Straight Talk.

Americans still pretend they brought Democracy to Iraq.

Keep on deluding yourselves folks. Had I been in charge of your Education, I would grant you free PHD’s in Deceit, Duplicity and Denial.

And for the most “brilliant” amongst you and there are many – I shall grant you an Honoris Causa in Mediocrity.

The 3 D Doctorates and the added M – a bonus from me to you with loving appreciation for your “intellectual” endeavors.

There is a theory in botany, that analyses the lifespan of a fungus. It says that fungus (mushroom is a fungus by the way) only thrives in darkness and humidity and is basically fed on excrements.

That is the most propitious environment for it.

I shall do two things. Expose you to light and ask everyone to stop watering you . As for the excrement part, this I have no direct control over, but am sure, neutralizing the 2 others, darkness and humidity, one would hope that with enough shit up to your eyeballs and a great bout of constipation, you will eventually explode.

What has prompted this “sudden” outburst of “venom” as you like to call it ?
I will tell you, you triple D’s and various M’s.

Yesterday the barrel of oil hit 100$. Inflation is about 80% in Iraq, and over 60% in neighboring countries.

A half way decent cup of coffee costs about 5$. Forget about eating out in a restaurant. Forget buying clothes, books, CD’s and the rest. Austerity is on the table.

Iraqi refugees, for the most part very poor, do not venture out except to beg, or engage in some menial job. For the most part they stay cooped up at “home” if you can call that a home, living off charity...

Iraqis inside of their country – if you can still call that a country – live the same predicament.

During the great leader Saddam Hussein’s reign, food was subsidized.

Rice, flour, sugar, oil, soap, etc... During his great reign, and I am deliberately using the word GREAT, because compared to you 3 D’s and M’s it was GREAT, and that despite the sanction years, sanctions you imposed upon us - people could still afford to feed themselves and at least had a job.

Today Iraqi women vow to fast Ramadan not for one month but for the whole year, to feed their kids. The majority of Iraqis, i.e. over 80% live off, on less than 1 $ a day. (see article from IRIN here)

You say he was a dictator - Ha!

You are the dictators, you are the tyrants, you are the terrorists...
You are the ones who ruined this country, who pillaged it, who raped and killed its people and destroyed its history...

You are the ones who divided it into sects and ethnicities, collaborating with the most fascistic elements inside of it, like the chauvinists, Zionists, Kurds and the sectarian, backward Shiites.

You have given us a Shi'ite Iranian theocracy, and if the Iraqi national Resistance finally does away with these Persian turbaned scum from Qum, Nejaf and Kerbala, we will be left with an another theocracy “Sunni” flavored.

I thought you were against Fundamentalism, are you not? How come your fucking occupation encouraged both kinds?

Don’t tell me, I know already.

You are the ones who created Al-Qaeda and you are the ones who fed this other fungus called political Shi’ism in its most deviant form called Khomeinism.

You are indeed the real Terrorists. You are indeed the blood vampires. You are the Al-Qaedas of this world.

You say, we were oppressed and repressed under a ”totalitarian regime”. Ha!

And what are you doing you motherfuckers. Are you not oppressing and repressing us?

Did you know that anyone, and I mean anyone who dares criticize your favorite puppet Al-Maliki (from the Iranian Al-Dawa party) and the other Kurdish pimp called Talabani, the so-called President of Iraq - I shit on such presidency by the way - disappears in dungeons?

Did you know that people are abducted from their homes on bogus charges and are imprisoned and tortured if they dare speak out against the filthy rapists/thugs/corrupt militias you have installed in power. The militias bearing the name of the king driller who ethnically cleansed the whole of Baghdad and goes by the name of Muqtada al-Sadr?

Did you know that anyone who utters a word against the new Jews of Iraq, also called the Badr Brigades of Hakim’s SCII, whom your filthy Kissinger praises, also disappears in prisons camps never to be seen again? And do remember that SCII is an Iranian creation par excellence. They even have the same "Islamic revolutionary council" in Iran.

Did you know that the other Zionist Jews we have and who go by the name of Kurds, have become known for their being the best drug, arms and whore smugglers in the Middle East?

Did you know that women are forced to veil, even the Christian ones - otherwise we face an ugly death and the lucky ones among us might have acid thrown on her face and body?

Did you know that the whole of Baghdad is sealed behind walls like ghettoes and that digital prints, iris scans, and badges are required to move from one neighborhood to another?

Did you know that today’s Iraq is considered the second most corrupt country in the world?

Did you know that billions of Dollars are being stolen from the Iraqi treasury - a trend set by your gangster Bremer and diligently followed by the puppet government and parties you put into power?

Do you know what kind of militias run the so called provinces - like Basrah, Diyala, Baquba, Baghdad, Diwaniyah and the rest ?

Do you have any fucking idea what you brought to Iraq ?

Do you have any idea how many widows we have ? Over 1 million.

Do you have any idea how many orphans we have ? 5 million.

Do you have any idea how many people died, disappeared, or are in prisons ?

1+ million dead, the injured and the disappeared in the hundred of thousands, and over 150’000 in prisons.

Forget what you hear about the "modest" sum of 45’000 incarcerated. It is a LIE.
But then you lie as well. What difference does it make- you tell me !?

Do you know how many of us are exiled, without jobs and with no resources? Forget about the bullshit you read in your newspapers.

In Syria alone, the official number is 2 Million and the unofficial is 3.5 Million.

So you duplicitous, deceitful, in denial bastards that you are , where is your Democracy ?

And when I say You, am not only addressing you - parasitic, fungus like Americans, I am also addressing the so-called respectable Western world of my butt.
And this is not only limited to Westerners, oh no, am including everyone here.
In particular the vile Iranians, the filthy Israelis and their Zionist buddies, and the equally filthy Arabs.

Bottom line, you filthy bastards, you have ruined our lives. You have destroyed and ruined our lives.

And you say Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of Iraq was a tyrant? Ha, Ha, and Ha.

He gassed his own people? Another fabricated lie, one among many others, and another Ha! But please do tell me about your depleted Uranium that circulates in our bloodstream and the burns from your white phosphorus and napalm.

He tortured? Ha! What about your tortures and rapes - Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Mahmoudiah, Falluja, Baghdad, Basrah and the rest ?

He clamped down on dissent? Hahahahahaha.

Ask us 4.5million exiled what dissent is all about and ask the 150’000 in your Iranian/Iraqi Shiite shit and American prisons.

He was repressive against the Kurds and the Shiites? Another hahahaha.
Those whom he so-called repressed are running today’s Iraq and what a beautiful sight it is!

He was a CIA agent? hahahahahahahahaha. No you fuck heads. The CIA agents are Chalabi, Maliki, Muqtada Al –Sadr, A.Al-Hakim, Barazani and Talabani. The same people who came on American tanks and whom the GREAT Saddam Hussein kept at bay and RIGHTLY so.

This is YOUR REALITY. This is the reality you created. And you still come and spill more lies - you triple D’s, you mediocre, parasitic, feeble fungus...


I will add another D here.

You Deceitful, Duplicitous, in Denial, Disgusting lot.
You Deceitful, Duplicitous, in Denial, Disgusting, fungus, parasitic people.
You Deceitful, Duplicitous, in Denial, Disgusting, Mediocre - shame to be called human beings – people.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Kathem Al-Dakheel.


Anonymous said…
I will dream of you tonight sweet Layla. Be gentle with me.
Anonymous said…
as i read your shreiks of anguish, i become very frustrated with my own stupidity
One question, why did Sadam wage war with Iran?
Anonymous said…
Hi Ritalin, nice to "see" you here.

In reply to your question, please read my posts for December 07,
Iraq Grandeur and Destruction part I and part II

I am not done with these series yet, but what is there, will give you some good background information.

Anonymous said…

Don't tell me you're a female!
Anonymous said…
Hey Layla, it's the American way to destroy every culture they come across, but never fear, I recruited some Vietnamese to my growing army today. They have discovered that living in the land of the free is not so free, and I am sure you know what I mean.

You had better believe me, because I have promised to do this to Amerikkka.

Thus saith the LORD I will bring a nation upon you from far, it is a mighty nation, it is an ancient nation, a nation whose language thou knowest not, neither understandest what they say. Their quiver is as an open sepulchre, they are all mighty men. Look now the fear of the sword and enemy is on every side. Ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit. Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and walk in the way of the leader of all apostate angels and the ruler of hell; And come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, We are delivered to do all these abominations? This house, which is called by my name, has become a den of robbers and vipers. Therefore will I do unto this house, which is called by my name, wherein ye trust, and unto the place which I gave to you and to your fathers, And I will cast you out of my sight. This is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the LORD their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth. Therefore it shall be the valley of slaughter.

And I shall keep my word, and they shall know that the Lord is a man of war. I do have the power!
Anonymous said…
do not blame us americans for the crimes of our democratically elected officials. we support our president and we support freedom and democracy, and we want to christianize you, meaning to bring you civilization. we want to dress you up in nice clothes and make you take off your pajamas and your turbans. we want to liberate your women folk and make them take off their skirts willingly. we want to liberate your strict sense of morality, we want to homosexualize your population because besides controlling your population homos tend to be the best consumers, we want to make all of you consumers of our products. we want to control your everything, even what you think in your own mind in the privacy of your own homes, we want to beam to you our propoganda, we want to paint your nakedness red/white and blue. we want to shit all over you, we want to ask you 'whose your daddy' over and over again. you know we own you not because of our bombs and planes, but by our culture, we dominate you. we have you listening to our songs and watching our movies and the more you hate us the more you love us because you love us more than you hate us that is why you're frustrated
Anonymous said…
3907 dead massmurderers of texmex's ilk are the LIVING proof of the Iraqis' love for texmex's "superior culture/civilization"...
Anonymous said…
kiss emak ya ibn al sharmota, fuk u nd fuk ur ma the whore who gave birth to u.i wanna ask u now, whose ur daddy?
Anonymous said…
Actually I did know most of what you posted with crude pseudointellectual type of speech pattern used by many that in reality have not suffered that of which they speak. I am American, I also was married to a Turk for 23 years, Lawyer, one 18 year old daughter from him, 1st husband, Cuban, one daughter from him. They are taught EDUCATION, then EDUCATION along with more EDUCATION. Then physical strength, for as womwn they must possess the intellect and strength to never have to depend on a man, always the ability to say "Don't let the door hit you in the ass!".
Kurds, Talabani, PKK, Turkish people have been bombing them for a few days. They have, after all, killed 37,000 Turks. The PKK now easily murder and run back into Iraq, all the while Talabani tells lies,as does bush and the CIA, all of a sudden a few weeks ago they say they know where the PKK strongholds are. I do believe they think everyone actually thinks Amerikkka tells no lies, hmm?
Iraq was always a majority Shi'i(Turce), Sunni, then Kurdish. Saddam was Sunni ergo Sunni rule.
Of course the military have broken many laws by orders, soldiers obey orders, it is not an excuse soldiers everywhere OBEY. They broke Amendment III of the Bill of Rights:No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the OWNER, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
Amendment IX: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Ergo, Abu Ghraib, GITMO, Falluja and the rest. This is how we learned bush was a liar, traitor, kidnapper, murderer, spys on US citizens. I know daily the truth in the statistics because I am aware of where to look, the alternative media, not the MSM, not the traitorous administration. I am aware of the internally and externally displaced, homeless, poverty stricken, starving, diseases long gone now here in Iraq again because bush the great deceiver lied and had us illegally invade a country, destroy a culture a thousand times a thousand years old, I am aware that an Iraqi child has the same worth that my children do, others esae their conscience, they say 'COLLATERAL DAMAGE', I weep for all that are murdered American and Iraqi alike.
It is about time the Iraqi people have finally stood up and said the truth. I say 1.2 million Iraqis murdered, now higher, I say almost 10,000 American men and WOMEN military murdered, I say 4.3 million internally and externally displaced.
I spen 16 - 24 hours a day trying to topple this regime, to have them tried for their crimes, to bring the troops home NOW, we have leveled an entire country, culture, humans no longer here. As with Gaza, the Zionists persist in their murders.
I am a humane human and I do not harm anyone, female military are raped frequently by male military as well, we are doing as much as possible to end this degradation, humiliation, illegal invasion, starvation, rampant disease yet they ignore what 73% of the American people want. WE the PEOPLE want the war ended NOW, no more provocation of war, reparations, we all must leave and let Iraq have Iraq.
Yes, I am a Human, I know this because I love and I weep and I despise this deceitful administration.I will not apologize for after 9/11 as a family with Muslims we were tortured and treated with savagery and hate and ignorance. I never voted for bush. I never wanted this ?war?.
I do know in some areas of Iraq women do not wear niqab and abaya, just head scarves. Yes, the Shi'i have horrid ways, they are very backward, yes it was America that allowed Khomeini to come to power.
You must have noticed who are gone from the beginning and how? The elite, the doctors, lawyers, professors, scientists, yeah?
I wish you peace for your anger will murder you sooner than your enemies.
May Allah grant you peace always.
Anonymous said…
penicillin, a common medicine used to treat ear infections, is derived from mushrooms.

God works in mysterious ways.
Anonymous said…
Turce said:
"crude pseudointellectual type of speech"....
"your anger will murder you"....

My,my. Have you taken a look at the mirror lately?
RhusLancia said…
Layla & Friends:
You should consider this new program for de-Saddamification:

* Step 1 - admit you are powerless over your addiction - that your lives have become unmanageable (<== you are here)
* Step 2 - Come to believe that a Power greater than yourselves could restore you to sanity
* Step 3 - Make a decision to turn your will and your lives over to the care of God as you understand God
* Step 4 - Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves
* Step 5 - Admit to God, to yourselves and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs
* Step 6 - Become entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character
* Step 7 - Humbly ask God to remove your shortcomings
* Step 8 - Make a list of all persons you have harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all
* Step 9 - Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others
* Step 10 - Continue to take personal inventory and when you are wrong promptly admitted it
* Step 11 - Seek through prayer and meditation to improve your conscious contact with God as you understand God, praying only for knowledge of God's will for you and the power to carry that out
* Step 12 - Have a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, try to carry this message to other addicts, and to practice these principles in all your affairs

Good luck, and Godspeed!
Anonymous said…
I DEMAND another DELUGE to make away with this WORTHLESS humanity who DELIBERATELY CHOSE to close their eyes and hearts to the SENSELESS destruction of OUR ETERNALLY BELOVED Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Let Layla Anwar's blog become the new NOAH'S ARCH for the few and far between "rare birds" of still REASONING and FEELING creatures left around to take refuge in and survive to build together a NEW WORLD based on RESPECT of each other nation's political, social, economic, legislative, ideological, cultural, religious, spiritual etc. etc. CHOICES and on EQUALITY among all the beautiful, harmonious and life-giving DIFFERENT COLORS of the "human rainbow".
Anonymous said…
Rest assured, Layla, this time the sentimental "anony-mouse" is not me.

I am no Sappho...merely a former dupe like who knows how many others on the net, and still smarting from it to be honest :-(

But first and foremost, I am a highly professional "evergreen" Iraq loyalist and "fungicide" :-)

So you need not really to overworry about my wounded pride tantrums.

Take care and keep up the good work.
Layla Anwar said…
mushroom cloud,

how nice! maybe it can then be used across the board to cure that DEAFNESS.
Layla Anwar said…

again, you come to this blog, supposedly wanting to show some solidarity, but you never fail in your little arrogant ways that I have become so used to by now.

We had no sunni rule, Saddam Hussein happened to be sunni.
When was the last time you had a catholic president in the USA?

Does that mean I need to come over and wage a war against your country?

Get real will you.

Your admin did not just topple a government, it DESTROYED a people and a country. So why should my anger be directed just against your Bush. Who voted for him not once but TWICE?

What has your pathetic anti war movement achieve so far except support the current political process in Iraq and defend Iran and its drill boys ?

No, my anger will not get me, but your lies will eventually get you much faster than any missile and bombs you keep throwing on our heads 5 years down the line.

You are indeed a very dishonest person.
Anonymous said…
Otseyo Rhus

Yer talking about another form of trying to force yer beliefs onto others Rhus. You do though make good points in yer "steps" in yer above post...not all do I personally agree with but 2 or 3 I do.

With me keepin yer Step # 8 in mind, and you do you feel about the Lakotah Indain Nation removing itself from the United States of America?

On January 1, of this year, the Lakotah Nation submitted to the American State Department that the Lakotah Nation is a sovereign Nation, within the boundaries of the United States of America...based upon the laws & treaties in effect.

I see many similarities of what took place upon the Native Peoples in America, and what has been happening in many areas of the Mideast and in particular, the sovereign Nation of Iraq. Please hold in mind too, that I live in America, so from where I set, I see nothing and from where 'they' set..they see everything.

The last stronghold or the last resistence of the Native Americans were the Apache of the Southwest. They fought for their very survival and ways of Life as did many Native Americans against he soldja blues and the America government.
You and I know the rest of the story. But I believe, the 'expansion' did not stop. The expansion looked at and began into other countries overseas. America used the same template that 'worked' here, and put it into work overseas.

My point is...if you agree that it was 'ok' to steal Indian lands, to make & then routinely break any 'treaties' or to set up false treaties, to gundown innocent families or to gundown any 'resistors', to rape the woman and cut off women's tits to make tobacco pouches or the men's penises to make trinkets from. ( you know the story so I wont ramble on )..
But if you agree with the genocide that tok place here in America..the genocide that far outnumbers the Israeli claims of 'theirs'...then there is no changing yer mind and there is no way I will believe that you truly hold yer Step # 8 in yer heart.

Because, if you agree in yer heart that what took place here generations ago..then you agree with what has happened and is happening in Iraq. . .
and That wont change and may god help you
Anonymous said…
"we will be left with another Sunni theocracy Sunni flavored"

You were not "left" with the petty despot Qassim nor with the reactionary thugs Arif for much long after the end of the British domination, if my memory serves me right...

God willing, some of your suffering and yet life-loving and tenacious women cooped up in some narrow, damp, dark-shrouded corner of the Prison that has become Iraq is giving birth to a second Saddam in these days and years...maybe even now as we speak...who knows ?...

Every good wish in advance from the bottom of my faithful heart.
Anonymous said…
Typo in the quote: "another theocracy Sunni flavored"
Anonymous said…
please, please, ..bury my heart at wounded knee.....
Anonymous said…
It's happening again molleja.

"they" came here and took and lied and killed and raped...everything.

"they" have no ears

Apparently "they" are proud on that.

I believe it has come to you too.

it would be against my Being to not be with You

"they" will (have) approached yer Country and cut it..wounded it...then killed it.

off the Death of it..."they" will distibute the pieces and feed off of it like vultures and try to leave it as bones....and if there is nothing left but the bones..they will even try to consume the bones

Thank You for yer Thoughts
Anonymous said…
Did you know that one of the meanings of the word "fungus" in Latin is..."stupid person" ??? !!!
Anonymous said…
Nice try TexMex, but it isn't going to work. I the people of the Republic of Iraq are collectively responsible for the alleged crimes of their leaders, then the people of the Republic of the United States are also collectively responsible for the crimes of their leaders.

And you're the Christian Nation, and that God of yours did promises to repay things 7 X 70 times, so with 1,000,000 dead Iraqis, he has to produce 490,000,000 dead Americans, or he is just a liar, and they do claim that God can't lie.

So, to elaborate, God has to kill 490,000,000 Americans, or he is a liar, As there aren't 490,000,000 Americans, that figure must obviously include all wannabee Americans.

Do enjoy the song.
Anonymous said…
It's with immense relief that I join you, dearest Layla, in calling for a GENERAL ATTENTION DROUGHT against the Empire employé RhuslanCIA.

From now onwards, none of us Iraq's rainclouds shall "water" this poisonous mushroom of arrogance, stupidity and barbarism again until "it" dies of thirst for our replies.

Anonymous said…
Perhaps Layla you should consider the over a million Iranian men who died when Iraq invaded Iran in September 1980. And let us not forget the use of chemical weapons on Iranian civilians, that's woman and children. Were you outraged at Americans then? It's easy to take the moral high ground when you get to start the clock. I don't support American meddling and I wish what is happening in Iraq wasn't happening but it seems you see only what you want to see. I imagine some Iranian widow was cursing Iraq at that time. Maybe her wish came true.
Anonymous said…
Salam, my friend.

I thought to come down and drop in to let you know that I have just learned straight from a most highly reliable source that your scratch-off ticket has been renewed and will be valid for 55 extra years as from now.

I am sorry to break this to you so bluntly, but I have remained a journalist bound by the code of professional ethics to report news as they are.

Now if you'll excuse me, my indescribable ones are feeling lonely.

See you in 55 years.

Anonymous said…
laurie is probably getting drill fucked by some persian boy.
next thing you'll read her new novel," not without my daughter "Betty Mahmoody style. hehehehehehehehehe. fucked up yankee of a female.
Anonymous said…
"I am deliberately using the word GREAT because compared to you 3 D's and M's it was GREAT"

It was great PER SE, dear Layla, not only "compared to".

President Saddam Hussein embodied the needs and the aspirations not only of the Iraqis or the Arabs, but of all the enlightened, freedom-loving and progressive created souls.

What he did for Iraq and was on his way to do for the Nation and the world was SMILED UPON BY GOD, not merely a "lesser evil".

I wish so hard that your loveable people may be blessed with another opportunity of taking up where he left and realizing the humanistic plenitude he dreamt of on this earth.
Anonymous said…
mushrooms are also a great hallucinogenic. Just ask JR. He's been hullicinating about layla for years now.
Anonymous said…
One of the 1001 thanks I owe you, Layla, is for making me know better and fall into absolute fascination with the atmospheric, soulful, unconscious-rousing world of Iraqi art.

I wish I could be sucked up in any of your paintings and find asylum from the grey and dull reality somewhere between a soft shade and a stroke of vivid color.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
layla is just jealous, she wishes to marry a yankee and get a green card, a ticket to her paradise, where she can rent $1 DVDs, eat like a pig, sleep w/ whom she likes, when she likes, how she likes, no account, no religious morality police around, she can dress how she likes, she can go to the clubs she likes, dance how she likes, to whom she likes.

if anybody knows a yankee who would like to marry a self hating Arab used merchandise, plz let ...lets change her name, from layla to something yankee sounding, like maybe linda or lynn.

i just hope when she meets yankee and gets her dream come true wish, she doesn't end up on the vegas strip working the clubs w/ the pimps. or maybe to her that is liberating, its hard to tell the low level these Arab bashers will stoop too to prove their yankee doodlism or their love for liberation and freedom, as if they didn't get enough liberation already.

people never learn until it happens to them! fools indeed
RhusLancia said…
Hmmm.... where have I seen Lalyla's rhetoric before? Oh yeah:

He will be the man of this century — who was sure of himself despite terrible pain and suffering — who showed the way to victory. He is the only one who remained true to himself, who did not cheaply sell his faith and his ideals, who always and without doubt followed his straight path toward his goal. That goal may today be hidden behind the piles of rubble that our hate-filled enemies have wrought across our once-proud continent, but which will once again shine before our burning eyes once the rubble has been cleared.


The most shining culture the earth has ever seen sinks in ruins and leaves only memories of the greatness of an age destroyed by satanic powers. The peoples are shaken by the most severe economic and social crises, which are but foretastes of the terrible events to come. Our enemies claim that the Führer's soldiers marched as conquerors through the lands of Europe — but wherever they came, they brought prosperity and happiness, peace, order, reliable conditions, a plenitude of work, and therefore a decent life. Our enemies claim their soldiers came to the same lands as liberators — but wherever they come there is poverty and misery, chaos, devastation and destruction, unemployment, hunger and mass death. And what remains of their so-called freedom is a life that no one would dare call decent even in the darkest corners of Africa.

Here is a clear broad outline of a program of construction that has proved itself useful, humane and beneficial, positive and forward-looking, in its own as well as in all the other lands of Europe. It stands against the fantasies of Jewish-Plutocratic-Bolshevist destruction. Here stands a man, sure of himself, having a clear and firm will, against the unnatural coalition of enemy statesmen who are only the lackeys and tools of this world conspiracy. Europe once had the choice between these two. It chose concealed anarchy, and must today pay for its mistake with million-fold agony. It will not have much time any more to choose its fate a second time. It is a matter of life or death!

... and so on

Anonymous said…
my son texmex, not all women are like me. I still have not figured out whose your daddy. forgive me . I luv you.Better run, my 10th client is waiting.
Anonymous said…
rhuslanCIA and texmex are twins. But they were fathered by three different baboons. So their poor mother can't figure out which two of the three are her sons' fathers...
Anonymous said…
From the window I shall throw myself off to you. From the window.
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
RhusLancia said…
ritalin: "One question, why did Sadam wage war with Iran?"

According to Layla, war just "broke out" after Iran did all sorts of naughty things.

But the truth must obviously be that the Faultless Champion Saddam (PBUH) sought to establish the "ONE ARAB REPUBLIC united, independent and socially egalitarian from Morocco to the Gulf".

But the doo-doo brain invaded in the wrong direction!! ha ha ha ha What a poopy pants!

If anyone tried to tell Saddam his error, he was thrown from the window (twice) and then raped by Uday.
Anonymous said…
RhusLancia said…
... but then when he invaded in the "right" direction in 1990, the Arab world united all right- to kick his *ss out of Kuwait!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
"Pan Arabism" WAS a fine idea.
I just cannot fathom the clash with Tehran. The Islamic Revolution was an ideal match for Pan Arabism. A Pan Islamic unity if you will.
Anonymous said…

Pan Arabism IS not an "idea", but the one and only both NATURAL and CULTURAL REALITY of the divided and enslaved inhabitants of the territory from Morocco to the Gulf.

It will take time, patience, and hopefully another Socratic "midwife" the stuff Nasser and Saddam Hussein were made of to help the "Sleeping Beauty", as I like to call the self-unconscious Arab Nation, "give birth" to Her REAL Self.

As for a still broader unity on Islamic basis, I am afraid you hold quite a ROMANTICIZED view of the Khomeinist so-called "Revolution" and very little, if any, knowledge of the HISTORY of Persia, her eternal OBSESSION with Iraq from the taking of Babylon through the Safavide period to the Iran-Iraq war, and the history of Persian RELIGIOUS THOUGHT and how the Islamization process NEVER made it through the surface of formal submission to the minds and hearts of the FIRE-WORSHIPPING people who remained very much rooted in their PAGANISH and CHAUVINISTIC mindset up until our times.
Anonymous said…
I regretted capitalizing the word "WAS" after I posted my comment. (Fearful that it would be interpreted wrongly.) I only meant to say it IS a fine metamorphing phenomena. I am sorry for that mistake.
Now, the history of Iran is long and complex something I am woefully ignorant of. Likewise the history of Iraq/Babylon/Mesopotamia is equally long and complex. something I know even less of. So , again apologies.
I can only rely upon more recent history. Sadam giving moneies to Palestinain families of martyrs. Also Iran giving aid to Hezbollah. For me these two things are identical.(Western encroachment being countered by Islamic altruism.
Also, before I end this I want to emphysize how the concept/reality of Pan Arabism was a genuine threat to western hegemoney. Probably,one reason for the invasion of Iraq. So Pan Arabism is real and western media in it's characteristic cowardice largely ignores it.
Anonymous said…
The best counter argument to the old "Saddam was a tyrant" routine that I've read yet.
RhusLancia said…
ritilin & historian, why do the Arab nations need to be united under Master-Racist principles? There is already the Arab League to look to, which I suspect you'll poo-poo. But theoretically couldn't you have something of a "Middle Eastern Union" that includes Arabs, Turkmen, Kurds, and others... all ME citizens regardless of race... maybe even non-Arab J--s? Why does there need to be a Reich, with its attendant race-based purges that you admit would be needed? Especially given how poorly pan-Arabism was executed* by the thief Saddam!

Honestly, this pan-Arab Master Racism sounds like insecurity or artificial identity, like a Granfalloon. You know what most reasonable people think of white folks who don white hoods and talk about racial unity, purity, and primacy, right?

* no pun intended. OK, maybe a little...
Anonymous said…
All Arabs should - and one day they will - unite in one state. That's natural, inevitable. That's why the zionazi/ameronazi barbarians are trying so hard to destroy the Arab unity...
RhusLancia said…
@ splendar:

Honestly I have mixed feelings about our past dealings with the native Americans. It is an ugly part of our past. I don't know what a suitable & practical redress of their grievances would be, but I can tell you that, being myself a resident of the Southwest, I see a sort of justice in the tribes' development of casinos to feed a widespread vice that we are [mostly] too hypocritical to support on our own land. So let them have wealth & prosperity from it.

As for the secession of the Lakota, well, I'll be watching that from the sidelines if anything comes of it. I'm not sure why they want to break away, really, except to make a point about their treatment in centuries past. Running a country nowadays is a pain in the *ss. But I'm sure Russia, China, and France will sell them arms- they'll sell to darn near anybody including the thief Saddam (yes I know the US sold him about 1% of his arsenal too).

If they want to live in these times they can do it as citizens of their present country. If they want to return to the buffalo hunt I think they have their work cut out for them, for many reasons. That does not make much sense to me. It's as if, being of partial Nordic descent, I demand my right to become again a seafaring person, wandering the seas and pillaging villages as I come to them. I'd say my time is better spent sacking this comments section instead ;)
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Please be patient with me re-re-reminder..I am trying to understand much of this World. Perhaps the greatest Wisdom of all is realizing that 'we' know nothing..

One can not wake a person that is pretending to be asleep - NAVAJO

I will be here only a short time and in this time, I hope to walk beside others and you, in this pathway of Life.

My feet did not make tracks on Mother Earth when Europe re-located to these shores. My heart was not yet beating when Indian babies were grabbed from their Mothers and their heads bashed upon the rocks.

The World can read on how 'civilized' Europeans gave and sold blankets that were infected with Small Pox or how the Boarding Schools in America & Canada freely chose to do as they desired to the the 'students'.

The ravages go on and on . . .

No, nothing can truly 'make it right'...but it MUST be recognized..........what I see from a distance...what I see happening in Iraq and the experiences taking place there..are the same.

Many "Americans" use their lips to speak of "freedom, liberty and justice for all" and are "proud" of a "constitution" and a "bill of rights". "Americans" seem to use this as if they are the bearers of light, wisdom and good fortune and god bless them for being the keepers of morality.

I do not see it that way. During the events of the Revolutionary War and the signing of the constitution, Indains were being hunted down and murdered, the lands being stolen and so on. The same could be said for the Aboriginees of Australia.

Today in Iraq, as Iraqis are being hunted down, being deprived of needs and even the necessities of Life...the land and resources are being stolen. In my opinion, there are far too many similarities to list here and it would require a book. . .

But, still...even though many "Americans" may realize the historical events of the genocide that took place here...this country called the United States of America..and its democracy, its constitution, its bill of rights and its 'freedom'...was upon the dead bodies of the First Nation. They may recognize it, but still choose to follow this path.

It now has set its sight on Iraq and it is repeating itself. This is why I say, " One can not wake a person pretending to be asleep "

If it was wrong what took place here, it should be equally as wrong with what is happening to Iraq. There are many "anti-war" folks that disregard these foundations of the birth of the United States, yet are "proud" of their constitution.

How could I take over the property you live on and the house you live in, by force, and then sell it?
Anonymous said…
Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.. and a bird that has eaten, can not fly with one that is hungry.
RhusLancia said…
splendar, how do you feel about the Arabization of Kirkuk?
Anonymous said…
Arabization of do I feel?...

I believe it is to the people living within the borders of Iraq to decide. Whether its thru dialogue, bloodshed or by any means in between.

Its the course of human nature and processs of this World. We can dream or imagine a World of peace and harmony and each and every human want being satisfied, but thats not the reality of Life.

From the dawn of Life people have had to deal with terrible situations of all kinds and wars... Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Attila the Hun, Alexander, Hanibal, Rome and on and on. Its in our genes so to speak.

This World consists of the predator & prey exchange being played out, the give and take of fears & security and love & hate.

We can not harness each and every event. It would be like trying to tie the wind.

We should not be involved in lands overseas, of a political arena especially. A person can not please everybody all the time and the US or any other country can not go in and foolishly believe they can please everybody. It would be an arrogant move. It is also very disrespectful to go into anothers home and tell them how things should be done.

America is a very dangerous place in its own way. Still, I dont see or hear too much of other countrys telling 'us' what we should do.

I think the United States should leave Iraq immediately. A president of the US should be just that, and not try to be a president of the World.

Thats my opinion. It may seem cold and harsh but thats Life.
But, there are ways to help any victims and that is what I would choose to focus on.
RhusLancia said…
splendar, you are bordering on hypocrisy. I only say "bordering" and not that you have plunged headlong into it because it is possible you are a bird who has not yet eaten, so to speak, and you haven't thought through your beliefs fully. Also, you appear to claim some solidarity with the hardcore Saddamists and their views as expressed here, but I haven't seen you sign your name to some of their ideas specifically yet, so I'm giving you a wider margin of error.

However, you write on the one hand of the "survival of the fittest" mentality that has existed throughout history but on the other hand condemn the treatment of America's Natives in centuries past. When the Kurds in Kirkuk suffer similar injustices and are forced from their homes and so on, you withhold condemnation and defer to your non-interventionist and sovereignty position.

I can respect this position. Certainly there are pros & cons for it versus one of greater interventionism and historical examples to prove & disprove each as we see fit. But, you don't really stick with this throughout your arguments. The Iraqi borders are less than a century old and were drawn by the British empire. What a surprise to all the non-Arabs living therein, to discover that a Pan-Arab "Manifest Destiny" justifies any transgressions against them! And also, Saddam's disrespect of others' sovereignty and invasions of Iran and Kuwait should draw your ire, were you willing to objectively apply your own standards.

I don't think we need to be Team America, World Police. I do think the world can and should intervene in a country's internal affairs in extraordinary circumstances, like genocide, support for international terrorism, and wars of aggression. Even though Saddam and the Ba'athists stole power, the regime could have maintained itself in power with the world thinking little of it. But in 1980 it invaded Iran and jumped the shark.
Anonymous said…
Splendar, your words of wisdom are dramatically lost on RhuslanCIA.

He is set blinkered eyes and closed mind on a destructive mission, and not in the least interested in nor capable of any form of debate.


RhusLancia said…
Well, splendar, the dead thief Saddam's message board Mukhabarat are now taking a fancy to you. Warning: hypocrisy ahead...
Anonymous said…
I anticipated yer response. In my above opinion, I did not go into the differnce of Iraq & what tok place with the American Indians ans set it aside until ( or if ) you brought it up.

In the land of what is now called the United States...when the Europeans came here and kept coming, circumstances were different then, than what took place in Iraq. ( and I should note to I suppose, that I do not hold condemnations for all of Europe and every single European. ).

But when they came here, American Indians had no concept of "owning the land". Yes, the differing tribes fought amongst themsleves fro many reasons but the Europeans brought an entirely new system of Life.
It is widely written that the first Europens came here to escape certain persecutions & lack of 'freedoms'. I belive that is the case but not the only reasons for leaving their homelands in Europe.

At that time, this "newly discovered' land was full of riches. Riches of natural resources..huge forests teaming with animals and minerals in the East. In 1606 the Virginia Company of London was granted a Royal Charter to settle in the New World. In 1607 Jamestown was founded under the patent of the London Company and in 1625 it was the first permanent settlememt in the New World becaues it was prizes for providing cash-crops and its wealth potential for shipping goods back to England.
In 1612, the Dutch made Manhattan thier fur trading center.

This land was " founded & developed " for economic reasons, not simply to escape religious persecutions and high taxes back in Europe. They came here and could see "riches" & "opportunities" as far as the eye and their imaginations could see.

There were no borders so to speak. Yes the Spanish were here in their quest for gold. The French here for trade. Europen people were here and each held their own "teritories", and in doing so, they did not have to deal with international laws and certainly no 'laws' from the Native Peoples. In their eyes the Natives were ignorant savages, the precursor to today's so-called 'terrorists'.
Anonymous said…
It was a free for all for the Europeans. It was the new fronteir just waiting for the 'civlilized'. In today's World, there are no new frontiers to be 'discovered'. Those days are gone forever. Today has a new set of circumstances.

Yes, there is the predator / prey..survival of the fittest in Life. That can be said for what took place with the Native American People, true. The "native lost" and the "white man" prevailed in their domination of the land. What took place here needs to be fully recognized by all Americans. Our 'leaders' market to the World that America was founded upon the principles of " freedom, liberty, justice for all and all men are created equal", but in truth it was not.

In my opinion, this is where "America's interests" should America. Not globe-trotting the World dictating how others should be governed or how they should live. Our fundamental interests should stop at our borders. The conflicts and tensions of the Mideast should not be interests that the United States get involved in.
Anonymous said…



[quote] I shall do two things. Expose you to light and ask everyone to stop watering you [end quote]

Splendar, for correctness' sake, let the CIA agent Rhuslancia stew in his juice.

Thank you.
RhusLancia said…
splendar: "I anticipated yer response."

So you are aware of your borderline hypocrisy. Good.

Do you see how you apparently want to apply the 20th century ideal of respect for indigenous people into the 19th century and before, but also apply the 19th century and prior ideal of "survival of the fittest" to the current day, including the suppression, repression, and forced relocations perpetrated by the thief Saddam and his criminal regime? If you were consistent in your pattern you would then accept (if not cheer) the post-2003 ethnic cleansing by the Sunni and Shia militias of each others' opposing sect.

I would rather see a 21st century ideal where countries are mostly left alone to benefit or repress their people as they choose, however once they cross the line into genocide or aggressive wars they should be taken down by international resolve. Like I said, Saddam and his regime jumped the shark in 1980 and did nothing after that to redeem themselves.
RhusLancia said…

reminder, if I were to invade and occupy your comparison, I might point out that fungi don't generally get watered like regular plants. Instead, they feed off waste, decaying flesh, and plant matter. They actually serve a very important function in recycling nature's detritus back into useful products. Completing the cycle, if you will. I understand how much dissent bothers you, being such a fan of the thief Saddam and his criminal regime as you are.

However, you should consider that in a healthy comment ecosystem (versus a festering stew where Saddamist poo and so on accumulate), there would be a balance of opinions represented. But I think you know that your opinions cannot bear scrutiny if exposed to the light of a counter point, and that's also why your are a fan of suppression.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Good Morning reminder

I try to get as many sources about World events as I can each day. Some will of course be more accurate and factual that others.

From where I live, I am on the outside looking in. Too many tragedies accross the board and at all levels has been going on inside Iraq. But I feel I do know about what drives American 'empire'.

The government in the US is sponsored by the corporate world. The American politicians will market to the World that they are part of a 'democracy' and that " We The People" have spoken, but many others and myself rally do not but into that advertisement.

Once these 'public servants' take their government positions, the people are not privy to exactly what issues are truly being dealt with and what 'laws' are being passed. There is a great divide between the government and the People. The US government is full of corruption.....lobbysists and backreoom sweetheart deals with laws being passed to favor 'the corporate' or monies being earmarked for ridiculous reasons.
The government is owned by the corporate..and the US government itself is somewhat of a corporation. It invests its money into Wall Street.
Anonymous said…
...the Federal Reserve Bank in the US prints the money. Its not a government institution. Its a corporation..a banking cartel...a money monopoly. There are many good websites speaking of the fraud of the Federal Reserve and waht took place in 1913 when these international bankers met in secret and developed their plan to try to place the World in bondage.

My point is..I will get to it but i wanted totry to atleast set a foundation point is that the socio-ecomic structure of the United States (perhaps all the G8 countries as well to a degree) is that it is imperative ( to them) that oil futures use the ' American dollar' as the reserve currency. The whole house of cards would easily come tumbling down if oil producing countries switched to another currency.

In America, congress has given the corporation the same rights as a US citizen. It is also the 'legal duty' of a business to provide profits to the shareholders of a company. Shares are traded on Wall Street and a compnay is to provide profits to its sharreholders.
This design is corrupt and full of infections. Goig into Iraq, as most of the World knows, was nothing to do about WMD's, bring about some notion of liberty, freedom and democracy,etc. Its based in economics and the financial / investment sectors.

Its a tragedy indeed in the most insidious and diabolic intents, when nations and people die & suffer,especially for such purposes.

US may not be achieved by the gun and the missile. It may be achieved or making inroads and taking root, by commerce and trade.

These globalists are quite happy with thte inroads they have made with Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other nations accross the planet, investments are booming and Wall Street is happy.

This house of cards will come tumbling down though.
Anonymous said…
If only the US elite was "only" a capitalistic corporation, the war on Iraq was "only" about oil, and Western imperialism was "only" driven by socio-economic reasons !


The first is ALSO a Christian and Jewish fundamentalist cult, the second is ALSO about destroying the "Great Prostitute" Babylon as well as the last bastion of Arab Enlightenment, and the third is ALSO driven by the belief in a genocidal fairy-tale called "The Return of the Jews and the Second Coming of Christ".

In short, our poor long-suffering Mother Earth is in the hands of a bunch of barking mad loony-bin escapees.
Anonymous said…
Here's for whom and why the Iraqi genocide is taking place:

"During a short verbal exchange Wednesday at the Ben Gurion Airport Terminal Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger thanked President George Bush for the US's military intervention in Iraq.
"I want to thank you for your support of Israel and in particular for waging a war against Iraq," Metzger told Bush, according to the chief rabbi's spokesman.
Bush reportedly answered that the chief rabbi's words "warmed his heart"."

Btw, Metzger=butcher!
Layla Anwar said…
the despicable Angry Arab should post that instead of posting about his big fat potatoes....
Disgusting idiot that he is.
Anonymous said…
The the-best-potato-slicer-award winner seems to have changed his job for a window jumper...
Unknown said…
Layla your blog on the conditions in Iraq is moving and sad . I care .

\As a woman and a mother and a daughter and a human being , what has been done to your country is a shame a sin ....

I would like to know more about it .. I am reading what I find but the truth is best from one who is living through it.
Anonymous said…
"In a world of universal deceipt, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

In the far distance a helicopter skimmed down between the roofs, hovered for an instant like a bluebottle, and darted away again with a curving flight. It was the police patrol, snooping into people's windows. The patrols did not matter, however. Only the Thought Police mattered.

You people who insult this lady or pathetic excuses for human beings. The above quote is from an old classic 1984 and along with brave new world has predicted what is coming to all neighborhoods, eventually your town.

Think not, then do your research. As long as they can keep us at each others throats, then it is a cake walk for them. Wake up people, this lady is living in dire straights and soon it will move to our neighborhoods.

'Thought Crimes,' HR 1955 Passed With 404 Votes
Submit, Ye Citizens, Silently to State Murder
Unknown said…
"You people who insult this lady or pathetic excuses for human beings"

Thanks for defending her ... what Iraq is suffering makes me sick to the pit of my stomach .....

If it was you or I living in terror & fear & without hope I am sure we would all be angry and hurting ... The Iraqi population did nothing at all to deserve what they are suffering ...

It seems its all about revenge for 9/11 - lash out and revenge .. they got innocent women , children and old folks ... may God forgive us for whayt we have done in the name of w3hat ? Democracy ...
Lirun said…
very powerful piece layla

wont pretent to understand the ferocity of your anguish.. i have never been as unlucky as you are now (although my grandparents were - thank you europe and arab nations together)..

given that you sound highly intelligent and articulate - my only two questions for you are as follows:

(a) why the kuwait invasion.. and once invaded why the extreme torture of kuwaitis.. this was heavily documented..

(b) why scuds at towns in my country..

wishing you peace and resolution to the terrible predicament your country is in.. and also to all others in our troubled region..
Anonymous said…
May Allah cut off your tits and serve them to George Bush, the Lamb of God, on a golden platter.

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