The uncensored Anger Manifesto - Part I

I cannot sleep . My seething anger keeps my eyes wide open .
But you are sleeping safely in your home , holding your partner or your child and you know in all probability that you will awake tomorrow. And tomorrow , you will open your eyes, step into your bathroom and you will find running water . You will fix yourself a coffee and you will find electricity, you will open your kitchen cupboard and you will find food .
Then you will get dressed , and you have clothes for winter and if you catch the flu , you can always call up your doctor or run to a hospital . Hey, you can even take flowers to your beloved ones if they happen to fall ill ,or just check to make sure that the surgery of Uncle Tom was successful . Oh yes, you can afford to do so.
Then you will get into your car, drive merrily or maybe not so merrily to your work place , or go shopping worrying about what to cook for your sweet family, or meet with your friends for a morning cup and rant neurotically about how miserable your life is .
Your day is probably filled with things to do . Most likely you have a job and you know you have an income at the end of the month. And you can give yourself the luxury of planning for your future.
You plan everything don't you? What you will be getting for your kids at Christmas, how many parties you have booked on your agenda , your next vacation trip, your one year plan, your five year plan , when your goverment will be invading another country. You are in fact a great planner.
If you have kids , then you know they are getting an education . You can buy them pads, pencils, drawing books , toys and even take them for a stroll in a park free from Depleted Uranium and you can fly kites and raise your eyes to the sky and not see fire jets hovering above your little head . You can do that. I know you can.
And if you are walking about , you know that no bomb or bullet is going to blow you or blow your loved ones away. You will neither be kidnapped nor abducted never to be seen again.
You feel queasy at the sight of blood . Yes I know that. Even the blood you watch on your TV screen when you get back home safely in the evenings is censored so as not to disturb your sensitivities. You don't see limbs , bowels, and brains blown away, you are really cared for and so protected . And if per chance you come across such scenes, you conveniently zap or ask your kids to run upstairs. You don't want them traumatized . Yes violence is bad for you .
It disturbs your peace of mind . I really sympathize.
And when Saturday or Sunday comes , you go to your worship place , and praise the Lord for being born in the greatest country ever . Yes I know you enjoy your rights and freedoms.
During weekends , you can take time for your leisure, tend your garden , go to a gym, invite your friends, barbecue, go dancing , party. You can have fun . But of course, it is natural, it is written in your constitution "the pursuit of happiness" is just for you, and only for you. I don't need to remind you . You already know it by heart.
And when you are with your friends you can be so very interesting . You can tell them how fucked up the world is , how people can't get along . You will point your finger in our direction and hold us as an example . Oh yes, you know so much . Your press told you all about it.
And when you are done with all of the above , you will go back to sleep in your cozy bed , switch the lights off and snore in total oblivion. All the way to that state you are so familiar with, all the way back into your usual comatose indifferent self .

And we are still here,counting the minutes, the seconds and hoping we will taste life again. A life we had before you and your ilk took it all away.

Painting : Iraqi Artist Rafa Nasiri.


Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Many thanks for sharing these beautiful paintings with us.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Anonymous ,

I am glad that you have been touched by Iraqi Art . Just goes to show that Iraqis can still produce Beauty despite the wretched circumstances imposed upon them . I wonder how many others are capable of the same in such circumstances.
Anonymous said…
One of the problems which has led to this (and other) horrific invasions and attendant destruction of life, society and environment is that we in the West have had the power to control our governments increasingly eroded/stolen from us by the governments themselves and the power elites they function on behalf of. These barbaric acts are committed in the face of majority public opinion and our 'free' press disinforms and obfuscates the real issues. I am not seeking to excuse, just adding a comment. Until we find a way to stop the whole of the (western) global economy from being predicated on military might and the appropriation of others' resources, i fear we are doomed to repeat this obscene cycle of war.
Anonymous said…
Cara sorella, You touch our hearts with your words. We are with you and all of the oppressed of the earth.
Anonymous said…
Your words cut deep, they painfully expose our culture of complicity. No words can match the brutality wrought by our weapons and armed forces in Iraq, and throughout the world. Unfortunately America was built on the backs of slaves and the graves of natives. The darkness and corruption the human soul is capable of, Our nation seems to have become the epicenter. A twisted mind is easily fostered in this culture. You arm that mind with weapons, fear and a seeming entitlement to kill, some how acts of atrocity become second nature.
Nothing can justify the sick obsession with the the middle-east, perhaps to control the area recognized as the cradle of civilization, or just greed and lust for power. If you look at the reality, a satanic ritual of suffering & death isn't unfathomable. Your words are painful, yet necessary. Your average American may never comprehend or care to akcnowledge the sickening acts committed in the name of America. Many believe America is a international force for peace and justice and it has always been that. It appears no act of injustice can overshadow the "terrorist attack" of 9/11 in the tainted mass conciousness of America.

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