Iraq - War Logs Reflections.2

It is important that I continue with my thoughts, I do not wish to lose any of the insights am getting, the many levels of Truth I am grasping...I am hungry but food can wait, I am sleepy but sleep can wait, I need fresh air but breathing can wait...I am not just doing this for the reader, I am also doing it for me. An ex boyfriend once told me I should have become a detective - he said sniffing the Truth is in your blood. I think he's right.

I love story telling and the use of metaphors, symbols and allegories in the narrative, because through these, the Essence of things is revealed. Rational analysis is important too, but in dire circumstances when the unthinkable is experienced, analysis means paralysis - you go round and round in circles, because what's lying in your guts, beneath the logical rational mind is not being how can I possibly waste a moment like this one ?

And what prompts me so, except Love ? It's really very simple isn't it ?

For me the release from Wikileaks is like tearing a few pages from the secret diary of a mean, nasty, brutal, serial killer...stealing those pages and publishing them. If you like metaphors Wikileaks can be considered as the rebellious teenager who finally nails his brutal father (or mother) and exposes him for what he truly is.

The father figure in question, the "founding father" of brutality, carnage, mayhem and endless suffering is none but America. This particular daddy fed you illusions during all your growing up years - he made you believe in Ideals that he constantly fell short of. Basically this Daddy lied to you. In his spare time, while you were sleeping, he did nasty things - he raped, tortured and killed people in the dark. Of course, like any addicted criminal he denied it. But also during those periods when you were/are asleep, he noted down furtively what he did. He had to keep a record, because Daddy is after all an authority and he's well organized and meticulous about keeping his records up to date.

And here comes Wiki, the cadet of the family (and a few of his sibliings), the forgotten boy, mischievous, bored with this hypocritical authority, out of place in this great family, maybe received a few thrashings himself...his rebelliousness takes a different form as he grows up...he realizes what has been irking him all along -- the injustice of it all. So he decided in his own mischievous way to do something about it - Shake the stifling order of things, the stifling lie that kills.

In my previous post, I said I will deal with some of the material leaked regarding Ethnic cleansing, the mini wars that went on underneath the greater War, - the U.S Occupation of Iraq, and the role of Iran in all of this.

Again using metaphor, Iran is Daddy's secret mistress. They fight sometimes, but when necessary they kiss and make up. This mistress is ambitious, she has big plans, because she believes in something very big. So she plays along sometimes with the other concubines of the American harem, and sometimes she wrecks havoc when she feels things are not going her way. She is no poor, dependent muta'a concubine, she has resources, she has some power and she has many clients and personal body guards who are willing to stick their necks out for her.

The above would have been a fine thing if she played that in her own quarters, or in Daddy's quarters, while you were sleeping, but she didn't. She played cat and mouse in my own home - in Iraq.

You see I heard them fornicating in the stillness of the night. He groaned and she was exalted with cries...drowning all the other noise coming from other secret places, from other chambers, from dungeons hidden way beneath the surface, I heard her and heard him, saw them together and I also heard the suffocated strangulated voices in the obscurity.

to be continued...

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