tribes, basically divide and conquer. Syria is doing the best they can in smuggling the CIA made islamists, Al-Qaeda, but they cannot do more, sort of short of resources.
Now concerning the relation with iran, because they share the same master, the Americans, they sure have same agenda. It should be noted here that the ones ruling Syria, the Asad family, is sectarian shia themselves, so you wont be surprised to find such connection.

Anonymous said…
The "gas and oil" have nothing to do with Lebanon. Totally immaterial, more like the WATER is important to israhell. Obviously none of the people commenting on this know the Geography of Lebanon.
Anonymous said…
OMG, yeah, sure, of course (insert sarcsm) the frogs and yanks are "fighting" over Lebanon.

Give me a BREAK!

Are people really THIS stupid? (Rhetorical question, i know they are)
Anonymous said…
The only people "fighting" over Lebanon are the jewish maggots/yanks and the safavids/shite shitheads.
Anonymous said…
"The only American ally left in Lebanon is Hezbollah"

"Driving the Syrians out was against the American will."

"Syria is/was the best ally to Israel"


Sorry, but so much bullshit is hard to find in one single post...
Anonymous said…
well, ok i know it is hard to understand all this. Let me say this, the media, specially the alternative one, is completely bogus, meaning you cannot refute what i said by mentioning what the media is saying. Second, you have to look at who is gaining from every situation. Answer the question: did Israel get more secured after the 2006 war? Yes or no? The answer is yes. It doesn’t matter what Nasrallah is saying, you have to look at the results of the situation he created.
Concerning the Syrians, after the Syrians gave the jolan for free to Israel, was there any activity against Israel in jolan? Was it the calmest border with Israel? It was even calmer than the border with Jordan and Egypt.
But anyway, do me a favour, and connect the dots yourself, try to look between the lines and behind the scenes. If you don’t, you will be just a parrot repeating what the others are saying. Try to analyze it for once. most importantly, connect the present and the past, do not forget, have a very good sold memory. Try to critic the obvious theory and you will be surprised in how much you can understand. Do not look at the slogans and mottos for once, they are just a distraction.
enough said...
Anonymous said…
TO ANONYMOUS--ABC--I am not at a computer all the time, so, sometimes my response is delayed for awhile. Have to think about the internal picture you describe in Lebanon. To add to your analysis, I would like you to consider HOW Ziad Abdelnour fits into the picture. His POWERFUL,behind the scenes, group/website is, www.freelebanon.org Since you are from the area, you MUST know who he is, his family background,etc, which is WHY I would LIKE to hear your comments/analysis on the above.--karlmarxwasright
Anonymous said…
This link tells more than enough who Ziad Abdelnour is:,+a+Lebanese+American+stridently+devoted+to+the&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1
Anonymous said…
good stuff guys.....food for thought
Anonymous said…
Hi Karl,
Thanks for Ziad Abdelnour, I didn’t know him before. He seems just another tool to be used. I don’t think he is that important, at least at the moment, as there are more important figures in the game. I can see him like Chalabi in iraq, something that can be used, blamed and then thrown into the trash.
Well ok,
A: The Christians in Lebanon, specially the marionette Christians, have strong ties with France. This fact is because of the huge support they got from France for over the last 100 years. They built schools, hospitals, universities, etc.
B: The Christians in Lebanon had this vision of having a Christian based country of their own. However, you would be surprised who opposes this idea. It is Israel. Israel will not allow them to have any Christian based country in the ME. Israel was created by the British for two reasons, the Zionist powerful influence, and to have a reason for the British to interfere in the region. The Israeli dialogue with the west is based on the fact that they are jews and they are the closest to Christianity in the ME to fight the Muslim savage. So if another Christian civilized country is created beside Israel, why the west should support Israel anymore? Yes Israel, as well as the Americans and the French, used the Christians in Lebanon, but having a Christian country will go against their strategic interest, so they will not allow it.
Because of these two points, the Christians in Lebanon will be used again but will never get what they want. The Sunnis in Lebanon also do not fit into the equation for obvious reasons, they are majority in the ME.
This being said, the current Sinuora/Hariri government along with the Christians marionette are swearing with every sacred God that they will be loyal to the American and Israeli cause. However, they just don’t fit in the broader strategic scheme. They may be used now but they won’t eventually fit. On the other hand, here is the Shia minority. The sectarian Shia minority have this vicious hate towards the Sunnis. They claim that they were under the Sunni tyranny for over 1500 years, and now is the time from them to rule. They are really the perfect character that can possess all the features the Israeli "divide and conquer" strategy needs. That is why the Shia have very significant role to play in reshaping the ME. It should be noted here that the Shia islam constitutes about 15% of total islam.
Now, for the Americans to reshape the ME some countries including Syria have to be divided. The Syrians worked for the American interest for so long before. They supported hizbollah and strengthened the Shia with the help of iran in lebanon. They gave jolan hills to Israel. They protected their border perfectly with Israel etc. The dilemma the Americans are facing in iraq, delayed and may be stopped their plan into dividing the whole ME. So they cannot move into Syria now, as they may risk it all. Israel is now against dividing Syria as well for the same reasons, they don’t know and cannot predict or control the outcomes of such plan.
However, France is seeing a great opportunity to grape and get into the ME. The window for France to get in is Lebanon. If they were able to get into Lebanon, they can continue to Syria as well. If iraq went well for the Americans, they would move on to Syria. However, if they do now, then they may risk losing Lebanon and Syria to the French. That is the conflict in electing the Lebanese president. The Americans want to get rid of the Sinoura government and start a civil war if they knew that they lost Lebanon to the French. That is why hizbollah is fighting the government, and that is why it is really hard to get a president for Lebanon now.
i just want to clarify on last point. When i say Syria and hezbollah are allies to the americans, i mean a disposable attacking dogs nothing more or less. It is not like they have any kind of control over their future.
Anonymous said…
To ANONYMOUS, above, (ABC)--First, I am not ruling out what you say, since I am well aware of politics understood as byzantine and Machiavellian power relationships, double and triple dealing, etc. However, the problem I'm having with your labyrinth constructs,explanations, above, is that they basically remain a/an hypothesis because there is no way either to prove or disprove them. It would be very helpful if you could show some TANGIBLE relationships or results to back up your assertions. For example, you ASSERT Ziad Abdelnour is a "tool" who will/would/could be discarded. I beg to differ. Abdelnour's grouping and the ECONOMIC interests he and they represent are, indeed, VERY powerful in the US and, extended to the Middle East,Lebanon, in particular. I had had information in previous blogs about Abdelnour's hedge funds (don't have it at the tip of my fingers--would have to go back and reasearch it). Abdelnour is definitely NOT anyone's "tool." Abdelnour definitely would not be "discarded." Again, it would be VERY HELPFUL in your analyses, above, IF you could show some concrete gains,economic rewards, relationships to back up what you are asserting. Another example, Siniora, as a Citigroup Exec and now Lebanon's PM is an extremely important FACT. Who gains/gained by Hariri's death? Certainly, Siniora and Citigroup. Citigroup is a MAJOR nexus of global economic power projection for the US, the GCC, UAE. Citigroup's single largest private investor is, for example, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal. Could you state,NAME, SPECIFICALLY WHICH OR SOME OF THE FRENCH (OR OTHER) ECONOMIC INTERESTS GAINING, LOSING,AND HOW, ETC, from the policies you are analyzing, above. In my blog, I had other specific information, as well, since I cannot do a blog on this blog.
Anonymous said…
Hi Karl,
like i said before, i dont know Abdelnour, and i think you are better than me in analyzing his rule as he is polling the strings from the US and not in lebanon.
I am just trying to plot the big picture here, and the devil in the details.
Anyway, i think i have to give more time to read your blog, thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work,
Anonymous said…
Dammit, are you still whining? Are you aware that a Roman document dated from around AD400 and called the Notitia Dignitatum, describes how a unit of Iraqis were said to have once patrolled the English northern area of what is now called South Shields. Troops from Iraq once occupied Britain, on behalf of the Fascist Roman Empire and yet all you ever do is claim you did nothing to deserve some payback.
Anonymous said…
Layla... you surprised me with your comments on Nasrallah... Also, uou portray Saddam as a hero when he was America's man at one time... and you know what America does when it is done using it's men in the region.."a simple goodbye!".

It is sad to see what is happening in Iraq at the hand of all three parties (Iran, US and Israel)... but isn't that what often happens to a country under occupation?? Maybe you should check Noam Chomsky's last article on Iraq:

"..."New Study of Foreign Fighters in Iraq." Who are the foreign fighters in Iraq? Some guy who came in from Saudi Arabia. How about the 160,000 American troops? Well, they're not foreign fighters in Iraq because we own the world; therefore we can't be foreign fighters anywhere.
...The same goes for the entire discussion about Iranian interference in Iraq. If you're looking at this from some rational standpoint, you have to collapse in ridicule. Could there be Allied interference in Vichy France? There can't be. The country was conquered and it's under military occupation"

Anonymous said…
Well, now that Chomsky has analysed his academic conceptions of the 'Study of Foreign Fighters' in Iraq.

Perhaps we should now move onto the moral issue of what activities Chomsky's Iranian/Persian Islamic Fundamentalist 'Foreign Fighters' are carrying out in Iraq.

I suppose their activities in Iraq according to you and Chomsky, are theoretically and academically fine too. And all of us who think they are not, are laughable.

What IS MUCH MORE LAUGHABLE is that US Bush, who is an extreme right wing Christian fundamentalist - told the world that our terrorist enemy is - Islamic fundamentalists.

Yet,he has installed these same Iranian/Persian driven Islamic fundamentalists into Iraq as 'Foreign Fighters' and government representatives

Now that is laughable!

And while doing this, he is still telling the world the Iranians are terrorists. That's even more laughable.

I ask, where is Chomsky's and others
published theories on this blatant hypocrisy?.

Lets now take this a little further. Does Chomsky approve of what these Persian driven Islamic Fundamentalist Foreign Fighters are doing to Iraq's men,women, and and children, whether they be Sunni Shi'ite, Kurds, Palestinians, Christians,gays?.

Because this is the tragic human issue which concerns most of us who post on this site.

Well, I do not believe Chomsky does particularly care. And for a great length of time now I have taken note of a silence that is coming from Chomsky. This silence is in relation to the brutality that is taking place in Iraq by the hands of Iran, with the US pushing them from behind.

In response to this I have just cleaned every Chomsky book off my shelf.

To me, he joins most of those who dare call themselves so-called libertarians, progressives, or so-called leftists/ marxists whose silence also on this issue is appalling.

Historical facts clearly show that Iraq has been taken off the above lots' agenda since the US invaded Iraq.

The next item on the agenda since that time, has been the support of Iran. This deviousness knows no bounds and will come back and bite you all - and the bite will be exposed for all others to see.

And meanwhile, you can politely stick Chomsky's theories, along with Iran's theocracy up your jumper.
Anonymous said…
previous posting should have read-
response to Yara
Layla Anwar said…

You are saving me so much time.
Bless you a thousand times!
Anonymous said…
REGARDING LEBANON--I have been able to do a little more research. I can assure you, the more I do, the more it is perfectly clear that the victor in the recent Lebanese war is/was Citigroup, the US, Saudi Arabia, the shenanigans in the GCC. Perhaps, I will do another blog on the subject. The American Overseas Private Investment Corporation is WORKING IN CONJUNCTION WITH CITIGROUP AND JP MORGAN REGARDING LEBANON'S PRIVATIZATION. I have links for this. Saudi Arabia is involved, also.
Anonymous said…
Layla - When you cut and paste you have my permission to fix typo's in above post. I noticed today the word interest is spelt wrongly and I have repeated $780 twice. Was a bit tired when I wrote it. But we are not perfect are we.

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