An encounter with an American ass...

Today, I felt a little better, so I had a night out.

There is this little pub/café, supposedly an “alternative” place, where supposedly “alternative” people gather...Thank God, there were none tonight, none of these politically correct "alternatives."

I am not sure, if I consider myself as “alternative” having seen what “alternative” is all about.

I mean, hell, I’ve seen so called Arab leftist's “alternatives” and the “anti-war alternative” and even “alternative” websites and despite all these “alternatives,” I have witnessed the continuous destruction of Iraqi and Palestinian lives.

So what “alternative” are people on about, exactly?

It is all nonsense, nonsense and lies...There is no Arab left, left.
As for the anti-war movement, it is one huge sham and there is no “will of the people” bullshit.

Definitely no “American will of the people” bullshit. America has no people, it has groups and individuals.
Individuals are not a people. The individualistic mentality does not make a people. It makes a mass of something but not a people for sure.
And this mass of something is exactly what I encountered this "alternative" setting... An "alternative" evening...

But, and this is a personal observation, I am starting to believe that I am seriously jinxed.

After all, I go out for a break, to be away from America and Americans only to end up with their asses in my face.

No exaggeration here, this is exactly what happened.

An American ass was in my face. I am only grateful that this huge butt did not fart too...That would have really been my end.

This is what happened, a transcript of the evening. Word for word.

The setting first.

This place is quite small. I mean really small. It consists of a few tables and one long bar/counter and a few stools.

Here I was sitting with my French friend Paul. Paul is a real character. He thinks he is the reincarnation of Louis Massignon, the Orientalist turned Marxist in this lifetime.

Paul has been living in this part of the world for donkeys years and he still can’t speak Arabic. Imagine some Arab living in Paris for that long and not speak French, he would be considered an outcast for sure. Not that an Arab in France is not already considered an outcast to start with...

Anyways, Paul’s Arabic consists of thank you, please, goodbye and the proverbial Salam Aleikom and a few swear words...

Next to Paul, was Randa, another friend who has just broken up with her boyfriend(a long story which I shall not repeat, since I heard it about a zillion times already) and Randa was moping and sulking all evening.

And here was Moi, me, and I must say, I was looking forward to the evening.

Paul can be quite entertaining with his heavy French accent and his Gauloises chain smoking, pretending to be a marxist version of Louis Massignon and punctuates every other word with “putain de merde.”

Randa was too busy checking her cell phone every 3 seconds, hoping her boyfriend had a change of heart or something...That left Paul and I babbling away about his Marxist Orientalism.

The barman, Ali, is Lebanese from South Lebanon. He arrived here some time ago, hoping to make a living. Ali’s friends, mostly Lebanese, frequent this place too. Ali is very generous with them, free drinks and all...when the "Patron" is not around.

So there was Paul, gloomy Randa, Hani (Ali’s friend), Hassan (Ali’s friend) and myself seated at the bar. The tables were empty.

After a while walked in a horde of Americans, about 7 of them. I’d say in their late 20’s.

My heart sank...

I could tell they were from the West coast.

You know, by now how I can detect the accent miles away...A squeak in my ears that lingers on and on...

The gals hugged Ali tightly. He then told me that was their way of trying to get free drinks...
The guys hated Ali, because Ali is a bit of hunk...And the guys could not compete with that. Plus he had gorgeous eyes...

And of course, where will these motherfuckers sit? Next to Layla, where else!

There were empty tables around, oh but no, they had to sit next to me.

Paul said “putain de merde, c’est quoi ce bordel d’Americains ?" and "putain de merde quel accent!” (rough translation - Holy shit, what are these yankees doing here and what a fucking accent.) See am not the only one who is allergic!

And they were LOUD, and I mean LOUD. And all I could hear was this screeching, shrill, nasal shit in my ears...

One of the gals, trying to seduce Ali into giving her a free beer, leaned across the wide counter and presented me with a full view of her ass...Right in my face.
I was silently praying that no further damage takes place...farts and all.

I stared hard at Ali, as if to tell him, do something NOW. So he did.

He politely asked her to sit properly on her stool, telling her that there are other customers next to her.

She paid no notice and continued doing what she does best, try to swindle a free drink from the barman...

Layla got really pissed by then. Pissed as hell.

I tapped her on her shoulder and said:

-Hey you, turn around.
-Yeah? she replied with a startled look.
-Do you realize how wide your backside is?
-Excuuuuuse me?
-What’s the matter, don’t you understand English ? I repeat. Do you realize how wide your butt is?
- What’d’ya mean?
-I mean do I have to have a full view of your ASS in my face? (Thinking to myself, these bastards are occupying my country, do they also have to occupy my vision?!)

She blushed a little and said Awww am sawwwry.
-So you should be, very sorry !

She finally sat down on that stool and she did not get her free drink either.
But she kept asking for more. More free - chips, olives, peanuts, carrots...with mendacity. Why are Americans so cheap?

So the guys left to play darts. And the 4 all American gals stayed at the bar...Impossible to carry my conversation with Louis Massignon.

But I overheard their conversation...and what a delight it was.

American ass - D’ya have a girl friend Aaaali?
Ali - Yes am engaged
American ass – Is she preeety, like us American women?
Ali - Much prettier
American ass – Why d’ya leave her behin’ (twirling her limp hair)
Ali - Who said I left her behind, we’re getting married soon
American ass – Why d’ya leave Lebanawn?
Ali - Coz Amrika won’t leave us

Touché Ali ! Nice one.

American ass – Teach me Ayrabic will ya?
Ali - Sure. Kiss em Amrika
American ass – Awww Wooowww, kiss us, how sweet! Lemme get it right. Kiss em America.
Ali – Yes that’s right. Kiss em Amrika

And am not exaggerating, Ali, Hani, Hassan, myself, Paul with his heavy French accent and even gloomy Randa joined the chorus. And we all went.

“Cheers, Kiss em Amrika”

American ass – Hey Guys, cm’on over here, they all wanna kiss us.

And we all went again, “Yeah that’s right, kiss em Amrika. Cheers again.”

It was a truly wonderful evening .

See how much us Ayrabs love you ?

You can learn these terms of endearment too. Just keep repeating it “Kiss em Amrika."

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan.


Anonymous said…
I will leave. My presence is not good for you.

Please take care, all of you.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
why@splendar ?
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Thank you for your brilliant
post.. I am laughing ! LOL haha

Bless you !!!
Lots of love always
ps need to catch up..
flue visited me, recovering now
Anonymous said…
americans just want to invade and occupy EVERYTHING.
Anonymous said…
I've known hundreds of women like American Ass and they seem like greasy little demons or those "hungry ghosts" or something. I was living in NYC when Nancy Spungen was knifed at the Chelsea by Rockets Redglare or somebody. I guess she got reincarnated into god-knows-how-many interstellar zygotes and now she's everywhere, just a-driftin' along sort of like tumbleweed, spreading our American Universal Love.
Anonymous said…
ms layla,

you be rockin, muchacha.

more humor please, them murKins wouldn't get the joke if it fell on their haids.

kisem murKKka

Anonymous said…
ungrateful arabs, at least thank us for teaching you how to live life, we taught you how to dress, how to talk, how to shave, how to bathe, how to be free, we taught you democracy, we taught you civilization. we are as the syrian whore said, "people of books, and not just a book" we taught you the mini skirt and the tie, the big mac and the fries. we taught you the beer and the wine, the blowjob and the 69, we taught you how to laugh and cry, we taught you the high five. you listen to our music and enjoy our wine, you die to look like us and put fake blue eyes, and perm your hair with an iron, and try to whiten your skin and try to fit in our blue jeans. you like our rock'n roll, you like our movies, you die to be like us, you imitate us in every which way possible, only doing so you look like fools, because you can never be us, because you are inferior to us. after all this you are not grateful????

ungrateful bastards and whores
Anonymous said…
bill bob is the living perfect specimen of hubristic mental castrato ameronazi and zionazi psycopaths...
Anonymous said…
layla knows bill bob all too well, the truth hurts doesn't it!

i challenge you to deny anything i said up there. show me where i'm wrong and i will listen. after all, we're all human, maybe i can see things differently

but for now i see you people as licking my red/white/blue shoes. i have no respect for you, you are immitators and consumers, you blindly follow us, you have no genius of your own, no nothing, and plz spare me the past Arab or Islamic history, japan had 2 bombs dropped on them and they are now on top of the world, look at the "stupid" indians! look at the "communist" chinese! what do you guys export? even your beloved CIA stooge, saddy boy, what did he export? what did he produce? he was your typical arab 3rd world consumer.
Anonymous said…
My 5-month-old baby niece here on a visit waves salam to the sharpest pen of the resisting world :-)
Our bon vieux Paul would define her as "mignonne comme un coeur" - actually she's the only fellow-national of mine I like besides Paola, Gabriele and a couple of others, and the only one of those who surround me in the real life.
I have already made her listen to some Iraqi oud, and she seemed to "appreciate" (i.e. started bubbling and smiling with her big eyes wide open) :-)
Am now planning to secretly teach her to say "Kiss em Amrika" as soon as she begins to speak, and little by little initiate her into the glorious cause of my beloved Iraq - always in total secrecy and the farhest possible away from her/our Arabophobic scum of a family's sight and ears. *sighs*

A big thumbs up to you, dearest soul sister, for shaming the fat-assed minx back into her place with my hardest heart's wishes that our heroic Resistance may soon achieve the same with her lard-brained uniformed scourges of fellow-Amerikkkans.

Anonymous said…
Here goes again the patient n° Absolute Zero "Bill Bob" with yet another of his acute paroxysmal episodes of JEALOUSY sublimated as Westernocentric megalomaniac delirium of omnipotence coupled with "imitation complex".

YoUnicorn said…
13/1/08 3:48 PM
I certainly agree with you !
a zionmbie, brainwashed.. LOL
an insane creature living in the darkness.

May God bless all those who are awake, Long live Iraq !
Anonymous said…
Tell your outrageously cool barman friend Ali that I am overdelighted to learn that there are still Lebanese brains that work the way God "wound" them up to and Lebanese hearts that beat to the Arab(ist) rhythm left around.

And tell him also that I wish him a long, happy and Amrika-free life by his charming bride-to-be's side... *wistful sigh*
Anonymous said…
"There is no Arab left, left"

Don't be too sure... ;-)
Anonymous said…
u go places at night ???

i thought u had a very serious muscular lethargy problem and spent all ur time in ur room working on the net and sleeping.

did u undergo intensive therapy of some sort ???
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
all I could think of as you described this obnoxious encounter with the ugly amerikkan was . "oh oh Chick fight"
your straight forward response to the little harlot amerikkan was perfect.
I must confess, I am the only person here who does not know where you are. Where did this occurr? If I am allowed to ask?
Anonymous said…
Of course you're allowed to ask - but not to get a reply...
Anonymous said…
Check out all that fat hairy ass Arab ass shakin on youtube. I just did and its hillarious. Whores & Bitches that hangout in bars be seen everywhere. They want the dick.
I dont think LAYla was too concerned about if the ass was American, that was just a little added extra flavor. LAYla was more concerned about how the guy that's employed in a bar may see LAYla. LYAla's ego was being threatened. LAYla feared she may be placed out of the spotlight temporarily
It could have been a sultry sexy Asian or a hot spicey Argentinan, Venezuelan or Brasilian...her response would have been the same.
Guess its a chick thang. And Westcoast? ha .. not even. Try dixieland.
Still having paranoid dillusions of the CIA chasing you and coming to get you LAYla? Still missing the affection yer daddy never gave ya?? hmmmmmmm???? Still longing for acceptance and wanting to "fit in"???
This war came at a perfect time in yer useless life didn't it LAYla?? ...with all the feelings of mundane drudgery, lost and abandoned childhood memories. Maybe you were even abused. When a child is abused they DO abuse others as an adult. But of course you KNOW that already.
STILL out looking for yer MR Goodbar? The dude employed at the peasantry bar station maybe??

You have your followers here and misery DOES love company. And you know what? You treat them like shit. You abuse them just the way you been abused all your pathetic little life. Most come here to your "BLUES" BLOG just waiting for a moment,,just one little moment where LAYla tosses them a bone. " Here! Take THAT you little creatures !" And sadly, many come on hands and knees with trembling hannds oh so eager to take the scraps, the crumbs you so egotistically toss them.
YOU, LAYla take advantage of them. ALL of them. You ABUSE them. You place yourself on yout little pedestal you created and dish out commandments. And if they do not agree in anyway to you, you punish them. What a sick, tortured, pathetic little mind you have LAYla.
You have a Mental Disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder. It was always there and the trauma of the war brought it out. the war IS doing that you know? Check it out. :-)
Youre how old?? In your 40's? And your STILL alone?? I would think by now you would have done some pretty intensive soul searching. I mean, with all the wonderful Iraqis and all, you should have by now FOUND SOMEbody. Even a bartender :-)
Poor LAyla still alone and abandoned. Saddam's era gave you your needs but he still could not give you the art of developing lasting relationships. But thank god for your blog. HERE is where you can really get involved with others in a long & lasting sort of way huh?
OHHHHHHHHH how the hate eats you up inside. You hate your father. You hate Amrikans, the Iranians, the Turks and parts of Palestine. In fact, you have so much hate inside, you need more places to disburse it all. Dont blow up deary.
Ever wonder after you finger your pussy, just WHY you are still alone?
You do not do your country any good. The word has been getting out on all your HATE you put out on this blog and it is DEFINITELY turning people off....AND I MEAN OFF.
So give yourself yourself your much-needed orgasm..go LAY with yourself. You are a walking paradox. You love yourself and hate yourself and you blame so many other people for your own problems and the decisions in your life that you have made.
What a pathetic little 'chaser' you are. The vebal harlett of Iraq.
You think you are so cultured but in fact you are an unemployed "peasant" living off of the charity of others.
Have a drink on me barfly LAYla. And think of your lost childhood and all those people that you relied on in your life and that you abused and treated like shit. Still wonder why youre alone after all these years? But hey..atleast you have your blog to keep you company.
Anonymous said…
seems totrue's got a big ass 2.
Anonymous said…
they'cant even spell ROFLMAO
Anonymous said…
Why is it you 3rd worlders speak English anyway? Were you forced to?
That kgah sound Arabs make sounds like youre getting ready to vomit something up. Is that the sound the females make right before they get ready to whack you off? It sounds like your getting ready to vomit something up.
Hey parasites. How about not using cars, or airplanes and your computers and the web. These are all American made so stop using them please. The fact is that you can not. You are Dependants. Get it? D E P E N D A N T S. :-)

Now go blow something up or pray to Mohammed the pedophile or wash the sand out of your cunts. Speaking of cunts, why is it that you people stink? You smell like sausages or what you had for breakfast that morning. And please, do remember to shave and wear deodarant and ofcourse douche.
Anonymous said…
"kiss em amrika", I'll drink to that! LOL
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
"Of course you are allowed to ask - but not to get a reply..."

How do you know that Layla won't reply to Ritalin ?

Are you her official spokesman or something ?

What a fools' cage...
Anonymous said…
totrue the joo

the predatory priesthood of Judaism and their grasp for world supremacy. The Russians have experienced the
"choosen people's" tyranny for many generations and they have finally driven this vile racist death cult from Russia. The Jewish population of Russia decreased from 1,200,000 in 1990 to 200,000 now. The Russian people under the popular leadership of Russia have regained control of the destiny. Now the Jewish psychopaths of the US/Israel threaten the world with thermonuclear war if we don't bow down in slavery. The final resolution of this millenia old
domination of mankind is entering the final phase. Mankind will no longer submit to the tyranny of Jewish psychpaths in the Federal Reserve Bank, academia, government, and media.
The world wide insurgency is spreading with the destiny of man at stake. The Zionist imperial force who have seized the US government by deception are being recognized. The Americans have a history of violence and will not tolerate slavery. The US military is openly discussing a purge of these aliens who have seized the regime of GWB. Gorbachev
Anonymous said…
why didn`t you bite her in the Ass,when you had a chance to get even .
I`m going to faint..
Anonymous said…
Totrue the nuthouse escapee,

In truth, Layla Anwar is a gentle creature full of beauty, tenderness and poetry.

You have no fucking idea what it means to have Death sitting on your heart.

Now do us and yourself a favor and fuck the insultious and blasphemous hell off this respectable blog.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I am a reptile and you are not. My reptilian brain is perfect and I eat your DU babies for snacks.

I would ahve loved to see the look on the doctor's faces when tose little goodies came bouncing out.
Anonymous said…
Re: Totrue

Definition of 'psychological projection':

a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions.
Anonymous said…
We are Nazis and you are chimps. ahve / have or you no entienda?

Hey? Got milk? hahahahahaahaa

OH, before I forget. I say a cool video on youtube where 2 Iraqis were hanging around on the street after dark. Little did they know that they know that they were being watched.

All of a sudden..BAM BAM actually too many BAMS to count but it tore those bodies up pretty damm good. Guess daddy won't be coming home tonite. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
Anonymous said…
totrue got a reptilian brain and the ass of an elephant
fuckin yankee retard who can't even spell.
Anonymous said…
Fuck your psyhchology. That profession is for losers. Like you, beggar.
Honorable George W. Bush should have dropped nuclear weapons on your scroungy asses and been done with it. You should feel luckt he has not. But then there is always the scum next door with sheets on their heads. Bunch of fucking apes.
Anonymous said…
totuuu, bwahahahahhahaha,
do u jerk off when u bush appears on tv, do u like cum hard?
Anonymous said…
Totu, cum lick my republican balls, search 4 them well, nd move the flab 2 the side nd show me urs.
Anonymous said…
Go speak Arab. You don't even know when you make an error in sentence structure fool.
Tell me what present continous progresive participles are and present perfect continous affirmative structures are egghead? ha Forget it. I have no time for you to get on the AMERICAN MADE internet with your AMERICAN INVENTED computer while you try to find out proper ENGLISH sentence structure.
LAYla cannot even form a grammatically correct sentence in many cases. hahah
Fucking mammals.
Anonymous said…
Fact is, you lost. It's a comedy seeing those kiddies with no legs and arms.

We have the technology to destroy every inch of your ugly country with your ugly people and their big noses.

Why do you use English peasants? Is your mouth only used for a cock-pocket?
Allah Indeed. Fly me away like a fucking star! Mohammed was a peasant that could not even read or write. hahahahaha

Anonymous said…
truth is am in love with LAYla.
Anonymous said…
LOVE is for losers. It is a sad state of clinginess. Reptiles are loners.

Hey! Yeah you monkey shit ass wipe. Yeah, you got it.

Ever wonder why the Abused LAYla does not give out any information in her eh-hem, profile? WOW, you are a fucking genius. I bet you went to school to learn all that. hahahaha
Anonymous said…
layla'fuckin hot man
Anonymous said…
Don't tell me you're still scratching and sniffing your ass to see what you had for breakfast.
LAYla is old. Her days of being prime choice grade A pussy material is over.

She may still give a mean head or a decent knob job. But it may take an 28cm piece of swinging sirloin to get her to feel the cock since she obviously has to ride the batteries.
Anonymous said…
I know Layla nd she's HOTTTTTTTTTT
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is a MAN with a HUGE ASS!
Anonymous said…
Good. Males need pussy once in a while.

How's tat white phosphorus thing going? It's kind of HOTTTTTTT too.

Sink The Pink.....duuuuuuude
Anonymous said…
It's a Nazi thing ta-ta clingy mammal.
Anonymous said…
Huge asses provide shade to keep the pussy cool during the summer.
Anonymous said…
Americans know that if skinny assed LAYla would have been so rude with an Mexican American, she may have had a knife at her thoat if it was the wrong Mexican American. " I WILL CUTCHOOO BITCH " An African American may have proceeded to dish out a whole bunch of whoop-ass. As LAYla was getting her skinny ass WHOOPED, the American would have been talking to LAYla the whole time.

Pathetic little monkey mammals
Anonymous said…
Dearest sister, for the sake of crying out thing is JR and others playing the fools in a somehow nice way, quite a different thing is the nightmare of repressed bestial instincts let loose on you and our beloved Iraq as above.

Please do something about it, either switch back the moderation on or delete the psycho comments as you see them.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Don't cry. Tears are so boring.

But by all means, insert fingers in ears and jump.

exasperated, what a professional name coming from the land of messofpotamia.

hahahahaha dee you baaaaaybee
Anonymous said…
See now why you apes can not be allowed to have nuclear weapons? You are hypocrites. So full of hate and wanting the land of virgins. Sex, sex, sex.
RhusLancia said…
Hey Layla, are you going back to Iraq now that the Accountability and Justice law was passed?
Anonymous said…
american women are 2 cheap. can buy with them with a drink, fuck them and dump them.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
" What I SEE in me, I HATE in thee "

This is the theme. It is ok to kill Amrkans but do not kill Iraqis. I can call out abuses on Amrkans but don't call Iraqis names. Iraq can invade countries but Amrka can not. Iraqi women can fuck out of wedlock but Amrkan woman can not.


And it is ok to be abused here but Amrkans can not do it. Wow, I guess that dictatorship mentality has really got a grip huh?

How do you like it?

Ever seen the youtube video of Saddam's tanks roliing in to town to gun down people? It's ok to gun down others but it's a crime when others do it to YOU?
Anonymous said…
After you fuck women you SHOULD dump them. Marriage is just a legal way of being clingy whores.
Layla Anwar said…
Well, well, well, let's see what we've got here shall we?


American retards, usual ignorant, vulgar, frustratred, dishonest, sick, psychopaths...
Nothing new, I shall pass.

But frankly, you must admit, America is the MOST BACKWARD "nation" on earth.

I thank God daily, I was not born one.

And by the way, your women suck...
They are loud, dress badly, have acrylic nails, too much make up, what's with the blue and green eye shadow shit? Are vulgar, loud, and are very very dumb...

I can understand why American men consume industrial quantities of VIAGRA. Mind you, they are as dumb too. Does not matter, what their origins are...once in America, you've got to become dumb. Comes with the nationality.
Layla Anwar said…


It was no chick fight. It is Americans being the vulgar, rude, cheap,class less, uncultured, arrogant lot that they usually are.

Fancy having a butt in your face and I mean real close range for 15 mn!

These wankers walk in and think they own the place. No one likes them and more importantly, no one respects them. Not today, not tomorrow...GARBAGE. This is what they are. GARBAGE.
Layla Anwar said…
Dearest Yolla,

Hope you're feeling better now.
You do remember "kiss em Amrika" don't you? LOL

Teach it and pass it around will you?

Lots of love
Layla Anwar said…

Who are Nancy and Chelsea whatever?
Not familiar with this side of the "culture."
Layla Anwar said…

Of course, I have nothing personal against big asses...
But I was trying to make a point, I suppose you got it.
Layla Anwar said…
ali's admirer,

I shall pass on your good wishes to him, if and when I do see him again. Thanks on his behalf.
Layla Anwar said…
proud Auntie,

Salam and MABROOK for your niece.
I trust you will make sure she grows up into a tough cookie who will not take any crap from Western or Arab men. Please do that. We've had enough. Don't you think?

Long live Iraq and Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…

I understand your concerns. But truly, moderating takes way too much of my time...And why delete the comments? Let them sink deeper !
Layla Anwar said…

That's the name of a shoe right?
Whatever you say, America has no business being in Iraq. Full stop.
So fuck you and fuck your theories.
Anonymous said…
hmmmmm lets see. I am fairly sure I see dead Iraqis. No theory there deary. Kiss your cousin for me ;-)

OH, before I go count my money and plan an absolutely wonderful vacation ( too bad you Arabs have to go thru visas and such ), how's that Iranian government going in Iraq. Ha, don't sink too much.
Anonymous said…
Is the See Eye Aye still chasing you Laaayla? The FBEye is around every corner. Was it just a little drama for the course to keep your students on the edge of their seats and think that Dear Layla is ' all that '?

Maybe a UFO with aliens will come down next Layla. Maybe they will whisk you away where you can theorize about silver rings and men with 4-day old beards.
Layla Anwar said…
Oh fuck off stupid yankees. You have become the laughing stock of the world.
I repeat, no one likes you and no one respects you.
You are junk and will end up in the dustbins of history as JUNK.
Anonymous said…
You ARE in the dustbin. Look around you. You are so stupid. Not many like you too. So we're even. Feel better kiddo? :-) What a child.
Layla Anwar said…
Yeah Karzai puppet,
I like Afghani dogs by the way, do they still breed them?
Anonymous said…
Don't believe everything you read.

Karzai does not represent all the people. You do not represent all of Iraq and all the people.

Breeding dogs in none of your business. Have a drink on me. Bottoms up.
Anonymous said…

Afghan dogs are nice..but they are also known to be quite dumb...
Go back to your opium den, you represent no one...loser.
Anonymous said…
Oh...and here is the proof you abuse even Afghanis.

Quite a record.

I wonder how may parents want their kids to grow up to be just like Layla?


Stupid monkey
Anonymous said…
what a thoroughly DISGUSTING the americans to bring everything down to their level
Anonymous said…
2true u disgusting perverted piece of shit.......fuck off
Anonymous said…
u 2 mr afghan
Anonymous said…
------------- END OF THREAD ------------
Anonymous said…
sorry forgot to mention.....good story

------------- END OF THREAD ------------
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your race while it lasts.
We have weapons for unemployed monkeys like you that will fry your skin and target your Arab Monkey gene codes.

Get you suntan lotion ready


dee youu baaaaaybees hahahahaha
Anonymous said…
Oh, it's the puppet prick of do-goodism, senor jr.

Wipe your ass with your tongue you spinelss one celled organism.

Got milk?? hahahahaha
RhusLancia said…
proud auntie: "and little by little initiate her into the glorious cause of my beloved Iraq - always in total secrecy and the farhest possible away from her/our Arabophobic scum of a family's sight and ears. *sighs*"

Nice child abuse, auntie indoctrinator! "Uncle" Saddam would be so proud. 'Cept he's still dead.
Anonymous said…
These backward 3rd worlders thrive on abuse. It's all they know. It's how they 'get along' in life.

To loet these maonkey faced big nosed mother fucckers have a neuclear weaopon is NOT want the world needs or wants.

I wonder if they hear the lambs scream.

Baaaaaaaaaa'th Baaaaaaaaaa'th

Anonymous said…
so boringly predictable...

No wonder, creativity is non existent in the U.S.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Getting better, shoukran !

My pleasure, teaching it and passing it around
You are quite talented !

Many zionpaths here today.. what a
bunch of hhmars!
In Mexico we say:
put on your ballet shoes and go tip toe to kiss me Amrika.. hahhaha
Hope the translation made sense

Lots of love
Anonymous said…
You are boring Layla. You are predictable. all the same enemies and all the same blah politico bullshit.

Is this all there is here?
Anonymous said…
Haven't you got any skills other than blaaaahging? Employment comes to mind for starters. I know you still live at home so it seems you can do something productive for mommy dearest.
Anonymous said…
Mexican Wetbacks. Spics if you will. Bunch of taco tossers that fuck donkeys.

Another 3rd world country like low-life scum sucking Iraq.

Bunch of big nose horse faces.

Como se dice?
Anonymous said…
Es un perro usted? Hmmmmm?
Anonymous said…
Ya lad-du'f.

Ughrub 'annii.
YoUnicorn said…
one ringy

Ponte tus zapatos de ballet y vete
de puntitas a kiss em Amrka
Anonymous said…
RhuslanCIA said:
"Uncle Saddam would be so proud"

Am sure his eternally resplendent glorious martyr's soul IS.

Allahu Akbar said:
"These backwards 3d worlders thrive on abuse."

Actually, I happen to be an Italian...AND a raging Iraq lover and Pan-Arabist.

Cheers !
Anonymous said…
Sorry Yolanda

Lo siento

I Do Not Dance with ANYBODY and especially to with a cling on like you.

But by all means, go get youself a new pair of shoes and live for the day. :-)
Anonymous said…
Did you run to Italy auntie?
Are you fucking out of wedlock and gourging yourself on pasta?

Go get the latest CD now.
YoUnicorn said…
the rules of a
this is the problem with those ignorant, who bearly speak English
and are arrogant, dark and zionmbies, find a translator LOL
You dance alone hahahahhaha
Who wants to dance with you?
hahaha you are so funny !!!!
Kiss em Amrka !
I love this one, Thank you Layla !
BTW your border wall is a way to keep you all isolated and stuck **greedy brain**
you will not be able to come out EVER... dont you dare either..
nobody wants you !
Anonymous said…
Kiss em Iraq

I love this one. Thank you Layla!
BTW your border wall is a way to keep youall isolated and stuck **greedy brain**
you will not be able to come out EVER...dont you dare either..
nobody wants you !


give me soemthing that's TRULY YOURS

hahaha you are sooooo funny

what a world cling on
please go kill yourself

Remember your first sexual experience and how you you didnt know if you should feel ashamed or persue it more for the pleasures it brought to you?


Read dumb ass.

Anonymous said…
Catholicism. OH Yes, the religion of drunkards. Plant me a savoir on the cross and I will show you people with no conscience.Eat his body and drink his blood for tomorrow is anew.

The god-man that Really turned the water to wine huh?? Wewzoo Zulu princess warrior? hmmmmm??

Do you think of your 'father' as you lay there with your legs spread?? Do you have flashbacks? Maybe you got rammed in the backseat of a car ant gave love a quik glancing look. But that quikly dissolved away didn't it? The fleshly pleasures were just Too Good huh?

Did you really FEL it?

ha Fucking hypocrite Dog
Anonymous said…
Now you all have a fine fine day and carry on.
YoUnicorn said…

projecting your addictions and sexual frustrations ?
educate yourself and do it yourself.. self gratification?
you can not do more LOL

Oh oh oh..
Thank you for your nice wishes
look at the mirror... kill?
do it yourself, that is what you are asking for ..... hahaha
Anonymous said…
Women are inferior. Man need woman. Such is It.

You are a bore.

Atleast give something that has not been passed down through the ages.

Death. You know nothing of death. Race to keep the heart going flutterby.

Anonymous said…
Asslickem kissem In your gods you do trust. Are you a god or are you a thief?

Consume, Consume you little peasants. Journey to the Center of the earth.

You will still be the same huddled little masses. You with your borders and you with your rules. Black, white, red, yellow, brown. Don't try to hide it, you Reptilian clown.

Anonymous said…
Did your god breathe life into you YoYoYolanda??? hmmmmmm??

Did existence begin OUT OF A PRIMORDIAL SOUP? hmmmmmmm?? An alphabet soup maybe? hmmmmmmm??

No lawyers please.

Give me a Perspective on yo soul.

tick tock
YoUnicorn said…

**MY** God? hahaha
arent you lost?

what do you understand about souls?
You are deaf and blind.
You are a waste of time !
lost child in limbo.. your own soul is trying to reach you.
tick tock.. IS ANYBODY THERE ?
stop doing drugs !


****THE END****
Anonymous said…
I knew you could not answer.

Destroy all of your money parasite.

You can't do that either.

But why cant't you? You surely can go and destroy all your money. Burn it all and throw it in a lake.

Ask yourself why you need it.
You OWN nothing.
Anonymous said…
I never said I understand souls fool.

With your head held high, you walk off the path. hahahaha
Anonymous said…
I alone can not move a single mountain Yolanda.
Anonymous said…
The piece of real estate that somehow named itself the Unites States of America is THE main reason for Destructions taking place.

Do most American people place money above all else? I believe they do. They may be against the invasion into Iraq, but at the same time they develop ways to reach into the pockets of their fellow citizens. They invest in ways to make more and more and I suppose it is all designed to make life easier for them or to have money available to them when they are old. They don't care too much at all really how thier investments gro w or what types of people around the planet are being displaced or made to live in ungodly conditions. But somehow they white wash it all away in their minds. Maybe being some sort of antiwar movement helps to drown this all out. Only they know,maybe.

Yes, there are planty of fat Americans. There are plenty of lazy Americans. Chemicals can be found in the food, in the worlds air really, in all of the worlds waters and yes in America. America has had homeless people living in the streets for decades and they are there with their own story to tell, Im sure. Amrican step over them on the sidewalks or some may toss them a few bucks.

The United States Food and Drug Administration is a government institution that is supposed to test drugs and chemicals to ensure they are safe for people. The FDA has sold out to huge corporations and special interest groups. Again, it's main basis is for financial purposes. Most Americans really have no idea what is in their food or what it can do. Fluoride. Fluoride for example is sold to us to help fight tooth decay. The fact is is that it is a killer. Just like so many things.

We have no democracy here. Dont let anybody say otherwise. All these people in America that are currntly trying to become the next US president, they all come from the same mold. They all want to promote American dominance in some way, shape or form. Whether it be military dominance, economic dominance or some other form of control.

Inorder to get into that position of running for the office of president, one must have allot of money. Its not designed for the average person. The people wanting to be the president that come from the same type of persona, have haevy corporate ties. The drug companies are very powerful and so are the companies involved in the military / industrial complex. The international bankers are very very powerful. Speaking of power, the CIA is the main force behind the illegal drug trade.

I'm not telling you to read on such things as MK ULTRA, Project Paperclip or Operation Artichoke, but they really did happen and they are not dead.

Just as in Iraq, where they are apparently putting into use scanners that thru bio-metrics they can read a person's iris, they are doing it here also. They are putting into play a huge database on Iraqis in Iraq. It is in the works here also. Next year we will have national ID cards and checkpoints will be coming here very soon. They wil tarck our medical history, our financial records and nearly everything imaginable. Just as these elite fools go arond the world and pick up anybody they please to pick up and not let them have access to attorneys or even their families, it is happening here.

Hold on please. I am not getting out the violins for Americans. Nothing yet can compare to the hell in Iraq
Anonymous said…
When I say we have no democracy. it is very true. There is no democracy in Iraq.

The NASA program that sends rockets in space and sends shuttles into space today, it is founded from the scientific knowledge that came out of Nazi Germany. Many of the techniques that the CIA has used and uses, originated from the expertise of the Nazis. Exactly what other scientific studies they are working on, we dont know exactly. They work in secret behind the eyes of the public. I do know though that they are designed to efficiently kill or place their subjects under their control.

They have used some of them in Iraq. Ways of killing that Iraqi doctors cannot explain how the deaths occurred.
They are building prisons here in America. Because of the dictatorial laws that George Bush and the US government has pushed thru, the military can now legally be used on the American public.

They have passed such generalized laws that most anybody here can be labeled an enemy combatant here. According to these laws, me writing this, I am legally ( according to them ) an enemy combatant. I am actively speaking out against my government. They need no search warrant to bust open my door and come in, do a search and take me to prison. Just as easy as that.

Yes, there are lazy Americans, stupid Americans, fat ones, scared ones, whorish ones, drunk ones, dont give a shit ones and all kinds.

These past wars America was involved in are not honorable,

I dont like any military. No matter where they are in the world or who has them, I dont care for them. This includes the US military. But, the CIA working with drug companies has given many military people drugs. Its a way of doing testing. They have used chemicals on cities in America without the public knowing it. I don't know how many times I have heard people say that Saddam gassed his own people. Well. Theres some things to be said about that too I guess.

Two things I want to say personally.

During that ill-willed operation thats called Gulf War One, I went out ice fishing with my fiancee and her brother. We fished most of the day that day. On our way home, we were going down a country road. Her brother was driving the truck, she was in the middle and I was on the passenger side.

The talk turned to the Gulf War that was in progress. He didn't have any nice things to say about Iraq and Saddam. The more he talked, the angrier I became. Next thing, fists were flying and it was eventually broke up by his sister that sat between us.

Just a few weeks later I was at house of some people I used to go to school with. In the house was 2 marines and one army officer. The 2 marines also had a civilian brother there too. Well, once again the talk turned to Iraq and Saddam. Tempers flared for a while and then everything seemed to be ok. A while later as I went out the door and was walking to my car, they jumped me. I didn't do too bad at first but there were 4 of them. I ate some boots that night.

I think Iraq is just the beginning of something else that is developing in the Mideast.

Layla has a good heart.

I wish I had a way to move a mountain.
Anonymous said…
----------- END OF THREAD U STUPID BASTARDS -------------
RhusLancia said…
civilizations, were you defending Saddam's "right" to invade his neighbors, or what? You must be full of a lot of crap for people to want to kick it out of you on two occasions. Not very "civilized".
Anonymous said…
layla and friends, Ive read a few of your posts and have to agree with you whole heartedly. The problem is, we Americans have been the victims of mass brainwashing and dumbing down for the better part of 28 years. Google Charlotte Iserbyt and her book "The Dumbing Down of America". Also we have been attacked with silent weapons meant to sedate us and weaken our immune system. Go to the site

I can't vouch for all Americans, as there are millions that are beyond hope, but we have become so covertly fascist, that most dont believe that the media lies to us every day. I can't tell you how many news stories/movies/books, etc. that have been banned from the US. Anything critical of Israel is immediately erased. IT is horrible. For an example, go to sites like
Anonymous said…
I was not defending anything of Saddam's.

Will 'America' ever stop from sticking it's 'interests' into the affairs of everyone around the planet?
YoUnicorn said…
... darkness is afraid of the light!
Anonymous said…
..and Rhus, I did not say I 'got the crap beat out of me''.

I said on one occassion the fists began to fly and when there were 4 on little old me, that was a bit different.

Maybe that's how militaries work, I don't know.
Anonymous said…
I've got a feeling that karma came to this world from a uterus of a mentally disturbed baboon...
Anonymous said…
guys grow up
Layla Anwar said…

I did warn you that your comments will be deleted.
Go take your American insecurities elsewhere. You people are junk and you have polluted my blog enough so far.
You are not welcome here.
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha, karma the baboon is still loose...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said… is in no way responsible for the views expressed or implied in forums
Anonymous said…
It's true that to call Karma a pathetic baboon is definitely an insult to those lovely animals, but until I get caught by some animal rights activist I don't see any reason to change the appellation...
Anonymous said…

karma the JEW NAZI psycopath & co doing zio/ameronazi hasbara work!!!
It's cheap, common folks, who'll buy it?!


All's clear now, brainless baboon & co!!!

Anonymous said…
Dont pay attention to anon. He's a kid and surely will not have a profession to make his family proud or support a wife and kids. He's really insignificant here. He doesn't lend to many provocative intelligent discussions but incessantly rambles about murder and revenge. I don't believe he is educated beyond high school.

Did you see any of the debates lately regarding the presidential race and their takes on Iraq?
Anonymous said…

uno, due, tre... tutti uguali JEW NAZI animali!

zio/ameronazi hasbara propaganda!!!It's cheap, folks, who'll buy it?!

Anonymous said…
Good night Anon.
Anonymous said…
hurry up!
Your father is waiting for your usual deepthroat blowjob!

Anonymous said…
Layla that was very funny! I am sitting here typing this and laughing.

What we do here to most of the big-mouth American tourists is when they ask us how to get to different places we send them on a nice long trip the other way.

You know,when Bush was out here he did not seem to know whether he was in Australia or Austria. Because he kept saying Austria. Now he certainly must have been behind the door when brains were given out. Maybe thats how it is in America.

Then, it is no wonder many of the boys on here talk through their pants. With them it seems to be a case of up there for dancing and down there for thinking.

Loved this story! And the pants responses really symbolise the decadence of a declining empire.
Anonymous said…
Not all Americans are the ignorant, fat assed slew talking creatures you claim us to be.

There are Americans like me who try to make other Americans aware of the harm our GOVERNMENT and ARMIES are doing and not the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Many Americans are misled by the media and are not glued to their computers like we are everyday.

Your countries present is my countries future and I am trying to prevent that by educating everyone I come in contact with. I have lost jobs, friends and even family members for the message I try to spread.

I know you have loss. You do not have a choice and for that I sympathize. However, I am losing much and today, as of today, I do have a choice and I choose to fight against the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT as an AMERICAN CITIZEN!

Insulting me and the other Americans that are on your side by grouping us together as the same entity is no better then your enemy.

Recognize your friends in America. Not all of us are on our GOVERNMENTS side.

My blog that I show every American I come across:

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