Let's Waltz shall We ?

Have you ever listened to Chostakovitch Waltz no.2?
This is what I suggest to you . Get it or listen to your favorite piece of anything else.
Now close your eyes and let me invite you to a beautiful Waltz.
Imagine a hundred souls dressed in white hovering above you .
Imagine them pacing, stepping, twirling, whirling.
Imagine them smiling , bowing gracefully to one another .
Imagine them holding hands and making circles over your poor little head.
Imagine them haloed by a thousand golden lights.
Imagine a great wedding
Imagine a big feast,
Imagine endless banquets of fruits , food and wine flowing
Imagine silk garments and diamonds
Imagine all the dead from Iraq
inviting you to dance with them.
That's it . Take one step now .
A step to the left, a step to the right
Imagine all the dead from
Baghdad, Baquba , Ramadi, Falluja, Mosul, Amara, Anbar, Mahmoudiah, Nasseriah,Basra, Kirkuk, Hilla.......
Imagine them all dancing ,waltzing with you , around you .
Imagine them thanking you
Imagine them loving you
Imagine them embracing you
and Imagine them
nudging you to Wake up .
Let's Waltz shall We ?

Painting : by Iraqi Artist Jaber Alwan "Dance series"


Anonymous said…
This fucking beautiful !
Anonymous said…
Am sorry for what you have to go through /
Anonymous said…
Genius !
Anonymous said…
Angels weep to your poetic brilliance.
Thank you

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