December 7, 2006

The Uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part II

Warning : This sequel to Part I may contain strong language that may offend some of the readers . To those, I say: Skip it.

To whom it may Concern

So, you are stuck in a quagmire huh?
No shit Sherlock . What did you expect then ?
Did you expect a cake walk or did you think you will be tanning your ass in Baghdad like you do when you go on your yearly Caribbean vacation?

Yeah I know, you managed to have a little fun raping "Eye Raqis " from little girls, to boys , to women and men .
And I also know that a good deal of you managed to pocket a few hefty bundles of dollars .
Some through dubious contracts and some through sheer theft . Stealing the palaces , the houses and even the huts . Don't ever think anything goes unreported.
Or maybe you thought that you can walk into our holy places with your filthy boots, spit and piss on our holy book and kill our preachers and worshippers when in prostration at dawn and we will just stand there and turn the other cheek?
Or maybe you thought we will give you candies and roses or better still make a statue in your honor , a statue dedicated to Freedom and Democracy?
Tell you what , I will show you my gratitude . I want to offer you a statue , a homage for your valiant acts. I want to edify it in your name and in the name of your founding fathers , and in the name of your Mafia ancestors . Yes I will dedicate this work to you . It will be made of skulls and bones , painted in blood and feces.
Yes you read me right . The skulls and bones that you left in every single street you visited , the blood of innocents that you spilled and the feces in which you drowned the faces of your "detainees". And I will crown that beautiful statue of your acts with the genitals you hacked off . Remember those ? I do .
It will be an art work of phallic proportions dedicated to your virility and courage. A farewell token.

You don't like this language ? I will try another.

I will not be like this poor illiterate peasant who screams when he sees his family killed by one of your smart missiles and his tiny house destroyed :
"I don't want democracy , I want to live , your democracy is killing me".
No I will not do that. I will be civilized , I promise you .
I will be the nice "Ayrab" girl now . I will bow down to you and be very graceful. I will even put on my best show of tears and touch your heart with my pleas , so you can finally feel safe to look at me or hear me .
You like it when am so servile don't you ?
I will wear my best pair of satin gloves and use your other dialect. The dialect of the oppressed begging. This will make you feel like the Master and I know, you just love that high. The high of your grandiose arrogance .
I will say to you : Please understand , we are a backward "12th century tribal people"*, who are not used to democracy.
"We don't dig it"* . We are a tribal insane religious lot that thrives on "blowing themselves up". Your presence is just exacerbating this horrible trait in us . "We don't understand ballot boxes and votes , these are disgusting words"* for us and as a woman I can't even address you but behind a veil because gender equality is not something I am used to . Please leave us in our backwardness and pack your bags and go .

Does this ring better for you ? No ? Ok . Let me use a simplified version .

If neither dialect is comprehensible to you :The dialect of violence which you are so proficient at nor the Dialect of slavery that you just relish , then let me use plain English maybe you will finally understand :

Fuck off - Right back to where you came from.

* Sentences heard on Mike Malloy Radio Show to "sensitize" the American Public /5.12.06
** Painting : By Iraqi Artist, Rafa Nasiri.