From Behind Black Shadows...

Hamed called me yesterday, I heard some excitement in his voice...

- Layla did you hear the news ?

- What news Hamed, I do nothing but hear the news...

- Obama's speech ya Layla...Obama's speech.

- What about Obooma's speech ?

- I saw it and heard on Al-Sharqiya TV, it was later announced on another chain. He textually said " The current Iraqi government are all Bush's men " -- implying not his men.

- Yeah so ? It is not like he just invented dynamite...we know that already...

- Wait, hear the less than 24 hours later, Talabani flew to Tehran and paid an official visit to Ahamdinejad to discuss urgent "security issues", A.Mehdi cut his overseas trip short and flew to Tehran as well, including a few others from the puppet government...

And true enough, Hamed's story was true. I later saw not only Talabani walking the red Persian carpet, more rolling on the red Persian carpet, but guess who came and spent the night in Baghdad ? 24 hours later ? Yalla guess ...

Ayatollah Rafsandjani was in Baghdad yesterday to discuss "security issues".

He was greeted with warm embraces and was all very touching...

The news report concluded that this second visit from a highly placed Iranian official - the first visit was by Ahmadinejad in the U.S occupied Green Zone of Baghdad about a year ago - just in case you forgot again...
So this second visit, according to one news commentator is "A NATURAL EXTENSION OF THE ALREADY EXISTING TIES BETWEEN IRAN AND (American occupied) IRAQ."
A natural extension since very close bilateral ties of military, economic and political nature already exist...and since there is a TOTAL absence of any ARAB role in Iraq. Moreover the new Iraqi constitution erased the word Iraq as an ARAB nation. The word ARAB was erased. The new constitution still not finalized calls Iraq an ISLAMIC country.

Rafsandjani in American occupied Baghdad. The Americans guaranteed his doubt....The TV even showed some American brave dickhead placing some barbed wires to cordon off the area where the black turbaned crow will be passing through...

So what is your reading of that ? Oh smart political anal-ysts, editors in chief of toilet newspapers, left wingers of my butt, Arab anti-imperialistic farts, how do your excellencies read the above ?

Clueless as usual ? Yes of course. Stupid and ignorant as ever ? Indeed. Sold out parrots ? Oh definitely !

I am going to be generous again, as usual, and tell you how to read the above...

Obooma spoke of several things in his latest speeches regarding the Middle East and Afghanistan and Ze war on terrrrrrrrror...

It is clear that the Obooma administration has the following agenda in mind :

1) contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza with the aim of

2) a comprehensive peace deal between ALL the Palestinians factions and Israel

3) include Syria in all its peace deals as a major player

4) "a full comprehensive peace deal within all of the Middle East" (that includes Iran and Israel by the way - check your geography map)

3) eliminate all forms of resistance in occupied Afghanistan.

in order to achieve the above the Obooma admin needs to :

1) pacify Iran and establish cordial diplomatic official relationships with it

2) the U.S will be pulling out the majority of its COMBAT troops out by 2010 leaving 50'000 COMBAT troops behind - it is in fact telling the second major player in Iraq -Iran - that the field is clear for it to embed even further into the ARAB Iraqi fabric...

3) Obooma's allusion to Bush's men in Iraq means the following : There is going to be a comprehensive peace deal with Israel involving Syria AND Iraq. If you are no willing players, you will be replaced. This is what it means. Very simple.

4) Since Iran is sorely needed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, there will be an exchange of promises between the US and Iran. You help us stabilize Iraq into a U.S colony which you will administer and you help us in Afghanistan on condition that you also push your proxy players - the Iraqi puppets, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah into an acquiescence of a peace deal with Israel.

And that explains why Talabani and the rest of the puppet players were in Iran and that explains why Rafsandjani came in an "eclair visite" to U.S occupied discuss "security issues". The field is being cleared for Iran and will be more so in 2010 when the majority of the US combat troops will be pulled out.

On a different but related note, I must also add that the Kurdish players are being fully backed by both Iran and the U.S in the North of Iraq where a "silent" war is going on and the ethnic racial cleansing is taking place against Arabs in the Nineveh province and Turkmens and Arabs in Kirkuk. The Kurds desperately need to have Mosul and Kirkuk finally under total control of the regional Kurdish authority - as these two areas are considered part of Greater Kurdistan . Greater Kurdistan is a smaller replica of Greater Israel. Just a reminder to the left wing fascists who cried for the "poor kurds."

And that also explains why the UNHCR stated last week during a press conference in "Kurdistan" that:

- Iraqis still remains the BIGGEST refugee problem till this day.

- Only 7% of the refugees are returning.

- The UNHCR is NOT encouraging the return of the refugees since they "are not sure of the security situation in Iraq yet and since there are other issues that still need to be dealt with - namely refugees who are still threatened with death and those who have lost their homes to the militias...

- The UNHCR discourages the return of Iraqis in particular to the following areas -
the center i.e Baghdad and its surroundings and the South. (this is where Shiite sectarianism Iranian style is most felt)

- The UNHCR is still pleading with host countries to "be a little more patient" with the Iraqi refugees whose numbers in Jordan and Syria alone is around 3 Million and another 1.5 internally displaced who still cannot return to their homes...if they have one left that is.

Iraq has been raped and destroyed by the Americans, occupied and massacred by the Iranians and sold to both by the Iraqis at the cheapest price - the Iranian Mahdi obliges...

Their black shadows follow me everywhere...the black shadows of dirty politics, of dirty religiousness and dirty ideologies... the black of dirt, of grime, of treachery, of hypocrisy, of opportunism...the black of the right, the black of the left, the black that has become Iraq. One huge black shadow.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Hashem Hanoon.

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