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Yesterday I let you in on my call to Radhee. Radhee calls me back today. He reports that:

- Abu Saleem's son , Othman, 13 and half years old was kidnapped by the Iranian backed Death Squads whilst he went to buy some candies from the grocery shop.
His kidnappers asked for a ransom of 20'000 USD . Abu Saleem is a poor man , out of work for nearly a year now. He told them all his belongings did not amount to this sum.
He received another call later on during the day. The kidnappers have bargained down the price-10'000 USD or else...
Abu Saleem tried to negotiate with them . He offered that they take his house and all his belongings, he just wants his son alive. Later on in the evening, he received yet another call: "You son is dead , his body can be found in Kerbala."
Othman's mother wanted her son's body at any cost so he can have a proper burial .
As it is too dangerous for this sunni family to go to Kerbala , a relative of the family , a shi'a, offered his help.
A coffin was arranged and Othman's mother was to lay in it , pretending to be a dead corpse so they may reach Kerbala through checkpoints unharmed. A scene fit for a Louis Bunuel Film.
They arrived in Kerbala and after tedious haggling , they managed to retrieve the poor little boy's body and took him back to the local cemetery.
13 years old Othman died from several shots between the legs and his skull was cracked open in half by a sledge hammer. Peace to you my little boy.

- Seven members of the extended family were driven out of the Salman Pak area by US occupation forces with the cooperation of Iranian backed Death squads.
They sought refuge in another location in Iraq.

- On another note , 20 palestinians who have been driven out of their homes in Baghdad and found themselves in tents (again!), have been shot dead by the Iranian backed Death Squads.

- "The occupation is not the problem , it is the Saddamists and the Al Qaeda", says ....Bush , no not Bush , but Hadi Al Ameri , an Iranian, sorry meant an Iraqi member of Parliament, responsible for "Security Matters".

By the way , I told Radhee that I mentioned him on this blog . He says Merry Xmas to all of you and tells you not to believe the stuff you read , hear or see on the news . He textually said :
"Tell them , it is much much .....worse ."


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