Bad Pawns

So, America has finally woken up to the Armenian Genocide in a perfect timing that just haphazardly coincides with:

a) matter of fact talks in D.C about the partition plan of Iraq.

b) with incursions by Turkey into Northern Iraq to fight off another brand of potential Kurdish warlords the PKK backed by our own warlords Talabani and Barazani.
This latter fled to Najaf, hiding behind the skirts of Ammar al Hakeem of the SIIC or maybe behind Muqtada al Sadr's – Go figure.

And Turkey,the other day, said through its military spokesman “ties with the U.S might be irreversibly damaged.” A combo of the bill on the Armenian Genocide and this headache of the PKK.

Now you really don’t want to mess with the Turks...A humble piece of advice from me.

And, last but not least

c) a full backing by Ammar Al Hakeem, head of SIIC, member of the puppet government in Baghdad, in support of the partition plan. His sick father, Abdel Aziz al Hakeem, urged his son not to forget the “regions.” Since daddy's plea, Ammar has visited the Anbar provinces and met with Abu Risha, a Sunni joker just like the other Sunni joker/puppet Tariq al Hashemi who seems to equally flirt with the Biden idea.

(see my post "True Colors" and for those with a strong stomach, check also “New map of Iraq”)

Interesting developments, don’t you think?

Is someone trying to isolate Turkey by any chance ? Is someone wanting to inflame the Turkish Kurds as this Turkish PKK militant said to a journalist.

Murat Karayilan, head of the armed wing of the PKK, told the Associated Press on Saturday that Turkey could expect to meet tough resistance if its forces crossed the border. Iraq's Kurds will not support the Turkish army," he said. If Turkey starts its attack, we will swing the Turkish public opinion by political, civil and military struggle."

Is someone preparing another “Turkish repression against the Kurds” litany of woes ?

Is someone trying to deepen the fabricated Sunni–Shia divide by nastily teasing Turkey ?

Or maybe someone is simply not happy with an Islamic Turkish party being the dominant player and wants to eradicate this whole idea of Islamic parties even if they happen to be part of a secular system ?

Or maybe it is a preparation for an “independent Kurdistan” that will include parts of Turkey or at least force it into accepting one in Northern Iraq?

I say a bit of all the above, with the predominant feature being that of Kurdish independence and by correlation the partition of Iraq...
Yes that is no.1 on the Agenda. It has been decided so in D.C. by the Zionist-Jewish Lobby.

I have already covered Kurdish historical relations with Israel and Iran.
(see one my earlier post-“Our Brothers the Kurds”)

Since the Americans and their lapdogs, the Brits, designated no-fly zones in 1991, the ties between the Kurds,Israel and Iran, have deepened and they have become soul mates, so to speak.

A few reminders and examples (and I have a nice pack) of the Kurdish - Israeli -American - Iranian love affair.

1) Friday Dec.6, 1996. Kurds aided by Mossad says writer from the Jerusalem Post. “Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad operated for 10 years in Iraq. The book “Broken Hope” by Shlomo Nakdimon, published by the daily newspaper, Yediot Aharanot, said the book was based on interviews with 70 people most of whom were Mossad agents and Israeli soldiers. Some described how the Mossad organized the Kurds into units that attacked Iraqi troops in the North, killing 10’000 Iraqi soldiers."

2) On 15.3.2002. The Turkish daily Hurriet said: "...quoting a report prepared recently by the Turkish intelligence units that the Kurdistani Democratic party led by Masoud al-Barazani and the Kurdistani National Federation led by Jalal Talibani are establishing close relations with Syria and Iran."
The report said that al-Barazani started to develop his relations with both Syria and Iran in order to minimize the Turkish influence, noting that in light of this fact, al-Barazani is making intensive efforts to open new border gates like the two gates "Haj Omran" and "Fais Khabour," with the aim of making a link up to other countries, instead of the border Khabour gate between Turkey and the Northern Iraq area.

The report unveiled that the al-Barazani administration intensified its work to found an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq area and that in collaboration with the Kurdistani National Federation, held secret talks recently in Germany in order to prevent any obstruction act by the Turkish side, before the founding of this state, which is expected to be declared following a possible American strike in Iraq.

The report remarked that the two administration of al-Talibani and al-Barazani expect the return back of the Turkish security forces in North Iraq to Turkey very shortly, and therefore they are planning for the imposition of an UN forces at the site, to replace these forces, noting that al-Barazani has prepared also the Iraqi federal state constitution in order to convert it into an independent state in the future, stressing that the Kurdish language is the official Language for Kurdistan area.”

3) On 19.3.2003 the BBC Arabic news service quotes Talabani saying in Teheran:
”We are in dire need of Iran’s help in establishing security and stability in Iraq" (Teheran nov.27)

4)On Monday June 21, 2004, a Guardian article bearing the title of “ Israelis using Kurds to build power base” says: “Israel has always supported the Kurds in a Machiavellian way - a balance against Saddam," one former Israeli intelligence officer told the New Yorker."

5) On August 3rd 2005, the Washington Post reports that the CIA created a para military group called the “Scorpions” (The CIA would not discuss it), made of exiled Iraqis, trained them in counter insurgency tactics. Those who helped recruit them were Kurds and they infiltrated Iraq in 2002.

“Authorized by a presidential finding signed by President Bush in February or March 2002, the Scorpions were part of a policy of "regime change" in Iraq. The covert members, many of whom were exiles recruited by the Kurds, were trained in target identification, explosives and small arms at two secret bases in Jordan, according to one US government official.
They were sent surreptitiously into Iraq before the war and were in cities such as Baghdad, Fallujah and Qaim to give the impression that a rebellion was underway and to conduct light sabotage, according to the two defense sources and the three former and current intelligence officials. "They painted X's [for targeting] on buildings and things like that," said one former intelligence officer….After the initial combat phase of the war, the CIA used the paramilitary units as translators and to fetch supplies and retrieve informants in an increasingly dangerous Iraq where CIA officers largely stayed within the protected Green Zone, according to the officials….When they entered Iraq after the invasion, because they wore civilian clothes and traveled in civilian vehicles…”

On 9.12.2005, website quotes from Kasrat Rasoul, a former prime minister of Kurdistan and a senior figure in Talabani's PUK party. "If an Islamic party becomes the government in Iraq or if there is a civil war between the Sunnis and Shi'ites, then we will separate” and the article continues “But at heart secession remains a dream, and for the meantime the Kurds, long-time allies of Washington, are sticking to the line that Iraq is united -- unless civil war forces it to collapse, or future stability makes a secession vote possible” and the article continues: “Were they ever to do so, they also have a well-disciplined, 250,000-strong militia force, known as the peshmerga, to defend their territory -- a corner of northeastern Iraq where business is booming…”

On the 20th of September 2006, the BBC reports that Israelis are training Kurdish forces and I quote : “The BBC has obtained evidence that Israelis have been giving military training to Kurds in northern Iraq. A report on the BBC TV program Newsnight showed Israeli experts in northern Iraq, drilling Kurdish militias in shooting techniques..."

Patience, am not finished yet...

And Iran, your darling Iran, where the SIIC party of Al Hakeem, The Dawa’a guys like Maliki, Al Jaafari, Jawad Solaghr, and Muqtada Al Sadr...amongst others have been hiding for years preparing alongside the Kurds - the partition of Iraq. And I quote:

“2002 In June, the SCIRI (now SIIC) met with US State Department officials in Washington to discuss cooperation in a potential war against the Iraqi regime. The US offered military funding to the group. In December, the SCIRI(SIIC) met with other Iraqi opposition groups in London to discuss options for a post-Saddam Iraq.
"The sources said the US had started a ‘flurry of contacts with various forces among the Iraqi opposition... Intensive contacts are being held with both the Kurdish and Shi'ite opposition in order to establish springboards for potential operations..."
[The Australian, July 1, 2002].

Am still not done...

I have also mentioned the evil necessity of ethnic and sectarian cleansing to prepare the demographic grounds for Partition. (see my post "Persian for Dummies" - entre autres)

At the risk of repeating myself for the 100th time, I reiterate. The South and parts of the Center of Iraq have been totally cleansed from Sunnis. Sabeans, and Christians by the sectarian Militias from Iran and Jaysh al Mahdi is one of the militias involved.

The North, and again I repeat, has been ethnically cleansed from Arabs, Christians, Yazidis, Sabeans, and preparation for the Kurdish Independent State that a lot of you applauded and that a lot of you helped contribute to its establishment by fabricating grotesque lies about Kurdish "oppression"...not to mention Shia "repression". I will never forgive you for this one.

Bref, let me continue...

Sulaimaniyah, Erbil, Dohuk (both of which were majority Assyrian by the way), Mosul (which was majority Arab Sunnis and Chaldeans) and Kirkuk which was majority Turkmen, then Arab and a minority of Kurds have now become and are becoming, in the case of Mosul, full Kurdish regions.

Take Kirkuk, for example.

Massive ethnic cleansing and displacement is taking place before the Referendum on Kirkuk is due towards the end of this year.

Now read on...

“Since 10th April 2003 – the day after the fall of Baghdad – a real Kurdish invasion took place in Kerkuk: Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani, respectively leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) organized militarily a massive immigration of Kurds to the territories they wanted to conquer. The newly arrived Kurds registered on the election lists and are waiting for the referendum which is to take place before next December 31st. The aim of the operation: to give a democratic varnish to the annexation of Kerkuk and its surrounding region by the Kurds and hand over to the Americans the petrol fields of Baba Gurgur, situated near Kerkuk.

The International Crisis Group (ISG) has received the testimony of a - Turkmen - member of the Governorate which summarizes the situation: “In 2003, Kerkuk had 800.000 inhabitants. Today it has 1.150.000 inhabitants. Where do these 300.000 additional inhabitants come from? They correspond to at least 50.000 families. One knows that 10.000 families were expelled; where do these 40.000 additional families come from?” Since then the population has reached 1.500.000 inhabitants, mainly Kurds who are in favour of the annexation.

The practical application of the operation is not simple because article 140 of the new Iraqi “constitution” states that the referendum must be preceded by the “normalisation” of the situation in the region, and by a “census”. The “normalisation” is under way. It means the return of the displaced Kurds, Turkmens and Assyrians and – in parallel – the departure of the Arabs who replaced them. Pressures are being put on the Kurds who refuse to return because they have remade their life somewhere else or fear that the annexation will turn into a blood bath. In order to make them change their minds, the “Kurdish Regional Government” no longer delivers administrative documents to them and deprive them of social aid.
The methods utilized against the non-Kurds are more radical. If they refuse the 15.000 dollars compensation, they risk being assassinated or disappearing in the prisons of the autonomous Region. The attack of 7th July 2007 in Amirli – 150 dead, 250 wounded – reminds us of the savagery of the Irgoun in Palestine . On the spot, the Kurdish secret services are accused and the answer was not slow in coming: on 16th July a vehicle exploded in Kerkuk in front of the UPK headquarters, making many victims.

The newly arrived Kurds (in Kerkuk) do not all live there. Many remain in Suleymaniya or in Erbil , because of the lack of housing or for security reasons. They only go to Kerkuk during the week-ends to justify their “relocation”. To become an elector in Kerkuk, it is sufficient to dig foundations of a house or to reserve an apartment in a building that has yet to be constructed … The “census”, however, is not easy to organize. It must carry out the ethnic and religious tally of the inhabitants of the Kerkuk region, and that of the “contested territories”, that is to say those which are claimed by the Kurds. The problem is that these ‘contested territories’ stretch from Mount Sinjar at the Syrian border, to the Iranian border… and to about 20 kilometres South of Baghdad. For the Arabs, Turkmens, Yezidis, Shabaks and Assyrians who have been living in these regions for a considerable period of time and who are all hostile to the partition of Iraq , it is a declaration of war.

(for more on Turkmen, see European Turkmen Friendship Association blog)

All the above is some background literature for you.

Now listen to what an Arab Iraqi relative who arrived from Erbil told me.
I still can’t believe I have to qualify for you, each time, the ethnicity and/or the sect.

“I needed to process some official documents. I could not find the building. All the signposts were in Kurdish. I stopped a Kurdish man and asked him to translate for me. I was lost. We started talking and he asked me if I was an Arab. Well obviously I replied. I need translations.
So the Kurd said to me. “You Arabs are idiots. You will never learn. Why do you consider Israel an enemy? Israel has done nothing to you...Embrace them as friends and see what a wonderful people they are...”

I am glad that two days ago, an IRIN article appeared confirming the total de-Arabization of the North , in particular Kirkuk.

Not only that, but Patrick Cockburn in some rare moment of lucidity, wrote a good piece on the squalid conditions and vile kurdish treatment of Arab Iraqi refugees in Sulaymaniah. (search the Independent newspaper)

And do not forget what I have mentioned in several previous posts namely, that Arab Iraqis needs visas to Kurdistan plus two Kurdish sponsors. And that the Iraqi flag is FORBIDDEN in “ Kurdistan.” Only Kurdish flags are allowed and only the Kurdish militias - peshmergas. This latter is now considered the official "Army of Kurdistan"

And I need to remind our “Kurdish brothers”:

- They were the only group in the M.E region who were given autonomy in the 70's.
- That the previous Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein built the Sulaimaniyah University for them, teaching in Kurdish only.
- That the Kurdish language was forced down our throats in secondary schools in Baghdad.
- That I personally met several Kurds from Iraq, who did not speak ONE word of Arabic and am talking the 80’s here. We had to converse in English....

So when some deceitful son of a bitch comes and talks to me about forced Arabization of the Kurds, all I want to do is smack him right in the face.

I have much more to say but this is proving to be a long post and I am tired.

But then, the list of lies concocted by the Kurds, the Americans, the anti-war movement, the left including the Arab left and the so called Human rights agencies was much longer and way more dangerous...
They led to Today. A country in pieces. A country that is raped, plundered, destroyed, and about to be partitioned...

My rage is truly infinite.

My father (bless his soul) and my mother kept reminding me. They said:
”Layla, Iraq is the Backbone of the Arab World.”
To be honest, I did not quite understand the full implications of such a statement, then. Today, I do.

Iraq was not only the Cradle of Civilization, it was indeed the Pillar, the Column, The Spinal Vertebrae, the Backbone of the Arab world. Now that it has crumbled, now that it has broken up, the rest will follow...

One by one...the other countries will come tumbling by one, a ripple effect from the rest of the World.

And if God decides to grant me long life, I shall sit, laid back, arms folded and observe...with the same “polite indifference” (to use one of Jabotinsky’s expressions) that I witnessed on your faces when my country came tumbling down...

I shall observe, quietly, with no fuss, the snakes, the invertebrates, the worms, the termites, the spineless crawlers, of geopolitics, crawl on that same Chess board only to be eventually crushed... like by one.

And I shall observe that Chess board, covered in blood and wonder amused, what will you have to say now ? Now, that the game is over.

Checkmate to You !

Nota Bene: A special thanks to A.S and "Woman who loves Iraq" for the added information on the Kurds.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Fahmi.(date.n/a)


Anonymous said…
no one cares the genocide on iraq except the ones we really care the world.
so, im back
the argentinian fan of your blog
so, im sure many people read this
even on my fotolog i have your link
i wonder how many people care about this, im sure many want to change this mess but we cant because the powers is still on the wrong hands...but at least we know that we dont want more mess, we dont want war, we want a better world for the god's sake¡¡¡¡¡

if u wanna know, my country is on a little crisis(something that reminds me to 2001)so if u wanna read about argentina today u'll see that we have no clue about the future, because our president like to talk with USA and be part of that, i have hope anyways.
i really hope u have enough hope to stay alive 'cause looks like even here we have no idea about the future, in your country is really worst because the invasion and all the mess that usa has left with the war, at least here is only that we have a new time to chosse, keep going on, carry on.
the best wishes from argentina
Anonymous said…
So the Kurd said to me. “You Arabs are idiots. You will never learn. Why do you consider Israel an enemy? Israel has done nothing to you...Embrace them as friends and see what a wonderful people ...

Why not? It can't be worse than the present mess in Iraq. Watch this video:
Anonymous said…
good solid post....and the picture fits nicely with the article....nice won
Anonymous said…
I shall observe, quietly, with no fuss, the snakes, the invertebrates, the worms, the termites, the spineless crawlers, of geopolitics, crawl on that same Chess board only to be eventually crushed... like by one.


i think ill probably join u....cud do with a laugh
Anonymous said…
The day my beloved Iraq is officially partitioned shall be my last day in this senseless world.

Take care of yourself, sister...
Anonymous said…
"Why not ? It can't be worse than the current mess in Iraq."

Iraqi Jew, there is something which the majority of our human race has already either lost or sold out, yet some TRULY "chosen beings" have managed to preserve, and is called HONOR ...
Anonymous said…

I am an arab. I appreciate your analysis and "revue" of these developments of what is at best "ethnic engineering" of a "new iraq" or "former iraq".

I had long suspected a collusion between ayatollite iran and israel since the 80s (contra days), and the slow response of the hizbollah to sharon in the 80s (2 years), and their enmity to PLO (altho i think PLO had its shares of assholes too) up to the iraq crimes from 2003 on.

You are the ONLY person who I've seen draw the same conclusions and actually expound the proposition at length in your writings.

I had read about israeli activity among kurds in 2003 - with great disgust.
The kurds? Wasn't Salah eddine the uniter a kurd? For shame I thought.

Today in your post, I ran into the first stab at the notion of forced arabization of kurdish areas. I had believed it as a likely truth considering the heavy handedness customary with less-than-subtle arab rulers. But now I am inclined to believe you on it.

Thanks again.

PS. I agree with the advice about iraq being key to arab collective identity. Its fall in the 13th century ushered in a succession of disjointed states in Egypt-Sham and Turkey and Persia, ie the dissolution of a united caliphate, all the way to the ascendency of the ottomans in the 15th century.

It is not for nothing that they targeted iraq with 27 years of open hostililities now.

I just can't stop writing so read this, you don't have to publish it.

I feel very bad for the iraqis. After 23 of war crisis and crippling sanctions I really hate that their ouverture to the world today occurs at the hands of the snobby conceited self-important self-worshipping (in fact) murderous americans.

With space-age sunglasses, space-age 4x4 cars blaring space age honks, toting space-age guns.

This is not the return to the fold that I had wished for the iraqi people.

And under what conditions? the humiliations of a most vicious and hateful occupation by a most inhuman and a most ignorant race, puppeteered like fucking neanderthal idiots by conniving zionists.

I hate this.

Baghdad whose streets were lined with tar since the 8th or 9th century CE (AD) , is deprived of its oil? is deprived of electricity?

Dont hate us arabs, ms. Layla. Don't hate us. The entire world marched against this war. Because they knew what your people endured, because they knew the lies, and because they knew the particular cowardice and viciousness of american actions since Vietnam where millions were killed and land was irreparably to this day damaged.

Why was that not a genocide? I guess it was a combination of int'l complacency and the question of intent. The americans can't really be said to have been after ethnically cleansing the vietnamese.

But in the case of iraq, I read genocide all over the map. Genocide by dislocation by decimation by ethnic cleansing.

don't hate us arab citizens. you should know we are powerless, and loaded down with our own share of subtler forms of social engineering , social and spiritual subversion.
Layla Anwar said…
iraqi jew,

Have you ever heard of spineless worms, termites? Do you know how they infest an edifice and eat it up ?
How can anyone possibly embrace a spineless termite?
Layla Anwar said…
To Arab anonymous above,

Thank you for your comment, it is well thought out and to the point.
I need to add though, that " marching against the war" is not sufficient. There WAS NO COLLECTIVE POLITICAL WILL TO STOP THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ AND ITS SUBSEQUENT TOTAL AND UTTER DESTRUCTION.

I have covered on numerous occasions the FAILURE, COMPLACENCY AND LIES of the so called LEFT and ANTI WAR MOVT.

Till this VERY DAY, there is NO CLEAR stand on IRAQ. Till this very day, I hear about Saddam this and Saddam that. Till this very day, the same lies that Bush and Co fabricated in Zion are being expounded by the so called " collective thousands"...
Till this very day there had been no PUBLIC COLLECTIVE cry against the Lynching of Saddam Hussein by both the Americans and the Iranians.
Till this very day, there is no CLEAR FIRM STAND vis a vis the IRAQI resistance being the SOLE LEGITIMATE REP of the IRAQI PEOPLE under Occupation.

All the ABOVE ALSO applies to the Arabs, left, right and center...
Layla Anwar said…
Hi argentinian fan,

Thank for your comment and for linking me.
True no one gives a fuck...well the majority don't.
They are probably more interested in Maradona's coke sniffing than anything else..or who scored what and where...
Regards to you
Layla Anwar said…
oi jr,

someone wants you on some previous
Anonymous said…
Salaam ya Layla,
this is one of the most depressing posts i've read on your site. Someone recently said that Iraqis would resist giving the Jews the pleasure of seeing their country dismembered, but from what you're saying, it seems not. It looks as if the forces ranged against Iraq are too many and too strong to contain. All too similar to the deliberate destruction of Yugoslavia. I know this is a wrong pattern of thought, but I keep wanting Washington/London/Tel Aviv to be swallowed by a series of earthquakes. The rest of the world needs a break. I have one question. If the Jaysh al Mahdi is part of the forces promoting partition (& the ethnic cleansing of Baghdad and Basra would seem to leave no doubt about this) why do they publically oppose the idea of a federal Iraq? Is it too much to hope that as-Sadr might stop al Hakeem's plans? Pepe Escobar somehow manages to read all of the current developments in a deleriously optimistic way.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi or nothing - Brother or Sister?

Salam in any case.
Please read what I have to tell you carefully, and it is coming from the heart.

I don't think that people (arabs, westerners,others, and even some iraqis) realize the magnitude of what is happening.
I can write 10000000000000000000000000000000000 lines and they would still not understand.
They can't understand that it is a hurricane, tsnuami, earthquake, hiroshima bomb multiplied by one million times combined...

No amount of films, live pictures, reportages, videos, whatever...will make them see things are they are.
Call it collective denial, collective stupidity, collective ignorance, collective evilness, a combination of all of the above...whatever you want to call it is fine with me.

I have never realized the extent of this lack of feelings, perception, honesty, caring, understanding, logic in people like I have since 2003.

I first had glimpses of it that got progressively worse over the sanction years but since 2003, I can tell you in all frankness and candor, that this world is really made of criminals and other shits.

There are a FEW, and they are not iraqis, they are from different nationalities and different religions- you won't find many jews amongst them though. Maybe one, maximum.....But these people do realize and do understand and do feel. But you can count them on the fingers of one hand at best.

So I understand fully when you say iraqi or nothing. Because nothing is what we are faced with.
A nothing in senseless world indeed.

Take care brother, sister whoever you are.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi David Montoute, and this is also addressed to other READERS.

Thank you for your comment.
I do not understand what you found this the most depressing post, since what I have done is basically reiterate and expand on previous lines. Lines that have been constant in all of my posts, on the kurdish, israeli, iranian, american role in what I will call the big conspiracy - the BIGGEST conspiracy in world history.

In any event, I shall not dwell on the post and the why's and how's as I believe I have given enough material to cover and back my claims THROUGHOUT my blog. With all of what it entails of constant slurs, insults, and threats...

First I will address the Pepe Escobar thing.
I only liked one article that Pepe Escobar wrote - the rest is frankly Rubbish.
Besides, I think Pepe Escobar ought to thank me for having inspired the title of his latest book " Red Zone Blues". which I will not buy nor borrow nor read.

Either Pepe Escobar is stupid or simply disingenuous.
I would settle for the latter.

Escobar has written article after article about the great patriotic muqtada al sadr - as the fiery nationalistic anti american independent mass leader.

Pepe Escobar if he has any clue about the Red Zone at all, and about its blues, then he should immediately change his narrative which has become not only boring and tedious but has turned into a TRAVESTY.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and a little perception, anyone who has followed the news from occupied Iraq on a quasi daily basis would simply point out that Muqtada Al Sadr can be described as nothing but a scoundrel, a rascal of Iraqi politics.

This guy has been in and out from the puppet govt in the Green Zone for at least 6 times already.

This guy still has at least 3 ministries under his control, who are known for their extreme sectarianism. Two of them are the education and health ministries who deliberately thwart any developments in sunni areas

Sunni areas which his men have managed to CLEANSE with the help of the Mossad, Americans and Badr and Maghawir brigades.

Read my posts, stroll on Haifa street, read all of my posts , there is not one single post where I do not refer to Sadr and his drill men.

Read Uruknet and the AMSI and HAQ reports on Jaysh al Mahdi...
Read about the rapes, the drills, the torture...

And if Mister pepe escobar supports the resistance then he should know that the Iraqi RESISTANCE which is the legitimate rep of the Iraqi people WANTS TO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SECTARIAN Iranian son of a bitch.

Not only that - I have more.

Muqtada Al Sadr was present at the execution of Saddam Hussein - the legitimate president of Iraq. Not only was he present, he was ONE of the men who put the noose around the President's neck. And Saddam Hussein is the SPIRITUAL FATHER of the IRAQI Resistance. ANYONE who defends this son of a bitch thug, murderer and rapist, is desecrating what Saddam Hussein died for.

Furthermore, insofar as women are concerned, the Jaysh al Mahdi was known to not only harass, abduct, rape women. see my posts please. but also kill and mutilate them especially if they happen to be sunnis.

Am not done.

Go to UNCHR offices in Damascus and Amman. And interview those waiting in line to be received for asylum. Ask them the main reason for their fleeing and 8 times out 10 they will say militias and press for more and they will say JAYSH AL MAHDI.
Now I doubt that 2.2 million refugees outside of Iraq are ALL lying about Muqtada al Sadr and his men.

Some will argue that these are rogue elements. Rogue elements do not go on a rampage for 3 continuous years with no respite!!!

And let us play the devil's advocate and say yes these are rogue elements from the Mahdi,
then if this muqtada till this very day can't control his rogue elements who are killing in the name of his party then clearly this guy is not fit to be part of any resistance.

However the above is only wishful thinking because every Iraqi I know, curses muqtada al sadr day and night.

In final, Pepe Escobar is not the only dishonest arriviste journalist around to praise the fiery mullah. - the mullah who NEVER Studied theology and was a street thug since the age of 18 (again bother to read my posts).
Escobar is not the only one to do so. There are many others. I will name a few dishonest, deceitful writers and so called journalists
Patrick cockburn, Max Fuller, Ghali Hassan, most of the anti war "alternative websites",.. and even arab "leftists" and am sure some reader here can add more.

I realize this is a long reply, but the point you raised necessitated this lengthy reply to you.

Layla Anwar said…
forget the typos - I have no time to correct them. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said...
oi jr,

someone wants you on some previous

all cleared up now layla
Anonymous said…
thank u for that erudite post above layla
Layla Anwar said…
jr, welcome.
What is this comment on the previous thread about your neighbor? surely you do not expect us-me to buy this twisting around, going in bends, acrobatics excuses of yours jr, do you now?

And out of interest, why do you call yourself j.r.
The only j.r's I have heard of are bush j.r and j.r from the Dallas american serial and they were/are both, drunkards...
Anonymous said…
jr, welcome.
What is this comment on the previous thread about your neighbor? surely you do not expect us-me to buy this twisting around, going in bends, acrobatics excuses of yours jr, do you now?
actually yes, i was hoping u would

and jr are the initials of my name!!
Anonymous said…
The only j.r's I have heard of are bush j.r and j.r from the Dallas american serial and they were/are both, drunkards


i hope u r not intimating i am a drunk layla.....i hardly ever drink to excess
Layla Anwar said…
so your name
is jean, john, joe, josef, jamil, javad or jawad, jan, jibril, jeffrey, jeremy, jeremiah, jardon, ja3moos, jamoos, jahsh, jader, juan,jassem,janjul, jamil, jarrar, jamel,james or....janet, jumana, jwan, jana, jemaima,
Anonymous said…
Dallas as it happens, was all about oil too...
Layla Anwar said…
maybe JR is an oil dweller
Layla Anwar said…
am thinking of starting a new blog not dealing with Iraq per se and slightly away from current politics...talking about gender, fiction, non fiction, love, hate, satire, what do you think? any good ?
I am tempted though, this Iraqi experience has totally drained me.
Mind you gender issues will also drain me...
Although you think I'm an idiot, I'll ask you two questions anyway.
1. If Turkey invades and stays put for awhile in the north, wouldn't that pretty much put paid to an independent Kurdistan?
and 2. How do you think the resistance would react?
LostHere said…
Absolutely Layla!
If you do have the time to write, I am sure your prose or poetry would be great reading and provably enlightening too.
You seem to have a tremendous clarity, and certainly the right amount of anger to question...
To be honest, I can't possible imagine how strong you must be to write what you write, and so often too... but if I can judge by the majority of comments that you get, people are not getting it... Now, I admit that the internal situation of Iraq seems quite complicated, especially not being part of the Arabian culture, but still, I agree with you, even the so called anti war, left, or what ever they call themselves, they start from the propaganda lines, so what can it be expected?
Seems to me, and I an not very schooled, that any kind of opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq must be on the basis of what Iraq was, that is a secular nation of united people of diverse ethnic and religious background, with the highest education and quality of life in all the Arabic nations... and above all, an Arab nation where women equality was enshrined in their constitution. That was the Nation that was invaded and occupied and therefore that knowledge must be the basis to confront the occupying nations.

OK. I am of subject here, but yes, I would love to read you in diferent subjects,and gender is one that I am sure you have quite a bit to say and share about.
This is all I could find from AMSI:
"In the meantime we understand the anxiety of Turkish authority for National Security, we request the Turkish politicians to be more patient before taking any decisions and give further opportunities to solve the problem in a convenient method in order to avoid of raising the tension in the region and increasing distress and destruction of the innocent Kurdish nation."

And given point 5 in the Political Council of the Iraqi Resistance manifesto, "The Kurdish question will be considered after the liberation", do you think that position might be revised, maybe even taking up common cause against the Turks? Or would they sit back and watch?
Anonymous said…
Yes, start a new blog.
Anonymous said…
"am thinking of starting a new blog not dealing with Iraq per se and slightly away from current politics...talking about gender, fiction, non fiction, love, hate, satire, what do you think?"

In plain words, you are thinking of laying down arms and joining the "wankers, masturbators, so-called Iraqi blogs and other Arab shits" camp.

My reply is short and simple: DON'T YOU DARE OR ELSE! :-)
Anonymous said…
Hello again Layla,
my intention wasn't to dispute the nature of Muqtada as-Sadr. He seems the most despicable and destructive force in Iraq right now, accomplishing, with his purges of Sunnis, what the Americans couldn't. I was merely questioning whether his stated opposition to the partition might not be real, and whether that could be used in some way. If Jaysh al Mahdi has two bases - Sadr city and Basra, a partition would divide their power base, hence as-Sadr's self-interested "nationalism". However, it IS a point that genuine nationalists could use. Yes, I know he's a bastard, a mass killer, a street thug. But his power is a reality. Sometimes dialogue is necessary even with the most despicable people, and if a temporary political collaboration can prevent Iraq's partition, then it may be preferable. I don't know. But looking at India's partition, amongst others', things could get even uglier if the SIIC & the Kurds have their way.
I said the post was depressing because it points to a defeat for Iraqis who just want to live together (the majority) and because, as with all your writing, it shows how atrocious is the cost the Americans make people pay just for winning their independence.

In any case - your writing is invaluable. Please keep it up, whatever direction it takes.

best regards

Layla Anwar said…
compulsive reader,

I do not think that Turkey will stay in the north. I really do not believe that turkey has plans to invade and occupy the north even on a temporary basis.
What I believe is that turkey is flexing some muscles here and giving clear messages to several parties.:
- To the kurds inside turkey should they want to follow their kurdish brethren's example in Iraq- i.e Independent Kurdistan.
-To the Iraqi kurdish leaders and reminding them that It will not let the Kirkuk issue go smoothly.
- to the Americans - that goes without saying
- and indirectly to Iran and to
the Russians.

Obviously if It does occupy the North, the Resistance will not exactly welcome it as it is another occupation for it to deal with. But frankly, I doubt that AT THIS MOMENT in time, the Resistance can ALSO fight on the northern frontier. They have quite a bit on their plate, with Iran and its miltias, AQ , the American army, the mercenaries and Blackwater...
let's pray they turn into superman.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

Hi. I think you have summed up beautifully well where the failure is coming from. So it does not take a scholar in Iraqi politics to figure out, you just did. Bravo to you.
As for the other blog, the day I start, I 'll let you know for sure.
It will be on sexual politics- gender and a bit of a hodge podge of other things. Stay tuned...
Layla Anwar said…

Got a deal for you. How about one post on Iraq and one post on something else but still related if you make the connection that is?
Will you still brand your sword of banishment then? :-)
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks again for your comment.
I understand fully what you are saying.
In fact, you are not the only one who said that, even on al some repeat the same argument.
Namely, -realize that the rogue elements are not the real Sadrists.
-And that there are good sadrists we need to reckon with and
-we need to face the fact that he does have a wide popular support at a grass root level etc...

1) Sadr will NOT make an alliance with Baathist, neo baathists or a sunni Islamic Resistance. Because Sadr's program is essentially a SECTARIAN one.

2) He may toy with the idea, to specific political purposes (even though I doubt very much that will happen) then will shove his foot like he does.

3) in my opinion it is not only ludicrous but also suicidal to make resistance alliances with groups that are PART of the Govt which arrived with the occupation.
And Muqtada al Sadr is one of them.

4)Sadr popularity is dwindling even amongst his supporters, ordinary shias... The fear element prevents MANY of them to come out in the open and say it.

5)the in fighting and I call them squirmishes more than in fighting between Sadr and other shia factions are political fights over territorial control and not fight in differences of political ideology.
Even though on the "current language" that Sadr uses and I say current because with him, it is never what he says it is.- is anti federalism. This is only a leverage he is holding to offset SIIC gains of power and not a true and irretrievable difference on principles.
It is if you want, the "popular" card he likes to play...for domestic purposes and also reflects some of the tensions within Iran since he is backed by a different group than those who back SICC

It ultimately boils down over control of territory and resources.
And not over the partition.
Layla Anwar said…
and Regards to you.
Anonymous said…
hello layla,

"Or maybe someone is simply not happy with an Islamic Turkish party being the dominant player and wants to eradicate this whole idea of Islamic parties even if they happen to be part of a secular system ?"

I would like to comment on this a bit. Current Turkish Government and its Party (AKP) are not Islamic at all if you ask me. They are a little bit of everything and thats what public in Turkey wants to see. Through its short and wounded journey Turkey has been ruled by parties using two strong features of its nation, nationalism and islamism. AKP despite the American support of 5 years, has failed to produce satisfactory policy on these areas, but luckily in economics (thanks to US money in stock markets). The reaction that we see today from the government is not a voluntary duty but pushed upon by Turkish nation itself. They must be feeling very unfortunate to be pushed to this situation if you ask me, if it was any other nationalistic govenment Turkey would have been in Iraq long time ago.

I would like to conclude with stating that a possible military coupe in Iraq, i believe, wont bring about the results we expect. Turkey's situation is more of an undeclared civil war situation. A war between Turkish nation and its "left to own devices" Kurds in Turkey. If we were able to integrate with our Kurdish minority none of these would happen. Just my two liras.

Again, Coskun
Layla Anwar said…
Hi again Coskun,

Will get back to this turkish question later on today. I have a few thoughts on it myself and I do not really believe the AKP is wishy washy as you portrayed it...I think it is slightly more complex than that.
Till soon.
Anonymous said…
dont think you'll be getting your reply cocksun

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