Till Death do us part...

Do you fancy reading about a heart warming sentimental love story?
Come on , am sure you do .
Amidst all this turmoil we live in I am sure you are eager to listen to a romantic saga that will take your mind off world misery.
Ok, I will recount it to you only if you promise to read till the very end . I assure you it is a"happy ever after" tale .

Let me start by saying that the couple I have in mind has been cohabiting for over 30 years now .

I am sure you are curious to know what is their recipe for such a successful partnership, seeing that the divorce rate is soaring and that couples no longer stick to their marriage vows.

The first thing one notices about this couple is their very strong physical attraction to one another. They seem to fancy each other to the point of chemical fusion . They are great passionate bed partners so it seems .

They also share similar ideological interests to the extent that they have become siamese twins and no, they never get bored by this mutual intense affinity to one another . They actually love to spend quality time together, always .

They also have common hobbies . One major pass time of theirs is adventure . They simply adore expanding their horizons , exploring new territories and they even set up houses in a few of those distant lands they reached. They are intrigued by the exotic.
It just spices up their lives ...

And like any working couple, they share a joint bank account . Each one ensures that the other does not lack in anything . Naturally the husband is always there just in case his beloved wife goes a little overboard . But she compensates for him by preserving and keeping an eye on his stocks, bonds and securities . This is what caring love is all about .

In fact this couple is so close they even developed the same taste in colors . If Madam wears very light pink, so does he . If she decides to wear blue , he does too .
A little odd thing about them though , is that their colors come only in two shades .
They hardly wear red , this they leave when they go on their adventures , and it's usually crimson red. White is only used to shroud the dead and black only at funerals and God forbid that death approaches either one of them.

They also have similar taste in music. Their preference goes for drums. No, don't get me wrong , it has nothing to do with war drums . They just love the sound and the beat, that's all. And they are clever dancers too . They never miss a step , always harmoniously leading one another .

Their undying loyalty to each other has made them a world wide celebrity. You see their names on every book cover, magazine and newspaper . They even made it on TV and Hollywood is writing a script about them. This is understandable . It is rare to find such commitment nowadays .They 're in for the long haul . A remarkable couple indeed .

But like every couple they have their down moments.
You know , how some women can whine, nag and throw terrible temper tantrums . And at times play the victim . Well, Madam has mastered this art to perfection .
But rest assured , He is a true gentleman, he will not let her go to sleep angry without fulfilling her every whim and desire. So their conflicts are very short lived and hardly worth mentioning .

Having an active love life , they also produced lots of children who grew up to be very influential people . Some, later on, became statemen , others "high calibre" politicians, numerous heads of corporations and even a few "brilliant" academics. You do understand that the progeny has to continue in the parents footsteps.

I also forgot to mention that this wonderful couple had their engagement party in England out of all places . It was a huge event . A real gala . Royalty and heads of state attended . Everyone was very pleased ,they blessed the union and wished the newly wed a very successful future.

Do you want to know who this couple is or have you guessed it by now ?
Just in case , I missed out on some detail of their intimate life , I will give you their full name. Do send them your congratulations on their next wedding anniversary and address it to: Mr & Mrs. Americrael. For they are an example of a perfect match....a match made in Hell.

Painting : Iraqi Artist Jaber Alwan "Men & Women" series.


Anonymous said…
...or Mr. and Mrs. Usrael.
Shusma said…
I wish they would hurry up and give each other an STD already.

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