Let's call the whole thing off.

I understand that some of you may not like Jazz, but how on earth can anyone not like Billie Holiday?

Do you remember that song of hers, "Let's call the whole thing off"?

"you say neether, I say neither
you say eeether, I say either
you like potayto, I like potaato,
you like tomayto, I like tomaato,
potayto, potaato, tomayto, tomaato
let's call the whole thing off..."

I just read in the Observer, the Guardian's sister, that the US army in Iraq is crippled by fatigue.
The famous Guardian that still uses the Iraqi Body Count figure of 70'000 Iraqis dead as opposed to 1 million+ Iraqis dead since 2003. For more on that shameful reporting from the Guardian read Gabriele Zamparini's blog.

The article says that those poor soldiers are suffering from sleep disorders, the proverbial PTSD, conjugal problems, exhaustion, lassitude and bouts of acute superstition... They also live on "Red Bull" and "Rip it".

Now Red Bull, I have heard of, but what the fuck is Rip it?
Is it a drink that enables you to rip Iraq and Iraqis apart? Like turns you into Jack the Ripper?
Whatever it is they are drinking, it seems to be working - well sort of...

So your boys are tired, exhausted? Oh la la, I really empathize. I know all about being tired. I and countless others suffer from the occupation chronic fatigue syndrome.

They are having marital problems? What a crime separating families that way. Am sure thousands of Iraqis can relate to that too. Widows, orphaned kids and families of arbitrary detainees who amount to over 100'000 in shadow prisons all over Iraq.

They suffer from PTSD ? Wow, tell me about it - I wonder why. Must be hard having one's finger on the trigger 24/7. So does the sight and stories of tortured bodies, overflowing morgues, corpses littering the streets, and symphonies of bombs and explosions...

They suffer from sleeping disorders? Hey, join the club. Want a sleeping pill?

They miss back home ? I sure can relate. I miss family life too. So are millions of Iraqis who have seen their families being torn apart - sorry meant ripped apart. Remember the "Rip it".

They have become acutely superstitious ? Us too. We keep hugging personal papers, ready to flee at any moment and some of us even changed our names and started hanging pictures of mullahs and other saints on our walls...

They doze with their clothes on, on dusty floors ? So are 4.4 million Iraqi refugees.
And some sleep on pavements and in tents as an "alternative life style"...
Any Californian in the house ? Maybe she/he would like to try this public communal form of living arrangement. So 60's!

They are frequently deserting and absent ? Yes, so are the 1 million Iraqis dead.

They witness their buddies being shot and bombed away ? I know the feeling. Every single family in Iraq endures it daily. I even have a special section in my wardrobe just for black clothes... Black is in fashion these days.

They can't communicate properly anymore ? Boy does that ring a bell.
We communicate very badly too. We send a one word text message with " OK?" and if there is no "OK" reply, we know we're in for another PTSD. Or we give coded missed calls implicitly saying "we are still alive" and if the phone does not ring back immediately with another missed call - we spell it as "trouble".

They have no way of decompressing? Yep sure thing, we have not decompressed either since 2003. Decomposed maybe, but definitely not decompressed.

The only thing I can't relate to, though, is the "Red Bull" and the "Rip it".
We have neither. Just small bottled water if one is lucky to afford it, that we sip all so gently and slowly... But, am curious about tasting this "Rip it" thing...if you see what I mean.

you say Ayrab, I say Arab
you say EyeRaq, I say Iraq
you say tiiyred, I say tired...

So, let's do it. Let's call the whole thing off.

P.S: I just read that the U.S army in a desperate attempt, has opened its doors to more dropouts . OK, Iraqis, brace yourselves for another surge of morons!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Muhammad Muhradin.


Anonymous said…
The new class of killers:

Anonymous said…
The invaders have brought pain, death and destruction to the people of Iraq.

And then complain it's too tough.

There's a joke in there somewhere. Even if it's not funny.
Anonymous said…
Prior to Rip-it was the war-fighter, no longer soldier. These "fancy" terms must appeal to the life-n-blood killers. Anything to express the "sucked-up" killer instinct. Our poor "DICK," never had the opportunity to express his "in-stink" in Vietnam. He had "other priorities." And our fully-imbibed bush. Most drunks stagger at the legs, he staggers at the mouth, driven by the "holed-brain."

Worse is yet to come. Wait until they open the prisons. The US, with 5% of the world's population, has 25% of its prisoners. That would be some class of killers.
And then will come the killing machines. The ones I call the Hearts and Minds(less), the automatons being developed by the arms manufacturers. Game boys (and gals) will operate them and kill real "rakis," no computer generated image. They will have real fun. Better than sex. They will experience the ultimate climax. Its the American way. Bring-em-on.
Angel said…
Hi Layla,

PTSD is nasty. Physical pain you deal with, with or without drugs. Psychological pain is another thing again.

I suffer wih PTSD, or SD, whichever. It has been going on for years. At first, they were all bad days, for around 2 years. Then things started to slowly get better.

I can appreciate your 'OK's?' and your feelings also, when not receiving a reply immediately.

I had read about the soldiers under stress, not being able to relax etc. I don't have to repeat what you have written.

We both know the PTSD is felt on both sides, and it is a living hell for all of you.

There is no need to remind me of who my sympathies lies with. Iraqi's of course!
Unknown said…
"We will never surrender. We will never give up. We will fight them on the beach. We will fight them in the country. We will fight them in the city. We will fight them in the alleys. We will fight them to the edge of the empire, but we will never, never, Never, Never, NEVER SURRENDER!" -- Sir Winston Churchill
Anonymous said…
"Whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never never never surrender!" -- Winston Churchill
Anonymous said…
Layla Is Layla Anwar your real name? I know it is quite a common Iraqi name - in fact my neighbor in Baghdad was a girl called Layla Anwar. She would be much older than you. I don't think you would be blogging under your real name - or are you?
Anonymous said…
Some additional draft dodgers with other priorities like Dick.

Anonymous said…
It's easy for soldiers to score heroin in Afghanistan

Simultaneously stressed and bored, U.S. soldiers are turning to the widely available drug for a quick escape.


Zaidan said…
The Iraqi resistance broke the US military. Just remember that.

This is far, far worse than Vietnam.

You will see.

The Ukrainians broke Hitler's army, they were the first contingent to make it to Berlin.

I wrote about how the conspiracy against Iraq - and Syria, unfolded. And how it unraveled.

The greatest foreign policy blunder in US history does have its aftershocks you know.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

Thank you once more for sharing your reflections with us. I keep them in my heart and thoughts for hours.
Feedbacks are interesting !

My prayers are with you and Iraqis
Keep yourself safe my dear friend !

Bless you
John Brown said…
I blogged about this yesterday, too, in the context of the Resistance's killing of Uncle Sam's little jack-booters in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also interesting in the Guardian piece is the last part, where the newly named war tsar thinks a draft is a good idea here on Uncle Sam's Plantation.

I would take exception with one thing you say, Layla: the newest group of soldiers are probably better than any that have come before.

Their criminal records and such don't mean much considering practically everyone with dark skinned is under relentless assault by the Pigs.

These are probably the people most likely to start gunning down the officer corps, which is what needs to happen.

And their price for selling out was higher.
Anonymous said…
L.A. is not layla's real name. Her real name is Miriam Gol....
Anonymous said…
Layla is her pen name.

Layla and I went to beauty school together. She is beautiful. In fact, she would've been the Iraq Beauty Queen of 1986, if it wasn't for that hair. She has black crazy hair that sticks out. It makes Einsteins hair look tame.
We tried using tar to keep it straight but it attracted too many bugs.
Although she later went on to win a competition, it wasn't a beauty queen. She won the best Medusa look-a-like competion and still has the trophy on her mantel today.

She's a very proud arab woman.
Anonymous said…
First I would like to say that Layla Anwars real name is either, Lala, Tinky Winky, Dipsi or Po.

What should first be taken into account, is that the Guardian is the paper of the Bolli Bolsheviks and lovers of Trotsky in the UK and questions should be asked into Iraq Body Count.

The first question is the obvious, how do IBC know that their information is accurate when its "workers" are people who are not even based in Iraq?

The motives behind their claim at "70,000" dead is questionable, because according to their own website, all IBC workers are British based "academics", with an apparent obsessive disorder (which effects many Brits) of counting dead bodies from affar.

What do IBC count as a body "worthy" of being counted by their colonialist website?

IBC say: "Casualty figures are derived from a comprehensive survey of online media reports and eyewitness accounts. Where these sources report differing figures, the range (a minimum and a maximum) are given. All results are independently reviewed and error-checked by at least two members of the Iraq Body Count project team in addition to the original compiler before publication."

Why don't Iraq Body Count and the "Good ol' White folk" in the Western Anti-War movement class suicide, deaths as a result of malnutrition and a lack of available medicines, as "casualities" of their war?

According to IBC: "For a source to be considered acceptable to this project it must comply with the following standards: (1) site updated at least daily; (2) all stories separately archived on the site, with a unique url; (3) source widely cited or referenced by other sources; (4) English Language site; (5) fully public (preferably free) web-access.

So I hope that people have told their relatives in Iraq, that before they die, make sure they publish the fact on an "English Language Site", as it wont be counted by the Iraq Body Count.

They also say "By requiring that two independent agencies publish a report before we are willing to add it to the count".

Sadly though Lala, Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po will not have her stories taken "seriously" by the insults to Gertrude Bell, who atleast could speak Arabic but from the sounds of things, IBC look like they could just about say that what is going on in Iraq is "inappropriate", I bet they vote Labour or Liberal.
Layla Anwar said…
Will reply to most comments, later...
But in the meantime "Sister" Yogi...that was very funny...hahahahahahahahahahaha.

And what do you look like "Sis" ? Yogi the bear in Victoria's secrets lingerie, a thong perhaps ? or maybe in pampers for incontinence?
Layla Anwar said…

Thank for the link. As you sent it to me, I was reading it on yahoo. Perfect timing.
Layla Anwar said…
we reap what we sow,

I agree with you, there is a joke there somewhere and it's not even funny...as you said.
And I keep telling it - If you don't like the Resistance and it is tiring you out, end the Occupation.
Layla Anwar said…
life !!!

Seems like a sorry state when Thanatos and Eros, have become one and the same in the american psyche. Giving birth to the "ultimate climax" of automated killings.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Angel, sorry to hear about our suffering of this disorder...It can be quite debilitating...and takes time to heal..if at all.
I read somewhere that hypnosis is very useful and has brought safe and fast results...
We will need a whole community of hypnotherapists in Iraq.
taryl cabot said…
Red Bull's pretty well known - my company's vending machine sells it. "Rip It" was new to me as well, but here's their high energy website.

Layla Anwar said…
Titus, still Cretinus?

You have left the same comment 4 times. Each time adding an extra "never".
Since you seem to be such an adept and fan of Sir Winston, let me tell you a little story about him - maybe you can relate...

Once Sir Winston was seated in Parliament and had his fly wide open.
His assistant whispered to him- He said " Sir your fly is open" to which Sir Winston replied, sucking on his cigar " My dear boy, a dead bird NEVER flies ".
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Yolla,

Hi there and thanks as usual for your words of solidarity and all the rest :-)
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi jew,

Funny you should ask me about my name. I was thinking of doing exactly the same thing. It is not prompted by sheer curiosity, quite the opposite.
Just the other day, I was talking to a relative about the jews in Iraq.
This relative had a very close and dear friend of hers under the name of Elonor, they were best buddies...But Elonor's family decided to leave to Israel and that was in the 50's. My relative still wonders what happened to Elonor...
Do you know any Iraqi jew called Elonor? My relative would be very happy to receive news of her then best friend.
Layla Anwar said…
John Brown, hello,

Am not sure I understood what you meant by the new class of soldiers turning against their officers...
Is that wishful thinking ?
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Democrat,

Hello. If the Guardian is run by Trotskyists, then we can safely kiss the permanent revolution goodbye...
I agree with your analysis that the Guardian has managed to truly reveal its very biased racist slant...
Gertrude Bell was a spy by the way.
And last but not least, am getting to like your videoclips...Just take it easy on the Madonna, she reminds me too much of degenerate America, with its S&M, its drugs, its million dollars assets for selling "asses" on stage...

Yours truly,
Lala, Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po
Anonymous said…
Layla, I just posted today's entire blog on the STA forum. The address is: http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=185677

It will be interesting to see how people react. I expect abuse from some. Another thing I expect is that very few will actually read my post.

That's called "lack of interest". Which is why I keep trying to open their eyes.

Last night I went to my granddaughter's school play. At the end they showed how so many people were encouraging them to be the best they can be. Wonderful. Except all I kept seeing was pictures flashing before my eyes of broken Iraq, and all the children who, if they live, will NEVER be the same again.

So... I enjoyed the play. It was good. But I thought how hypocritical we all were, when we were allowing such carnage to go on in Iraq for its children to "learn" from.

I find these two very different worlds extremely difficult to cope with at times. So, I posted today knowing I'd be slammed by some. I just had to get an Iraqi viewpoint out there.
Anonymous said…
Angel, you said you suffered from PTSD. This is interesting. You see, I suffer from PTSD too, and it's become CFS. I've lived with it for years, and am resigned to never getting a good night's sleep without drugs...

But my point is, does it take something truly dreadful to happen in our lives to wake us up? Is this something which everybody who truly aches for the Iraqis has in common?

I've tried to work out for so long why so few care (I mean REALLY care) about what "we" are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other places we like to kill people. Perhaps you really only get an idea after you've had an experience that has shaken you to the core and changed your whole way of thinking.

I'd like feedback on this please. What other reason is there that some care so much and most care either very little or not at all?
daphne o,brien said.

I find these two very different worlds extremely difficult to cope with at times. So, I posted today knowing I'd be slammed by some. I just had to get an Iraqi viewpoint out there.

I did the same thing at a Democratic site, Lets Call The Whole Thing Off, And Only If I Could, I also had to get an Iraqi View point out there, but I also noticed that Information Clearing House are linking Laylas posts.
Anonymous said…
Layla I know two women from Iraq called Elenor. But they both left the same time I did around 1973.One settled in Holland and one in the UK. It was quite a common name in the jewish community. Does your relative know her friend's family name?
Angel said…

Drugs, marvellous things. No sleep what so ever without them. I tried a few times, but was in a half sleep and half awake state, with panic attacks on and off all night. After major discussions, over months and months, the medical guru's said "maintainence dose" for the rest of your life.
I have been self medicating, with Dr's blessing for years. I have a certain amount of leeway.

I don't think it has anything at all to do with Iraq. This has been happening to me for a much longer time, but I did not recognise it as such, until it manifested in such a major way that I sought medical advice.

It does not take a major event for this to happen. It can be a series of small things. If you are usually a strong person, it hits you hard.

Daphne, you have to stop stressing about Iraq. The world can be changed, by one small act. We just all need to do it at the same time. We will get there, one way or the other.

For Iraqi's and US soldiers alike, it is their personal hell. The soldiers can go home, but where do the Iraqi's go?

This has made me think, I am going to post on my blog on the topic within the next few days. There are so many of us that suffer. Keep tuned.

Layla, having trouble posting. Need's 2 or 3 go's.
Anonymous said…
"Yogi the bear wearing a thong"...
Anonymous said…
Dear Daphne,

The question you ask in relation to Post Traumatic Stress and people not "carring" is one of reality and fiction coming into conflict with each other.

The issue is not new, with advancements in this issue being made durring and after world war one and ironiclly, "treatment" was offered so that it could help people get back to the front quicker.

How the West population deals with the issue is by cheering the troops on one side and on the other side shouting abuse from a distance.

It is amazing, just how people when discharged from the British Army go on to become homeless, develop drug habits, take up violence in relationships and some end up committing suicide.

If people are deluded enough to think that the situation with Post Traumatic Stress on both sides is bad now, then lets give it another ten, twenty and thirty years, lets wait until people develop dementia and lets watch as the "dead" return to haunt us all!

The flip of coin on the otherhand, is the response by "people" in relation to Iraq and Afghanistan, the very fact that they view Western foreign policy as being a "moral issue", rather than conflicting interests, that many who still support maintaining troops in Iraq and Afghanistan can still walk the streets shopping, going out to get drunk on an evening, without even thinking that "we" are at "war".

This is partly down to the fact that there hasn't been a recent collective "experience" to have shaken the West to the "core", unlike post world war 2 Britain, where the memories of the trenches from WW1, the mass loss of lives, were still fresh in people's memories and entire families had been destroyed.

Sadly though, many in the West feel that the way to make things better is by holding a rally and reading out the names of the dead over a microphone, thus appeasing their own guilt and not really changing anything.

Others feel that effecting change is by counting dead bodies in Iraq, from the comforts and security of the West, whilst using politically correct language and impressive phrases to justify their own existence.

And as for us "sleeping pill" addicts, your body eventually gets use to the chemicals before the pictures, noises and sometimes even the dead come back to get us.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for posting it.
Would be curious to see what the reactions are, if any...
You asked a very pertinent question, and I will attempt to reply from my understanding of things...
You said to the effect, why do some people care and some seem to have crocodile skin ?
I don't know why the latter category is the way it is, but all I know is that the former are meant to use that "sensitivity" and do something with it, for the world.
Layla Anwar said…

You said : "For Iraqi's and US soldiers alike, it is their personal hell. The soldiers can go home, but where do the Iraqi's go?"

A VERY good question...
Where will they go and what will they be left with?

Most people imagine that things can simply switch back to "normal",
most people think, oh well, they will rebuild the infrastructure, will go back to their homes, will have peace eventually...
This is a VERY tunnel like vision of what this whole thing is all about.

I mean here you are miles away, and so is Daphne. I assume you have relatively ok lives...But still, some ailment besieges...

I think of the millions, their children, their grand children, how will they cope later? I mean personally cope? Mentally cope...

I do not think people really understand the extent of the horrors...Or maybe they understand but cannot evaluate the impact.

So yes, where will Iraqis go to?
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Democrat,

I liked your comment and specially these last two paragraphs

"Sadly though, many in the West feel that the way to make things better is by holding a rally and reading out the names of the dead over a microphone, thus appeasing their own guilt and not really changing anything.

Others feel that effecting change is by counting dead bodies in Iraq, from the comforts and security of the West, whilst using politically correct language and impressive phrases to justify their own existence. "

It made me laugh....The image that came across is the self importance of some, when using those impressive phrases. Ah so self important. It makes not one iota of difference though to us.

Some may argue well its not my business...Hell it is your business. You got us there, you got us there for sure. A living hell and trust me and mark my words, more stories will emerge, in a few months, or a few years and the full horrors will be exposed...

And I would like to see then, the self important impressive phrases.
Anonymous said…
You want to get rid of the americans?
Interrupt that stupid free-for-all brawl for half a year or so and have your government tell the americans that the country is pacified and they can leave.
While iraqis are killing iraqis the americans will feel compelled to try to clean up their mess.

Maybe not as satisfying as shooting up american asses but it's up to you people to decide what's more important for you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

(Hope you like the vid) but when the full horrors are exposed the response in the West will be that of ignorance.

The argument that its non of our business has proven to be rubbish not just to the cost of those who have died since the invasion, but the crimes committed under the sanctions too.

The stories that are coming out of Iraq now, are just the tip of the iceburg and when the surface has been scratched it will be as disasterous and destructive as the opening of Pandora's Box.

Lets not forget that ignorance has never been a defence in a courtroom and pleading ignorance has and will cost many more thousands their lives.

No amount of fancy words or (Iraq) Body Counts will stop the phantom menace Al-Qaida, or the consequences unleashed by once traumatised Iraqi children but grown up and most certainly, reading the names of dead soldiers will not prevent them from returning to haunt the others on their return home.
Anonymous said…
I can't speak for everyone else, but for me, I 'stopped' caring because violence never ends, it only changes location. Yesterday it was Africa, today it's Iraq, tomorrow it's on my doorstep.

People say they care, but in truth it's a relative term. They care for people like themselves, or by region, race, religion etc. Iraq is the perfect example of this. How many countries are directly and indirectly involved in the violence there? Yet, we sit on websites and wax poetic about kindness and compassion. The few that do care are helpless to the point of being insignificant to a cause. The only time anyone cares is when it happens to them.

ps. don't be in such a rush to take medication for PTSD. Yeah, life is tough, but I'm sure someone, somewhere would love to have your problems (Iraqi's).
Layla Anwar said…

My english is not as good as your american, what does free for all brawl mean?

And now the finger is pointed at the Iraqis, they simply can't get along... can they now !

Forget the 165'000 americans soldiers and the 50'000 mercenaries there, and...
Forget about the biggest American embassy in the world with over 5'0000 employees....

Yeah you will leave ok, but not on your terms.
Layla Anwar said…
typo. 5'000 not 5'0000000 but still too many for my taste. Every single american in Iraq is too many for my taste.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Kangaroo,

Would be interested too, to read some of the reactions, please keep me posted. Thanks.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Democrat, the last vid I am not sure I liked...I liked the previous one though, shout...
I always look forward to them, for they carry a message...
Cheers mate !
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi jew,

Will ask and get back to you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

Here is another for you, which I'm sure you'll like.

It can also be the anthem for all us insomniacs asking the same questions.

best as ever
Anonymous said…
Dear Angel,

You Said: "I don't think it has anything at all to do with Iraq. This has been happening to me for a much longer time, but I did not recognise it as such, until it manifested in such a major way that I sought medical advice."

I think you may have misunderstood me. I did not get this "illness" over Iraq. It grew from a tragedy in our family which followed years of abuse, very hard work and little sleep.

My point was, does it take something like that to wake us up to reality, which is what a couple of other posters have suggested.

I was actually saying that you sounded a lot like me. My CFS, following PTSS (or whatever the letters are!) began about thirty years ago, and like you, I will self medicate for the rest of my life I imagine, as I can't go to sleep without.

But through that sort of stuff, you emphathise instead of sympathising. And as we can see, sympathy doesn't always go more than skin deep.

Thanks for your response though Angel.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I got 234 hits, but no commentary. I will find out tonight if anyone left messages on my home computer.

I should have "spiced up" my heading. People need that these days. I'll word it a a much more "exciting" manner next time...

Let's just hope a few understood Iraq a little better because of the post. But I'm not holding my breath.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi again everyone,
I just discovered this really well done series 22videos by 3 Iraqi young men living in Baghdad.
They are recent, as far as back May 2007.
They will give you a visual glimpse/ idea of daily life there.
These three young men are truly remarkable and very talented. All the videos are in perfect english!

And here is the link- It is called hometown baghdad.

Anonymous said…
re Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.They did not have a name for it 30 years ago. All I can say is it gets better with time and without drugs. Although I still have nightmares every now and then.
Anonymous said…
Layla if your relative's friend is still in Israel rest assured she is still cooking and eating kubba, going to chalghi parties (Iraqi Jews throw a Chalghi at least once a month),still writing her grocery list in Arabic and bellydancing at her children's wedding parties. It is like time stood still with the Iraqi Jews who left in 1950.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi jew,

Funny again that you should mention that about Iraqi jews in Israel.
Last night, I was thinking of 1991, you know, first Gulf War.

Someone sent me a video, he had taped it from some european TV channel...It was about the Iraqis in Israel.

The documentary showed all the iraqi traditions being enacted on a daily basis...but not only that. What was the most amazing thing, and I remember it so vividly, was one iraqi guy who owned a kebab shop. He had the picture of Saddam Hussein hanging there...
The interviewer asked him how can he put the picture of the leader of iraq in his shop when there is clearly a war going on...
And the iraqi jew replied.
"Of course I will, he is an Iraqi, he is a Battal "

I do not know if all Iraqi jews in Israel, share that same sentiment or not. I know that the 150'000 Iraqi kurdish jews in Israel don't but then I do not consider them as Iraqis.
Anonymous said…
those iraqi jews who prefer a nebulous bed-time tale for over-excited little children (the "promise land") over the solid reality of their roots, identity and history are STUPID.
John Brown said…
I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your question, Layla. I wanted to give it time and do so in a thoughtful way.

You ask, "Is that wishful thinking?" to my statement that the newest batch of cannon fodder recruited by Uncle Sam "are probably the people most likely to start gunning down the officer corps, which is what needs to happen."

My statement was by no means absolute, but one also must take into consideration the objective condition of Uncle Sam's Storm-Troopers right now.

I made my comment on the basis of 2 chief factors: first, those being "recruited" into the military today are essentially being promised the moon - full college tuition, enormous signing bonuses, short commitments, pick your field, etc. In other words, they're being promised whatever it takes to get them into the military.

Further, those most heavily targeted with this propaganda are living in the communities under vicious assault by Uncle Sam's Police State apparatus every day.

Recall how the Observer talked about the 'criminals' now being recruited: well, Uncle Sam has over 3,000,000 people in his Concentration Camps. That's more than anywhere else in the world... lots more.

Hundreds of thousands of these people are there having committed no crime at all, languishing because of lies told by some Pig or because some snitch fingered them.

But they're still called 'criminals'. They still can't vote, go to college, or get a job.

Black male unemployment in Detroit is 70%. In NYC, it's 50%.

It's not Iraq, but living in the Uncle Sam's ghetto is not unlike living in a war-zone.

Uncle Sam doesn't want to use these so-called criminals for anything, because they are most conscious of their own oppression. After all, they've been targeted and oppressed their entire lives. Yet now, recruited in some subway station and promised a future, they're being told to go and kill for their oppressor in Iraq.

They may even buy it at first. But they're not the same as those who were itching to go years ago.

This brings to mind the Vietnam analogy. After a half-dozen years of fierce Resistance by the Vietnamese people, Uncle Sam's military there was in a seriously chaotic state. Race relations were horrible, largely because the 'White' officer corps was forcing the 'Black' GIs to kill people for whom they had nothing against.

Consequently, a serious problem known as 'fragging' arose within the military in which soldiers, unwilling to do the dirty work their officers commanded, turned their weapons on them. Hundreds of cases of this are documented.

Movies have even been made that address it, and, as more people from impoverished backgrounds oppressed daily by Uncle Sam are brought in, the likelihood of a similar phenomenon occurring grows exponentially.

Anyway, my point is not that soon Uncle Sam will have a military mutiny on His hands and the soldiers will be fighting with the Resistance. What I am suggesting is that Uncle Sam's being forced to draw on people with a marginal allegiance at best to the system that's sent them to kill & die. I realize that Uncle Sam has unleashed a genocidal war there that has lasted more than 16 years. However the Resistance unleashed against the savage occupation has taken its toll, too.

Accounts of a broken military are the norm here, now, and the political hacks who were gung-ho for genocide 3 years ago don't really have a clue what to do now.

The actions of the Iraqi Resistance will force Uncle Sam to retreat... eventually. And as that day approaches, I can say with certainty that another factor - albeit a much smaller one - in that occurring is the resistance to Uncle Sam's orders by those deemed cannon-fodder.

I hope this clarifies what I was trying to say.

In Solidarity!
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla re "... he is a Battal " for a moment I thought what is the big deal about being unemployed (Battal) then realised he meant 'hero'. I haven't seen that documentary and find it hard to believe. I don't know of any Iraqi Jew who sympathised with Saddam or any other ruler in Iraq. How could they when they were persecuted,not by the people, but by these rulers.In any case Iraqi Jews generally are not political.
Also there is no way that 150,000 Kurdish Jews left Iraq. The total number who left at that time was around 200,000 mainly from Baghdad and Basrah.
Anonymous said…
To realist..
No we are not STUPID. Who in his right mind would prefer to live as a Dhimmi?
They are excellent videos Layla,
Posted them on my site,

Layla, I feel that anyone interested to know the truth about what is happening in Iraq, the information is out there if they just want to look.
I have been following Georgie since the Supreme Court stole the election and put him into the White House, and I think that anyone who had a working brain knew exactly what the little thug had all intentions of doing long before he was elected.
Keep posting, many people can't handle the truth if it hits them in the face, or they just don't want to know, because then, they have to realise what criminal actions have been committed with their support.
Well your posts certainly bring a few home truths to the bloggers out there, But then I have been posting you for a long time, and I would imagine Information Clearing House would be getting a lot of traffic, I have seen all you later posts, posted there.
Anonymous said…
"Who in his right mind would prefer to live as a Dhimmi?"

As a Dhimmi ??? !!!

Earth to Iraqi Jew: the Baathist government did not give a FUCK about religions or sects, but only about PATRIOTISM.

As for those of you who chose to settle in the illegal colonial entity founded by the Nazi-sympathizing, True Judaism-hating Zionists, they did so OF THEIR OWN VOLITION and therefore carry FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their criminal connivance in the genocide of both Palestinians and their fellow-Iraqis before God and mankind.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi jew, or should I say iraqi Jew...

Regarding the video, the man in the video, did not look very persecuted by the Iraqis. But he did look alien in a culture of easten europeans who look down upon him.
I believe my eyes and what I saw on that video, and disbelieve your eternal persecution complex - that is yet to be corraborated insofar as Iraq and the M.E are concerned.
You may have a short memory, but those who gave safe haven to the sephardim jews in Andalusian Spain during the Christian inquisition were the Muslim Arabs...Refresh your so called "collective history".

As for the kurdish jews. They left Basrah to Tal Abib. And there are between 150'000 to 200'000 Kurdish jews living in Israel - most of them of Iraqi origins.

Last but not least, if you have know sooooooooo much persecution, how come I have not read ONE line from you in this comment section condemning what is happening to Iraq and to the Palestinians instigated by none other than those who claim to be sooooo persecuted??????
Layla Anwar said…
Hi John Brown,

Yes it does clarify...However from what I heard on the grounds here, is that even black americans and chicanos, treat those ayrabs like shit. Seems when it comes to Arabs, Iraqis as is the case, those class -race differences melt into a pool where the common enemy is designated as an even lesser race...
I just wish I could share your optimism though.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for posting them.

ICH only published two of my posts.
I do not go down well with the crowd over there...I am anti persian interference in Iraqi affairs. And very anti jewish zionist...:-)
Anonymous said…
Layla If I were't concerned about the Iraqi people I would not be reading Iraqi blogs. By the same token have you ever condemned a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv?

Regarding the Jewish people in Spain - I totally agree with you that they were treated extremely well under Muslim rule. But I am talking about the present - If you don't like to hear that we lived as Dhimmis - that is up to you.
And no I do not have a persecution complex - Jewish guilt maybe - but no self pity.

As far as the Palestinians are concerned - I am as much a refugee as they will ever be.So are 800,000 Jews who had to leave Arab countries. Only I did not keep the key to my house dreaming of a 'return'. And since when do Iraqis care about Palestinians. When I was living in Iraq everybody hated the Palestinians. All the Arab rulers used the Palestinian cause to secure their positions in power. It is happening to this day. Case in point Hassan Nasrallah (and Ahmedinajad in Iran). Surely you know that. A solution will come about when the Israelis and Palestinians decide for themselves with no interference from any other country or sect.
Anonymous said…
Layla sorry if I posted my comment more than once. I wasn't sure it had been saved.
Anonymous said…
To Realist:

'As for those of you who chose to settle in the illegal colonial entity founded by the Nazi-sympathizing, True Judaism-hating Zionists, they did so OF THEIR OWN VOLITION and therefore carry FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their criminal connivance in the genocide of both Palestinians and their fellow-Iraqis before God and mankind'

What was that all about? You sound like an Arabic radio station spewing meaningless rhetoric.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Jew sounds just like the vast majority of Jews - ie like a zionazi barbarian.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Jew, if you and your co-religionists (Jews are a religious, not racial group) in self-imposed exile were offered a chance to return to Iraq after the Liberation and resume your lives there in peace and security, would you be willing, then, to repudiate Zionism (Zionism, not Judaism) and fight along with your Muslim, Christian, non-religious etc. fellow Arab Nationals against the State of Hubris "Israel" ?
Layla Anwar said…
iraqi Jew,

Wrong again. Saddam Hussein genuinely cared for the Palestinians.
You say you have not kept a key to your home, I am sure the 4 million Ralestinian refugees in exile, can relate to that..The irony though is that people who belong to your religion ensured that they remain refugees...
As for the Palestinians who were forcibly driven out from what is now called Israel, no comment.
I will show as much concern for a bomb in Tal Abib, when jews will show concern for human lives.
Anonymous said…
Arab National

To quote John McEnroe: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

Why should I expose myself and my family to terror again? I am not against the Iraqi people - I fear the rulers. Do you really think I should go back to Iraq? Would you if you were in my position? What if for argument's sake the government gets overthrown. It has been known to happen in Arab countries. What guarantee would I have that I will not be a scapegoat again because some two bit dictator wants to consolidate his position in power?

I have moved on. I am a resettled refugee of whom there are millions in the world - people who have been displaced by war, famine, economics etc... Thanks but no thanks I am perfectly happy where I live right now.

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