I carry many secrets inside of me...I am no partisan of letting your hair down in public.

Not that I care so much about reputation, whatever I do or say, I am absolved...yes, you see I take the words of your Lord so literally...I figure I have paid well in it's not my reputation that is at stake...but I do care for the people I love...I am very protective of them.

I don't want to use their sufferings as feed for a blog post, and am always very cautious to protect their anonymity...not only out of fear, but out of respect...respect for their pain.

Pain too requires respect, just in case you did not know.

So am a bit of a prude, I allude to things, write around a subject...of course inside am dying for the Truth to be grasped, like some spring flower you pluck to smell its full fragrance...

Yet, still, Respect prevents me from divulging too much.

Yet, the secrets I harbor, the intimate details of what happened, leave me so sleeplessly raw.

Maybe this does not make sense to the Oprah generation -- a generation of exhibitionist talk shows and cheap voyeurism....but for me, it's all the essence of Love.

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