Information on a Merry Go Round...

I am in a "talkative" mood today, am sorry don't mean don't disturb you...
But you see, am "slightly" disturbed here. No, it's not the "time of the month", either.

I was watching "Al Itijah al-Muakess" (opposite directions) on Al-Jazeera (ARABIC - note the capitals here...for in English, you will not be viewing any of it).

The theme -- the Objectivity of the Western Media.

Ah, that darned word again, me the creeps.

Two guests : Faysal Dawjee, a South African, from the "electronic site" as they like to call it in Arabic - SALAM. And an English journalist, Hugh Mill -- not to be confused with John Stuart Mill...not that it makes such a huge difference.

(If you are not familiar with J.S.Mill, kindly joogle him)

So is the Western media biased by any chance ?

Of course, my first reaction, which am trying very hard to quell is -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
An uncontrollable nervous laughter...quelled for the sake of "Objectivity".

Two "hot" "sexy" topics - Iraq and Palestine, the Western media coverage of these two "hotties".

The crux of the matter, in one sentence. Is the Western media complicit in the crimes of its government - Yes or No ?

Naturally, F.Dawjee argued it is a yes and H. Mill, (not to be confused with J.S.Mill) argued the opposite...

So what do you think -- Is it or is it not ?

I, personally, don't wish to influence you, one way or the other -- seeing that you are already influenced.

But allow me to recap...

After all, there were no WMD's and no ties to the big, bad wolf called Al-Qaeda, insofar as Iraq was concerned.

Had the Western media actually bothered to verify the "alleged claims" - Gosh, you really love to use this sentence don't you - "alleged claims"

Had the Western media actually bothered to verify for ITSELF, the claims that led to the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION (and by the way - all foreign occupations are illegal, so I don't really understand why some bother writing it in capital letters), would that Occupation still have taken place ?

Don't you think that "embedded journalism" helped it, by any chance ?

Embedded journalism in the 90's and in 2003...and beyond.

Don't you think that "embedded journalism" beefed and sexed it up too ?

Mind you, the embedded media has been at it since 1948 insofar as PALESTINE is concerned...

Capital letters ? Sorry it was just a typo. An error on my keyboard. It is stuck with capital letters. It is stuck with Arab Capitals.

In the name of "objectivity and impartiality" and in order not to ruffle your sensitivities, because you are a such a sensitive have been spared the harrowing pictures and details of countless horrific ARAB capitals.

I will keep that in mind and next time I type anything, I will wear satin gloves to address you....o'so sensitive, that you are.

They keep pictures of tiny dead bodies away from your o'so sensitive that you have tucked your own babies to sleep... we don't want to disturb them.

And don't let us spoil your lovemaking, your once a week (hardly) love making, because sights as these may "negatively affect your desire for love". And surely, with your ever dwindling populations, we don't want that to happen, do we now ?

Oh! so it is "la Crise"...

"La Crise, la Crise"...I have known "la Crise"...

Millions of corpses on a merry go round shout as they are being whirled - "la crise"

What "crise" ?

The millions of martyrs of your "crise" (crisis-- for those who do not wish to joogle)

I am a woman on the edge of a nervous bear with me. And no, it's not "the wrong time of the month" either.

Please help me stay focused...I am on a merry go round...on a carousel...

I am being assaulted by too much reality.

Ground me in programs as seen on TV. An outer "objective" reality, maybe the inner one will be subdued...will stop.

I think not.

But let us try...just like on a merry go round...

Mr Dawjee, your say :

In 2006, three university research studies conducted in England, point to the fact that over 80% of the media was complicit in the occupation of Iraq.
How come no one mentions the word illegal.

Why has it been erased from the dictionary ?

Mr Mill what do you have to respond to that ?

It is not the duty of the journalist to report what is not said...after all, we gave you pictures...Gaza.

Why did you not give us pictures of Iraq, Mr. Mill ? Did the "tyrant" censor them ?

Mr. Dawjee ?

You are accomplices in the occupation of Iraq and in the continuous occupation of Palestine because you dared not question...and it is your role to question.

Mr Mill ?

We gave pictures...the editorial policies of our news outlet do not permit the ....

Mr Dawjee ?

You helped and collaborated with your respective governments in the illegal continuous occupation of Palestine and Iraq.

So Mr.Mill, do you think the media is influenced and controlled by the Zionists ?

This is preposterous. One can also argue that Muslims in Britain influence the media...We have Muslims here too.

I stop. Someone stop this merry go round...

Notice. Notice carefully the exchange...

One says the Zionists, the other says, the Muslims...

I bet you, you did not notice it.

One can say a Muslim terrorist, a Muslim insurgent, a Muslim...but one cannot mention the word Jew. It is Zionists who control the media and Zionists who influence...

Fair enough...but since you are so fucking politically correct...why can't I call you by what you call me ?

Why can't I say the Jews that control the media and the Jews that influence and pressure...why do I have to say Zionist when you liberally mention Muslims ? Why can't I say Jew ?

You mentioned me, I mention beef here.

No ? It bothers you ?

Why so ?

By the names you call, you shall be called...

The ABC of Information...

Oh but wait, this is just one moment of lucidity on a merry go round, on a carousel...

Video : Leila au pays du Carrousel - Music/Composer/ Anour Brahem.

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