December 25, 2006

To a voiceless Iraqi Sister.

My Dear Sister ,

I really don't know how to start this . I am short of words. Seems like all the idioms of the English language will never convey to you what I feel. I will keep it simple. I believe in simplicity.
A holocaust survivor from the Abu Ghraib chambers related your story.
I had heard it before . But I can never hear enough of it .
I am with you in this cell . I am watching it all as it happens.
Your cries and screams went unanswered . Your cell mates could do nothing, they were castrated whilst you were being raped by the Americans.
They heard you shout :" Help me my Iraqi brothers, help me " and they only had their prayers to offer you. Don't be angry at them , they were "detainees " like yourself.
Your story and I have heard many of them , reminds me of this famous line by the Iraqi poet Muddafar al Nawab. He was addressing Jerusalem in it , but I am addressing it in Your Honor.
He said: " Jerusalem is the Bride of your Arabhood, welcome , welcome - so why did you leave all the filthy fornicators of the Night come to her ? You sons of bitches, did you really think that a raped woman will be silenced ?. " (my humble translation)
Sister, I heard that you were silenced. Seems that the other "detainees" heard nothing after your first cry. The silence was overbearing, they could hear a pin drop to the ground.
They silenced you through death perhaps. I don't know. You have remained an anonymous voice amongst many others.
I will lend you my voice . I have vowed not to be silenced. Use it, take it, speak through me.
Take my courage, the little I have left, and tell them what happened to you.
Give me them the gory details so they can spit it out, vomit it .
Tell them the horrors of rape.
Speak out, you have to speak out.
Tell them how you were made to shut up . Tell them the truth. Does not matter if they were americans or if they are current day so called "iraqis".
Say it, proclaim it, shout it, write it in tears, write it in blood. Use me, use my hands, use my voice , use my words.
And so she speaks...
" The cell was dark and damp. They tore my clothes away , taking turns , they said : I am going to fuck you until oblivion, until Death. And then they took turns . One after another. They shuddered and said " Oh God " when they poured their venom into me . All the while they were crying out : Take it bitch, take it you filthy Iraqi whore. I will fuck you until you are blue in the face. "
I am in pain, my womb hurts, my back hurts, I can feel the only warmth , that of my own blood dripping... They are banging my head against the cold stone floor...I am losing it now ... My soul is hovering above my body and am watching it all in cool detachment. I am blue in the face. I think am dead now. I feel light, light as ether, light as air...".

And I continue ...

I am impregnated now . I have conceived a monster. You are about to experience the birth pangs of the New Middle East gushing out of me . So be ready for the delivery and welcome Your new Child about to be born. Yes, be ready.

Painting : Iraqi Artist, Mohammed Sami