A perfect Baby formula

I have often wondered if Americans are breast fed criminality...or maybe some especially made, designed baby formula only available in the U.S.

And exported to Great Britain, Israel and other corners of the world where you have your trusted allies.

Or maybe it is the other way round, an Israeli baby formula injected into your own infants, or maybe a British baby formula patent that you took over and refined...

Whatever it is that you were given as children has proved to be very effective.
You have indeed grown up into the perfect strong adults, into the perfect "master" race, of...criminality. Of this, I have absolutely no doubt.

As a matter of fact, your breast feeding has not stopped in childhood, it continues right into your advanced years, ensuring that you remain an orally voracious group, sublimating raw cannibalism through murder.

A series of pictures, or should I call them your trophies, or maybe the remains of your today's meal, have appeared following your aerial bombardment of Madinat Al Thawra now baptized Sadr city.

Many toddlers in these pictures, blown to pieces...and a few youngsters, blown to pieces too and a few adults blown to pieces, as well...

Charred and barbequed, just the way you like 'em.

So what was it, rare to medium rare or well done ?

I also could not help but notice, how very thin, wasted and washed out these bodies both alive and dead are...How emaciated they are...Rags dolls for your brave, healthy children.

Poverty, hunger, unemployement, disease... must be your preferred spices.
Your preferred condiments, the accompanying sauces that go with your grill parties...

For those who still need to wet their carnivorous appetites, you can see more of your trophies here.

I honestly have no more words. All the insults, slurs in the world are not enough for you...Nothing is enough for you. Nothing at all.

Everyday, under the pretext of either Al Qaeda, insurgents, militants, or whatever imaginary name you coined, you have not ceased, not even for one day, slaughtering our innocents.

For 4 years, you have not ceased for one single day. Not during holiday periods, not during religious celebrations, not even during the day your so called God was born...if you have a God that is.

I think Jesus is weeping blood. Our blood.

Shameless, primitive, repugnant, monstruous, abject things that you are.

These pictures were made available because the so called "Iraqi" sectarian government that you put into power found it necessary to make them available precisely because of its sectarianism.

However, many other air raids of yours have gone unreported with no pictures, because they fell in non shia areas. I can give you the names of Sayediya, Amel, Fadil, Adhamiya, Almeriya....where the air raids were not even mentioned...and where the dead were silently buried without even a sound...

Your air raids on sunnis are considered halal by our sectarian fascist government but are considered haram when it comes to its sect...

And of course, our sectarian Iraqi government from Iran, will never publish the pictures of those who have been drilled to death by its own militias. Militias for the most part, formed in madinat Al Thawra i.e Sadr City...

Of course, you did not go after these militias who tortured and burned to death.
No, you and the Iraqi government helped them...they served your purpose of ethnic cleansing...for the partition to take place with not too much fuss....

In any event, whoever you target and by which ever means, does not make you less of a criminal. Quite the contrary, it enhances your criminality to higher forms of perfection...

I have one wish for you, one prayer, is that your criminality gets even better...
I want you to raise it to the point of a perfect art, heighten it to an almost "divine" level...Till you rapture, a good, once and for all rapture...

Do continue slaughtering us the way you do...and let your future mothers keep on feeding that same formula, or breast feed, depending on what tickles your fancies and your gustative palates...

Am sure they too, have it circulating in their system like blood....have it in their veins, their breasts and even in their ovaries and wombs...

They must do, otherwise how else can they produce such perfect criminals like you.


Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…
not only disgusting...I simply can't stop crying. I simply can no longer witness what am witnessing...It really is too much.
I have no more words...
Anonymous said…
what are we supposed to do about all this?? tell me, i wish someone would tell me.. i live far away in the US and i come to this site and read all the atrocities and i just think what can i do?? and i cant come up with an answer.. its exhausting just thinking about whats going on there and in palestine but what can i do from here... i really cant do anything, i can just read all the stories and see all the pictures and then after thinking about them for a while i go on with my life and continue doing what i do and the sad and almost disgusting part is that i am able to go on and laugh and watch tv and i just forget about what ive read and then i log on again and read your blog and the cycle starts all over again. the most i can say is 'hisbi allah', thats it.. i can say dua and thats all. it leaves me empty inside sometimes.. but what can I do to help stop this... i have no idea. you really do make me feel guilty that i dont have to be there and i dont have to go though hardships.. and i ask again what can i do...................
Layla your anger is palpable and justified.. I'm sorry i have no words to ease your pain
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
I m frequent reader of your blog and I really appreciate your writting so so much because in this world full of hypocrisy, lies almost nobody is brave enough to tell the truth.People were killing themselves in the name of religion,in the name of communism,in the name of fascism and now-new trend.People are being killed in the name of so-called democracy. "Shut up,we have imported democracy,you got rid of "dictator", so we will take your oil,everything you have and we will pay bullets for you" Fuck their democracy,their values.They speak about freedom and if freedom means killing innocent children,then I dont want it,thank you.And so called human right activists are barking because of monks in Burma but when it comes to Iraq they are quiet. What a hypocrisy this is.Iraqis I pray God will punish these bastards calling themselves iraqis and selling their country to the occupation pretending they are working for Iraqis.Traitor is even worse than enemy. They are killing their own people with their militias,thugs and gangsters.Hope God will punish them if we wont.
To you Layla.U r true iraqi and I can see it in your posts how much you love Iraq. Not like the others ( journalists,bloggers etc.) speaking how much they love iraq and same time they support this disgusting criminal occupation ( eg.www.aliraqi.com and similar shits)It makes me so angry while hearing iraqis how its great saddam is gone,how "kurdistan" should be independet,how sadr( hakim,barzani,talabani) are their leaders etc. They are nothing,"patriots" for cash,for petrodollars or call it however. Fuck them all.
Best wishes to you and big respect to you,Layla
Anonymous said…
the sheep say "baaaaah" x 300 million.

and oink oink.

any questions?
Angel said…
I agree with jr. Disgusting.

Criminals, every last one, and I am crying too.
Unknown said…
TO everyone who wonders what they can do to stop this madness...I have protested...emailed politicians...signed petitions...none of it really matters. I have had colleagues ask me "does it make a difference? does it matter?" in the overall scheme of things we are just background noise to these people who rule us in the government. I see now that the only thing that we can do, outside of enouraging some kind of massive coup is to leave this place behind. Every time you buy something, you pay your taxes, you are contributing to the slaughter of people. I understand that now. Everyone feels that as long as they are not out there, pulling the trigger, they are not responsible. When my colleague asked me the above question, I told him that it makes me feel better, makes me feel like I am doing something. But it really doesn't change a thing. I won't act like the only reason I am leaving USA is cause of the war. Some horrible personal things have happened to me as well...since 9/11 I have been reading about things done in my name all over the world by this country over the years...opened my eyes to the fact that no matter what, this country will ALWAYS been killing someone, fighting a proxy war somewhere...there has never been a day in my 29 years of life that the USA killing maching has not been fighting some secret war for some reason. Now that I have the opportunity to leave, I am going to take it and see whats out there, before the real killing begins. What can we do? Stop giving the USA money. Remember Bush telling us all to keep shopping? Keep going on vacation? Thats what gives them the $$$ to kill not just Laylas people, but all other people of color all over the world...new bases are being built in Africa as we speak. We are selling weapons to the Saudis. Etc, etc...starve the beast as the Repubs like to say.

Layla...I have heard that tea/coffee in Iraq was good. Wish that I could have a up with you, but apparently, I dont have green zone clearance. Typing that sentence alone could get me tossed into some gulag. Hope you are not in Syria, or if you are that you will be allowed to stay. I have read that they are going to be kicking Iraqis out? Jesus...will Iraqis get their own country somehwere like the Jews did after WWII???
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla

I have found some very intresting infos, I thought u might like to know or use it?
Look in Wikipedia encyclopedia, for Kurdish jews, and u will find that someone was called: Moshe Barazani!! was very active member of the Zionist movement, he was famous member of Lehi (Freedom fighter of Israel) his familly immigrated from Iraqi Kuristan to settle in Jeursalem in 1920.

I have came across ur page by coincidence! It hurts to read yr writings, but I am sure it is not as much as it hurts u having to write it.

I am worried that we all becoming addicted to this bitter situation, and even accepting it in scary strange way!! and here u are! you-as any human being- are looking for perfection in Crime ( the only activity that is practiced at the moment!)

All I hope now is change of cicumstances so u r able to write with happiness,and to see hope and real justice.

Peace upon You and all the poor people.

Anonymous said…
Give me a break. You "Iraqies" are just as murderous a bunch of people as you will find anywhere in the world. You love to torture,murder,behead and slaughter each other on a grand scale and you blame others for it. Iraqies love to blow each other up - You bomb Mosques, form death squads. Just face it - you LOVE death. Iraqies are killing more people then Americans are. Lots of countries are been occupied throughout history and not behaved as savagely as Iraqies have towards each other - and you have the nerve to call me, just because I am American, a criminal. I guess it's the only way you have to make yourself feel better.
Anonymous said…

I love you, honey. You are straight up racist and happy to show it. You are part of the very hatred that you weep about. You are a perfect example of the hypocrisy and bigotry that has made your part of the world the sewer that it is.

Keep hating, sister. I look forward to returning to read your impotent rage against Americans, Israelis, Christians, Jews, Shias, etc, and I have no fear that any self-awareness will ever creep into your writings.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla

I have sent a comment an hour ago, but I can not find it! So I am re-writing it!

L00k in Wikipedia for : kurdish jews, u will find that: someone called Moshe Barazani, was a famous member of Lehi( Freedom fighter of Israel), activist in the zionist movement, immigrated from iraqi kurdistan to jeursalem in 1920!

I hope u get this massage , it explains so many things.
I came across your blog, It captured me in a violent and wicked way. What is really sad that we all are playing the watching role, becoming addicted to this international Drama, feeling- or convincend- helpless, powerless. The big danger here is giving up. Please do not give up, and do not look for perfection in ugly terrible things such as murder and crime. Do not think they are perfect murderes, They are not perfect, for the perfect crime is when no one recognize who did it. That is not applied here.
Anonymous said…
well im not 2 cry hence my lack of tears but looking at the pictures on uruknet made me wanna puke
Anonymous said…
painfully inflamed gizzard said...
the sheep say "baaaaah" x 300 million.

and oink oink.

any questions?


no......can u plz shut your stupid mouth
Anonymous said…
Dear sister,

Tears are to parched hearts what spates are to parched lands.

Whenever you feel drained and unfruitful, let your rivers break their banks, and surely new thoughts and words will germinate somewhere in you.

Take care of yourself.

Layla Anwar said…
Hi Faye and thank you for visiting.
Had heard of this Moshe Barazani before. Thanks for confirming it.
But mind you there are many religious affiliations for one family. i.e meaning in the M.E one can be called mr Smith and be a jew, a muslim or a christian...

But seeing how the kurds have behaved thus far, it does not surprise me one bit that he must have nice " healthy" zionist affiliations. The kurds have always been helped by Israel.
I did mention that in my previous posts - pls see True colors and follow the links from there.

Regards to you.
Layla Anwar said…
from the outside world,

Hello. To answer your question, I think someone who lives in your part of the world and called norbert has a reply for you here. Do check his comment.
Layla Anwar said…

I doubt you will ever get Green Zone clearance, just make sure you do not end up in an orange suit though...Good luck to you.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Gale and nice to see you again.
Crime has become a fait accompli so it seems. It is beyond sad, mad or any other adjective you can qualify it with.
Regards to you.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Dalida and Salam.

Thank you for your kind words. A nice change from the almost chronic rubbish I read in these comments section - apart from a few good ones that is.
Best to you
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Majid,

Cry me a river or two or three...or maybe an ocean...and how will things germinate if none are planting seeds or if the earth has been scorched dry? Am no longer sure of anything. You tell me, if you ever manage to break those dams yourself.

Salam to you.
Layla Anwar said…
as for Lisa and anonymous,

Layla Anwar said…

Compulsory Reading.
Latest by Gabriele Zamparini.


You shall be tested for the final exam.
Anonymous said…
When we behold those deeply-furrowed hollows in which glaciers have lain, we think it hardly possible that a time will come when a wooded, grassy valley, watered by streams, will spread itself out upon the same spot. So it is, too, in the history of mankind: the most savage forces beat a path, and are mainly destructive; but their work was nonetheless necessary, in order that later a gentler civilization might raise its house. The frightful energies—those which are called evil—are the cyclopean architects and road-makers of humanity.
Anonymous said…
Were they passively breastfed or brainfed criminality as you suggest, they would be somehow justified as "non responsible" for it.

No, Layla, "bad milk" does not make a cold blood murderer of innocents Iraqis, nor does the Neo-Con regime Propaganda, as effective as it may be.

Individuals do have JUDGEMENT to tell right from wrong and FREE WILL to choose between the two.

Each of those bastards is a former potential decent human being who PREFERRED to follow the path of depravation and barbarism.

May they burn in hell for all eternity.
Layla Anwar said…
hey anonymous above butterfly,

Thanks for lesson 101 into the philosophy of Nazi psychopathology.
I bet you shave your head too and have steel cold blue eyes...and extract teeth without anesthesia, for fun.
Congratulations to your nazi mom too, her milk must be very pure indeed.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

I cry with you
Cruelty .. insanity !
Posts like Lisa s ??
always remind me of the sick
bastards who are in denial,
or remembering past hurts and genocides, as a ?? what???
WRONG IS WRONG and is happening NOW
The easiest way to reject responsability is to excuse or attack the victims with past issues that have nothing to do with the present situation and of course does not change the WRONG BEEN DONE NOW !!! ,-((

Lots of love always
ps would love to read whatever you chooso to write about ALL topics that your creativity flows to share with us, Gracias !
YoUnicorn said…
I certainly agree with each word Butterfly wrote. Thank you !
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Yolla,

Long time no see. What sick bastards they are huh?
And this is not all. The sicker ones are the anti war movement and the so called Western left. These are the real perverts of politics.
But am not going to spare them :-)

Lots of love
Anonymous said…
i hope u really get stuck into them layla.....they r so much up their own arses its untrue
Sharon said…
you know that there is no one quality of criminality that is american. criminality is everywhere and we can all reach that sick place given the right circumstances. i can see how injured you are by what you have seen and known and it is a sad and disturbing recognition. i grew up in america in a very difficult and frightening situation much of the time. now i am a grandmother. my children and grandchildren have had better lives. i hope that happens for your children and grandchildren and for you. i pray for the people of iraq and i blog re: the war to keep people here in the usa informed as best i can. my blog is iraqupdate.wordpress.com

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