Backlash behind a Veil...

Well what do you know - I really can’t stand it anymore.

I can’t stand the current Islamist discourse. I don’t care where it is coming from, I can’t stand it anymore. And I want to shout it out loud. FED UP!!!

I absolutely detest, abhor, despise, hate, the current Iraqi government. I hate the fucking mullahs.

I hate Sistani, Maliki, Jaafari, Muqtada al Sadr, Al Hakeem and there rest of the smelly retards - all those sectarian Shia shits from Iran.

I can’t stand Iran’s Ahmadinajad, Khomeini, Khatemi, Khameini...Kha, kha, kha, khara...(khara is shit in Arabic)

I am totally allergic to the snake Nasrallah and his fucked up sectarian Hezbollah, who says one thing and does another.

But it does not stop there...

I am a fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Salafists, the Wahabists...

And I am talking here as a WOMAN. These bastards stand against everything women of my generation fought for.

These people are an insult to Islam, they have deformed it, they have perverted it, they have turned it upside down...

Call things by their names. Call yourselves whatever you want, but keep Islam OUT of it. Islam is greater than your collective beards and turbans...

Yes, I am very fed up. I am fed up of listening to sermons 24/7 about how women should dress, what they should wear, not wear, how thick your veil should be, how long your dress, coat, colors or black...sick and tired of this shit.

Thousands of us women have fought only to see walking tents, clad in black covering their faces come and teach us about our religion.

Scrap beyond the surface, beyond the appearances, and you will find out that 75% of these women used to walk around in miniskirts not too long ago. Enough !

But suddenly piety has fallen on them, and now they think they have to teach everyone what religion is all about. They read a couple of free pamphlets and they have become experts. This is not Islam, this is pamphlet Islam. A big difference.

But it goes even further. They do not content themselves with applying their so called Islam to themselves. Oh no, they have to force it down our throats, their versions, their interpretations, their style...

Otherwise, we are considered either a kaffir or a nawaseb - Halal meat to rape, massacre, hang, burn, humiliate and ridicule...

Enough listening to Fatwas (religious decrees) based on sexual obsessions - theirs.

Cucumbers and tomatoes should not be mixed. One is male and the other female–Baghdad.

Women should not wear lipstick, and should veil or else...over 150 murdered-Basrah.

Women are not allowed to leave their homes, should veil, music is haram(forbidden) – Diyala.

Women should stick to blankets and men to sheets. One is female the other is male and the two should not mix – Gaza.

Women can’t drive and need a muhram (chaperon), they should cover their faces and not speak in public. It is awra (shameful) – Saudi Arabia.

Women can’t refuse their husbands taking on a muta’a (paid, temporary concubine) partner, should veil,and should not disobey, music and dancing are haram (forbidden) – Iran.

Men should avoid sitting on seats where women were seated before like buses - The heat residue may lead to zina thoughts (fornication) – Egypt.

A woman can only become president as long as she does not sit alone with another male head of state – Egypt.

And I have plenty more...plenty...

Give them more time and more American support and it will get even worse...American and Western Feminists can kiss IT, bunch of hypocrites.

And it does not stop there...Oh no!

Anyone not veiled, even a headscarf is considered “saqeeta” a fallen one.

And they have become judge, jury and verdict. Judging everyone else because they suddenly have monopoly over Islam. As if Islam or God’s word can be monopolized. They insult God that way and they know it not.

The discourse is even worse. It boils down to this - If you criticize us in any way, shape or form, that means that you are not only against us, but you are against Islam itself.

You are either with us or against us. Same as Bush no different.

Because they think they have become the official representatives of Islam, they consider their voices to be the voice of all of Islam and of all Muslims...

They hold the Truth and no one else does. They carry the correct understanding and no one else does...What arrogance! ENOUGH!

But wait a second here turbaned, bearded, walking tents females...hold it just one second and let us see whom are you supporting exactly.

The Muslim Brotherhood was financed by America as early on as the 30’s. Muslim brothers used to say, at least Amerikkka is not atheist like the Soviet Union.

The Talibans and Al-Qaeda were funded by America’s CIA and Pentagon.

Hamas was first funded by Israel’s Mossad.

The Wahabists, a movement that was created by Mohamed AbdelWahab (not the singer) was fully backed by the British in the 20’s.

Khomeinism and his smelly mullahs were encouraged by Western intelligence with the full participation of the CIA.

Hezbollah was formed by Khomeini’s Iran’s in the 70’s to fight seculars including Iraqi seculars like the Baath.

The current puppet Iranian sectarian Shia government in Iraq was BROUGHT ON BY THE AMERICANS.

So who the fuck do you think you are fooling with your discourses? Not me for sure.

And if you think your voices are very powerful then am raising mine too, to denounce every single one of you.

I know what you think. You say – here she is, a Mossad, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, CIA agent, a Zionist, a reactionary who stands against the will of the people and national liberation movements.

KISS IT again.

YOU are the Mossad and the CIA agents, you are the REAL Zionists, the reactionaries and you are the anti-Arabs whose sole aim is to divide this people and this nation into a thousand states.

Hezbollahstan, Iraqishiastan, Hamastan, Salafistan...

You are the reactionary ones who oppress our voices and any form of critique.

You are anti-people, anti-women, anti any form of liberation.

But the worst part is that you are anti-Muslim and anti-Islam.

And because I LOVE Islam and what it stands for, I have to keep on denouncing you, your degenerate theories and your intellectual decadence.

Now you can all go to Hell !

Painting: Ali Taleb, "Bloom" 2006.


Anonymous said…
Layla it is evident we have despicable people in every category of power in the world. Personally I cannot understand someone turning to a religion to love or for love. At either worst or best religion is only a phenomena of telepathy and a lack of resolution to look straight at life as it is.jocelyn
Anonymous said…
"You say - here she is, a Mossad, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, CIA agent, a Zionist, a reactionary who stands against the will of the people and national liberation movements."

Never mind those fucked-up intellectually dishonest wankers, they are the same scum of the earth from the ranks of Khomeinism and Salafism who used to call (and still do !) the martyred, dear-to-God Sword of True Islam and Beating Heart of all freedom-loving creatures Saddam Hussein a "CIA stooge" and a "socialist infidel".

Little perverted puritanical maniacs as much obsessed with Power, Money & Sex as the imperialists, capitalists and "decadent kuffar" they pretend to fight, worshipping no god but their own o so delicate, hypersensitive, perpetually "endangered" little spoilt mama's boy's willy, hiding their wet pants and dry hearts behind black or white clothes/shrouds, beards, turbans, glowering scowls, accusing fingers, sepulchral utterances, an hypocritical mask of morality that melts down at nightfall, thus revealing an inner core nature of unbridled beastly savagery, good only at oppressing, repressing, suppressing the innocent and sacrosanct "joie de vivre" in everything and everyone, especially women, but pathologically impotent when it comes to fighting the True Evil, both of the Enemy and in their own Selves.

May the curse of Allah and the curse of innocent Iraqis whom they tyrannize over and of innocent Palestinians whom they delude and leave in the lurch be upon their worm-eaten souls for all eternity.
Anonymous said…
you are one sick puppy for the sake of keeping it clean.

you left out your sweet heart saddam when you were mentioning the CIA, you small hypocrite.

you are truly a Zionist in all possible sense of the word.

you don't have to be on the payroll to be their agent, some people subscribe to their propaganda and do their dirty work for them willingly and without pay.

i'm glad saddam is not alive else he would have spit on you.

where is Sahhaf when you need him, i'm sure he could think of some big word to throw your direction.

I heard he's coming out with a new dictionary for those to use when invaded by a foreign country.

Anonymous said…
also FYI, you stupid jerk, your zionist friends even trust nasrallah and that is a fact from polls carried out in occupied palestine! they say he never broke his promise, unlike your "mother of all liars" who promised us the "mother of all wars"
you filthy baathists! you brought us death and destruction.

we all waited in 18 years ago for the mother of all promises and we held our breaths only for a lousy scud to fall on the pigs and monkeys! a few lousy scuds! you all are scum, one from another, scum, liars, rapists, thieves, crooks, filth upon filth, inside and out! nothing but filth.

hizbullah did with a handful of men what the 3rd largest army in the world could not do! the white flags were used to wipe the !@#$ off the !@#$%

Anonymous said…
Why do I have a feeling that Bin Yameen Bin Shimal Bin Manyak is our (not so) good same ole armchair Jihadi and professional troll ABU ZEFT ?

Also, why do I have a feeling that the above-mentioned freak's need to belittle the formidable symbolic significance of the Scuds launch on Zionist occupied soil is somehow to be ascribed to personal frustration for a certain "Scud" of his that won't do its work ? ;-)

hahahahahahahahahaha what a fuckhead.
Anonymous said…
Al-Muqawama Al-Iraqiya is URGENTLY requested to get a move on.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down to earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Anonymous said…
ya benyamin netanyahu hahahahahha
u dickhead, the largest demo supporting Gaza took place in Jordan, nd guess whose picture was there? the mossad/iranian/syrian Hamas? nope, Saddam Hussein.
Anonymous said…
bin yameen bin shimal said...
your a retard whose parents where probbly the basterd children of a goat and a retarded pig monkey man
seriously you have issues

yall seriously need to jump off the evil zionist crap omfg you sound like that retard from iran

lady i feel for you i wish life will get better for you and many many here do to oh yea and lots here in the us agree with your estimation of our fiminist groups(and civil rights groups and bla bla bla) if you would like to find out how many go to this in a browser
Little green footballs
and for you ZIONIST ENTITY ppls
i want the palis to have a free state but dont think they can do it..thats something that gets to me why dont they just stop the rockets which is more important when you die looking to god and saying i never backed down from the infidel i killed his women and children allah now where are my rasins!!! if power lust fear are your tools focused on women(shows something about a ppls who seem to fear women because they themselves are too WEAK! THATS RIGHT YOUR WEAK that is the real reason women must cover up is because your to weak to control yourselves)
wahabis whatever you call yourselves i recommend a book A desert called peace read it

you bring the desert you are baren

be strong lady
Anonymous said…
James, for the sake of crying out loud, enough of this puritanical White Man's attraction/repulsion for "oriental" sensual imagery.

The innocent and glorious martyrs to the Palestinian cause always fought for the love of their Arab land and the desire to avenge their oppressed brothers and sisters, with all available means as is the legitimate right of every people under occupation, not for any sort of fucked-up necrophilia or individualist pursue of glory.

Get your little racist mind off the "72 virgins" thing, lest you should come across some Arab Muslim country and do some forced "loosening" around just so to "try how it feels".
Anonymous said…
"The Wahabists, a movement that was created by Mohamed AbdelWahab (not the singer)..."

Layla, you are one hell of a LOL rouser !!!

Speaking of distorted Islam vs. music, do you know/remember what first prompted that other needless Torquemada in Islamist sauce Saiyyd Qutb to declare "war" on his once beloved America ?

Colonialism ? Zionism ? Capitalism ?


His "traumatic" experience of a group of young people dancing with each other to the rhythm of (hold fast to your chair) the "primitive", "animalistic", "zina-whetting"...JAZZ MUSIC !!!

What prison and what execution, President Abdel-Nasser, he indeed a serious anti-imperialist, should have locked up such freaks in some special reformatory for sense of taste-lacking retards !!!
Anonymous said…
Western women who feel a sincere desire for the order, beauty and happiness of the Islamic faith in this tormented historical age better keep it for themselves, like a little plant to grow with great respect, humility and love in the privacy of their hearts, and stay strictly secular with regards to politics and society.

Those parading their "virtue" around fancy-dressed as midnight ghosts, shaking the chains of dogmatism and thundering against the modern-times "sinful" womankind are nothing but ex-easy & cheap screws with very little grey matter and no backbone at all turned guilt complex-ridden slaves of some fat bearded "redeemer" of a polygamous husband who "graced" them into his little metropolitan harem.

Ignore them.
Anonymous said…
"Cucumbers and tomatoes should not be mixed"

Yes, I have heard of that unbelievable stupidity.

Signed: "Islamic State of Iraq", a.k.a. the U.S. and IRAN-backed terrorists who butchered both secular and non-Salafi Islamic fighters and nearly managed to foul up the whole national resistance discourse.

Fuck them and fuck their drill-happy, drug and whore addicted Shiite counterparts.

Victory to the loyal children of IRAQ.
Anonymous said…
This site and the high percentage of posting and hatred and pride, are sure eveidence that "Iraqis" and Arabs in general, are in now ay different than most of the world.

It is evidenced that there is religious hatred and tensions and spite in the area, including Iraq. Ba'athists hate. Sunnis hate. Shias hate. Seculars hate. And on and on.

Same story / different circumstances today. HATE HATE HATE.
Anonymous said…
kill each other,

that's the problem with u killers, u shit somewhere nd blame others.
americans nd the british r hated in the middle east for they happen 2 b scum of the earth.
Anonymous said…
james, how old are you? where did you get your education, from a box of cereal?

if you must post to this board then ask your mother to do it for you, unless she's the average joe, then find one of those damn foreigners to write it for you
Anonymous said…
Kill each other,

No, we only support killing those Ameronazi, Zionazi and Persofascist CRIMINALS who illegally invaded the innocent, peaceful, and SOVEREIGN Republic of Iraq and turned it into a mix of Vichy and a Konzentrationlager.

Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization and Her children are by nature and culture life-loving, gentle and tolerant, they would prefer a thousand times that all the occupiers would just renounce this hubristic colonial wet dream and LEAVE.

NO "joy" whatsoever in taking any stupid barbarian's life, just the sacrosanct MORAL OBLIGATION to liberate their devastated land and oppressed family, friends and compatriots.

Believe me or not, either way sod off.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla
It never ceases to amaze me how a blog like your's can bring out the very worst in people.

How can people expect to live together, when the most important thing in their lives seems to be whose God gets to play top Dog.

I always find it fasinating, esp. when one conciders that the three main religions in the middle east where created in abouts the same time, the same place , by the same people and for the very same reasons, and those reasons where to control the population. Nothing more and nothing less.

So keep up the good work Layla, perhaps by letting some of these assholes vent in here, it might just stop some one from getting shot or blown up on the street. When will these people ever learn?
Anonymous said…
There are different people everywhere.

Not everyone in the US supports the agenda of racist imperialism/colonialism led by the greedy capitalist elite. In fact, many of us actively try to stop it, and repression of these people is great.

In regards to western feminists (of which I'd call myself one), there is a large community of feminists who are very aware and critical of the discourse originally pushed by the mostly white feminist movement, mostly its racism. Not sure what the best help is as you seem to see NO western involvement as the ideal (including conversation/dialogue/support). Just know that there is a large body of leftist feminists in the US who are actively writing, reporting, etc. (and trying to stop this imperialism).

Layla, I've recently found this blog and have been learning a lot by reading your perspectives... thanks.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

I hope this comment finds you well. I agree with many of your views and it is encouraging to see that woman like yourself exist and speak their minds. I would appreciate if you support my petition to keep our Iraqi flag.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Ali
Anonymous said…
You people do a damm good job of killing and hating each other without outside interferences.

Look at Europe. Look at South America..the US.........Australia and Canada. You dont see people going around blowing themselves up or assinating leaders to become leaders.

Most of the world can see how you people behave and all yer religions and sects and hatred amongst them. Thats fact...aside from US government interventions.

Your regions of the World have always been unstable and chaotic. Even before Israel so dont scapegoat Isreal for you OWN choices.

Never in the entire world do you see headlines of people blowing themselves up like in the Mideast.

Thats a fact and dont bother replying because I written you guys of as full of bullshit and just more one sided hatred against EVERYONE that has a different opinion and Iraq was the apex of morality and what the worls should try to mirror.
Anonymous said…
"anti-anglosaxans" ha need i say more??

anti this , anti that, everything that does not fit in your little cubicle of how the wordl Should Be, is bad or is a threat to you.
live a life of anti-ism and droewn in yer sorrows and hate and teach your kids to hate too.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I dont know if your just bone-ass stupid or simply bone-ass stupid....

The mollahs are practicing 7th century Mohammadan Islam. So whats the problem? You already followed that megalomaniacal cult-leader Saddam ibn kelb which you worship more than Allah himself - so why are you so opposed to the mollahs? They simply are just a bunch of Saddams with turbans and beards.

I thought a backward, dictator-supporting two-faced hypocrite like yourself would have no problem with demagogic leaders going around butchering people in the name of their ideology - be it Islamists or your fellow cultist-Ba'athists (same shit, different smell).

Quran says a 'woman is obedient to her husband' and permits the man to beat her. Muhammad said your gender is 'deficient in intelligence' so seriously, what in the name of sanity are you bitching about now?
Anonymous said…
SHe hates Shias
She hates Nezrollah
She hates Hammas
She hates Zionists
She hates Fascists
She hates Iran
She hates Arabs (unles they are just like her)
She hates 'the West'
She hates America
She hates most music
She hates being lonely
She hates most foods
She hates that her life and all her comforts are Gone and deperately wants that life of having her need met, back but fuck everyone else that had to suffer during that SAME EXACT time frame.
She cant get along in a personal relationship apparently since she is without a life-long partner and childless.
She hates so many style of dress.
She hates so much in life and most of it has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL witht the current situations in Iraq....Americans or No Americans.
She hates unions but apparently loves Saddams yellow unions.

Shes a miserable middle age, sour, bitter woman and will grow more bitter and uglier with each passing month.


good luck
Layla Anwar said…

That is only your opinion. Betting on God against all odds is for me the most formidable of all bets.
Layla Anwar said…
What I said on the previous thread to your regard is still valid.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey you guys out there, you must admit that I have some very intelligent, articulate readers here...don't you think ?
Hell,compare and contrast will you?
Layla Anwar said…
angry us citizen,

Thanks for visiting and your comment. I don't live in the US so am not really aware of which groups you are referring to?
5 years have elapsed since the occupation
17 years have elapsed since the first war and its choking and squeezing of the Iraqis...
So far Women and children are the ones who paid the highest price of "Angry us citizens"- My question is how come they are still paying the price...
Thanks for elucidating.

I will tackle the "anti war feminist left support of fascist governments" later....
Layla Anwar said…
digi, kindly visit this blog when you are sober. Thanks. I have no time to correct your English.
Layla Anwar said…
iat...whatever....your name is too stupid and too long to re-type..

Little acne riddled boy or girl does not make a difference...
You little pimpled, masturbating, fantasizing puerile infantile jerk...let me teach you a few things will you?

First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being middle aged. As a matter of fact I have tons of your ilk - pimpled, easily excitable, drooling, masturbatory fantasmagoric, running after me...

Secondly I have many potential partners after me and I still can't make up my mind which makes mea chooser and makes you a little loser desperate for a lay...

Thirdly, if you shut that drivelling mouth of yours and listen you may, and I am stressing the word "may" learn something. But even that is no guarantee, because your type is too obvious...a neurotic, frustrated, hormonally imbalanced, LITTLE THING that tries to flex its non existent muscles online...

So shut up you little wimp and listen and learn...unless of course you are one of those little perverted masochist one who loves to have shoes fall on his/her head and ultimately kiss them in total servitude...
Anonymous said…
LOL wasup ppls yes im back and me
im 23almost 24 in april
im from tn,usa
im a republican by vertue of a crapy democratic party i used to be a dem but now they suck oh well..

anyways my brothers half black btw and my girl was black but she moved to west coast :( sucks but i hope shes happy
so yall dont agree with me all i know i this islam has some realy good things and islam has some realy bad things see no arab/persain/black/jews in there(ever notice when a person wants to shut up some one they immediatly call them racist now?)
and btw anti puritan(yea cant tell what this guy thinks)ever occur to you your glorious mayrters are nothing but islamic puritains?

anyways stop insulting the women have respect and decency ppls jesus i thought islam was a religion of peace and respect she has an opinion respect it and her
Layla Anwar said…
Sara Ali,

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I had a look at your site/link. Am sorry I can't endorse your petition. I noticed your flag is the flag that was construed under the occupation, mainly by the current PUPPET Iraqi government who landed with the Americans. Should you decide to revert to the REAL IRAQI FLAG prior the American/Iranian/Israeli occupation of our country, I will gladly give you my full support.
Unknown said…
so layla....while u revile practically all forms of islam...what form do u suggest? where women and men can be free to fornnicate and dance in a drunken stupor? sum1 who the "great" west would call an extremist but i abhor all these outrageous decrees but im all for segregating men and women,men and women observing the islamic dress code.....but i wonder whether i mite find a bigger hypocrite than you sister....u say u bear a scorching dislike for the west but when it comes ti this issue..the western ideals of feminism seem savvy to me ur a born sunni muslim but whenever i used 2 b beseeched by doubts over what is wrong and what is suggest u take a look at the lives of concerts....dey follow all that u despise yet they r not oppressed....and as i said before.....killing and labeling of women as kafirs for being unislamic is against the sharia.....finally plz be gracious enuff to give me a version of islam u like....and mayb name it after urself too!!!!
Anonymous said…
To speak locally, which I can do with more accuracy for now... just a few months ago myself along with about 100 cohorts blocked streets in opposition to the war... the cops come to intimidate us to leave... they take photos and hope to make arrests. Now there is planning to oppose the republican party's national convention which is coming to my town (Minneapolis) this coming September. People are already risking great time in prison as the FBI and police have been infultrating/finding excuses to arrest those "radicals" who oppose the war and occupation. 19 people were arrested in August during an unrelated event in Minneapolis... these happened to be some of the people opposing the Republican convention.

So yeah, we're not there, the occupation is not here in this country and we are not suffering from it. But there are many who are putting themselves (and their freedom) on the line against this government because they feel for the suffering of the Iraqi people (and especially women and children, the most disempowered). We ask the same question... why are they still paying the price?
Anonymous said…
All the proof is in your own words poor little Layla..who writes about children and a parents exoeriences yet has no children of her own. So then ,the home, a structure that does not feel becomes most important.

Yes You Htae. Plain and simple and proven I forgot to mention you hate Kurds too.

Poor Layle..enjoyed the life under the wings of Saddam who assassinated, WHo broke the unions and in his own way.

You had your time and and your time of prosperity. Saddam wanted to play with the international big boys and talked real big. But in the end, he ran.....and as he ran he told all Iraqis to fight. Funny how he liked to include Shias & Kurds in this wasnt it? He ostricized the Shia & Kurds but when it came time for his race across the deerst to fing his hole, he wanted ALL to fight ...for him...for his protection.

I bet you can relate, No?

Poor Layla, hiding out and thinking all are after her. Wantng all to fight and die to get back her lifestyle she enjoyed years ago, No?

Run little Rabbit. Run to your hole. It awaits you. The Shias are coming to make you take of that mini skirt you enjoy so much. Ha. What a fruit.

Oh, When you begin a sentence, please use the pronoun "I", instead of just simply saying "Am". The structure goes, " I am....." Not Am.

A middle ages lady whose lines are getting more and more and even deeper and deeper. Stress kills. Your cigarettes kill too. Your drinking kills. But Layla makes exceptions for Layla. No empathy. Not even to herself.

Yes You Hate. You Hate Everyone that does not fit into yer thinking patterns. You dictate all that is important to Layla. If it does not benefit Layla, ha, well it is of no use whatsoever. Nada. Zilch.

Its what the rest of the world sees and has been seeing. A region of the world that has turmoil and ethnic cleansing and religious hatred for decades upon decades. Oh..lets blame Israel,lets blame Turkey, lets blame Hitler, Lets blame the 'West'. Please dont take Any blame here at all dear Layla. No, none at all.

And as years continue to go by, and your child bearing years finally become a point inhistory...what will you have? What will dear Layla have? More bitterness. More hatred. More lines on her face and deeper ones too.

Bt youve has your blog. Oh Yeah. year after year there has been your blog. Even though it does nothing of actual performance, its a place to relate huh? A place to attack the world and blame the world, relishing in your own pity-party.
Anonymous said…
..and you just Hate the fact that there was a vote in Iraq. A vote where All Iraqis could vote. A vote which may lead to others getting what You had. This just EATS you up inside. Its devouring you , consuming you.

Others may enjoy a lifestyle now that Layla had enjoyed all those years. Al those carefree years that are long gone.

But Oh Yes...fight dear little ones. Fight for me. Fight to bring bacl Layla's life you peasants.
Anonymous said…
Layla is a Hypocrite. She goes on about how she "loves Islam" but doesnt follow it.

Layla wants the world to revolve around her. She wants Islam to conform TO HER..not Her conforming to Islam.

She will spew out EXTREME hatred and abuses, yet Continually dent any vengeful motives.

She will include all Iraqis when needed to relay some opinion, yet in other writings she divides Iraq in sects or groups AND THEN belittles them.

She contimues on writings about Palestinian children and tries to cozy up to their suffering, yet then, she hates Hammas. She would probably like to see the Palestinian children of Hammas dead.

She will write of all the deaths of all Iraqi children, yet again, she will go to make sure she distinguishes Kurds & Shias. So again, she would like to see the children of Kurds & Shias dead.

She thinks like this and hence writes like this, because she is interested in matters that relate directly to her and how they impact Her. Its her own morel / ethical code in how she views the world, views the region, views Iraq and views her Islam.

ANYBODY that has a different view or lives differntly than her, is unequivocally wrong and deserves punishment.

Im sure this trait of hers is one of the reasons as to why she is still single, never married and has not had a home and children. She cannot find anybody that is 'good enough'. She views others as objects. Objects that she can arrange and re-arrange in her life. If they are of no benefit or use to Layla, then they are unworthy.

She will never see it. She will deny it to her grave and look back at her life through the years as everybody elses fault....that she had no active role in her decisions or her outcome.

Its such a waste. She will set back and let other womens groups or unions or people that are working to try to get Iraq back and functioning..she wil let them do the Real Work and she will set back and wait for an opportunity that is of benefit for her and her alone. She wil lcomfortably set back and criticize this or criticize that while she actually does nothing. Shes content to set on the sidelines. She doesnt want to play anymore. Shes taken her ball home and is goingto go there and pout and criticize the entire world.

She criticizes the Qu'ran yet in the same breathe she says she 'loves Islam'. She crticizes 'the West' but she will talk about girls wearing mini-skirts and how they should not wear hijabs and such. Im sure she even dresses 'Western'.

"Look What They've Done, Ma"
Indeed. They made me dress 'Western' and "I LOVE Islam".

Does one that professes to "LOVE Islam"..abandon what the Qu'ran says?
But then again, this is Layla..the one that wants, desires and Needs the world to revolve around her, because Layla is whats important.
Anonymous said…
"Men should avoid sitting on seats where women were seated before like buses - The heat residue may lead to zina thoughts (fornication) – Egypt"

Ha ha ha on come on!! What sick, twisted mind came up with that one?? People actually follow this people? This is one horny bastard!!
Anonymous said…
Oh theres some winners.

Anybody want a ham sandwich?
Layla Anwar said…
America and Americans are the biggest criminals, psychopathic killers, destroyers of lives that any civilization and culture have ever witnessed. They crown that with a deep ignorance, a congenital ignorance, an acute stupidity and a blindness that sinks all the way down to their souls. To hell till Eternity.
Anonymous said…
from fallujah

"The city's streets look as if the fighting had finished only a few weeks ago.
CAIRO — Buildings reduced to a heap of concrete slabs as if they were toppled by missiles the other day and walls pock-marked with bullets, while clean water, electricity or medicine are something of a luxury.

It is not a scene from Gaza or the southern suburb of Beirut in the wake of the 2006 Israeli war, but a miniature portrait of the onetime Iraqi resistance hub of Fallujah three years after the US occupation had sealed off the city, the Independent reported on Monday, January 28.

"The Americans provide us with nothing," said one mother. "They bring us only destruction."

The US occupation forces launched in March of 2004 an abortive operation to control Fallujah, which went down in history as the country's resistance command base against the occupation at the time.

Eight months later, the US occupation staged a devastating operation following the killing and mutilation of four US Blackwater contractors by locals, recapturing the resistance hub.

The November onslaught left much of the city in ruins and up to 1,300 killed, including children and women. Thousands were maimed for life.

Today, the city's streets look as if the fighting had finished only a few weeks ago.

The city is still under siege, more difficult to enter than any city in the world.

There are more than 27 checkpoints, only on one road that links the city and the capital Baghdad.

"The siege is total," said Kamal, a doctor at Fallujah Hospital.

Nobody is allowed to enter Fallujah unless they carry biometric identity cards.

After controlling the city in the wake of the aftermath of the 2004 battle, the US occupation finger-printed locals and gave them a retina scan to issue them biometric IDs which cannot be forged.


The city still lacks many of the basic humanitarian needs, which have become something of a luxury.

"We have no electricity, we have no water," an elderly man shouted.

Inhabitants say their war-torn city is getting electricity only one hour a day.

Overlooking the apocalyptic scene, the city's newly built bridge has turned into a park for US armored vehicles.

People still walk warily in the streets as if they expected firing to break out at any minute.

The city's healthcare system is also collapsing.

When asked what the hospital lacked Dr. Kamal said: "Drugs, fuel, electricity, generators, a water treatment system, oxygen and medical equipment."

Officials say things were getting better.

But locals gathering at one ward at the city's main hospital contradicted the customary upbeat statement.

"Every day 20 children die here," said one. "Seven in this very room."
Layla Anwar said…
digi (lol) mustang, and 2more,

poor little "thangs"-- hahahahahahahahahahahaha- you are absolutely hilarious in a stupid kind of way.
Anonymous said…
you are an idiot beggar

you cannot dent truths and yer stupid elemantary response proves that too

yer a killer and supprt killers, plain & simple, like you
Anonymous said…
Im just using your own words you have said over the years. Whats the matter? Change yer mind? Do you LIVE for the day? haha

How does that AIDS virus work outside the body and live in food?? haha

WHat a drama queeen.
Anonymous said…
Suharto and Saddam together in darkness
Anonymous said…
Suharto, Saddam, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim, Mao, Bush, Stalin, Penochet, Churchill, Jackson, Napolean, Salidan and there will be more to come just as they always have.

You dear Layla, put too much hope and confidence in governments to provide and save you.

Go on hateing everybody, thats your choice. Its not mine and other people will not destroy me nor my life. I choose to make life what it is no matter what awaits me and i will not weep over my place in it.

take care
Anonymous said…
I suppose when one talks through ones pants,t'would be akin to a blindfolded blowfly with a bag over its head, being devoid of all sense and sensibility. Your fearless leaders,George and Old Mert must be now getting really embarrassed.

As to the issue of unions in Iraq. There were Unions in Iraq,and they came under he umbrella of the General Federation of Trade Unions. And yes, they came under control of the President Husseins' government.

In this present time of history. These Unions were no different to any other unions around the world. All unions are controlled by political parties. So if one is to refer to Iraq's unions being 'yellow' that is - being under the control of a political party, who is already in government, or who has the potential to take office of government in their country, then all other unions would have to be described as 'yellow' as well.

For instance in Australia - the unions are 'vivid' yellow. The Australian Labor Party government in Australia is made up of 50% Union representation. And many Union bureaucrats are bumped into parliament.

For instance at our last elections the President of the Aust. Council of Trade Unions Greg Combie, took his new seat in parliament along with quite a few other union bureaucrats. He now forms part of the new Aust.Labor Party ruling government.

In 1983, the Aust.Labor Party won office of the government of Australia. Bob Hawke, the 'working mans' hero', as former President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions and former ACTU Industrial Advocate, became Prime Minister of Australia.

Bob, the working mans hero,with full agreement from all his fellow Aust.Trade Union bureaucrats, except the Nursing Federation, cut workers wages. At the same time they agreed that working conditions which men and women had fought and died for in past history, should be forfeited in lieu of 'productivity'(producing more) And along with high unemployment they agreed to remove the unemployment benefits from 17 year old Aust. youth.

This was all carried out under Hawk's 'Accord' which represented the coming together of Corporations, Trade Unions, and Government in consensus decision making in relation to economic and social policy for all Australians. The Aust. community was left out of these 'consensus' decisions.

Hawke and his then treasurer Paul Keating in this consensus with the Unions and Corporations agreed that the Aust. economy be de-regulated by removing any government law that might prohibit foreign corporations from being free to carry out business in this country -including the right to exploit workers. Also they agreed to the Aust.dollar being floated on the world stockmarket.

The Trade Union Movement along with their ALP leader, Bob Hawke,was able to achieve what the John Howard Liberal (conservative) Party could never do, and that was - on behalf of the corporations remove Australian workers' rights. The ALP govt. could do it simply because they controlled and dictated to the Unions.

Australian Trade Unions amongst many other anti-worker policies, support continued logging of our diminishing old growth forests.(cheap wood-chip for Japan) Support Uranium mining. This was brought about again by Hawke and the Aust. Council of Trade Unions overriding the rest of the ALP members opposition to uranium mining.(good for the world environment and DU bombs) The same Trade Unionists have agreed to the American/Aust Free Trade Agreement which will throw hundreds of Australian workers out of jobs. And I could go on and on....

Surely we can see,Trade Unions are not an autonomous organisations who are politically independent, and not answerable to anyone but themselves. They too have become a necessary part of the governmental structures of illusionary democracy. Their existence helps make us believe that the existence of these unions mean we live under a democracy.

Sadly, Unionism is not what we remember or read about and romanticise about from the early days of our history. It would be great if it were.

According to one pair of 'talking pants's senseless reasoning One could say Australia like Iraq has 'yellow unions', therefore we should suffer the same fate as Iraq and our country should be demolished and our people slaughtered.

What he does not tell us is there is a crooked brand of lefty communists that Bush has used, called the Iraqi Communist Party and whose leaders sit in the Green Zone sipping cocktails with the Yanks. These are Iraq's new 'yellow unionists'.

And lets not forget America the land of the free:

My friend told me when he was visiting America he saw streets full of unemployed homeless people. And in Los Angeles he saw people lined up in front of a big self-service store with signs saying "Will work for $2 an hour".

Then there was the recent visit to Australia of unionised workers from America organised by the ACTU. I am still reeling from seeing on TV' a tiny lady in her 70's, a union member,who works as a cleaner in America in an office building 16 storeys high. She cleans from the 12th floor to the 16th floor. I think this speaks for itself as to unions in America.

Long Live Iraq!
Anonymous said…
I opened these comments half expecting to find religiously charged death threats...
The post was pretty full on and most certainly would have been offensive to a lot of people and groups.
I wonder what I would write if war engulfed my city... if say 5% of the population were killed, countless maimed... lets say that it happened because of politics, or mayby because we arrested all the foreiners in our country and sent them back home and one of those countries got pissed off. So, buildings explode, cars carrying families get riddled with bullits. If I then made a blog, what would I write... I reckon I would be in too much of a murderous rage to write anything at all...
Anonymous said…
Ms. Anwar,

I have read your postings for a few months. I have impressed by your insight into Iraqi society and horrified by the mayhem and torturous existence bestowed on you by the occupation. I find the situation of children and helpless women inexcusable.

What can we as individuals do in this situation? Is there any concrete way to help? There seem to be so many obstacles to doing anything positive for these distressed folks. We sure are making progress in Iraq according to the State of the Union address by P Bush!!

Hope there are rays of light in this terrifying darkness that envelops ordinary folks in Iraq.

Best Wishes
Layla Anwar said…

You have a strange pseudo lol
Thanks for your comments, as usual excellent, I will tell Karlmarxwas right blog to check them out...Am sure he/she will be very interested in the state of Tradeunions in Australia as well...I guess what you said also applies to the English trade unions and their strong political links to the labor part of BLIAR and to France and the socialist party. We all know who what these two parties stood for vis a vis the Iraqi occupation and the Question of Palestine.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for visiting and your comment.
What can one do? Good question. I don't know where you are located but there are a few organizations, mainly dealing with orphans that do need help. I can post the address if you want.
Anonymous said…

Persia ROCKS
Anonymous said…
response to digi
We have a saying in this part of the world - 'rigi digi'. Which means is that true? Well you are not truthful are you?

You purposely left out America when you said that western countries do not assassinate their leaders. Because we know America on a time to time basis does assassinate their leaders, and many other world leaders as well.

And now tell us, what makes you think that we are more interested in the lines on Layla's face,than the horrific genocide going on in Iraq,Palestinian and Afghanistan?

One notices that this 'genocide' is the issue you,and the other "talking pants" on this site sneakily avoid discussing.

I do not care what Layla looks like,nor do I care how many men she can attract. In truth, you do not care what Layla looks like either do you?

What you really care about is that some unknown Arab woman has the gall to let the world know the 'real truth.'

The 'real truth' is about the marriage of convenience,between the extreme right-wing fundamentalist from America/Israel,Iran/Syria, and a big chunk of the Marxist-communists,and a chunk of luke-warm lefties, who for the time being, all have one aim in common - to see the countries of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and their people destroyed.

This is why one will not read about Layla's 'real truth' from most of either the left centre or right high-profile political commentators on the web.

Excluding a handful with honest principles, most write about Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, because it is good for their egos,their pretentious political masks,and book sales.

Many of us have not been fooled. We know the truth. We know that America has installed Iran as the keepers of Iraq. We know that while Bush tells you he is thinking about bombing Iran. He helps solidify Iran's power in Iraq.

So, lets see if your are 'rigi digi', Digi. All things being equal Layla has told us who she supports. Now you tell us who you support.
Anonymous said…
Layla re pseudomyn
Blue Gum is a Eucalyptus tree endemic to Australia. It is a strong and beautiful tree. It can grow to 180 feet tall. It seems an appropriate pseudomyn as I try and stand as high as a bluegum in my beliefs.

Here's a couple of lines from an old Aust. song Called "Road to Gundagai"

There's a track winding back to my old fashioned shack along the road to Gundagai"

Where the bluegums are growing the Murray River's flowing.......

Enjoy your break.
Anonymous said…

Should check out a picture of this tree, am a tree lover...
Short break as in a short break, a couple of hours break.
Anonymous said…
Layla put my response to this mistakenly on other blog. Computers and I do not get along, anyway no doubt you will see it.
Anonymous said…
So who the fuck do you think you are fooling with your discourses? Not me for sure.


me neither layla
Anonymous said…
"Secondly I have many potential partners after me and I still can't make up my mind which makes mea chooser and makes you a little loser desperate for a lay..."

hahahahahahhhhahahahahhhhahahahhahahahahahhhhahahahahahhaahhahahhahhahahahahahahahah that was hilarious.
Anonymous said…

These ladies have so much class. Sorry but over 40 ia too over the hill for me.
Its not yer fault though. Time just happens.

Anyway..I like this dance. These ladies look like they come from a nice cultured family with manners and were raised properly. Having good parents is important too. Theres so much more to life than engaing in sexual relations. Love is much more for some.
Anonymous said…
I need to clarify too in that you Layla are probably stil attractive. I believe most women of Central Asia & the Mideast, including Sudan & Morroco are lovely.

Nobody should go thru life without expereincing a real true love. So many people just settle for convenience or seem to say they 'love' another or when times get bad, they dessert or shop for another. Sadly, that is a 'conditional love', where one says " I love you ", but it comes with conditions.
Anonymous said…
oh-tse- yo nuchee wah mah taka neec Layla.

I have seen that you walk with heavy feet. You look to sun and see visions thru smoke, Your heart is wet with tear, Your heart is walking with ghosts,

The Earth is going in one direction and your heart is travelling another. I will not judge you for my feet are not in your shoes.

My Blood.

We had a Life. But people came here and say to bring us a better way, They come her here with guns and power and destruction and say it good is. Why?

My People were happy. We did not have the technology of Europeans that come here. As a Nation, We respected mother earth first. They come here. WE lived free. All our People lived free and respected one another. We warred but in that, we had respect for Warriors but European White Man come and massacre.

They hit US with their technology. Why did they do that to Us? Why we could not live side by side Layla? Is aour skin different? iIs our way different? Are the homes we live in different? Are my children's eyes different? Are my women's clothe's different?

My People were different today as They are today. I am not lesser. My heaart still lives as your's does. We need same things todat as yesterday, I ask,,, embrace this.

My People have suffered and tere is No Doubt as that. You ARE suffering 'my' Layla. Yer Hear has ghosts. Yer Spirit is greatly disturbed. I want to reach and touch THIS and it will Not end until We do.

My heart is so heavy this night. I take soo much into this spirit & and mind of mind...that I wonder as I am alone...what awaits me.


Noosh 0 nah- tah- wah nah- kee- yahh ' "my lovely Layla'.

NEVER....set yer spirit.............Your Soul...up for randsom.

a fast note about empire dearest Arabia...

They came here.

"they" came her telling my Nation"...that their god thier god is supportig them, That We are savages and un-civilised People. That Is Nit True Layla. Are YOU un-civilized? Are you un-educated? Do Youo not know how how to handle yer OWN internal affairs??My Heart Sess the Same

MY PEOPLE lived here Layla. Yes....we fought amomgst out selves. That is true. We fought over 'hunting ground and territory"...but YA know What?????? We did it with Honor.

We not attack children & women and bomb innocent People.

"My Layla"....You have ghosts in your head...'habibty'. My heart is There

I say to You, lovely Layla..

Nish-ta-wah-nah-na-kee-yah, wah mah taknieesh.

Dearest Layla:
We fought them as hard we couold. They come here from thr East an started their wafare, for such stupid reasons.
The Spanish Empire began it, The French later and then the English, Its all fact.

WHEN...Is it "OK" for anothrt to 'invade' another? I knpw you have others fron Espnania, Australia, & Canada that post here.

It is not my intent not so suppose me, as an American Indian..that I knw best, BUT, did not the "Bits" invade Austrlia, India, and the French still occupy parts of thre World>
Anonymous said…
i feel that u r pretending like muslim women. a real cia agent
Anonymous said…
splendar is on some kind of heavy indian drug, writing bullbullshitshit...
Layla Anwar said…

first you need to address a simple question before guessing as to what I am like...
the question thus posited is very straightforward
Does someone like myself give a flying fuck what you think and secondly, would I even throw a glance in your direction.

now go and ponder these facts.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks- Are you a native american by any chance ?
Layla Anwar said…

kindly go back to sleep and sing CIA tunes in your paranoid head.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
"Excluding a handful with honest principles, most write about Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, because it is good for their egos,their pretentious political masks,and book sales."

A "rigi dig" characterization of LIEla.
You couldn't have described the ho any better.
Btw, rigi dig means "honest", "true", true blue, real not "is that true".

It's sad that someone who left Iraq BEFORE the 2003 invasion is using the suffering of Iraqis to further her "career". TFOU on LIEla and the cow that gave birth to her.
MixMax said…
One thing for sure: you made some heave up storm of comments, mainly because you didn't let anyone safe from your wipe-out-don't-care sort of attitude.

Well, done, well said, well written, despite my disagreement with some of what you said, but doesn't meant that I disagree with you.

Keep up the good work, I am proud of you because you speak up for what is there!

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