Stretching the Night ...

Elie called me .He said let's go and listen to some Jazz . Elie is an old friend and he knows how much I love Jazz .
We have an unspoken pact Elie and I . Whenever we go together to a jazz place,we respect that space of silence in each other . We avoid needless petty talk, any polite jibberish and the like.
We are here and we know in consensus that we both need to retreat into the Jazzy night together yet alone . So we did .
We went to our favorite"joint"in town . An unassuming place , with a "local" band .
Drinks dutifully ordered , we settled for a place where we will not be disturbed by endless chatter.
The night smoothly set in . The saxophonist blew my breath away . The lead singer had his version of " the Look of Love " and he worked at it , giving it his very best , taking it in and blowing it out in full lungs whilst the saxophonist was exhaling the last throes . I was mesmerized , tranported , willingly taken to that place where I dreaded to enter .
The singer caught the look in my eye whilst I was tuned to his voice .
He generously offered me a second serving . The following was "More" and the third "My blue heaven"....
Then it hit me .
In fact , there is nothing more beautiful , nor more powerful than a man in love. Something about a man in love is so magical , so enticing , so very smooth just like this very instant .
Like a balm spread over open wounds, like a breath of fresh air, like this very moment .
The saxophonist is relentless , he keeps up and leads . The singer offers his voice unconditionally. And the magic continues and the rapture blooms .
A man in love is so ecstatic to watch . This mixture of fragility, coyness and strength.
This giving of self , that sheds it all in one instant . No withholding , naked and true .
I can almost touch the timbres of his voice , caress the rythms with my fingers , follow the notes with a stroke of my hand .
The last song is now being sung " I only have eyes for you ".
I want to capture this moment for ever , grab it tightly, encapsulate it and carry it away with me .
I want to stretch it till infinity, I want to stretch Me till infinity , before the sound of applause , before the lights are switched on , before the final curtain falls , before Reality sets in again .

Painting: by Iraqi Artist Jaber Alwan "Lady surrounded in Red"


Anonymous said…

You're an incredible writer!
Anonymous said…

You are a superb writer. You need to be published.
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you JonM

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