Saddam Hussein 's Trial and Final Verdict.

Call me a masochist . Everyone now and then I need to go back to the Abu Ghraib pictures . (by the way you can get them in full colors @ I know some of you readers need the hollywood version and I can assure you will find it there).

The reason why I keep going back to them is not some perverted need to see mutilated male genitals lying next to a tortured bleeding Iraqi. The images actually leave me sleepless.

The real reason I keep going back to them is simply because I need to remind myself of the holocaust the Iraqis are going through under the name of Freedom and Democracy .

I keep staring at the pictures and hear the sounds that come from Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Ramadi,Mahmoudiah. ...I hear the screams of torture and pain. I hear the cries of raped women and see them banging their heads against steel walls till death visits them. I see the burnt body of Abeer Al Janabi, raped by American Soldiers and I can see them giggle ,eating chicken wings and gulping down whiskey , playing techno music :" we shall ,we shall fuck you "...
I see Iraqi prisoners with no trial, electrocuted and covered with excrements drinking urine from buckets handed to them by American and British soldiers . I see them forcefully masturbating themselves at gunpoint and then shot dead once they reach the ultimate American Orgasm.
I see hooded men , made to stroll naked , famished and humiliated , reminding of Nazi Ghettos.
I see 655'000 Iraqis dead , their souls hovering over Babylon awaiting Justice.
I see 1 million Iraqi Females. Widows with dependents and nowhere to go.
I see the 1.5 million victims - majority of which are babies - dead because of 12 years of brutal sanctions .
I see cancer ridden children , women and men because of Depleted Uranium.
I see kids coughing up blood with TB and foaming at the mouth with Cholera because of the insalubrity of their living conditions .
I see hospitals lacking basic necessities and I see patients under surgery given aspirin as a pain killer .
I see burnt bodies from cluster and phosphorus bombs.
I see over 700 tons of B52's raining on Iraq .
I see 70% unemployed Iraqis trying to salvage what is left of their lives .
I see over 1.7 million Iraqis fleeing in exodus and I watch empty schools and universities.
I see Paul Bremmer beaming with joy and I see the Iraqi treasury missing over20 billion Dollars.
I see Talabani and Barazani welcoming a helicopter carrying 4 Billion Dollars to so called Kurdistan and I see the Mossad training them in becoming good snipers.
I see Ahmed Chalabi and Co. being generously rewarded for their work and a GI guarding the Oil Ministry in Baghdad whilst the 7'000 years old archeological artifacts are being looted and whilst Baghdad's library with manuscripts dating as old as the 11th century burning under the blue sky of Liberation .
I see Iranian Mullahs distributing sweets rejoicing in victory.
I see Israel gleeing with joy .
I see Halliburton, Bechtel and Co auditing their profits and moving out fast because Baghdad has become too dangerous .
I see Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria ,Egypt and the rest waiting in anticipation for the final verdict and hoping their turn will be forgotten .
I see Saddam Hussein in a cage , like a trapped animal guarding whatever is left of his dignity.
And amidst all of that , I wonder who should really be on Trial today and what the final verdict should be ?


Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
I agree completely with you. There's not just one but many, and it certainly does not include President Saddam Hussein.
Anonymous said…
Layla, you really do not need to wonder who should be on trial for all this......All those who have raped and plundered Iraq, whether occupier or traitor Iraqi, stand accused not just by all people who exist all over the world today but in the history books for the future. The criminals may try very hard to erase the truth, but Truth can never be hidden.
Anonymous said…
i see a great deal of sadness.....and not just cos little deer made an appearance

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