Hide & Seek...again !

You know something, this business with figures is starting to really aggravate me.
I understand that you can count very well, when it comes to dollars...This we all know.
But why is it when it comes to killings, you conveniently misplace numbers ?

In previous posts, "An Add'h'olic" and "Let's call...", I alluded both directly and indirectly as to the number of deaths in Iraq. I even asked you to check the series of correspondence between Gabriele Zamparini, the Guardian and Znet.

I maintain that the Iraq Body Count figure of 70'000 is shameful to say the least.

I have also said on numerous occasions, that even the Lancet figure of 655'000 Iraqis dead is obsolete by now. I was slightly relieved to see that some websites did publish the more accurate figure of 1 million +.
I reiterate yet again, the figure is greater than 1 million+.

I have also said that prior to the invasion the total population of Iraq was approximately 24 million in 2003.

German figures for 1997, placed the population number at 22.5 million. Remember that 1990-2003 were sanctions years and we lost 1.5+ million people during those 13 years.

I have also mentioned the famous Bremer question time and time again, when he asked one of the persons in his bureau in Baghdad what the population was and when the answer given was 24million, he said let us bring it down to 5 or 6 million, that should be enough.

The same hide and seek game is being played out when it comes to Iraqi detainees.
I mentioned in more than one of my posts as far back as 9 months ago, that the number of detainees in Iraq was well around 67'000.

The UN Human rights report which bases itself on official government figures quoted the number of detainees for 2006 alone at 34'000.

I need not go into the maths again to show you that the official number of detainees given by the U.S army of 40'000 is fallacious.

Back to the population figures.

Now, about three weeks ago, an american from the democratic party, by the name of J.Moran was interviewed on al Jazeerah TV. He said to the effect.

- The population of Iraq is 26 million, and these 26 million are incapable of getting along. They are infantile and are not fit for self governance. We have spent millions of dollars from the taxpayer's money and it is about time Iraqis learn the art of managing their own affairs.

- In an article by Oxfam, two weeks ago, this latter reports that the Population of Iraq is 26.5 million.

- The CIA fact book, for July 2007, reports that the current population of Iraq is 27.5 million.

- And now the "grande finale", UNICEF which has not set foot in Iraq since the sanction years (and do remember its wonderful lousy role when 500'000 Iraqi babies died during that period), now claims it has the accurate figure for natality rates.
It says in the past 12 months, the birth rate was 1 million Iraq infants.

Now how on earth did UNICEF or Oxfam get their figures? These two have not set foot in Iraq since 2003. Or have they been relying on the CIA fact book or on the Iraqi Ministry of Health figures ?

And you know what the Ministry of Health is all about. It is ruled by the Sadrists gangs of Muqtada the driller, who kill with one hand and inflate numbers with another so as to cover up their crimes.

So in the space of 6 weeks, the population rose from 26 Million to 27.5 million.
And not only that, UNICEF assures us that fertility and reproduction are booming in Iraq with a birth rate of 1 million every 12 months.

I am no statistician, and I will not sit and debate with you the how's ...

All I can tell you with certainty is that this playing around with figures fulfills an important objective.

Remember, I told you that Arabs are perceived as "breeding like rabbits..."
This is a common inherently racist belief about most "third world countries" but in particular about the Arabs and the Muslims.

I used to hear that sentence so often from the brits, the americans and the israelis are keen on repeating it too...for obvious reasons.

I also said to you that population control is a weapon to change geography and its boundaries...

These seeming discrepancies in figures are not the fruit of haphazardness. They do serve a purpose and not a noble one for that matter.

The message is clear and loud if you care to listen to it. And it goes along these lines :

However much of them die, they will keep reproducing. They will not be exterminated. And even if the real figures of the carnage finally show up, we always have an abundant, generous birth rate to make up for it...

Another perfect crime from the "respectable" West, where Iraqis are not even given the chance to bury their dead in their real numbers, but are also perceived as a baby machine that will keep on producing more feed for the beast.

And I tell you, the mass graves are here alright and no, they were not Saddam's doings but yours...

What a shameful lot this "respectable" West is.

So do you get it now or are you still playing hide and seek, yourself ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Abdel Rahman Al Saadi


Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, just read your new and brilliant article, and decided to post it on STA, this time with a heading that may grab a bit more attention???

If you want to look, you'll find it at: http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=185838

The last post got 260 hits, but NO comments. Very disappointing. But then whenever I post about Iraq I get very few comments. The "don't care" factor is pretty huge.

Also, I'm about half way through watching the videos you suggested. I'm finding them very interesting, and a good take on what is happening in Iraq now. It's also good to see that despite everything the young people try to have as normal a life as possible.

And hey, Layla, the men are so handsome! Iraqis are a good looking race. And especially, intelligence shines in those young people's faces.
Anonymous said…
Some trivia about Bremmer. He and his wife, Frances Winfield, are 'devout', Roman Catholic "Eucharistic" Ministers. So I guess the sob, like all the other scum, had Church sanction to kill.

And some more trivia:
'an unnamed former senior State Department official who worked with Bremer is quoted as saying, Bremer is a "voracious opportunist with voracious ambitions. What he knows about Iraq could not quite fill a thimble.'
LostHere said…
So check this out

I listen to a community, non commercial radio station WMNF.ORG while at work, during a call in show, where usually there is some conversation about news or some other pertinent subject, and on this particular day the conversation was on Iraq... in any case, some one actually called and asked "with so many Iraqis dead on daily basis, at what point will we 'll run out of them and there is no more?"

I just could not believe I heard that, and of course said to myself, "there is the 5 to 6 million that Layla is talking about... there is really that mentality, as hard to believe as it may seem"

It is certainly not the first time that I admit to myself, Layla has been saying that for a while...
Anonymous said…
I have gone beyond questioning the numbers. Fucking with the figures is only a distraction. You must know the mind of the beast and look beyond the “forked tongue.” I KNOW that mind-set. It is the most primitive, and with technology, ”Reason does not drink at this fountain.”
During the Cold War, an American woman, when shown the picture of a Russian, in shock and awe, exclaimed, “they look just like us!” A Russian woman, berating the Chinese political system, to a western journalist, was told by the journalist, “but you are also communist,” to which she replied, “yes, but we are white.” She was implying that Russians and the West are all whites.
If we have only 6 million Iraqis, then huge holes containing 20 million could not possibly be considered “mass graves.” Only people are “mass graved” Cynical? You bet. The Killing Machines need neither hearts (compassion) nor minds (intellect.)
Sorry Layla, the CIA needs to update their website. Iraqis are no longer people, and that makes "Holocausting" them palatable.
Anonymous said…
What do you say to those who think Saddam and the Baath party provoked the US prior to the 2003 invasion?
Layla Anwar said…
Hi, will reply later. Till soon.
Anonymous said…

It can all be explained quit easily if you can twist your grey matter to comprehend ‘Bush Speak’ (no one is better at using smoke and mirrors).

Bush Speak 101:
1980-George H.W. Bush accuses Ronald Reagan of ‘voodoo economics’ (They both made it to the white house).

2000-George W. Bush accuses Al Gore of ‘Fuzzy Math’ in a debate.
If you asked the Bush’, you’d be the idiot and they’d say you’re using voodoo economics and fuzzy math. Iraq isn’t really all that bad, you’re just hyping it up to sound much worse :-\

So there you have it, 100% proof that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and that all scum rises to the top!
Anonymous said…
To Jason: I am sure Layla will respond appropriately, but may I add my bit? Sorry, Layla....

To those who 'think Saddam and the Baath Party 'provoked' the US prior to the 2003 invasion' - the question to follow would be 'HOW?'

President Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party and the IRAQI people were in their OWN LAND, minding their own business, and trying their best to cope with the effects of the crippling sanctions so cruelly IMPOSED on them by the US and Britain. So what kind of 'provocation' is being referred to here? Did President Saddam Hussein attack the US? Did he send his armies across the oceans to invade and occupy the US (so that it was necessary for the US to retaliate)? Did they steal anything that belonged to the US? Did the Iraqis do ANYTHING wrong to the US? I can, with conviction, answer all these questions in the negative, and am certain that all normal people would agree.

The only kind of 'provocation' I can think of is that President Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party refused to give in to the morons/war criminals Bush and Blair; refused to be traitors to their land and people; refused to give away their God-given natural resources; refused to give up the sovereignty of their land - so what did the barbarians do? What they know and do best - invade, attack, plunder and kill. And then set up puppets who will do their bidding - as is happening right now.

Obviously, those who make the above the suggestion are ignorant and must certainly come from the US - it's a well-known fact that intelligence does not exist out there.

Also, now that it is pretty clear that the US has bitten off more than it can chew (and the US can stay in Iraq for another 100 years and never gain an inch (although it's getting pretty clear from recent reports that it will be a lot, lot shorter, given the state of mind of the killers who are out there), thanks to wonderful Iraqi Resistance), there will be all kinds of justifications for this genocide on the people of Iraq.

Nothing, nothing can ever change the TRUTH.
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

Great post as usual Layla. Too many complaints are going around in the developed world about population explosion in the third world, notably in he middle east. Indeed, a very hypocrytical stance. It seems that those who monopolise the global resources like oil in particular and who have depleted it in the very first place, don't want to let the manipulated get their fair share of the cake.

Iraq had set an example of using the energy of oil to build an indeginous power base, which is an unacceptable behaviour for those who are keeping us down. I remeber in one of your posts you talked about occupation having succeeded in creating a schism at a grass root level that would prevent any Iraqi rennasisance. But for the opressor to go downhill to the extent of wiping out populations , that has actually never crossed my mind. Thanks for your eye opener.

You wrote in your post about the Sadrist gangs involvement in the figures manipulation, which has reminded me with Al-Jazeera's interview with Ayatollah Al-Khalsy where there were talks about Iranian attempts to alter demographic structure in Iraq.

Could it be that that Qum mullahs have allied themselves with
" great Satan" and the Satan Junior " Israel"to evaporate Arabs in Iraq?????? which would save the oil untill it has been depleted, in order to mantian the current power balance in the world- whilst it relieves Israel from the pressure of the Palsetinian cause- which is awakening Arabs self-consciousness and pushing them toward dissent- by harpooning its strategic depth in Iraq.

Iran will also get the loyal dog's share - Mesoptamia so that , they could keep on living on their one way LSD trip of the Persian empire striking back. Hasan Al-sobah was Persian, wasn't he? heeee
YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

And I tell you, the mass graves are here alright and no, they were not Saddam's doings but yours...

Yes !!

We love you Layla

Anonymous said…
Thanks, Layla, for this article on the misleading figures, both of Iraqi dead and the birth rate in Iraq, and the hidden agenda behind it all. As for the 'mass graves' attributed to President Saddam, the 'respectable' West, Bush, Blair and all the morons must think that everyone in the world has the same IQ as the sheep they lead to believe this utter rubbish.

There's a very interesting article I read a while ago, titled 'From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 years of uranium wars - A suicidal, genocidal omnicidal course'. It is an excerpt from a paper written by Leuren Moret, the world renowned geoscientist. I don't have the link to it, but I believe I got it from the Uruknet website, and it may be found at www.sfbayview.com for anyone who may be interested. It gives the reader an insight into how depleted uranium weaponry is used today for the purpose of depopulation in Iraq, and other chapters on methods of depopulation in Developing countries - Africa, India, etc. It is very disturbing, and ties to what you've written, Layla.
Layla Anwar said…
Wow, many interesting comments. Will try to tackle each.
Layla Anwar said…

Hi, I would personally qualify these videos as revealing rather than interesting. But do remember that these are 3 young middle class adults who are capable of expressing themselves fluently in English. Their situation is quite dire. They see no future for themselves and that is very accurate.
For those others, the situation is even much worse... I mean it is Disastrous. Really disastrous. Inside of Iraq and outside.
When I wrote about women sleeping on pavements in Syria and Jordan, I was not exaggerating...
Some people live in rubbish dumps and tents. These people had homes.
They had families. Their children went to school...
As for Iraqi men being handsome, no comment from my side. They are not the easiest men to get along with though.
Layla Anwar said…
re Kofi,

Hi, I will give you more gossip, but you will not find it on wikipedia...
Bremer when in office, married temporarily a very beautiful Iraqi woman met within the walls of Ze green zone...It is common knowledge in Baghdad. Not only that, he did put on quite a bit of weight...I guess both the local cuisine which he became very fond of as well as the Iraqi "weather" really suited him...
Wonder what his church and madame have to say about that :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Lost here,

Well, thanks for confirming the mentality. This piece of info is very important because it's very revealing on the american mind set.
"Darned all those hajjis, there are shit loads of them aroud still...", Yep that is the attitude.
Layla Anwar said…
Very poignant comment, I really can't add more...
Layla Anwar said…

Hi, I think Little Deer has replied to you.
My question is though, how did they provoke the US?
Or did you find Saddam Hussein's passport by the WTC like Mohamed Atta's unscathed...hahahahaha
This bit really makes me laugh...sorry.hahahahahaha
Layla Anwar said…

I see vodoo all around me and my head is fuzzy with all the counting. I even have no grey matter left...
Honest to God, what is happening is surreal...whichever way I look at it, it looks surreal to me.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre, salam to you,
You raised some VERY important points.
Yes Iran along with the US is changing the demography in Iraq.
Remember the partition plan?
Remember what I said about ethic cleansing to that effect...
The kurds have literally cleansed kirkuk of any non kurdish presence, as well as Dhok and they are going to hit mosul soon..mark my words. The kurds are openly being helped by the zionists jews AND IRAN.
The shias in Iraq, for the majority of them have been literally bought off by Iran through the Dawa and SRCI parties.
Those who oppose the persian ification of the shia in Iraq . and who themselves are shias, are massacred...as simple as that.
You can already see that in the south there are clashes within the shia groupings.

This is how I view the Iranian role not only in Iraq but also in the rest of the M.E.

I believe Iran is a partner in crime with Israel- Iran has helped Israel in ways this latter could not even dream of.

Iran's wanting to drive a schism within arab society literally pushed the Palestinian authority and the Siniora govt in Israel and American arms..and what does America and Israel hope for more than that...

Remember Hamas in the very beginning was totally funded and armed by ISRAEL to fight Fatah...
Then Hamas was bought by Iran.

As for Hezbollah, the Nahr Al Bared camp has been pounded for over 3 months now, full of palestinians, like baladiyat in Baghdad...do you think al Hezb did anything...of course not..
Hezbollah lebanon trained some of the muqtada sadr gangs in Lebanon and Muqtada himself was taught a few lessons by the great sayyed on how to join the political process with one hand and ethnically cleanse with the other...

Iran and Israel share two strong commonalities

- they are sectarian and chauvinistic

- they hate arabs

They are wonderful secret lovers...
for the time being at least.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Yolla, you alway make me smile...Don't forget the arak and hummus !
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Little Deer,

You probably know that already, but just to confirm what you said.
There are many ways of depopulating a country.
There is the classic way - shoot them
There are civil wars - the colonial powers used that in Rwanda, in Liberia, in the Congo...amongst other places.
There is occupation and colonialism such as Israel and the depopulation of the land from the Palestinians.
There is drugs..remember the opium war.
There is germs and viruses of which AIDS is one.
There is D.U and you already know that the life span is spreads over million of years. And you already know that the cancer rates in Iraq has been literally multiplied by 10. I bet you anything if every single urine sample is sent to some lab abroad you will find traces of D.U in it.
So many ways....and the west is proficient at it. They all graduated with Phd in how to exterminate. WW2 was nothing but a continuation... and I pray to God, that Iraq will be the End for them.
Alan the Red said…
Hiya Layla,

I was searching around, like you do, when I came upon this, and I thought of you.

Saddam Hussein, the Fighter, the Thinker and the Man, in both Arabic and English.

Hey, the last few pictures are real good. I'd like to say how much I love your artwork, and Thank you.

Anonymous said…
Wow! We're getting great discussion here now. Good that the disrupters are gone.

Layla, when I watched the videos, I do understand that these people are middle class (even wealthy by their homes).

I know this is not the real Iraq for many, or most, Iraqis. I have seen too many photos for too long and read too much about what is really going on. It was just nice watching "some" Iraqi young people trying to get on with their lives.

And as far as I can understand, there was never really a question of whether or not Saddam "provoked" the US. It was planned a long time ago (the PNAC) to invade Iraq. Nothing he could have done would have saved the country.

My post on STA got 270 hits (not many) and a poster called Moran has bookmarked your site, and calls you a "brilliant lady". Which you are.

I think I will post there regularly. If even one more person gets to read and understand your posts it's worth it.

Layla, I gather you do NOT believe the official 911 story! I am totally convinced that it was an inside job - and remember, the Zionist Jews make excellent destroyers, and have worked out exactly how to create mind numbing terror.
Alan the Red said…
Hey, I'm in a real helpful mood today, seeing as I got one over on our fascist government, but you don't need to know about that little incident ;-)

Try Googling on "ethic specific weapons".

The best article on the matter is here, but many of the links are now dead:
www.signs-of-the-times.org/ signs/signs_ethnic_supplement.htm

And, of course, there is Dr David Kelly; see:

and this is good info:

Hey, did I mention I'm not allowed to talk about the former fascist government in South Africa? They made me sign an official secrets act, so I'm not allowed to tell you how the apartheid regime was kept in power by Israel and CHINA. Hey, you could buy anything you wanted in South Africa during the West's years of sanctions and it usually had "made in China" written on it. Now there are no outrageous conspiracy theories; honest. It just makes you wonder how a commie regime and two fascist regimes could be working hand in hand. I guess there are more questions than answers.

Oh yes, and how did you export South African corned beef thus bypassing any sanctions? Let's say you are a British multinational company; you simply print "British Product" on the can, and ship it via a third country. All those "sanctions" were bullshit.

And the company that employed me, and sent me there; I got to see an official report; hey maintenance engineers can get in anywhere and nobody questions you. It went something like this:

"CFCs are damaging the Ozone layer, so we can get away with running this plant for another ten years before we have to close it down."

Hey, guess what? After those aforementioned ten years, South Africa got its new government. Had "they" made all the profits they could possibly hope to get and then got out quick? I guess it must have been coincidence, eh? But it sure pisses me off to see that two-faced bastard Peter Hain, in this Labour government, kissing the arse of George Bush. That man is the biggest fucking traitor in the world and I spit on him, and the entire Labour government. Christians? I spit on the gutless traitors who serve the pathetic god of Israel.

They represent the Red Dragon. The Dragon - Winged Coiled Serpent - can thus be seen as a fusion of the Eagle & Serpent. Its association with Fire also links it to the Fire-Eagle or Phoenix, which arises from the ashes of its destruction every 500 years. The symbol of "Rome" is the Red Dragon. Here "Rome" is as much the European Union (founded by the "Treaty of Rome") as the USA (whose symbol is the Imperial Eagle of Rome) who are the twin driving-forces of the New World Order and globalism. Rome is also the head of Christianity.

Christians; they have murdered and plundered their way around the world for 2000 years, and you seem surprised at the way they have treated Iraq? They have no souls; their hearts are non-existent; they are just a parasitic cancer on the arse of humanity.

Please excuse my language; I don't like whining little Christians. I tried hard to be tolerant and understanding with them, but I am simply all out of bubble-gum.
Alan the Red said…
Hi again Layla,

More on ethnic specific weapons:


YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Dear Layla

I will not forget both, arak and hummus ! ,-))) I Promise !!

love you my dear Sis !

You are right.. all is surreal No reason, no logic, no rest, no stop, up to now ! THIS WILL CHANGE.
There are human beings trying hard inside and outside Iraq !
The evil dual lizards act like that
I hope and pray, each day there is much more light and understanding of the TRUTH in those,
who were lied and their humanity and justice flows in loving compassion and justice for OUR Beautiful Iraq... May God Bless Iraqi Resistance and keep all Iraqi Freedom Fighters protected and powerful to their commitment and freedom !

Blessings always !!
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Daphne,

You are right in your assumption about my beliefs in 9-11.
Layla Anwar said…

Powerful info...Am sure there is even more than meets the eye.
In my opinion, at the end of the day, it is simply impossible to have a perfect regime. Money talks louder than ideals... It is all a one huge lie. Sickening.
Anonymous said…
Republican machine
It's all all automatic
weapons' fire
Just ask Black water
Triple canopy
No accountability
Target Practice
Big Dollar Contracts

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