Possessive ...

When it comes to Iraq...am like a Tigress -- exclusive, territorial, and very possessive. Call it nationalism, call it patriotism, call it chauvinism, call it whatever you like. I don't give a fuck how and what you call it.

Iraq runs in my blood, like oxygen --thicker than blood, and as yielding as water...you can't grab the thing... whatever you do...

Feels like a child fighting during a school recreational break --when other kids try to bully you and steal your candies -- I'd pull back, kick and fight back, till my last breath, shouting -- this is MINE, you can't take it.

I did not like being bullied as a child and today, I am ready to bite anyone's head off if he/she tries to bully me, in any way...

And it's exactly the same for Iraq.

Video : Bashar Al-Azzawi rendition of Nohee. Iraqi traditional song.

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