Puppets on a String...

Goodness, I have so much to tell you tonight.

I had already prepared a piece about women, yes again ! I will leave it for next time.

I don't believe in coincidences...I believe in synchronicity. I guess you can call me "superstitious" and that is fine with me...

Battling with an excruciating pain in my arm, I tried again, to put some order on my desk...

You should see my desk, it looks like Mount Everest, with piles and piles of articles, papers, bits and pieces and of course the "pending tray" looks like the Himalayas. Everything goes to the pending tray and it has been going on for years now...so you can imagine.

I have become increasingly obsessed with "order". A reaction to chaos, I suppose.
But then, my developing compulsiveness was suddenly made to look "OK".

As I was sorting out for the enth time the same pile, I came across a print out of some study conducted in England about sex and order...

According to this fairly recent study, over 1/3 of English women derive more satisfaction from tidying up their surroundings than from sex.
Am sure the figure is higher, seeing the state of Englishmen, but hey, that is not for me to say... After all, I never considered the English royalties as a turn on and, no, lying down and dreaming of Mother England, were never a pass time of mine...

Anyways, this study concludes that English women derive a great sense of empowerment from controlling their own environment. One way is housework – which I detest, and tidying up which I equally detest.

I guess you can say am very much of a man when it comes to these two... And that is fine with me too, as long as you don’t shove a broom in my hands.

But this desk of mine was getting really out of control...like everything else.
So here I am sorting it out, or trying to... And I fall on a tiny piece of paper, and on it was one of my lousy drawings.
And it was called “Puppet on a string”. Meanwhile, the TV was blasting. And on,came the news :
“Maliki is forming a new alliance to save the government."
A new alliance ? Save it ? From whom? I smiled...I knew it all along...

Maliki declared today that a new alliance is formed. An alliance of 4 parties.
- The Dawa party of which he is a member. Other members of the Dawa party are: Al Jaafari and Muqtada al Sadr and his drill boys.
- The other party is the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran - sorry meant Iraq. The SIRCI headed by his “eminence” (hahaha) Adbel Aziz Al Hakeem.
- The third party is the Jalal Talabani party, our buffoon /mossad agent/ president, of the Kurdish Patriotic Front and
- The fourth is none other than the other mossad agent/crook, M.Barazani of the Kurdish Democratic Party.

So our new government is made of Shias loyal to Iran and Kurds loyal to Iran and Israel...and both are loyal to America. Oh wow...what a novelty!

Absent are: the Sunni Alliance and the butcher of Falluja, Allawi.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Israel and Iran in Baghdad. And who said that enemies can’t be lovers ?

I told you so. Am starting to sound like my own mother. She keeps repeating it: "I told you so."

- I did say that there is an increase of Peshmergas mobilization in Baghdad. Peshemargas are the armed wing of the Kurdish parties (trained and armed by Israel).
- I also said that Kirkuk is on the agenda. Preceded by a massive ethnic cleansing. Both Talabani and Barazani are pushing for a referendum on Kirkuk before the end of this year.
- I also mentioned time and time again of the ethnic cleansing of Sunnis as a political and demographic weapon. The Shia parties like Al Dawa and the SIRCI of Iran, and their armed wings have been conducting a genocide within a genocide against the Sunnis in Iraq. It started in Basrah where most Sunnis and Christians have fled and the government then worked its way to Baghdad.

The Americans and the Brits have aided these two parties in power, by building walls, arbitrary arrests,(prisons in Baghdad are full of Sunnis), and massive shootings and bombings of civilian targets...killing so called “insurgents”.
Who happen to be for the most part Sunnis unarmed civilians.

That is one of the reasons the Sunni Alliance and Allawi,the butcher, walked out of this government two weeks ago.
The sectarian nature of the government backed by the Americans was becoming way too obvious. And even a paycheck of 30’000++ dollars a month would not obliterate that truth.

So let us see what these killings have led to and let us assess if they are in line with the initial American plan of ethnic division and partition of Iraq, or not.

Remember the Americans came with a precise agenda: 1) Regime Change 2) The Division of Iraq along ethnic lines. Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Kurds are majority Sunnis by the way.
And I have said it before and it is getting boring repeating myself. You cannot divide a country along sectarian and ethnic lines. It is either /or...But the Americans did as they did so many other things...

So far, four years down the line this is what we have.

1) The South of Iraq is an all Shia Iranian enclave. Sunnis and Christians have fled. Basrah, Najaf and Kerbala have been literally bought by the Iranians. Persian is the language there.

2) The North, so called Kurdistan has full autonomy. The Kurds have been cleansing Dohuk, Erbil, Kirkuk and soon Mosul of all non Kurdish inhabitants. Turkomans, Arabs, both Christians and Muslims, have been fleeing en masse. Any non Kurdish Iraqi who wants to go to the north of his-her own country needs a visa. They have their own passports, their own flag and their own secret service trained by the mossad.

3)What is left is Baghdad and its surroundings. Ramadi, Falluja, etc...
The majority Sunni areas like Diyala, Falluja, Ramadi...are under total siege and the fighting has not stopped there.
Baghdad, on the other hand, has witnessed some massive ethnic cleansing. Sunnis have been forced to go and artificially form an all Sunni area like Ameriya and Adhamiya for instance...and these two areas are sealed with huge walls...contained.
What were once mixed neighborhoods, have been virtually cleansed and there still remains little pockets of resistance from the inhabitants but they too will be driven out...Examples: Fadil, Amil, Bayaa, Dora, Mansur...

What am basically driving at, is what has preceded this “new” governmental alliance, was the logical thing to do. Cleanse first then partition.
They managed to drive the Sunnis out, both in terms of population and government members. Al Dulaimi, one of the Sunni reps, pleaded for the hundredth time, saying there is a genocide against the Sunnis and asked for assistance from Sunni countries but to no avail. Jordan and Saudi Arabia will never come to the rescue and forget about Egypt.
The government also managed to drive out the so called seculars as represented by Allawi.
So what you are basically left with is a chauvinistic, sectarian government, exactly like the Americans had planned it. A government loyal to them, to Iran and to Israel.
Great Britain being the coward lapdog is slowly retreating. But am reserving a special one for those ugly brits.

A blogger called Karl Marx was right, keeps referring to the “soft partition” of Iraq.
Karl Marx was right, sorry, but you are wrong on this one, however much I agree with the rest of her-his posts.
There is no soft partition in Iraq. There is hard partition drawn in blood.

The plan is in full effect. What the Zionists in Washington D.C wanted, they got.
The lousy Americans and the lousy Brits, have been willingly hijacked by the Zionist Jews and their agenda.
My country is gone. YOU gave it to the Zionists and the Iranians. It is in pieces now. I will never forgive you for that. Ever.

Am still at my desk…I have not managed to gain more control over my surroundings but I can understand why these English and American women prefer housework to sex.
With men like the ones you have, who wants sex?!

They are puppets on a string. Very much like the so called “Iraqi “ government.

But puppets on strings eventually break…and fall…of this am sure.

With this delightful thought in mind, let me go back and put some order in my life…

I have no art work tonight, but am dedicated this song to the puppets of Iraq and… elsewhere. Do listen well to the lyrics. It is one of my favorite songs. Good night.

Video youtube : Peter Tosh “ Equals rights and Justice”. Posted by Brutal561E


I had a dream(nitemare) recently where the only place left in Iraq was the Green Zone and the only people American soldiers,American Jews and Muqtada.

I hate housework too will put it off.
Anonymous said…
This article is interesting:

Anonymous said…
Layla according to this report from Ha'aretz (one of the most balanced newspapers in Israel) there are no relations between the Kurds and Israel - even though the author feels there should be.

Angel said…
You are amazing, Layla.

This post has a different tone to it. I seems you have perked up a bit. You even have humor tonight.

British men and sex, I couldn't say not ever.. .. you know!

Just one thing. I like neat and tidy, it makes me feel good, but I'm not English. Thank God.
Does the study mention cooking? I hate cooking with a vengeance.

You do make coffee, don't you?

I like your explanation of political divides, it certainly spices up your life

I'll call in tomorrow.
Alan the Red said…
Dammit Layla, you yourself was complaining about the "ten minutes" of sex. Hey, why do you think certain religions invented circumcision? To deny the woman too much pleasure. How selfish of them. Selfishness abounds, eh?

Only when souls flowing together, acting as one, distinct in individuality, but united in their action are mated, are the psycho-physiological laws met and satisfied….There can be no true marriage unless attraction, affinity and harmony first exist in the soul. With the practice of Karezza, the selfish element is ruled out, and every consummation of passion becomes a true marriage sacrament. Desire, directed wisely, enables one to experience an at-one-ment with universal principle itself.

There are two trees in paradise. The one produces beasts; the other produces man. Adam ate from the tree which produced beasts, and becoming a beast he begat beasts.

All those who practice the sacred embrace will kindle the light; they will not beget as people do in ordinary marriages, which take place in darkness.

The ordinary hasty spasmodic method of cohabitation is deleterious both physically and spiritually, and is frequently a cause of estrangement and separation. Hey, that comes back to that ten minutes you were complaining about the other day, Layla :-)

Seek the experience of the pure embrace; it has great power.
Alan the Red said…
Hey Layla, seeing as I am in such a helpful mood today, you might like this:


But notice what it says: It should be noted, however, that it is very difficult to use great bliss as a method for attaining enlightenment, and if we are able to do so we have indeed attained a formidable accomplishment. As the great Mahasiddha Saraha said, `Everyone is excited by copulation, but very few can transform that bliss into the spiritual path.'

Hey, ten minutes? That's not exactly a "formidable accomplishment" is it? Only the very best can ever manage it ;-)
Anonymous said…
Maitreya, you foolish mortal man, how dare you make a PASS at your Goddess Layla ?
Layla Anwar said…
iraqi Jew,

Wrong again. Since 1974, Israel has been actively involved in the Kurdish seperatist movement.
Even an Israeli former mossad agent wrote a book about it.
And since 2003, Israeli contractors are well established in the norther regions of Iraq.
See my post "our brothers the kurds" - if you can't find it, I will dig out for you.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Angel,

I love cooking. And am a good cook. Well, no one has died of food poisoning yet.

As for the rest, (excluding sex and the english) I am a cleanliness freak yet I hate housework. I have never really figured out to reconcile both.
Layla Anwar said…

Seems you are hung up on this "10 mn business". I was really being very generous when I said 10 mn.

I assume you are referring to female circumcision. I do recall having mentioned to you that some serious anthropological studies came to the conclusion that even in what were termed "matriarchal societies", in Africa, female circumcision was - is widely practiced by the women themselves.
And I remember saying that these animistic societies also worshipped female goddesses. How do you reconcile this seeming paradox?

As for Tantra, yes, I know about it. I also know it is very much in vogue in certain "alternative",
"enlightened", "illuminated", "new age" groups...Everyone suddenly became a tantrist...
Dow Jones and Kundalini were interchangeably part of the vocabulary...

Even Baghwan Rajneesh caught the virus of sound investments, real estate and sexual liberation...
If you get my jist...
Layla Anwar said…

Am no Goddess, am just a blogger with a sore arm...
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Again,

I urge EVERYONE to read this article from the Washington Post and the appendix to it.
Thank you

Anonymous said…
My dearest Layla,

why say "oops" when calling the Supreme council for the Islamic Revolution in Iran?

They are just that, they were formed, funded and are under the direct control of Tehran and as you know its fact not fiction.

The constant talk of the Iranian (oops) Iraqi Government as being puppets, I am beginning to find quite insulting.

Watching Thunderbirds the otherday, I noticed that even Brains had more life in him than Maliki but unlike the present regime in the Greenzone, the Puppets in Thunderbirds have had a longer life than most in the present US installed regime.

What Iraq needs though, is Captain Scarlet, to go and get the Mysterons of the Greenzone, who like the Iranian Government in the Greenzone, are trying to pass themselves off as something else.

I also took interest with your comment about English women and sex and I must agree with you about the British monarchy not being a turn on, as they are certainly not the prettiest bunch of Germans I have seen, although windsor sounds more "english countryside" than Saxcoburg ever could.

"Rule Britannia, Britannia Ruled the Waves, The poor Bitch drowned in the process and can't be saved!"
Anonymous said…
Lets cut to the chase and be real for a minute. First, I have a feeling you're a man, since I sense positive energy and agreement from you're '10 minute charge'. I'm also assuming your 'souls flowing together' includes marriage, not just a quickie. (I'm reaching, I know)

if people waited until they found their 'soul mate' they'd be a lot less marriages in the world. Too many people get married to please the parents, grandparents, etc.

Societies around the world press marriage upon young people and men reach sexual maturity much earlier than women. So the pleasure you claim women get is very much a delayed response. In fact, She probably can't stand her husband when she's just starting to mature.

Only women with enough gonads to recognize the marriage 'ritual', will delay it for as long as possible. The old.."I want to finish my education.."
That line always makes me laugh because you know damn well, she's trying to delay the inevitable!
YoUnicorn said…
Oh My Dear Layla

I am more than amazed with your post of today, I agree with Angel !

Indeed is sinchronicity .. I don't believe in coincidences either!
Those women project .. Exactly..
The housework becomes the controlling & safe activity ?! For them. I love cooking too.
Hope your arm gets better !
Great song. Jamaica S music is a delight btw. The lyrics say the
Only truth... Without going over and over with theories, etc.

All the separations are more than complicated, you helped me to understand better.I will read it again, this is how things are right now.
Those in denial.. Let them bark !!!
This is a quote from Don Quijote,
(a little present) .. not mine.
The path is open to be seen.

Yes ! Down Jones is a mess right now ...Good one.. LOL LOL
Kundaline has/ become the *issue* most don't know what it is,
Some argue about what they don't understand or have experienced and very FEW know what it is about haha

Going to uruknet to check the link,
Merci... Gracias ,-)))

Keep safe !
My love always
Salaam dear

Evoking the presence of the great compassion, let us fill our hearts with our own compassion--towards ourselves and towards all living beings. Let us pray that all living beings realize that WE ARE all brothers and sisters, all nourished from the same source of life.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

I wonder if the Iranian "Iraqi" Government can match this puppet?

check the link
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Yolla,

Thanks...You are always in a great mood. What's the secret ? :-)
Kundalini? Down Jones or something else in the food? hahaha
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Democrat,

hahahaha - hilarious.
Let's make a pact, everyday you give me on youtube song. I really like your choice of songs.
Anonymous said…

you have a deal but I think I might have found the people which will help the US, UK and their puppets bring peace and stability to Iraq.

Although, I do think even they would fly away, even puppets have sense!
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Democrat,

I'll be London Agent, Lady Penelope...As long as am not asked to entertain English men.
Zaidan said…
Iraqi (Iranian) government goes after Raghad.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Here's the thing: She is accused of terrorism and other offences, but people like Muqtada are not. Why doesn't interpol go after him, or Nasrallah, Iran's bulldog in Beirut? Or Ahmadinejad who has done more to destroy Iraq than Bush could have ever dreamt of.

Well of course not, Muqtada is the baby sister of the Jaafary-Maliki government and he is their prodigal daughter who has done much to pave the way for Iran's takeover of Baghdad.

Furthermore, Raghad has throughout the trial of her father maintained that Iran had been preparing witnesses, had been running the court and EVEN tried to buy off key lawyers representing the former president.

It doesn't matter here if you were a Saddam Hussein supporter or not; the key issue is Iran's paranoid obssession with systematically going after each and every critic of Iran.

I have heard that Iranian media has also tried to buy Iraqi journalists by first interviewing them for some special program about Iraq, then soliciting them for work, and then bribing them with money.

I have already said on this blog that there were several bloggers who were commissioned by the Iranian propaganda machine to post articles, etc, highlighting the bravery and courage of Da'awa and attacking Sunnis en masse.

It is tragic that Interpol would buy into the Iranian propaganda machine. Pretty soon, every Iraqi who supports a secular, nationalistic Arab-controlled government in Iraq will be on Iran's hit list.

This had all been predicted but no one listened, not even the nationalists in Iraq.

Iran is following a very programmed, very schematic approach to annihilating Iraq. First go after the big fry: The Iraqi Army, the Baathists, the government hierarchy and infrastructure. Then murder its leaders, its scientists, its clergymen, destroy its institutions. Finally work your way down the ladder and go after senior, mid-level, and junior personalities who are a threat.

This is Iran's game. Make no mistake about it.
Anonymous said…
You've been talking about the division of Iraq for some time now. I remember an early post somewhere about the 'remapping' of Iraq (may have been another blog), but I'm curious. All the chatter by Iraqi's about the 'new map' of Iraq has me wondering.
1) Either America messed up bad and didn't mean to do all this mapping stuff or....
2) America has been brilliant and is accomplishing exactly what it set out to do!!!

Some see the glass as half full, while others see it as half empty.
Layla Anwar said…
The "witch hunt" has started...
Next all patriotic iraqis, anyone anti iranian occupation and any true nationalist will be on the hit list.
Anonymous said…
It may be Iran's game, but America has the trump card.
Decrease the price of oil and Iran goes bankrupt.
It worked for the Russians, it damn well will work for Iran.
YoUnicorn said…
Dearest Layla

I am glad you enjoyed the message.
Honestly I think is K.... ,-)))haha
BUT maybe could be also the Lebanese food and my blessed Arab, Lebanese DNA?? ,-D LOL

I read the link in uruknet... GEE **these $%$# bastards zionists of the underworld. Planning to steal land from everyone and thier greedy pathological bloody actions

You are so right, the witch hunt
has started.

Dear God, Allah, Dios, Diex
or give us ALL the means to DO IT !

There is a mexspanish quote

**Se les va a salir el quirion por el palito** that is

all will go back to them, in their blindness !

I forwarded it to all friends I could.

Thank you Layla
Anyway we have a pending celebration dear!!
Arak and hummus ..(yummi)
Keep well
Bless you !
YoUnicorn said…
Feds Train Clergy To "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law
Shocking KSLA 12 news report confirms story we broke last year, Pastors to cite Romans 13 as reason for public to obey government orders, relinquish guns and be taken to camps during state of emergency


The fake christians,
the enemies of human race and
swat the para military trainers for
Latin America

Hope is ok to post this info and link
thank you Layla
Love you
Anonymous said…
Truth About Iraqis,
are you paid by Bush to spread anti-Iranian propaganda? NEARLY EVERYTHING that you're accusing Iran of has been and is being done by the Americans, not the Iranians (eg: Wasn't it Bremer alone who executed more than 90% of the annihilation of Iraq you're speaking of???). It's not Iran's game, it's the zionazis' and ameronazis' game.
As to Nasrallah: As far as I know he doesn't support the American occupation of Iraq, and he's Lebanese, not Iranian; IMHO the Arab world would be a much better place if there were more Nasrallahs and Haniyyahs and less Sinioras and Abu Mazens.
As to Ahmadinejad: I find him quite a reasonable man. Your claim that he "has done more to destroy Iraq than Bush could have ever dreamt of" makes you just a disgusting ameronazi and zionazi cheerleader ...
Zaidan said…
Anon, you sound like one of those leftist American freaks who wear Che T-Shirts, hug trees and walk in demonstrations waving anti-war banners.

Pfffft ...

Or you are an Iranian, Safavid, Persian dog. In either case, asfal assafilin. You don't matter here. Your voice doesn't matter. Go weave a rug or something.

I stick by what I said. Iran since 1981 has been planning for the annihilation of Iraq.

I sat down and talked with several Iraqi POWS who outlined the Iranian plan.

These are people on the run from the Iranians. Are they Ameronazis or other colorful labels you come up with?

They fought, bled and died for Iraq. Where were you?

ALL Iraqis know the Iranian threat. At least those not employed by Iran.

Who blew up the Iraqi embassy in Lebanon? It was Hezbollah. Nizar Qabani's wife was killed in that blast.

Who tried to hijack Iraqi airliners in the 1980s? Hezbollah.

If Nasrallah cares so much about Arab causes, where was he when Falluja was being levelled? Where is he now?

Nasrallah is Ahmadinejad is Nasralla is Safavid filth.

Nasrallah doesn't support the American occupation of Iraq but he sure as hell supports the Iranian one.

When the Mehdi dogs destroy mosques, drag families out of their homes and hack them to pieces, where is Nasrallah?

Where are you for that matter? Ru7 wali gawad.

Yes, Iran, Israel and the US are responsible for what is happening in Iraq.

Ocean in a cup, I hope you have been well aware that the plan to divide Iraq is not new, but rather stretches back to 1972 when the country nationalized its oil industry.

So, yes, Layla is spot on about that. (Read further below to see proof of this)

You offered option 1 and 2. I say it is 2. I have said it was 2 since May 2003.

When the much vaunted elections were held, they were merely necessary ingredients in the recipe for the partition of Iraq.

Unfortunately, I have always maintained that there has been a conspiracy since 1972 to tear Iraq apart. The plan required the precipitation of several events of a global impact to occur before this conpsiracy could unfold.

Today, Robin Wright, famed anti-Arab and anti-Iraq (she foamed at the mouth about WMDs) revealed in an article in WaPo the TRUE intent for Iraq.

The intent the American political establishment has for Iraq.

It answers why Maliki has been supported by the Bush administration. Why he has been allowed to stay so long.

The answer is because he is most effective in being ineffective. He, Jaafary, the IGC, the elections, the purging of Baathists, the ganging up of militias, the attacks on bridges, etc are all to serve one purpose:

Dividing Iraq

In a report to be released next week, the Fund for Peace calls for the "managed" break-up of Iraq into three separate states with their own governments and representatives to the United Nations, but continued economic cooperation in a larger entity modeled on the European Union.

Prospects of Iraqi leaders being able to establish a multiethnic democracy are now "fanciful," the nonpartisan Washington think tank says in its report titled "A Way Out: The Union of Iraqi States." Based on data tracked monthly since before the U.S. invasion in 2003, the report authored by Fund president Pauline Baker concludes that Iraq is now "near total collapse."

"While there may be pockets of improvement from the 'surge,' these are transitory and limited achievements that are about four years too late . . . Rather than fight fragmentation, it would be better to manage the trend with a view toward establishing an entirely new political order," the report concludes.

Observe the terminology. "New political order."

EXACTLY what was envisioned in the PNAC documents. And the same ethos behind Condi's infamous statement in the midst of the destruction of Lebanon.

Lebanon is about to tear apart. The amount of political problems, at this point, are tragically insoluble.

Iraq's situation has been worse, but it is the same approach - there is no political will in Iraq, say the realpolitiks while the Bush administration supports the very same political establishment.

Iraq is armed groups and militia, the US military says, while it turns in a sleight of hand and arms militia, loses 190,000 weapons and then concludes by arming ragtag groups called "former Sunni insurgents".

Divisive politics for division.

Tried and true.

Ma3 al asaf.
Anonymous said…
Truth About Iraqis,
you sound just like TOT's brother, ameronazi filth ...
G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

A new a book about the martyrdom of Sadam has been released in Egypt, hope it is going to be a good one.

The writer has a very loud voice. So, I think it is going to be best seller.

Angel said…
Hi Layla,

I have had the crappiest day, arguing the Assyrian cause, with a wingnut who think's it's only Iraqi's killing Iraqi's, and they deserve everything they get, you know the same old story. Everything is straight forward to him. I told him nothing is straight forward in the Middle East. He and I have had the same argument time and time again. Arrogant prick! I gave him a good old dose of my history, via youtube, and also some family history.

The blog owner, Tim, at blogocracy, news.com.au, pulled the story off the blog roll and sent me an email sayint it was getting out of hand. It was quite right of him to do so, it was getting very personal, on my side.

For the fun part of today, I noticed Lady's post mentioning the marriage "ritual". My mother told me, after the marriage, the mothers watch for the sign of the seventh day. Does this still happen?

I am enjoying the political history from truth about raqi's. I think your blog is pretty much unique.

Looks like you not only have to supply the coffee, but cook as well!

Hello to Janice, way at the top of the comments. By the way, I can't find my glasses, so will trust that my spelling os OK
paymane said…
I am an Iranian ! I know Leyla probably doesn't like me. Well, she is an Arab, I am not terribly surprized.

Leyla, you keep forgetting one very important historical fact. Iraq as a country is a very recent phenomenon. For 2500 years, Iraq had never existed as a sovereign country. For two periods of almost 300 and 600 years, Iraq was a part of Iranian Empire. The land you call "my country" was governed by Iranians then Macedonians then by Iranians again, then by Arabs, then by Turks and then Brits picked up a map, drew fictitious lines and created a "country" out of thin air.
Kurds have an identity crisis, they are a persian tribe, like Beluchis or Turkomans, or Lors.
There is virtually no distinction between Kurds and for example Turkmen, both are tribes two of many tribes who have lived for thousand of years in the land of Aryans. Arabs are semitic tribes.
Dear Laila, I sympathize with you. Sunnis are being subjected to a massive genocide, Americans and those agents of Iran have blood of innocent people on their hands.
So do fundamentalist Arabs who are on a rampage of killing Shiats, for no other sin than, well, being Shiats. But Listen, it is not about Shiat or Sunni. It is NOT.
It is about power and wealth. It has always been. Groups inside Iraq know, there are billions of dollars hidden beneath their feet and every one is trying destroy others so that all the bribes and kickbacks and wealth coming from auctioning off Iraq's oil can be distributed to him and his family and friends. Americans want control, it doesn't matter who gets the loot just as long as they control the spigots.

The government of Iran has a certain right in influencing the conditions in its backyard and let's not forget, Saddam Hussein was responsible for hundreds of thousands of Iranian death and untold numbers who died from chemical bombardment. So Iranian government is trying to do what any other government would do. Protecting its interests.

So to recap. 1. What they are doing to Iraqis is Wrong what they are doing to Sunnis and Shiats is wrong. 2. There is not a whole lot of case there for a country between Iranian borders and Syria.
In reality, the west of Iraq, Syria Jordan and Palestine should have been combined ( I forgot Kuwait which is another non-country ) into one nation-state democracticaly administrated.
East and south of Iraq should be re-combined with Iran, Kurds should be re-merged with the mother country and if they want autonomy well it should be a negotiated settlement so that we can see if all their rights are preserved and if they get enough help from the central government, do Kurds by and large want an autonomy which would give them a poor country, of if they would want to be a free and prosperous part of a greater nation. and as for turks, well they have caused enough genocides, Armenian and otherwise that they really have no case any way.
Layla Anwar said…
Have no time to respond now, will get back later...
I can already tell some new "sophisticated" persian approach is being used here...

Until I come back, later, I would like you to ponder this simple question

What do Iranians, Jews and Kurds have in common ?

Think hard before you shit all over the place. Much obliged!
Anonymous said…
Dear Lady Penelope,

My first assignment to you as the English agent is to check out my latest song for you.

G.Gar said…
@ Paymane : Iran is factual entity:

Ahwas must be given back to Iraq for the Arabs who make up the majority of the province want ndependence from Persian colonialism, Baluchistan where rebles are revolting must be given to Pakistan and the north Azeri part of Iran should join Azerbijan. For It is obvious that Azeris ( 35%) of population dont respect Persian culture and refuse to speak persian. I learned froman Iranian guy that iranians get beaten up if they speak persian in Azeri regins

It seems to me that you like most Iranians you are extremely ignarnat of near eastern histories.

And there is no wonder about that because Iranians are alliens to this region- they are not middle easteners ( Iam talking about culture not race), but rather a mix of gypsies, indians and Nordics

The semitic Iraq is the first civilastion o earth. Persians are a recent phenomenon that came out to the world scene only during the last 600 years B.C. As before that they had been some sort of ILLITERATE wandering Barabrs in the Iranian plateau. ( Thank the Arabs for bringing ou alphabet)

who were the persians?

I have said "were" because they are extinct people at the present. Persians are dead people, accept it dude. Iranians of today apart of Azeris, Arabs and balluchis, are a mix of mongols, Taratrs, indians and Afghans- they happen to speak a language highly influenced by Arabic, in terms of voccabulary that traces its roots to an agglomerate of old languages spoken by different peoples in the Iranian plateau. AND NOTHING IS LEFT FROM THE ANCIENT PERSIAN CULTURE EXCEPT FOR SOME FEW SCRIPTS AND THE PERSPOLIS TEMPLE

First and foremost all Persians , had never been one people , but rather different tribes speaking different languages of Indo-Iranian origin, that invaded the Iranian plateau around the yrear 2000B.C, and mixed with original Indian Dravidian population.

First we had the, Achamenids who were savage, naked hords of barabrs that sacked the semitc Babylon ( babylonian tongue is one of the ancestors of the Arabic one) and ruined a great civilsation.

It is worth mentioning here to point out that the pride of Iran the perspolis temple is built on IRAQI STYLE ( BABYLONIAN)- and the semitic ARABIC Babylonian culture make up the main source of the entire Persian learning and ancient pseudo sciense that the semitic Arab liberators of Babylong found among the Iranian colonials of Iraq

Parthians were another barabrs who mimiced the Achamenids after the Macedonian invasion.

Sassanids were the last wave of those barbars who came mostly from Northern India and they imposed a cast system in Iran similar to that practiced by Indians

Who are the Arabs and who are the Iraqis?

The semitic Arabs liberated the near east from the Greco-Persian dominace. The Arabs accroding to both history and mythology were the semitic descndents of Babylonians, syrinacs and Egyptians( who were a special case of semites due to the isolated quasi oasis like nature of the NIle valley) where they mixed with the YEMNESE-THE ORIGIN OF ARABISM .

I would like to inform you that Mespotamia eversince the year 3000 B.C has been totally semitic were succesive settlements from ARABIAN PENNISULA CONSTITUTED THE BULK OF THE POPULATION.

There I would like to add the elemnts of culture in common between Bbaylonian tculture, Pharoanic, Ammorite,Aramaic, Kaannanite and the linguistic affinity among them was higher than that that existed among the different barabrians that inhabited the Iranian plateau.

Also the simlarties between Hieroglyphic, Bablonian, Aramaic and the classical contemporary Arabic are by far more than those that existed between the different tbarabric groups that nhabited the Iranian plateau.

what are the historical rights of Iraq in Iran?

Hiostorically the first settled culture in Iran was the Elamite one which was SEMTIC. Also the entire western part of Iran had for the most part of ancient era been included in the SEMITIC ARABIC BABYLONIAN EMPIRE.

How to end the Arab Irani quarrel?

you may not be awatre of it, but Arabs despise Iranians and consider them to be unclean. So basically we dont want to have anything to do with you. Never the less it that Iranians like to mimic flies in being too sticky. you keep exporting fanatcism to the Arab world through Iraq. For example, the retard Khomeini were calling for toppeling the Irqqi regime.

That's why Iraq had to beat you up in the 8 years war. And you never stopped you aggression untill the amount of beating you took was too much for you. Again you will be beaten and fried for making the land of your Arab masters unclean by your dirty Iranian presence. Some people just never learn from their mistakes. iranians must be beaten up,in order to cut off their venomous hands off the Arab world.

What about the Iraqi historical rights in Iran?

Again you as you have seen your ancetors were barbars you owe us your enire culture. Historuically western Iran is part of Iraq.

What about the contemporary entity so called Iran?

What is worse the contemporary Iran is a mosaic of different RACES AND PEOPLES who are glued together by opression of a retarded hallucinating wiered group of people who insist on linking themselves with fictional ties to extinct dead persian people(s). WHAT CONSTIUTS THEIR PERSIAN IDENTITY IS ORAL FAIRY TALES THAT ARE SPREAD IN IRAN AND FEW ANCIENT SCRIPTS, IN ADDDITION TO THE POEMS OF AL-FERDOWSY

The only way that can keep Iran intact is an overarching religous identity- Safavid Persian shiisim. That in turn makes Iran a perpetual source of religous tensions and fanticsm because it is almost the sole country in the world where citizenship is formed on basis of religous identity .

Therefore the the disease of religous fanticism that is spreading all the world can not be stopped unless the factual entity Iran is destroyed, for it is inducing and inspirng religous extremism in other religons and sects.

One last little peace of info for the Iran CREATURE.

As you have seen, Iranians are Iranians because they have common religon. Arabs in the Arabian gulf, Egypt, Tunise, levant, Iraq are all Arabs because they have comMon language culture, history and blood.

Last thing, if i ever get to see you face to face I will bang your head to the wall twenty times untill that stupid Iranian Brain of yours gushes off your ears.

Sorry for the long comment Layla, but the Iranian lies and chauvinism must be faught with all possible means by all Arabs.
Anonymous said…
Paymayne, you state that 'Iraq as a country is a very new phenomenon'. However, you seem to forget that all those who live in this 'new phenomenon' happen to call themselves IRAQIS, and not 'descendants of Persians', or whatever.

Historical facts or dismissing borders drawn by the colonialists are irrelevant at this point in time. If they were relevant, as you seem to claim, then several soverign countries, like Iraq, would cease to exist: for example, the partitioning of India which created Pakistan and also Bangladesh; several sovereign countries in Africa, where borders were redrawn by different colonialists would dissolve; Scotland would cease to exist; the US, as it is, would cease to exist (the southern bit having been stolen from Mexico), not forgetting that the land belongs to Native Indians; Australia would have to go back to the Aborigines, and all other people would have to return to Britain - just because some people like you felt they need to go back in history and take up from there.

Those borders are here to stay, and Iranian claim to Iraq is preposterous. And do you really think that Syrians, Palestinians and Jordanians would wish to be called anything else but what they are?

Iraq, within its legitimate borders, belongs to IRAQIS, and not to Iran, or the US or any other evil occupier on this sovereign land. And, by the way, Iraq IS Layla's country, whether you like it or not, and she, and other Iraqis like her, will fight tooth and nail to keep it that way. I would, as would any patriotic people anywhere in the world.
Anonymous said…
ooh ooh..I think I know the answer layla!

Iranians, Jews and Kurds have stolen the hummus and toubeleh recipes from A-rabs! maybe they should be called A-wraps since they wear so many layers of clothing ;-)
Anonymous said…
Raise your hands who think Amre El-Abyad is not a disgusting hubristic racist!
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Dem..
"The Story" by Brandi Carlile is a good song. I don't know how to link songs from Utube.
Anonymous said…
interesting how some debates are designed to deviate attention away from fact, only to draw people into a subjective argument which is supposed to lead to the one conclusion: "Iraq is a failed state" and "should be carved up along ethnic lines".

Irrespective of how borders were drawn up, this does not take away from the fact that the invasion and continued occupation is illegal, it does not take away the legal and moral legitimacy of the Iraqi resistance and it certainly does not take away the legitimate right to oppose Iranian interference in what is a "soverign country".

Little Deer is correct to state that "Historical facts or dismissing borders drawn by the colonialists are irrelevant at this point in time", as this did not stop the Ba'ath Party from nationalising Iraq's oil, building up a solid welfare state and providing free health and education to all Iraqi citizens.
Anonymous said…
Here you go annon,

Alan the Red said…
Hey Anonymous, I dare to make passes at Goddess Layla because, when I was a boy, they gave me Rudyard Kipling books to read, and so I know that God is an Englishman :-)

And I just love her attitude "Don't tread om me", and her artwork. Layla is a true Goddess.

Hey, he who dares, wins :-)
Anonymous said…
layla- is it not possible that the mossad and co are the ones drilling iraqis? they are the ones who are planting bombs in shia mosques, putting bombs in crowded places, and creating mythical figures like zarqawi- all to create hatred for sunnis and cause violence against them and a civil war.

so to make sunnis hate shias, why wouldn't the queens of torture be the ones responsible for torturing iraqis?
Anonymous said…
Now that we "know" the history of the primitives, barbarians, despots, Iranians, Iraqis, non-entities, etc., let the killing continue.

What constitutes that entity to which we refer as “A COUNTRY?”
Alan the Red said…
Hiya Layla,

I hope your arm gets better soon.

If I weren't a man, would I be bitching about the fact that the Yanks killed my wife with their nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll? Cancer riddling her entire body. Hey, you know when you've found your soulmate when it tingles, just by touching hands, but they had condemned her to death long before I even met her. I see in the Asia Times that her countrymen are now ridding themselves of Yanks.

Now let's talk about the British government.
Blair: Irish/Scot
Brown: Scot
Both Reids: Scots
Kelly: Irish

Hell, there is hardly anybody in the entire house who is English. Hey, they're Scots, a race that often refer to themselves as Jacobites; the tribe of Jacob.

As for those Yanks telling us how they saved us from the Germans, what about Mrs Sax-Coburg in Buckingham Palace; when will they be saving us from that German?

I'm no happier than you are, either with the parasites who drag us into corporate wars for Israel, or with the Yanks, who supposedly had a revolution to get away from that Queen, and yet now seem to be serving her government so well. They don't represent me. And if we have to have a re-run of Culloden to drive the parasites out of our country, I'm more than willing. You'll find that many English feel the same. Stop knocking the English and you and I will get along; it is Scots, Yanks, and the German queen, who launched the war against Iraq. Scots are such a dour lot. The only thing that makes them happy is whiskey, and if you go to Scotland the food is disgusting; best stick to eating at Chinese restaurants in Scotland :-)

Hey, I went to the land of the free one time, got off the Greyhound in Phylidephia (The City of Brotherly Love) and the first person I encountered was a Vietnam Vet begging on the street. And they have their "Liberty Bell" locked up in a bombproof container; hey baby, that's really free :-)

And you can get to choose 214 flavours of ice-cream. Now what kind of place is that? You only need coconut flavoured ice-cream; all the choice of stupid flavours makes ice-cream really hard work; ice-cream is supposed to be fun, not hard work; they're confused. No wonder they're all wall-to-wall fat. Yanks are stupid and ignorant, and I just love winding them up.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi everyone, I really need to write my post and will get back to you all...
Great song ID - The story.
Layla Anwar said…
Am still at it, how come no one has commented on Peter Tosh song?
Layla Anwar said…
Seems no one likes my Peter Tosh song. Tough!
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi democrat and little deer, I think you are falling in the trap of the argumentation...
Layla Anwar said…

Hello. I know you would like to think it is the Mossad drilling.
Rest assured the mossad has not stopped training the american army in the "art of torture". But trust me on this one, it is really the sectarian iranian, militias that are doing the drilling...There is ample proof, and documented cases and pictures.
Layla Anwar said…
Maitreya, I do not know about the scots and the germans being the real cause of the moral downfall of not so Great Britain...
I am not involved in local english politics. I know the english, historically have been the head of the hydra.
Layla Anwar said…
Angel, sorry to disappoint you, I shall not be cooking for anyone. I thought we had a deal of your raising the funds from the Aussies as compensation? or are you getting lazy on me now?
Layla Anwar said…
Pyroman aka paymane,

My name is Layla not Leyla. Thanks.
You see something, when you start the way you start, you are already giving yourself the answers, so why bother telling me?
I will not go back into the history, I think Amre al Abyad did that quite well. Well, I can't help it if he gets carried away - I fully understand.
One more note though and it is more for the general record.
If we are to talk about history, then we should start at the very beginning. When Persia did NOT exist and when the land of Sumeria, was a semitic land and from sumerian sprung ARAMAIC. And the Akkadians, the Assyrians and the Babylonians were NOT persians.
So I disagree to some extent with little Deer who says well the frontiers are traced now...
If we go back to the real frontiers, there were none and you guys did not exist. Punto.
So let us leave aside historical quibbles and concentrate on your use of the language.
On the one hand you say it is not about shia and sunnis. YES it is not about shia and sunnis, it is about Persians and Arabs. To which your govt has added a shia flavor and opposed it to a so called "wahabi" flavor. WE did not know what wahabism was- is prior to your occupation of our lands.
So you sidestep that but you think you intelligently replace it with ARAB FUNDAMENTALISM.
What the hell is Arab fundamentalism???
I have never heard of that before. Did Ahmadinajad or your revolutionary council just invent it?
There is no Arab fundamentalism but there is Persian chauvinism and history abounds with persian chauvinism. Another punto for you.

And last but not least, Saddam Hussein managed for many decades to keep us from being invaded by american and iranian barbarians alike - that have one major thing in common, their racism and hatred of Arabs.

And if the REALITY of what is happening in Iraq TODAY is not enough proof for you, then I you will confirm my initial perception, that you are not only in bad faith but you are also an Pyroman.
Garda Ghista said…
Dear Layla,

See what I wrote at the top of my homepage. I told the world, I love you so much. I told you, never stop writing. And also, it is hard for me to chit chat like others here. I only want to be with all of you, and laugh when you laugh and weep when you weep. I don't feel like doing anything else, Layla.

Layla Anwar said…
Dear Garda,

Thank you. I tried to check your blog but it says your profile is not available. You may want to enable it or somethin.
Much love to you too.
Anonymous said…
"he gets carried away" = he shows his true colors - those of a pharaonic psycopath
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous - I do not believe that Amere is a pharaonic psychopath.
I know you dislike the fact that he is not too gentle on present day Iran . but then he does have historical facts to back him up.
Anonymous said…
Hi again Layla,

Hey, those Norman shits who rule over us are not English, and neither is the Queen. Furthermore, they can all take their King James Bibles, authorised versions, and authorise them where the sin don't shine. I have never bowed my head to that parasite, unlike Dick Cheney, who got himself a gong.

Hey, I see in your new article that you are saying about those minority Shias who have been authorised to rule over you; well ain't that just like those miserable minority Scots who infest the British parliament? Scots, the deluded nation that call themselves Jacobites. How the hell can they be Jacobites when Jacob was a Semmite? See "Jews for Judaism" who point this error out. Oh yes, but those Christians just love killing Jews, when they're not killing Muslims, just to shut out the truth. Poor deluded little Christians who need an imaginary friend just to get them through their miserable, guilt-ridden, lives.

Any true English person knows the lie that has been forced upon us for 2000 years by these deluded morons.

Anonymous said…
You are of racists. Arab racism against Iran. At least Iranian of all ethnic groups stood to Saddam with all his Arab Allies and Western allies when he thought he could take over half of Iran. And it were the Lors, Bulch and Arabs who stood up and fought with bare hands and defeated the SOB and that was the end of him.
If you ass holes had any unity a few million Jews would not be able to fuck your brothers and sisters for half a century, so shut the fuck up about Iran. It is Iran who is standing to both the U.S and Israel and for the first time defeated Israel in Lebanon when Arabs were defending Israel.all a bunch

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