Flash NEWS !

- A relative , mother of three gave up her job in Baghdad . She lives in a mixed area re -baptized "The Death Neighborhood"
The reason ? Her name is Ayesha *

- Another 22 years old relative , fresh bright graduate is not allowed to leave home .
His parents lock him up in his room and guard the key . He is their only child .
The reason ? His name is Bakr *

- Yet another relative's home stormed in at 3 am . They kidnapped the eldest son . He is 18 years old .
We are all expecting a funeral soon .
The reason ? His name is Omar *

The fresh news of fresh new victims in Baghdad is over for the day. Have a good one .

*** For those of you who don't know Arabic names, the above are typical sunni names .


Anonymous said…
I'm datta from As'ad's blog. I really pissed you off a couple of weeks ago when I told you to lay off the toxic vitriol against As'ad and smoke a joint, and you tore my head off.
My comment may have been flippant, and I'm sorry, but I really can't believe you think As'ad is your enemy. Is chomsky your enemy?christian sunni? Am I? I think not.
I am not writing this to be published in your comments. I'm writing this to you personally to tell you how much I feel for you. I do not expect you to believe me, nevertheless IT IS TRUE.
I think you are an incredible woman whose writing is just so
ravagingly amazing and excruciatingly beautiful IT'S TOO GOOD, IT BURNS TOTALLY: FIRE GOOD.
I've been an artist for about 25 years and once I figured out your website(courtesy of Raed) I instantly came and at once recognized your brilliance, sensitivity, artistry and the infernal genius that I look for in all art.
When I suggested you go smoke a spliff, I had read everything on your blog and I said it as a fellow artist and activist who was literally concerned about the dark spaces that you so courageously inhabit and embody in your writing and your daily life.
I have known alot of people(23) who have killed themselves dealing with far less than you are, so I was just generally concerned about you. That's it, no more no less.
I truly wish you the best sister.
I am what is called a man. Someone from the blog e-mailed me and said you thought I was a woman.(I must have missed that post.)
Anonymous said…
There is a muslim website called q-news.com that I think would love your writings.
They are wonderful and sorely needed.
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks anonymous . I usually prefer to write here , I would not want any of my work be censored.
Anonymous said…
i think u have a fan

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