That "Oriental thang" ...

Why do Americans say "thang" instead of "thing" ?
Thang or thing, it's all the same... An objectification. A turn him/her into a thing.

I bet you anything if my blog was about "oriental" sex, I would make it to the highest traffic...
I am not judging. Far from it. After all, sex is more pleasant than death...

It tintillates, entices, excites, raptures...But Iraq does not. I understand.

Iraq is hardly a turn on. As a matter of fact, you can bet it will make you limp or frigid...
Provided that you are neither already.

I have noticed something quite peculiar being around in the cyber world. There is this all pervading voyeurism forever lurking...

I mean, even one's pain is an object of careful scrutiny. But not only one's pain. This voyeurism of others, goes to the most insane extents...

Did you know I get emails asking me the size of my bra? Or for the foot fetish, the size of my shoe!?

Not that I have anything against breasts or feet, but you must admit, this is not a generation for an uprising, let alone a revolution... ha!

Then you get the heavy stuff.

I had one GI write to me, and being so kind, as I am, am witholding his name...

He said in his mail: " You can't possibly be a real Arab woman. Arab women are not like you.
I met them in Iraq. They are eager to please a man (him.) But of course, I could not never tell that to my American wife, she would get most upset. Besides, am surprised at your language, you are supposed to be a muslim."

Another Ha!

So Mr.G.I, did it ever occur to you that these "nice" women were eager to please you because you were armed to your teeth ? Demanding submissive pleasure in exchange for safety?

My, you people are such a bunch of royal shits.

I remember reading a story, unfortunately I can't find the link. But you have to trust me, I don't lie, unless absolutely necessary. Unless, I need to save my ass. But then, I think that is ok even in a court of law. It's called under duress...

There was this American G.I who escaped and this is what he said.
I remember it word for word, because I made it a point to remember it...

He said to the effect : " We would go around searching for insurgents. We arrive at a house. The men are usually not there. It takes about half an hour to bring the whole thing down. I was asked time and time again to wait outside the house. After we stormed in and ransacked the place, the seniors would go in. And we were left outside to guard the place. They would spend from 1 to 2. hours and we would hear screams inside. We could hear the women screaming. We asked no questions..."

Hmm...Oriental sex maybe? American style? Like the Abeer style?

And, what about those little Iraqi boys? The ones you picked out on the streets and boulevards? The hungry, desperate ones ? Do you remember them ?

What about the young little girls, 14 not more, and you would tell them..
"Fucking an Arab is the best"...And she would smile not understanding. And you would hand out a 5 Dollars note for a "pussy"? Do you remember her?

You don't do you ? But she does.

Ah! this oriental "thang". All those "tight" spots...

Iraq was a "tight" spot too, was she not?

Until you forced yourselves in like you did in Abu Ghraib. But Abu Ghraib is only the tip of the iceberg.
You forced yourselves into her ...
Ahh that oriental virgin thang!

And they shoot hajjis don't they ? These old "bastards", who can't speak your language.
With the look of despair in their eyes. With the look of "lost" .
So did they beg in Arabic? Did they tell you, with a broken accent "please Sir"?

And you felt so tall and so high did you not? The same way you felt with the small boy or the 14 year old girl...

Ah! tight Iraq... Saving themselves for your invasion or so you think.

People of America, I have news for you.

This is hell let loose. There is no tight here. All is flowing.

Blood is flowing, lives are flowing...
Tight bodies are flowing.
All is one huge flood, in one huge hurricane,
that will embrace you,
embrace your "tight" hearts and equally "tight" minds...

This is no Katrina, no Dean...This is the Iraqi hurricane...
The hurricane of the little boy on the boulevard, the hurricane of the 14 years old girl that was "Awww so tight"... the hurricane of the desperate, lost, " hajji"...

And this is the Arab woman you can't identify with.
She is here. Typing away...
And reminding you of the flood that will soon engulf you.

Yeah, am that "oriental thang." So pay heed.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Said Shnin.


Anonymous said…
The resistance protects the honor of Iraqis. There is NO OTHER OPTION in Iraq for Iraqis.

I urge all who come hear to embrace the resistance and rejoice in their victories.

For their victories are many, for they are few, but mighty and proud.

They have broken the most powerful, most morally corrupt military in the world.

Which Iraqi can not be proud of these men and women who sacrifice their souls for Iraq?

Anonymous said…
Dear Anonymous *T* above: You are right about everything, except: 'Which Iraqi cannot be proud of these men and women who sacrifice their souls for Iraq?'

Anonymous, the Iraqi Resistance is looked upon with respect and hope by many non-Iraqis too, because it represents the battle for Truth against Falsehood; for Sovereignty against Occupation; for Freedom against Oppression; for Justice against Injustice; for the Right of a Sovereign Nation to decide its own destiny within the community of Nations; for Civilisation against Barbarism, for GOOD against EVIL - the list goes on. (Note that the much touted word used by the war criminal who leads the barbarians 'Democracy' is not among these values - nobody needs his version of 'democracy', thank you very much.)

Iraqi Resistance is embraced by all Peace and Justice seeking people, the world over.

Layla, I pray that all the 'thangs' in your midst who seek what is 'tight' in the Oriental world, will be so caught up in the 'tight', that they will wish they were never born - that the honourable Iraqi Resistance takes care of that, once and for all, for the sake of Iraq/Iraqis and for the sake of the rest of the world which has witnessed the most evil monster in its midst.

Degenerate nation which has nothing of value left in its own land.

Long Live Iraqi Resistance - may you grow in strength and get rid of this filth that occupies your land, and teach it a lesson it will NEVER FORGET for generations to come.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Maitreya:
You may find your "hay" here. Feed!
Anonymous said…
Here is the link to the American GI's story you refer to. To others, scroll down towards the end of the page to 'hear the women scream.' Your brave, American boys indeed.
Alan the Red said…
Hey Layla,

All Yankees have a "Oriental thang". Why else would they be obsessed with worshiping an Oriental god?

Why don't they get themselves an American god, but then I might also ask them why they don't get themselves their own language instead of mutilating mine. The poor pathetic darlings can't manage hard words like "colour"; they have to take the "U" out.

It's like that fan-boi who has decided to hump my leg in his blog. He lives there in New York, on land stolen from the Onondaga Nation, and can't make up his pathetic mind whether he's a Yankee or an Arab. He's a Yankee, paying taxes to the Yankee government, paying for this war; for their Oriental god. Why isn't he worshiping the god of the Onondaga, on whose stolen land he lives?

And if I see you as a Goddess, what is it to do with that Yankee? And what is you being a Goddess got to do with race? You still have the spirit of independence. Those Yankees should be pulling down that statue in New York harbour (Another word they can't spell) and giving it to you. Just think of it this way Layla; those Yankees have a statue of you in New York harbour on land stolen from the Onondaga.
Alan the Red said…
You know Layla, these losers don't seem to understand why I can call you a Goddess; they try to bring my respect for you down to their level. It's there on my blog; top of the "Goddess" section, for all the world to see.

Q. What are we by nature?

A. We are spiritual beings undergoing a human experience.

Understand this Layla; there are times when I may disagree with you, even argue with you, but I would NEVER disrespect you the way that they do. They distort my words and bring them down to the level of their disgustingly devolved minds. I couldn't care less if you are yellow, black, white, red, pink or blue; you are a Goddess; you are evolving to a higher level, while they are falling forever deeper into the depths of Tartarus.
Unknown said…
My grandmother (dead long ago now) used to mention how the Indian troops who were the footsoldiers for the scum Brits helping them occupy Iraq during WW1 used to harras Iraqi women who would walk by, flashing some coin and indicating for the woman or girl to enter their tent for some AbuGhraib style pleasure.

My grandmother also recalled how poor and hungry everyone was during the occupation and how a British officer would gather a crowd of Iraqi women and children around him and then throw a coin to the crowd and crack-up laughing.

Unfortunately for those scum warriors of WWI, there is life after death and, although they may have escaped the justice here on Earth, there will be Hell to pay (literally) for all that was.

This time round our Resistance is stronger, and our will is hardened. The four mercs that were strung-up at the Falluja bridge are only the tip of our iceberg.
G.Gar said…
It is fatal mistake to mess with lions. Everyone bears the consequances of their deeds.swimming in deadly swamps is a dangerous sport. It wont and cant go on , everything will be back to normal
Anonymous said…
Am sure you will recall the fate of Najibullah 11 years ago this September. This is not a comment on Najibullah and whether or not he deserved his fate but the American GI's you refer to surely do. The oh so brave ones will then certainly appreciate the 'Oriental thang' . A special lamp post(s) should be reserved for Stephen Dale Green et al of Abeer infamy. Here are a couple of links for those who cannot recall Najibullah.

(Scroll to about half-way of the page for Najibullah comment),3604,551036,00.html
Anonymous said…
Hi layla,

Angels is a good song and was used by the Christie Cancer Hospital in the UK, which if my memory serves me right, the King Hussain Cancer hospital in Jordan is modelled on it.

The resistance is indeed justified and this song, I think youd appreciate!

best as ever
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

you are right to point the oddities of these strange people, who see Arabs as sexual objects.

The amount of reports which I get from young Iraqi men, of troops who approach them and say that they've had soldiers wanting to fuck them, because "arabs do it best".

I have also had e-mails from men with comments, relating to "riding the arab steed" and "arab men are always horny", which makes me wonder how crap in bed Westerners are?

Its not that strange though, that an occupier should think with such a mindset as the balance of power on such issues is the same as rape.

Normally, (I'd hope) that relations of the sexually nature would be based on a degree of equality or a mutual pleasure but when one of the people has the ability to shoot the other in the head, saying no is neither an option or an incentive for the person to stop.

In otherwords, sex does become a weapon and method of control, with the actual act being quite sadistic, because if the "Eye-raqis" are viewed as "sub-human", then what is that person thinking and what is he seeing when he does "fuck" the "sub-human" being?

Fortunately, you should be glad that some of these people do find your language a "turn off" as this must make you safer around the Americans. A lesson for all Iraqi women, learn the words "Fuck you!"

PS: What is your bra size? Mine is XXXXXXXXX Large, especially around american soldiers!

PPS: as for the revolution, check out my song for you.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar is a midget.
Layla Anwar said…
hey anonymous midget,

that song is for you.

Enjoy it sucker!
Anonymous said…
"What is your bra size?"

iraqi democrat u naughty muppet stop sexually tempting our honorable layla n go back to satiating the appetites of ur dinner guests allawi n chalabi.
Anonymous said…
easy boy. your playing a mans game. come back when you have hair on your chest.
Anonymous said…
My dear Annon,

I like you language but you would find that both Allawi and Chalabi are the most borring dinner companions you could ever wish to have.

Although, if you ever do invite Allawi, make sure its chicken and rice or if its Chalabi, just wear a chastity belt.
YoUnicorn said…
go back to the mental unit
GET LOST !!!!!
Anonymous said…
fuck you layla anwar, you stinkin iraqi hoe
YoUnicorn said…
what a language, profanity comes with you anon. coward, you dont even give your name.

Dear Layla

The repulsive cowards dont deserve a space in your blog
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…
re Kofi,

Many thanks for finding that link for me. You must our Resistance in house archivist...I would have never found it myself.
Regards to you.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Yolla,

This is a song for you, It goes well with the hummus and Arak.

Lots of love
Anonymous said…
Another brilliant expose of what the invaders are capable of.

You said:
"He said to the effect : " We would go around searching for insurgents. We arrive at a house. The men are usually not there. It takes about half an hour to bring the whole thing down. I was asked time and time again to wait outside the house. After we stormed in and ransacked the place, the seniors would go in. And we were left outside to guard the place. They would spend from 1 to 2. hours and we would hear screams inside. We could hear the women screaming. We asked no questions..."

I had read this or similar articles. And while they raped the women they killed the husband, father, sons...

My god. Or is there truly a god who can allow such evil? And it doesn't stop, and it doesn't get better. Day after day, year after year, Iraq is being killed.

I will post this on STA again, but only, as always, to try to wake more people up to the horrors we are committing in Iraq.

On one point I agree with Maitreya. For me, you typify the Goddess. You are an amazing woman, and I hope that your blog helps the women who read it to own their own Feminine - and get very angry at what the Masculine is doing to our world, and at this time to Iraq in particular.

You wrote awhile ago that The Goddess would have to be arabic. I agree. I hope you are right, and that all this incredible suffering will bring her forth.
Anonymous said…
This quote just came through on International Clearing House, which emails I've received for years.

"“When Iraq becomes strong enough in our opinion to stand alone, we shall be in a position to state that our task has been fulfilled, and that Iraq is an independent sovereign state. But this cannot be said while we are forced year after year to spend very large sums of money on helping the Iraqi government to defend itself and maintain order.” : Winston Churchill - 1922

Churchill said this in 1922!!! Don't you just know what their large sums of money were spent on? Not the wellbeing of Iraqis, I am quite sure. At that stage the Zionists were also trying to set up the cancer of Israel in Palestinian territory. Now THAT's where they spent a lot of money - and are still spending.

In fact, he gives a link to this article:

Following Churchill’s Folly In Iraq

We've always interfered in the middle east. Never has there been a time when the west hasn't. And it is always the west which has benefitted.

And the answer in the article is not one I agree with. I don't believe Iraq should have been broken up, and I do think the invaders should get out now. But for a bit of history, not a bad read.

When Lawrence of Arabia, who had lived amongst arabs and loved them, found out the truth of what his leaders were doing and the the arabs would NEVER be free from our greedy grasp, he lost all hope, and some believe his later motorcycle accident was suicide.

Even as I write this though, I just think "more words, more words". Words fix nothing if they are not heeded. A country's "strategic interest" is all that matters to our rulers. And definitely NOT the people who live in the lands they crave to possess.

Go, Iraqi resistance fighters! Give them hell during Ramadan. Show the world that you are winning!!!
YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

Shookran.. it goes very well with hummus and Arak... ,-))) Thank you

I read it as well in ICH
I could not agree more with you
about 1. the Arab Goddess !
Yes.. 2. Iraq is winning
I echo you
The time is coming soon!

Lots of love back Dear Layla
Anonymous said…
Yolanda, tsk, tsk.

A hoe is a –noun 1. a long-handled implement having a thin, flat blade usually set transversely, used to break up the surface of the ground, destroy weeds, etc.

So, don't get angry with Anon who does not even comprehend his/her own language. Feel pity. Compassion.

Feel a bond with those who are weaker than you. God did not intend for us to be mean to them.

We must take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.

We must be kind to lesser creatures and to the environment.
This is God's decree.

Educate, Anon, for he/she is surely a disciple of the US education system which has produced some of the most illiterate and unsophisticated ignorants on the planet.

Year after year after year, US students continue to fall behind other nations in mathematics, science, history, geography.

I am afraid we must now add English to that as well.

So, help anon.

Help him/her in the same way that the Iraqi resistance helped 16 US soldiers get back home.

We Iraqis are here to help, = )

Alas ...

Oh, one more Churchill quote for the road:

"We are paying 8 millions a year for the privilege of living on an ungrateful volcano, out of which we are in no circumstances to get anything worth having."

Ahhh ... history.

If only they heeded the lessons rather than follow the trail left by Paris Hilton's panties.

Anonymous said…
Regarding anonymous and his comments addressed to Layth and you. From his language (e.g. 'hoe'), he is representative of the crude and ugly American and most likely of GI origin inspired by his loins. Precisely the kind, like the contractors in Fallujah that Layth mentions, who deserve the Najibullah treatment. For those who did not get a chance to open and read the links-photo in my preceding post, let me spell out what happened to Najibullah in 1996 even as I deliberately avoided doing so earlier. Again, this is not a comment on whether or not Najibullah deserved his fate, but ugly Americans of anonymous' kind surely do: Najibullah was hung from a lamp post and his genitals stuffed in his mouth.
Anonymous said…
The ones we didn't kill had all the reasons in the world to become terrorists themselves.
Suicide bomber? The Western mind can neither explain nor comprehend it. Nothing for which to live. Nothing, absolutely. Remove all reason for my existence and we will “cease” together. Western emotions exist only in The Department of Psychology and cease to exist when the textbooks are closed. The mind of The Suicide Bomber will fill and overflow the entire landmass.

"Iraqi Democrat: Resistance DJ said...”A lesson for all Iraqi women, learn the words "Fuck you!"”"
Perfectly said! And then some. No fucking softly, softly here.

”My grandmother (dead long ago now) used to mention how the Indian troops…”
The “mastered” emulating the masters? The conquered adopting the ways of the conquerors, to defeat the conquerors, and they become the “New Massa”? If yes, then the “raison d'être” becomes obliterated. Let the swords be lowered. The actions of the Indian army in Mesopotamia, during WWI, explain their inability to kick the British out of India. The division created by the British in India was well studied by the Americans and applied to every corner of the globe.
My Grandmother was sold into “indentureship” (slavery) by her village leader/elder. She was ripped from her family. Never saw her son or husband again. She was “sold” to the British.

We've always interfered in the middle east. Never has there been a time when the west hasn't. And it is always the west which has benefitted.
Not only the ME, but every corner of the Globe. Nothing has changed from the days of “discovery.” The days when the colonials sailed the world to discover themselves. They did not discover anyone or anything. The development of the West can be traced to the injustice they visited on the powerless. The British, having nothing to trade in exchange for Chinese silk, blasted open the “Opium doors.” Was the opium grown in India? Today, the crop in Afghanistan is grown and traded under their noses; in the region which they protect, softly, softly.

A few years ago, the US FBI/Customs intercepted a Pakistani, with a briefcase, entering the US from Canada. The claim was that he is a terrorist and they had prior knowledge of his movements. Protecting the border could intercept a single individual, but cannot intercept tons of “drugs.” Rather interesting. The general perception is the US government is complicit in the drug trade. And we are fighting “terrorists?” This criminal country thrives on crime, local or other wise. It’s all a ploy to transfer the tax-payers money to Halliburton et al.

Want to “mug” the American people, call a War. The powerless pay for it, the powerless die in it, and Halliburton festers on it.

The “failed oilman,” Bush, has redeemed his reputation. The Christian Science Monitor carried some interesting articles on corruption with respect to the oil money, including the oil-for-food 4Billion transferred to The CPA, by the UN. This was insignificant, when compared with what followed. And we made “big news” of Saddam’s son(s) trying to transfer 750 million (0.75 Billion).
Life...!!! said…
A tiny guillotine to fit in “those tight spots.”
It will be named “ONCE IN”

Honour Intact.

A “nicely” erected one, engorged with blood, under pressure, will eject its remnants.

Once in, cannot go in again.
Alan the Red said…
Hi Layla,

Just for that one-god man who seems to think he can hump my leg in your Sacred Space, and for any others who don't seem to get where I am coming from, let it be known that they are all under a curse, and unlike the one-god boys, we have many gods:

I curse!

I curse all of them
who soils our glorious land
with unworthy actions

I curse all of them
who borrow sacred symbols
Gungnir, Mjolnir and Sacred Staffs -
Odins spear, Thors hammer
and runes, given by Odins hand
and soil them
with unholy deeds.

I curse all of them
who in ugly costumes
and shaven heads
as well as suits
and ties
abuse the wisdom of our ancestors
our ancient ways
and our present faith.

I curse all of them
who wants to silence
the mouths of others
for themselves to be heard
with their stupid bellowing

I curse all of them
who puts themselves above others
because of their paleness
who tramples on others
because of the colour of their skin
foreign language
or a different faith

Upon the heads of these miscreants
I call all powers!

I call upon the gnomes, and the little people
to scratch their bodies
and disturb their sleep.

I call upon the elf-smiths
to lay an iron ring
around their chests
giving little room for their spirit
little room for breath
to speak of evil

I call upon the "rimthurses" (frostgiants)
from the depth of Nifelhel
That they may freeze to their death
before they get a chance
to freeze others out

I call Surt and his "fire-thurses"
That they may burn to their death
before others may burn
by their hands

I call upon Loki
That he may twist their vision
so that they strike each other down
before they strike anyone else down

I call upon Freya
So that these young men
never may share a woman's bed
and never have sons
or daughters of their own
as long as they want to hinder
others to do just that

And I call upon Frey
That these young men
have their manhood gelded,
never being able to create anything good
for themselves
never getting peace
or harvest
as long as they want to hinder
others to do just that

I call upon Thor
that he may protect us
from demonic evil
and I call upon his wrath
against the miscreants
who wants to cause pain to others

I call upon Odin
He who gave spirit
to man and woman
He who together with his brothers
Honer and Lodur
Gave life to man
Body and Soul
Ask and Embla
Man and Woman

I call upon Odin
and the "Norns"
Goddesses of destiny
Urd, Verdandi and Skuld
who altogether judges
everyone after death
that they may judge
these miscreants hard
and that they
not even after their death
may escape their deeds of evil
against other sons and daughters
of Ask and Embla

I set this "nid"
until these drooling servants
of evil and ignorance
do penance
and let each and one
stay by their land, their people
and their faith
wherever in our world
they may choose to live
Grimner 1998-02-04
(translated into English 1998-03-08).
This Nidstang is from Grimner's Runes!
He is encouraging websites all over the world to post it to their sites.

And that boy, who lives in America, on land stolen from the natives, who like me, honour women and our Earth mother, should know that this curse includes him; he reveals his rabid racism on his own blog. He also shows his disrespect for you by trying to draw me into arguments in your Sacred Space.

And you Layla Anwar, you are blessed among women, and the Goddess, Holy Mother of us all, loves you.
Anonymous said…
iraqi democrat u cant fool me i know uve been in a very "sexed up" ménage à trois with chalabi n the zionist slut judith miller 4 quite a while n now u cry ur nights away over ur unrequited love 4 allawi whos having an "occidental thang" on with his fellow debased deviant defector whats-his-name younis under the auspices of the dentist of damascus.
Alan the Red said…
Hi Layla,

In the religious life of humanity, God first appears in Nature. Only later does God depart and hover outside as the disembodied creator of the natural world. Religion originates in “nature-worship” The Divine thus recognized is invariably feminine: hence, Gaia is a goddess, not a god. Long before institutionalized religions arose, the Nature Goddess was the Supreme Being. Among the Gnostics she was understood as Sophia, the Godhead of Nature. Sophia means “wisdom,” stressing the universal awareness that Nature is alive and intelligent, wise in her ways. Gaia-Sophia, all-knowing Mother Nature, appears in many guises in diverse myths and legends. Sacred Nature and the Goddess are thus identical. Indigenous cultures constantly assert that everything they know about how to live comes from direct communication with the Goddess. These scripts say: Goddess births all, Goddess sustains all, Goddess knows all.

Blessed Be, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Thank you again, Layla

We post your articles every here and then as best as we can.

(Your recent article now here

Alan the Red said…
Hi Again Layla,

The other day you asked the question "Why".

This is the best answer for you:

President Bush, a direct descendent of the Zaddikim, the Righteous Ones, has the God-given right to make it play out this way. Or so he believes.

Yes! So he believes.... He's deluded; the Romans had the best ever idea of what to do with Christians; you crucify the whining little maggots so that they can be like their saviour, or you can be kind to dumb animals and feed them to the lions. Of course, that could be construed as cruelty to lions.

How, we may ask, can the recent "Scottish version" of the millennial annihilation theology of the Zaddikim hold such power over human imagination?

Hey Layla, let me repeat myself, and you can check some of those right wing English web-sites if you like; you can even check the normal press lately; those Scots are a whiny lot. Instead of building motorways to Scotland, we should have rebuilt Hadrian's Wall. When you go up there, you can't even get a decent kebab, and they haven't even heard of Fallofel, or humus. You can't even expect any choice in the fish and chips department either; you will have haddock and like it.

Did you notice how the Yankee, who lives in America, and yet denies being a Yankee, insists on lumping England, Scotland and Wales into one. Scotland is a foreign country with its own money and its own laws, and yet they send their slimy politicians down to rule over us, while those Yankees label us all as "Brits". I'm not a "Brit"; I'm Moi :-)

Try searching for the English Democrats if you doubt that I speak the truth, but you could try some of those real right wing sites such as the blog "I Am An Englishman." Dammit, is that guy uptight? He really needs to find himself a Goddess. LOL
Echo said…
hahaha..Layla, ur awesome!
Anonymous said…
Long after the President Martyr's statue has been re-erected and everything around re-assembled, healed and returned to life, Layla Anwar will still be repeating like a parrot "Iraq is dead, Iraq is dead, Iraq is dead...".

Thank goodness the Resistance helm is not in the hands of such a defeatist !
Layla Anwar said…
Unbent, and supposedly Upright.

If that happens soon, I would not mind you calling me a defeatist parrot.
But until then, Iraq is dying and dead. And you need to tell me NOW, who you believe the glorious resistance is in your eyes.
I just pray that you don't happen to be one of those who back the "fiery" mullah in the hope that his men will free you or us from the occupation. Because if you bank on this fat pimp, then we will be witnessing his statues around in Baghdad soon, mr unbent.
Anonymous said…
*T*, what brings someone like you to this blog ?
Layla Anwar said…
brave anonymous,

This place is about hurricanes.
What brings someone like YOU here?
Anonymous said…

"who you believe the glorious resistance is in your eyes"

Not in "my" eyes, but as foreseen, designed and organized by President Saddam Hussein years before the Invasion: the Iraqi Army and Intelligence gone underground, operating as apparently independent groups under patriotic, Arab nationalist, progressive and Islamic banners and actually co-ordinated by the BA'ATH PARTY General Command.

As for the "fiery" (fire worshipper) mullah, rest assured: the day is not far away when that little brain-damaged street thug will be sent back to his school of thought masters in Qum - one chunk of lard at a time ..

My best regards.
G.Gar said…
A cheerful retro song about the great nation of Iraq which happen to be the oldest on earth.
Anonymous said…

1) Why the hell you have to brand every Anonymous as "brave", the devil only knows.

2) What brings ME here is my love for your country: as uninfluential as it may be, it is still a blessing my heart has been granted and I intend to preserve and cultivate it.

3) Would you mind letting *T* decide whether to answer my question or ignore it on his/her own ?

Keep up the good work.

Layla Anwar said…
mr unbent,

This is no message in a bottle.
September is not too far off.
We will know by then, who is exactly who.
With my sincere wishes.
Layla Anwar said…
brave anonymous,

1) you can at least leave an initial by which you can be "recognized". Since you seem to recognize other initials. This hiding away is not really helping you make a case.

2) this is what I dislike about you people. You come to my blog and you formulate your questions in such a way as to insinuate other things. If I have decided to publish "T" comments, then s/he is my guest here. And if you have love for my country, then you would respect its traditions too.

3) you have the audacity, to ask me again, in your twisted ways to refrain from replying to a question formulated on my blog and addressed to a regular visitor.

4) and that too is short sighted on your part. If "T" wishes to reply s/he will undoubtedly reply. One does not exclude the other

5) Thank you for the cultivated love.

Regards to you.
Anonymous said…
Layla, Layla,

The iraqi freedom fighters are winning. I told you before that the only strategic move the US could make in Iraq is turn matters over to the freedom fighters, and it's happening now. The freedom fighters have prevailed, and Maliki, and Sistani will be pushed into religious corners where they fashion clay dolls of Rumsfeld to worship.


BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. forces have rebranded one of the main insurgent groups in Iraq and now use the term "concerned local nationals" to refer to a group that once claimed responsibility for killing scores of Americans.

The updated vocabulary for referring to the 1920 Revolution Brigade, described by a U.S. commander on Saturday, is a sign of the abrupt change in tactics that has seen U.S. forces cooperate with former Sunni Arab enemies.

The 1920 Revolution Brigade was one of the main anti-American Sunni Arab insurgent groups in Iraq in the years after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and has claimed responsibility for killing scores of U.S. troops in ambushes and bomb attacks.

But for the past several months its members have cooperated with U.S. forces to help drive the strict al Qaeda Islamists out of Sunni Arab areas, part of a new U.S. tactic of cooperating with former Sunni Arab foes against al Qaeda.

Colonel David Sutherland, the U.S. commander in Diyala Province, said his men prefer not to call the group by its name.

"The 1920s as they're called, we call them 'the Baquba Guardians', we call them the 'concerned local nationals'," he said. Baquba is the provincial capital.

"These are patriots who have come forward and have joined the security process. They are working with my soldiers and they are working with the Iraqi security forces," he said.
Anonymous said…

That other one, the "Dr." of my ass turned terrorist turned city flattener, and his power-hungry corrupt Mafia buddies within and across the borders, for all their trumpeted "seCULarism" (pardon my French), are no less "dead men walking" in the eyes of the oath keepers than their Iranian fundamentalist counterparts.

With my sincere wishes to you, restless windborne seed, for a speedy, natural and harmonious "rootback".
Anonymous said…
Mr. Unbent,
Your second comment: well said and inspiring.
And re your statement: "patriotic, Arab nationalist, progressive " Precisely what Layla represents.
She deserves all our support. As am sure you agree and am not trying to be presumptuous.
Best wishes to you and your compatriots.
Layla Anwar said…
Kindly do not refer to me as a Goddess...
Goddesses are above reproach. And am only a female blogger with not one but two sore arms today.
Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
Jon Murt,

I honestly don't know what to make of these links. If they are true or not. Or if they are another ploy to present at least one part of the Resistance as collaborating with the occupier - the US. ¨

I need to precise the U.S because we have more than one occupier as you rightly gathered by now.

I personally take these pieces of info with a huge grain of salt.

If they happen to be true, and I sincerly hope they are NOT, then Mr UNBENT above will need to seriously review his positive zeal.
For he will be in for some unpleasant surprises. And I shall be the Perroquet that got it right the first time around.
Anonymous said…
Re: Kofi,

How could I not agree ?

Layla is the Muse of the Arab Revolution and an adorable human being.

If only she would allow her fuming brain to rest, close her strained eyes and simply and wonderfully trust in her Mother(land) again as the little Iraqi girl she still is at heart ..

.. or has she forgotten how to ?
Anonymous said…
In 5 more years, I hope the persians are ruling Iraq. The sunni's have been found out and no one is putting up with their shit anymore!
Anonymous said…
Annon is in the Iraqi Communist Party, with that rhetoric he certainly sounds like one of them.

After all, they are the ones having the "ménage à trois with chalabi n the zionist".
Anonymous said…

"If they happen to be true"

.. then the group(s) in question will be regarded as (a) SPLINTER, DEVIANT, RENEGADE one(s) and its members treated ACCORDINGLY once the LOYAL Resistance has defeated the Dual Occupation and restored the Iraqi Law - as simple as that.

However, I personally would tend to dismiss those so-called "pieces of info" as DEMORALIZATION PROPAGANDA.
Anonymous said…
"Brave" Anonymous,

If *T* is the same person I had the privilege to correspond with in the past, then he is not going to "answer" you (in both meanings of the word) nor anyone else under the vault of heaven.

Cats, you know, will daign to lavish their attentions on whom they like, when they like, and for as long as they like - never on imposition.

So if you honestly care about a reply or any other form of contact with him, arm yourself with patience, humility, and let Ol' Father Time take its course.

With my best wishes.
Layla Anwar said…

My grandmother used to tell me and she would say " Ya bintee, during my times, even prostitutes had honor and integrity".

So dear Unbent, those times my grandmother referred to are long gone.

I do rest my "fuming brains" and I do close my eyes, and I am haunted by nothing but treacherous faces.

Kindly muse on that one.
Anonymous said…
michel aflaq a.k.a. iraqi democrat,

1) im not iraqi (alas) nor a communist (thank goodness).

2) the "ménage à trois" thing was only a joke u touchy muppet.

3) as 4 younis, its not propaganda, secretary-general izzat al douri himself considers him a traitor, but of course if u r michel aflaq then i guess ur opinion is more important than al douri's...

4) as 4 assad jr., again, its not propaganda, it was urself, sir, who repudiated the syrian branch...remember???

5) that being said, id like u 2 be so kind as 2 apply 4 a leave from heaven n come back 2 us wretched mortals coz we r all in dire need of men like u (by the way i suspect ur heir asked n obtained his eternal reward 2 be delayed until his beloved iraq is liberated n his ghost is still here below roaming the green zone n scaring the occupiers 2 death!!!)
Layla Anwar said…

It is a pity that little Youssef, hardly 11, has no more eyes to see what will happen in 5 years time - when Iran will rule.
The sectarian shia militias from Iran threw acid on his face because he is a sunni.

It is also a pity that those who had their eyes gauged out on Haifa Street, by none other than the Iranian backed militias will not witness that day.

And it is equally too bad, that those who had their ribs, loins, legs, thighs, chests drilled by your brave hero Muqtada Al Sadr and the equally brave Badr Brigades from Teheran will not be witnessing that glorious day.

Come to think of it, they are lucky.

Over our DEAD Bodies, anon2u. Over our dead bodies. Even if your Mahdi lands tomorrow, I will say to him over our dead bodies.
Layla Anwar said…
hmmm the Syrian Branch ???
Did they not sell it long ago to Khomeiny and Co ?
Oh well, just a thought.
Anonymous said…
to act like sunnis have not murdered, raped, pillaged and destroyed is hypocrisy at it's finest.
the sunnis are all alone on the world stage and they are getting their payback in full.

practice your speech about how you'll denounce your arab heritage, it's almost time.
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha ... what brings someone like me here?

Why to take heart in every action of the glorious resistance as it sends a bunch of your lil uns to hell.

Yes, to hell.

See, I am Iraqi, what the frack are you?

An illiterate (see, literacy is not as simple as ABC's, aight?), ignorant (Look Toto, there IS a world beyond our own where other cultures have existed for THOUSANDS OF YEARS), arrogant (Yeah, dude, like, you know what am saying, yeeeeehah, red, white and blue - the universe is red, white and blue), bloodthirsty (We are in Iraq to rid the world of terrarism), brainwashed (Bush, America, manifest destiny, white man's burden, etc) non-Iraqi comes here to an Iraqi woman's blog to ask me - an Iraqi - what I am doing here?

Hahaha ... Well, for starters it seems my being here is pissing you off. Why?

Because you are forced to take a long hard look at the spoonfed-CNN-bullshit propaganda you have swallowed hook, line and singer and realize you can't stomach it.

Why not? Heck, boy, anything built on a foundation of lies crumbles. Leave chicken out for too long and you be a-courtin with salmonella.

War on terra. Salmonella. Kinda rhymes now, don' it?

No but kicking your arse aside, I come here to to express my solidarity with Layla Anwar. To applaud what she has to say and to extol the virtues of the noble resistance.

I celebrate every time they score a hit.

So ... hope that answers your arrogant ignorance.

Hey wetter under the frock. I never talked to you before. But thanks anyways.

Yes, I advise all racist, pro-war scum to be patient with me.

I like to take my time kicking their arses back to the grand ol opry.

In any case, I depart with a little shot to your bow.

This is a gift from me to you. In honor of your arrogance.

YOUSIFIYA, IRAQ -- In the dining hall of a U.S. Army post south of Baghdad, President Bush was on the wide-screen TV, giving a speech about the war in Iraq. The soldiers didn't look up from their chicken and mashed potatoes.

As military and political leaders prepare to deliver a progress report on the conflict to Congress next month, many soldiers are increasingly disdainful of the happy talk that they say commanders on the ground and White House officials are using in their discussions about the war.

And they're becoming vocal about their frustration over longer deployments and a taxing mission that keeps many living in dangerous and uncomfortably austere conditions. Some say two wars are being fought here: the one the enlisted men see, and the one that senior officers and politicians want the world to see.

"I don't see any progress. Just us getting killed," said Spc. Yvenson Tertulien, one of those in the dining hall in Yousifiya, 10 miles south of Baghdad, as Bush's speech aired last month. "I don't want to be here anymore."

Anonymous said…
"hmmm the Syrian Branch ???"

layla, thats just how i feel 2: the dentist is a whore 4 iran n simultaneously a pimp 4 america whos been instructed 2 arrange an unholy marriage between the (in truth small n unrepresentative) splinter group of the iraqi baath led by the careerist scumbag younis n the occupation darling allawi n then pass it off as a betrayal of the party as a whole, blacken the resistance name n thus save (thinks him) yankee asses n the chair under his own.
Anonymous said…
Iraq has a new flag? see end of video.
Anonymous said…
Tariq, wouldn't you be JR's "psychiatrist" by any chance ?
Anonymous said…
"... the sunnis are all alone on the world stage and they are getting their payback in full."

There are 1.3 billion sunnis in the world, representing some 90% of mainstream Islam.

What the person above is really saying is: the MUSLIMS are all alone on the world stage and they are getting their payback in full.

Islamophobia, anyone?

But the author also mistakenly assumes that 1) all sunnis are Arab; 2) all Arabs are sunni.

Tsk, tsk. We should have an intelligence quotient here. Honestly. Or better yet, a cultural quotient.

Arabs number roughly 220 million. They are comprised of Christians, Jews, Muslim (various sects), Sabaeans and others.

There are 80 million Muslim Chinese who are sunni.

Would the Chinese have to practise their speech too? Or the 190 million Muslims in India?

Anonymous said…
iragi democrap is this you?
Anonymous said…

Pessimism is such a Hollywood style close-fitting black satin gown, isn't it ?

When you are through with contemplating your glamorous reflection in the mirror and wish to put on something humbler but more traditionally Iraqi, such as a blood red struggling spirit, do let me know and I will send you my maidservant Memory to help you change clothes.

Layla Anwar said…
anonymous chicken feed,

Just because you have air power, does not mean and will not mean that 4'000 +++ of your wankers are not dead meat.
Get it boy?
This is the valiant Iraqi Resistance, not some pussy from Arkansas. We will keep hunting you down until Iraq is FREE.
Layla Anwar said…

You seem more proficient than I am in reflecting your own narcissistic image and that of your glorious past in the mirror, Hollywood style of course. I guess having "tamed" the beast, your own way, has paid off (or so you think). I am just a novice compared to you. Granted.
But then I can't help notice that I am surrounded with patronizing, paternalistic father figures just like yourself, and they make shit for a difference.
Anonymous said…

"My" glorious "past" is neither only mine nor only past.

But then I understand it is pure folly on my part to even just dream of ever touching a chord with you while I am still in this world.

You only listen to and trust in the words of those who have already died - not that I have the heart to blame you for that ..

Take care of yourself, dear sister and companion in misfortune.

My best regards.
Anonymous said…
no annon,

thats not me, but just to give you a clue here you go
Layla Anwar said…
Jon Murt,

A friend just passed on this link and the 1920 Brigades denies having any links with the occupier.
Anonymous said…
Maitreya said...
You are so learned, correct, and elitist. I think I'll worship you instead of the atom bomb.

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