Iran and Its Shiite Militias - Again.

The nightmare is not ending...the nightmare will never end as long as the Iranian/American collaboration is not publicly acknowledged by the Arabs, the West and the International Community as a whole...and in particular the media, mainstream and alternative alike. We, Iraqis, have been saying it for years, since 2003...but no one listens to us...even Iraqi Shias are saying it - yet no one hears us...

The last in line, is yet another machination by that fascist State called Iran in Iraq's future.
Future: we have no bloody future...not when you are a under a dual American Iranian occupation, not to mention the tangible Israeli presence in so-called Kurdistan.

It's been over 7 months since the Iraqis dipped their fingers in that cursed purple ink, in so-called democratic elections, imposed by the Occupier- Democracy by Force, a travesty that has cost us thousands of dead, amputated, missing and election process that was marred with blood and deaths...

What Freedom ? What bloody freedom ? There is no Freedom in Iraq. Where is the Freedom when the majority of Iraqis voted for a Secular List, headed by a Shia -Allawi, and 7 months later, the dictatorship of the sectarian fascist Shias is still strangling us. I said it before- Maliki and the Shiite parties all backed, funded, trained and armed to the teeth by Iran, WILL NOT LET GO.

And I have said it over a thousand times - my words falling on deaf and mute people - and I will repeat it once more tonight - ALL - ALL- ALL the leaders of the Shia parties have reached power thanks to the American occupation and ALL of them are ideologically and politically tied to IRAN and ALL of them spent their lives in Iran before landing in Iraq ---WITH/ON AMERICAN TANKS.

Hope you get it this time !

Maliki of the DAWA party will not let go of the central government. Neither any other Shiite party. Muqtada Al-Sadr, the idol of the lefties both Arab and Western, said in the past that he will never back Maliki (check my blog and the interview he gave to Al-Jazeera.) He also said that he has nothing to do with the "rogue" elements of his Jaysh Al-Mahdi (called Asaeb al Haq or League of the "Righteous" and headed by Khaz'ali, another thug in the long lists of thugs that are ruling this country). Of course it was and is all lies - the typical Taqqiya /Deception we are so used to by now.

Puppet Allawi in his desperate attempts was even willing to form a coalition with the rapist, driller, torturer, head of the ethnic cleansing and death squads - Muqtada Al-Sadr.

But even that did not work.

Allawi went to Syria and was basically informed by the Syrian government (that sly entity), that Iran and Syria back Maliki and that is one of the reasons for Syria's president current visit to Iran. Oddly enough, the Americans also back Maliki ---and of course Iran has accepted that Maliki stays in power but there are conditions --and these are the conditions :

The following information am about to give you is SURE and you will not read it in your press either.

Three days ago a secret meeting was held between the following :

a) Mohamed Jaafari, Head of the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guards and

b)2 leaders (Makki and Daraji) of the Asaeb Al Haq - League of the Righteous - (LR is an Iraqi Shiite party, a branch of the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guards in IRAQ) and

c) two Sadrists - aides of Muqtada Al-Sadr (Abdel Hadi and Al-Zirjawi) who are ALSO officially ranked as military men in IRAN's Revolutionary Guards and

d) an IRAQI representative of the DAWA party (Maliki's party) Abdel Halim Al-Zahri with the IRANIAN head of the Dawa Party in Tehran.

The meeting was held at the Iranian Revolutionary Guards HQ in Qum. During this meeting it was agreed that :

1- Sadr's party and League of the Righteous will join AGAIN and be responsible for Iraqi state security and intelligence apparatus.

2- in exchange the Sadrists will be nominating Nouri Al-Maliki for a second term, provided that he releases all Sadrists detainees as convened during a PREVIOUS MEETING in August 20101 where Ali Larajani - Iranian FM was present.

3- ministerial positions were also laid out for both Sadrists and League of the Righteous and one of them is the appointing of Mohamed Abdel Hamid (one of the military leaders of Jaysh Al-Mahdi as well as others) to important posts in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. These appointed men are also officially ranked as military men in the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guards.

4 - also agreed that the League of the Righteous will appoint two of its own men for ministerial posts in the IRAQI Ministry of Defense and another for a post that is tied to Iraqi National Security and Intelligence.

5- the above groupings will be headed by Ahmed Chalabi unofficially but officially will be represented by a Shiite Kurd by the name of Arass Habib- who was also chosen by the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guards. This Arass Habib will be in charge of the American and Arab Gulf Dossier.

Ahmad Chalabi played a pivotal role in organizing this meeting and ensuring that Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Iranians agree on all the proposed agenda. Furthermore, Chalabi was also involved in the previous meeting that took place in August 2010, where Ali Larijani was present as well as members of the Iranian and Iraqi Dawa parties, members of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi, members of the A.Hakeem party, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and members of the Iraqi Kurdish parties.

The results of this meeting were fruitful since Nouri Al-Malki has agreed to the following in exchange for a second term.

- He will release all the Sadrist prisoners (only the Sadrists not the thousands of others Iraqi Sunnis prisoners) but on condition that they leave the country for an appointed time only after which they can return to Iraq.

- That the appointments in the Ministries in particular the Ministry of Interior, and other bodies that are related to National Security and Intelligence matters be fair i.e be equally divided between the DAWA members and the Sadrists.

- Also in exchange for the appointments of 10 high ranked military leaders of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi in important sensitive posts in the future Iraqi government, Maliki has asked guarantees from Muqtada Al-Sadr that there will be no attempts of a military coup against his government in the future. (which presumes that the bulk of the Iraqi forces are also ex members of Jaysh Al-Mahdi)

- another condition imposed upon Maliki by the Iranians during the last Larijani meeting in August 2010 - is that his government agrees to pay regular salaries and benefits to the released Sadrists detainees and the Iranians assured Maliki that SYRIA is willing to host them until the new Iraqi government is fully formed.

I have taken the time to translate all that important information for you, do not treat it flippantly - because this is a serious matter, a serious and grave matter.

All the Iraqis I come across, and all the calls I get from Baghdad, they all tell me that they are preparing themselves for another sectarian round of ethnic cleansing by those Shiite parties. This at the moment has even become more important than getting electricity, water or an employment - not to mention news from our loved ones being tortured and rotting in the Shiite Iranian Jails of American Democracy.

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