Fuck IT !

I found this fucking video about a fucking GI training the fucking Iraqi police.

The fucking translation is fucking incomplete...The fucking Iraqi sergeant fucking claims that some Iraqis are being fucking arrested because the fucking Americans believe them (Iraqis) are fucking Iranians...

So fucking Iranians are in Iraq are they ? No shit ! Who brought them there, yabba, apart from the fucking Americans themselves ?

And fucking notice how the Yankee prick is interrogating them (the eyeraki police) and asking them if they belong to the fucking Jaysh Al-Mahdi, the fucking sectarian drillers...but the whole of Iraq is ruled by fucking sectarian drillers...on the lookout for more flesh to fucking pierce and drill...

But please do watch the fucking video, as it is very fucking revelatory about the kind of fucking occupation Iraqis live under. I mean, if this fucking Yankee sergeant is treating the fucking Iraqi police that way, can you imagine how he fucking treats the Iraqi civilians ?

But hey, that is fucking liberation, ain't it so ? A fucking liberation that fucks everyone around...including the fucked, fucking puppet police....

Do excuse my fucking language as it is not very fucking ladylike and after all am nothing but a fucking pussy of a woman...

But please allow me to convey my warm and heartfelt fucking congratulations to all Iraqis on their new fucking "Freedom." This is the least I can fucking do.

You think this is fucking funny ? Well think again, fuckers...coz it ain't over yet...

It ain't fucking over, till it's fucking Over.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Waleed Shait.

Video by Bl4kec - January 2009.

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