A Make Over

As you may have noticed, I've undergone a make over. I was trying to figure out the timing and the colors...

I now know, that the different shades of blues reflect it much better...And besides, I really wanted to get out of that bottle and dive into the deep blue sea.

It may well be that the land is missing, earth...my Land and my Earth. It may very well be that I miss home so much...


Anonymous said…
If you are on Arab land, to hell with Sykes-Picot, you ARE at home.
Kali Manitou said…
I wont be at home more than the tears that fall on my heart.
Fast shapes that is not seen easy, they're alive but only a part
of the tree of life, full with ugly roots and lovely flowers.
Insects, elephants, dry sand and willingly loving mothers
that draw me near in love; respect or even pity me for this.
But homeless heart of mine is for the lovers that readily kiss.
Sky is there to be witnessed despite clouds and rain.
What it feels is only a little smile even when I'm vain.
And I look at myself to see what makes my cheeks wet.
I do not long for a home after my heart and tears have met.

Love & gratitude
Anonymous said…
The new look is lovely, Layla! Thank you.

I like what anonymous above has said: if you're on ARAB land, you are home ... It may not be exactly 'home', but I sincerely pray that 'home' will soon be returned to you and all Iraqis - the fractures can be repaired, although lost lives will forever be gone. May Divine intervention bring Justice.

In solidarity.
Sinbad said…
Blue is sea and blue is sky.

Blue is life and blue is nice.

Blue refreshes our thoughts once
in a while.

Blue soothes our souls all the
Anonymous said…
Very nice change.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

Well, that is one way of looking at it and it reads nicely in the Michel Aflaq books. Did you ever try saying the same to a Palestinian refugee in an Arab Land ????
Layla Anwar said…

My, you are truly a poet at heart...I will repost that line

" I do not long for a home after my heart and tears have met. "

Beautiful. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Hiya, I am happy you like it, it is too blue and colorful for my taste, might have to change it again... maybe around spring !
I pray for divine justice daily...am sure you do too.
Bless you and yours.
Layla Anwar said…

Blue Captain, hello.

I am getting tired of the blue...and am such a lousy sailor too...lol. Give me earth anytime !
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you, makes a change from the ochre, am not sure I will keep it for long. The blue is dampening my anger.

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