The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part III

Warning to readers: I frankly don't give a damn, but just to let you know that the following sequel to Part I & II contains profanities. And if you are expecting a lady like response from me vis a vis the events, forget it and move on to another blog that will manage your sensitivities.

Let me ask you something.
For fuck's sake , what have WE done to You ?
Yes We - the Iraqi people . What crimes have we committed against you ?
You : United dickheads of America, Great shitty Britain, neurotic paranoid Israel and self flagellating Iran .
Answer Me now. I demand a reply now !

Is it not enough that for over three decades we lived under One party Dictatorship ?
Is it not enough that we lost over 500'000 of our young fine men during the Iraq-Iran War - fighting some crazy mullahs who want to "liberate" the peninsula with their fossilized ideologies?

Is it not enough that we were bombed senseless during Gulf War I and lost more thousands?
Is it not enough that we had to live under a draconian, savage embargo that no people in history had known and lost over another million people in the process? Half of which were Babies - babies you fucking bastards. Babies left to die in squalid conditions, tummies bloated by hunger and disease.
Is it not enough that we still have to live with depleted Uranium that has wrecked havoc in our bodies and riddled us with cancer. And you know damn well that this poison will be staying in our land for centuries.
Is it not enough that we had to sell our furnitures, books, clothes and some even sold their kidneys for God's sake, during the sanction years, so families can survive.
Is it not enough that men with doctorats worked as taxi drivers , rubbish collectors and porters in neighboring countries ?
Is it not enough that mothers had to prostitute themselves to feed their kids ?

Is it not enough for you ?
No you wanted more - more more more ...
Like a bottomless pit. Like a beast with a hole in his gut that no amount of anything will fill.
So what did you do? You went ahead and took some more.

Gulf War II - This was no fucking war . This was an INVASION, and an OCCUPATION .
And you bombed some more, bombed away until oblivion . 700 fucking tons of bombs fell on our heads in operation Freedom, Liberation, Democracy...or whatever lie you used.
(you know, I have become so sick of these words, every time I hear them I want to throw up right in your face.)

And then you rolled in. Smelly Brits in the South, filthy Americans in the center whilst those other bastards from Iran were guiding you to the right spots and the other bastards the Kurds made the North cozy for you.
So you pillaged. Oil wells, museums, libraries, artifacts,palaces,homes,huts, anything you can grab.
Was that not enough ? Oh no it was not.
You had to have some more....

So you destroyed-buildings, schools, universities,orphanages,hospitals, shops, houses, fields, villages,cities, towns.
And that was not enough.
So you shot left right and center, being wired to hate with zeal.
You know that feeling of zeal, that red hot hatred that runs in your veins.You know it all too well.
That burning contempt that loves to humiliate first then murder. The rush of getting them all. You know what am talking about you filthy bastards. You know.
So you trained mercenaries, snipers , contractors, militias, death squads, spies and you paid them with our blood money.

And that was not enough for you just to kill mercilessly. No it was not.
You first had to humiliate and insult - sandnigger, towelhead, raghead, desert scum, muslim mother fuckers, Iraqis sons of bitches, Arab sons of whores -cursing and wishing hell, cursing and threatening Death.
And still that is not enough for you.
So you had to do more.Imprison- prisons and camps all over. Hundreds, thousands,with no food, with no medical care, crammed together, pissing and defecating on themselves, tied up like animals, hooded, squatting in vomit, in urine, in feces for days, for weeks for months, for years in the burning sun , in the bitter cold and still there waiting for your final say.
And that is still not enough.
So you decided to Torture- bricks, sticks,canes, brooms, drills, sledgehammers, ropes, whips, electrical wires, razors, spikes,rods, iron bars... and only the Devil knows what else you came up with...

Were you satisfied ? Oh no.
More, more, more cried the Beast inside of you .
So you raped - rape Abeer, rape in Abu Ghraib, rape Saddam, rape boys, rape men, rape girls, rape women, rape history, rape monuments, rape sacred places, rape the earth, rape the sky , rape the rivers...

Enough ? Oh no- You did not reach that place where the thrill tintillates you fully.
So you murder, slaughter, kill in cold blood, with acute precision -Abeer, Mahmoudiah,Haditha, Ramadi, Al Qaem,Basrah, Fallujah,Baghdad, Mosul, Tikrit...Saddam.
You left nothing and no one . Well over 800'000 dead and 100 a day sacrificed in your satanic ritual.
And is that enough ? Oh no. You have to have more. That climax has not reached you yet.
So you burn, you mutilate, you spit, you kick, you thump, you piss, you curse...The Dead.
And is that enough for you ? Still not.
So you continue and persevere. More more more..... hypnotized by Cruelty, enthralled by Viciousness, entranced by Blood, enraptured by Savagery, mesmerized by Death, gripped by Demons...
More, more , more.

And in the dumps , the swamps , the garbage that has piled up for years, amidst the smell of decomposing bodies, rotten flesh, limbs torn apart, sniffing stray dogs, little Iraqi children who probably escaped after some gory rape scene, with a red rash around their mouths or waiting to be given away or sold to anyone willing to buy them - scavenge for morsels to eat .

And it will never be enough for You .

Painting : Iraqi artist, Rafa Nasiri.


Anonymous said…
Your rage is shared equally deeply by many others around the world. The link to the website showing Iraqi children with ammunitions while British soldiers drive past is very graphic and tells of the barbarity predominant in the west.

May they see worse in their own children, for generations to come. May the fast food that they indulge in so voraciously clog their arteries at a very young age. May they never find peace. This will be their payment for what they have done to innocent Iraqis, through the governments they have elected.

May the cries of innocent suffering Iraqis haunt them for generations to come. Spawn of the devil.
Tate said…
This is the only blog worth listening to.

We need panic, we need alarm, we need resistance full throttle against the machine.

Iraqis are on the front line against the struggle by elitists to consolidate resources and enslave us.

All of us are next. If the Iraqi's aren't supported by us all right now, we will surely suffer at the hands of a greater power.

We need to stop these corporatists war profiteers. They will divide us all against each other and force us to defeat each other to their advantage. The makings of civil war are already in place in almost all countries of the world, with open borders everywhere and no possible way to feed people as oil depletes.

Look up the petroleum-to-food link. We are on the edge of global meltdown.

They say "don't panic". But I think we need to initiate a lot of panic around the world. We need to motivate the underclasses (that is you unless you are a multi-billionairre illuminati type).

6 billion of us rely upon petroleum for all we have, eat and do. It is the energy, stupid.
Anonymous said…
Im an American and for what its worth, Im absolutely disgusted by the actions or our corrupt, criminal government. Please don't think that all Americans agree with the atrocities that Bush & co. has inflicted upon the middle east. There is a large anti-war movement here but its not enough to stop an administration that operates outside the law. My hope is that Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld and all others responsible are brought to justice and suffer the same fate they chose for Saddam. Please understand, our government is beyond fixing. The only way to stop them is with another american revolution.
Echo said…
Very interesting.
Thanks, Layla. Informative, moving and honest as usual.
I love reading ur stuff.
Take care

[ ]
My only response (for now):
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of "Spiritus Mundi"
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

-- William Butler Yeats, "The Second Coming"
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
I am yet again rendered speechless..not only by the fact that you summed it all up so well, nor by the way you drew, through your words and style, the picture so accurately showing how gruesome, grotesque and evil it actually is..but also by the fact that it's all so unfortunately very true....I am speechless and I weep...
God bless you..
Anonymous said…
Layla, I note that the 'anonymous' is confusing you! Rightly so! The first 'anonymous' is me - K.
Anonymous said…
Hello- I am not defending the American people per se here so I just want to tell you how it is for an American in USA right now.
I was dead set against your war/invasion. Further when the whole "Shock and Awe" propaganda rolled out and all the respectable journalists and media climbed on to trumpet the "Liberation" and "Push for Democracy" I made it a point to find Arabs/and Middle Eastern individuals in my metropolis who would give me their unepurgitated point of view. The boiled down version was "you will fight till the last brick" as a Lebanon trader told me. These were not Chalabi Arabs they were average seen the world people who told me that the Iraqui's are some of the most resiliant and tough people in the world. I think you should be proud of that. Further speaking out regarding Iraq is now tantaqmount to getting the whole weight of the system breathing down your neck. When I started to tell people about the contract killing of Iraqui scientist's during and after Shock and Awe (fill in the spaces about who was responsible starts with an M)
I was suddenly the focus of a recruitment by the army, I recieved heavy duty spam- and also a couple of death threats. The so-called ACLU was no help. A jewish senator's office called it off. Don't believe me? I know what I saw. Plus I got the rape video that looked like it had been produced at Camp Pearcy itself.
The point is their is only so much that avaerage guy can do. Is this a cop out? I talk all the time with friends about it there.
I live in a totally Isreali manipulated governemnt. The so-called liberals that I meet are absolutely clue-less regarding what the sanctions are, and the real Saddam's achievements in building a modern high-tech society with educated professionals, free health-care and no religious discrimination.
You are on your own. the average American is so self concerned with his average surviaval, especially with the new style republican governemnt that while he thinks the war is bad, it's like your neighbor dying of cancer...Send a card and write it off.
Keep writing and tell the world.
You have friends in unexpected places and the day will come when you will see that.
Anonymous said…
When I informed my liberal bhuddhist SGI (Japanesse Soka Gakkai)chanting group I was told to shut up that I disrespected my country. When I read in the Taguba report how the American? soldier raped the Moselm boy, how the evil woman American soldier kicked the other boy Koran into the pile of fecal matter I was able to undertand the need to seek revenge. If I meet those soldiers who come from bases near me it would be unfortunate that they might have an accident...there are lurking in the shadows people who seek it. Please read on.

That is America. It is truly not the land of it's forefather's.
It is a rapacious vampire seeking to feed off the resources/the blood/the sweat and hopes of the world....
It's have a nice day.
THE CHOSEN..."You take it all too seriously" is what hey will say to you in AMERIKKA!
But America discards it's old poor women to rot and scanvenge in the street. The other day I gave 5 to this old woman scavenging in the trash of a Hollywood well-to-do compound. She looked at me as if to say-what you want a thank you and I blessed her inside because she had the will to live and she made my day so much I was practilly singing.
Much more so than listening to the self-satisfied Hollywood wannabes prattle on about their spiritual experience ... Yes you are so spiritual you practilly float.
Americans are so self-obssed it's sickening. And then when they feel some pain they cry like stupid children selfish that someone took away the candy.
3,000 soldiers dead but nothing about 650,000 dead Arabs.
Anonymous said…
There is little to be done to alliviate the past, and little one man can do to fix the present.

I can only pray that the Iraqi people have the strength to prove themselves stronger than their antagonists.

Be swift as the Wind, fierce as the Fire, silent as the Forest, and resolute as the Mountain, my Arab friends.

America and it's sick allies have no true strength, and much less in the way of strategy. Wise fighting can rout them, and show for true that their attempts will not go unhindered by proud, proper peoples.

Ride forward and give no quarter to the enemy.
Anonymous said…
Real clever of you to twist the Iran Iraq war as a defensive war fought by the brave Iraqis and their leader Saddam against a crazy Mullahs. Well the truth is Under orders from his masters then puppet Saddam Hussein shook Rumsfelds hands, and on more than a few occasions used chemical weapons against the much larger and unrelenting Iranian advances. This was only after he throughly got kicked out of Iran in operations of 1982, which liberated Khormashahr. The videos are all on youtube, you can see the poor Iraqi mercenaries bowing down to the Iranian Army and like cowards saying Ya Ali. Well the hell with Ali, am no Arab or islam lover. But for gods sakes, please please, enough of your bullshit lies Layla. That Monkey Arab opportunist Saddam, saw it was more than he could bargain for and like a bitch offered a cease fire in 1982. He really thought Iranians would surrender to a bunch of pathetic arab mercenaries??? what an idiot Arab he was.
Anonymous said…
You speak like a good chauvinist.In order not to tire myself with typing more facts. I am pasting a comment from the previous post by Layth. I think the historical facts in it will refresh your rather selective memory.

Layla Anwar
Comment from last post/by Layth

1. Iran began the Iraq-war by Khomeini calling for Iraqis to topple the Iraqi government for being "un-Islamic". A number of border skirmishes took place, as well as an assasination attempt by the Iranian based "Dawa Party" on Iraqi officials such as Tariq Aziz at Al-Mustansiriya University...All these events and a few more were precedent to the Iraq official declaration of war. In-fact, ironically, one of those executed for fermenting the Iranian call to overthrow the government was Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr (whom we see now hailed in Iranian dominated Iraq as a martyr!).

2. Iran was offered a "cease-fire" by Iraq in 1982, but Khomeini refused stating that the comeplete change of the Baath government is his aim.

3. Iran has been caught red handed taking weapons and intel from the US via none other than Israel (so much for Big Satan and little Satan propaganda). These facts are all part of the Iran-Contra scandal which nearly caused an impeachment for the US President.

4. Since the "unholy revolution" of 1979, Iran has not fired one shot at Israel not has it worked for the liberation of Palestine...Yet, throughout the years Iran has falsly claimed it is an "Islamic" nation and that Israel is the enemy (yeah, tell that to the Iraqis who died with Israeli weapons!)

5. During the war of 1991, Iran agreed to house the Iraqi fighter jets so they would not be destroyed...However, as has become typical of the Iranian behaviour (must be part of the special Islam that Khomeni brought in from Paris), Iran kept the Iraqi planes and claimed that it was compensation for some of the war-damage Iraq had caused them!

6. During the war of 1991, Iran and the US called for the Shia in Iraq to rise and destroy the Baath regeim (sounds like dejavu of the Iran-Iraq war all over again!). So much for honoring the truce and ceas-fire accord Iran signed in 1988 with Iraq.

7. During the sanction years, Iran and the US were responsible for most of the car-bombs and assasination attempts that Al-Dawa and SCRI were conducting.

8. During the 2nd Palestinain Intifada in mid-late 90's, Iran announced that the Muslim world must show solidarity with Palestine, and, as a gesture of goodwill, Iran suggested that Muslim nations stop oil production completeley for a number of days (can't recall if it was 7 days or more). Lo and behold, Saddam (may God bless his soul) announced that Iraq would stop its oil production in support of Palestine, Iran, the snake in the grass that they are, declared that they would NOT stop production citing the excuse that "not enough nations had done so".

9. Iran, during the US attack on Afghanistan, declared that they would not interfere in the US war (neither for or against)...Howvere, as has become typical of the double speak, US and Iranian forces were caught jointly working together to capture the Afghan city of Heerat.

10. Iran, once again working in maximum lying mode, said they would not interere in the US was against Iraq...Hoever, all reports from the battle field by Iraqi soldiers spoke of Iranian backed groups crossing the border during the invasion and attacking Iraqi troops (especially in the South) while the Iraqi troops were poised to defend against only against the expected US enemy comming out of Kuwait/Saudi Arabia.

Need I go on? Need I talk about Iranian/US collaboration in Iraq? Need I talk about Sistani's fatwa forbidding resistance to the occupier and forcing all people to vote for the puppet government? Need I talk about the ex-pilots and officers that have been found murdered by Iranian death squads because they took part in the Iran-Iraq war?

You know why I am stating the above and not mentioning the US or UK or Israel? Because the evil trio is known to every Muslim kid on the street...They are the enemy, they want us dead, they want our resources...However, it is the devlish Iran which is the most danger to Muslims because it hides its evil behind walls of lies (Tuqya in the Shia belief) and makes appear it is one of the Muslims, while, in relaity, if Satan could be present in a state, then that state would be "Iran".
Anonymous said…
All us non biased non Arabs wh so pride themselves on a culture of raping and piliging, thats the culture you brought with your Islam. Know that Khomeini wasnt evne a mole on a monkeys asshole, before Saddam turned him into this revered savior of our country. That son of a bitch saddam that mother fucking bastard invaded to grab a piece of land, like the opportunist arab that he was. Let me ask you a question you dumb arab. If khomeini wanted to conquer Iraq, like that would even be possible, why did his regime execute 3000 of the core officer staff, of the Iranian armed forces. The same officers that Saddam feared all through the 70's? Why did they take hostages and cut ties with the west, so they oculdnt get spare parts? and then start a war by sending 13 years olds to die by the thousands, getting mowed down by iraqi mortars all day? You really are a delusional bitch. arent ya?
Tate said…
I think messages should be monitored, and Anonymous racism needs to be deleted. I don't want to read it here. Just a suggestion, thanks.
Tate said…
These racist and uneducated type of people often fall into a category that has no purpose in serious thought. They are called "flamers", not the gay kind but the argumentative kind. These kind of people generally don't have an ideology, they tend to be about 13 or 15. Just adolescent rebellion, looking for a word fight.

Best to cut them off of this place. They are so cowardly, they mostly conceal their identity as well because if their Mom catches them making trouble like "Anonymous" up there, they will likely get a good spanking and sent to bed without supper.

Anonymous said…

Your wise words have enlightened my mind, the way you put your feelings into words is sublime.
The information we get from the media is nothing but an insult to Iraq and its people. It’s nothing but attempts to make every Iraqi look like a terrorist, when in reality, the terrorists are the ones despising a different culture, disrespecting years and years of history and tradition. Innocent people should never be punished for crimes they didn’t commit.
Your words have inspired me, and for that I Thank You. From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for showing me what happens on the other side. Thank you for showing me something the media, corrupted by power and greed, never showed.
I sincerely hope all goes well for you. Thank you for everything.

I wish you the best,
Tate said…

I hope that the above map link will help people to understand what is happening in the world.

The Pentagon Map from Bartlett shows the world divided into two parts. Bartlett wants to have the wealthy resource-users "shrink" the size of the poor resource-rich in the map.

Very ugly and it seems to be in-line with the Pentagon program.

Bartlett says, right there in the map: "The goal of this new strategy is simple: Shrink the gap. Don't contain it. Shrink it."

Some would be forgiven to mistake this as a genocidal strategy to dominate poor populations that happen to have resources under their feet, given the current trends.
Anonymous said…
I don't think that the anonymous racists should be censored...let them air their views. NOne of that changes the facts.

Iraq, a modern, sovereign nation with a legitimate president, was invaded under the most egregious of false pretenses by a cowardly nation that will not fight fairly, and will not fight a foe that it perceives to be strong. This was supposed to be a "cakewalk" war, remember?

The purpose of the war is to gain control of the oil in Iraq. The american don't give a damn about "democracy in Iraq" and could care less whether Iraqi women wear hijabs and burqhas. As a matter of fact, the americans would love to see all Iraqis dead, Sunni, Shi'ite, and Kurds alike. Maybe the rotting millions of corpses will turn into more oil.

The americans have won in Iraq. Mission Accomplished. They have brilliantly managed to turn the various factions against each other, thereby ensuring no cohesive opposition to their goal of controlling the oil. The Iraqis have cooperated in this by dutifully killing each other, as they have been manipulated into doing.

Whatever happened to the sale of SAM missiles, which was so easily done during the Russian-Afghanistan conflict? The americans gleefully supplied the Afghans with SAM's, rendering the Russian helicopter assaults to be nothing more than suicide mission. God help the americans when the Iraqi freedom fighters start to get SAM's. The cowardly americans will not fight fair, and will call in an air-strike and obliterate entire city blocks as soon as they meet any resistance.

The american people will stomach a war as long as less than eight percent of the general populace is affected by the casualty rate of said war. There have been studies to this effect. The only thing that will end the occupation is huge numbers of dead americans, or the dragging of american bodies through the streets a la Moqdisho. Note how they are now trying to gain revenge through the puppet Ethiopian army. After all, Islamists are being killed, so it must be OK.

You cannot make this great wrong a right, no matter how much racism is spewed at Layla (may Allah protect her.) Don't expect the entire Middle East to roll over and play dead so that americans can continue to drive big frigging SUV's and consume 30 percent of the planet's resources, like they are entitled or something. The americans like to talk about "bringing democracy." Why don't they go bring democracy to China, North Korea, or Russia?
1. because they would very quickly pass that eight percent tolerance rate for dead american soldiers.
2. Those countries aren't sitting atop vast oil resources ( as far as they know.)

Abdullah Mustafa
Anonymous said…
I didn't vote for Bush and I'll bet 1/2 of Americans didn't. Yet he is president. I've been thinking for sometime that maybe America isn't a democracy. The Electoral College picks our president. Popular vote means virtually nothing. And then there's corruption, hanging chads, recounts, "bad" voting machines, etc.

If you can get ahold of Hacking Democracy, the HBO special, it is interesting. Apparently there were discrepancies in vote totals that were not addressed.
Anonymous said…
The comment section is not working properly. So this is me, Layla under anonymous.
Dear T, K,Marco,Matthew,
Many thanks for your support and words of encouragement.
Anonymous said…
ArkBuilder, Direct, Abdullah, thanks for all the info you are providing from across the other side of the fence. Please keep at it. And thank you for your support. Layla Anwar
Anonymous said…
Peter, thanks for the poetry.
I have noticed that twice in a row your comments come across as ambiguous. Would you like to clarify perhaps? Layla Anwar.
landsker said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
landsker said…
Ah Layla, please allow me a few moments to offer a tale about the mountain known as "Cader Idriss".
I assure you, it has some relevance.

Found in the North of Wales,(One of four countries that make up pretty shitty Britain.), and having at its` peak a deep pool.

It is thought to be named in honour of an eighth century Poet and Giant, Moulay Idriss, who is said to have fled the Abbisidian attack upon Baghdad.
Travelling thousands of Miles across North Africa, to lay foundations of what is now modern Morrocco, where he took 40 beautiful wives and founded a dynasty of trade and (Islamic)learning, reaching from Baghdad to Morrocco, into Spain and Portugal and even at times to the Southern and Western parts of Britain, which, at the time, were not under the throne of London.
Alittle known fact about Britain is that the Moors and Celts were on "trading terms", indeed, many Welsh and Irish are suprised to find that they have Berber and Arab blood!

All of that was well over 1,000 years ago, even now the mountain is said to be occupied by the ghosts of giant poets, who in turn hold back the hounds of hell.

Are you with me so far? Please smile, maybe take some tea, perhaps do a "google" of "Cader Idris".
Imagine..., a mountain, with a lake on top, Moulay Idriss himself gazing down upon Britain, and dreaming of Baghdad... now then,... from 816 to 1916.....another invasion.

Between 1916 and 1918 the Arabs overthrew and expelled the invading Turks/Ottomans, and did so with much bloodshed.
One of the leaders of that revolt was a young Briton named Thomas Edward Lawrence, (of Arabia.)
Part Scottish, part Irish, even part English, and born in Wales at Tremadog near the foot of Cader Idriss.
Was it he who galloped on horseback, sword and pistol in hand, with nothing but the full moon to guide him, as he attacked the Turks at Aqaba and Damascus?
Was it he who led the siege of Medina, and who was there, attacking the supply trains and camps?
At night did the young Lawrence dream of Cader Idris and his home in Wales?

Are the Americans any different to the Ottoman?
They are wounded and trapped, encircled, their war chest is empty, the soldiers are tired, and the whole world shuns their products.
The British have almost all come home, leaving only the americans now.

Maybe none of this makes sense to you, but then again, it might.

So dreaming, his love became a tear, his tear became an ocean, to roar and whisper.

Anonymous said…
Just a reply to Lansker: Yes the Ottoman was very different from the Americans. They had a cultural understanding of one another. Ottoman soldiers did not handle the Arabs with the same degrading treatment as the U.S. forces did. As for the great hero Lawrence of Arabia, he did what he did simply because he wanted his own beloved Britain to have all the riches of the Middle East instead of the Ottoman and not for his love of the Arab race and his desire to free them as he wanted the world to believe! That was another chapter in the crusades with the use of 'divide and conquer'. His claim of having been raped by Ottoman soldiers has been proven to be a fabrication just to gain support against the Turks. Ever since Brits took over Mid-East trouble has not stopped!
Anonymous said…
Hello- I think it isn't necessary that disable the comments section as this is good to have people air their views. I am not Arab and so it helps to understand how people view themselves over there.
That said I want to comment to Jennifer that what you are 'feeling" is correct. America according to the esteemed Ramsey Clark is now an ogligarchy. That means it is ruled behind the scenes by a very small, rich, powerful few. Further this few is rapidly gaining ascenedenc in the area of curtailing rights that were bestowed on THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by their forefather's. Further it has nothing to do with being a CONSERVATIVE or a LIBERAL. Presently in America attention is diverted away from relevent dicussion of issue that affects the common people to stupid controversies, and revelations.
In short the same strategy that is used to get people fighting against each other instead of uniting against the occupier is being used quite effectively by the free media of American corporations. Information is spoonfed so as not to disturb the apple-cart.
Jennifer-keep reading and look for other viewpoints other than just HBO, which is a big corporation.
Why don't type in DIEBOLD inot google and see what you find out?
Layla Anwar said…
I am an Arab and I know how people air their views. Am still keeping the comments sections unedited. Democracy ? hahahahahaha
Not quite ! Maybe a perverse feeling of seeing them hang themselves with their own rope.
Best personal regards
Anonymous said…
Keep telling it like it is!

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