Nasrallah, Tariq Aziz - What's the Link ?

This is a rushed post, I need to jot down my thoughts before they rush out...

Nasrallah - he's no Sayyed for me, threatens grave and dire consequences if there's a follow through in the Hariri Tribunal - meaning he's threatening a civil war in Lebanon based on sect.
That was foreseen when the Hezb of the Charlatans kept all the characteristics of an armed militia, and joined the Lebanese political process. Does that remind you of anyone else ?

Yep it sure does - it reminds me of the Iran backed, funded, trained militias and death squads who murdered Iraqis with impunity and joined the Iraqi political process as Shiite parties.

Why Nasrallah's threats - typical of a neighborhood's thug. And why now ? Did the latest Wikileaks revelations show anything that bothers Iran by any chance ?

And in the same vein, why the latest announcement for the lynching of Tariq Aziz, charged with "deliberate crimes and murder against humanity" - murder against whom exactly ? Against those same parties and their militias today ruling Iraq in the name of a US democracy.

If someone kills a member of my family- I would DEMAND to know the identity of the murderer. Hassan Nasrallah the Charlatan and his thugs of the Hezb of charlatans are petrified.

I say go ahead with the tribunal, turn it into a mini Wikileaks and expose the culprits.

As for Tariq Aziz, I will not plead in the name of Humanity, because I know there's no Humanity left - I've been a witness to the lack of humanity for many decades now.

But I will demand and PRESS strongly for his release in the name of Justice, a stringent, strict, true Justice.

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