In Italian - On the Drillers.

My friend, Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet.Info, wrote this article in Italian, regarding Muqtada Al-Sadr and his drilling boys.

My Italian is terribly rudimentary and unfortunately I will not be able to translate this article for you. Click here for the article.

As you may well know, Muqtada Al-Sadr and his drilling Mahdi army spared none in Iraq. Sunnis, Christians, Palestinians, Gays, Secularists , Baathists, Nationalists, patriotic anti-Occupation, women, men, children....And as you may well know, Muqtada Al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army collaborated and propped up the various sectarian fascist Shiite governments that came into place with the Anglo-American occupation. Be it the Jaafari government or the current Maliki government. And engaged his own Sadrist party in the political process as well. And as you may well know, the Mahdi army was a crucial tool in implementing the ethnic cleansing that took place in Iraq, as per the directives of America and its zionistic plans and the subsequent exile of millions of Iraqis for the most part SUNNIS AND CHRISTIANS. And as you may well know, Muqtada Al-Sadr is now completing his "theological" studies in Qum - Iran, having achieved most of his Zionist American-Iranian assignments.

Some of the images are very graphic. Iraqis have seen thousands of them, albeit in REALITY, not just static pictures. It is about time you wake up to the reality of whom you have put into power since your "liberation", and watch them yourselves as well as the accompanying video.

And it is about bloody time that the supporters of "anti-zionist" Iran, as well as the supporters of this psychopath watch them too. And that includes some of the shameless guys in the Brussels Tribunal, bloggers including "Iraqis", any anti-occupation/ anti-war, resistance trend, movement, or group that is still hoping to find salvation in associating themselves with this murderer, anyone who whitewashes the crimes of this Chief Driller, and last but not least, Patrick Cockburn, the bad faithed "reporter/journalist."

If anyone can translate this article in its entirety or parts of it in English, please do so. Your help is much appreciated.


Kali Manitou said…
Guns don't kill people, people kill people
Drugs don't ruin lives, people ruin lives
Religions don't necessarily cause pain and suffering, but certainly there's no better medium to enable people to feel ok doing so.

Thank you again, Muqtada Al-Sadr is a prime example of the statement 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' being pure bullshit. I wonder if his father was a much of a psycopath as he is.
Layla, yes you did encourage me to find words that rhyme.
Called me a 'poet' and gave me space and time.
I loved it and dreamed I am special, a 'sweet lime'
At the end we are all too human, falling in freedom only sometime.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for posting it. The article talks about the drillers' crimes, but above all talks about the shameful anti-war (HAHAHAHAHA) movement and the so-called "left" (HAHAHAHAHA) that have always loved, supported,defended and cheered Moqtada and his thugs. And it talks about the disinformation and lies spread by the "anti-war" guys in order to praise their bloodthirsty idol.
By the way, as you know, Gabriele Zamparini, uruknet and i were insulted and slandered by the Brussells Tribunal and accused of doing "exactly what the Occupation wants" because we dared to denounce the Mahdy army and Badr brigades'crimes:
Unknown said…
Yuck! Inspires an idea for a new bumper sticker:


How much more fed up can I become with humanity? How low can we go, huh? (Well, after keying in 'Most Disgusting Movies Ever Made', never mind. I don't think there's a bottom to the abyss.)

It's not the best, but people can use Babel Fish to translate:

Time consuming, and it doesn't translate all words, but it's better than nothing.
bARABie said…
Layla, regarding the translation check your email.
Anonymous said…
Paola, what the fuck happened to Ramsey Clark ?
Anonymous said…

I don't know, but immediately after Saddam's lynching Ramsey Clark's official website posted this grotesque article by Mrs. Flouders:
"In the 1980s Washington was ready to collaborate with the Saddam Hussein government when it wanted to use the Iraqis against the Iranian Revolution with the Iraq-Iran war. [...] It is also suspicious that an “unofficial video” was released showing alleged Mahdi Army members taunting Hussein. Hussein’s assassination follows news that the U.S. has stepped-up attacks and arrests of members of the Mahdi Army, led by Moqtada al-Sadr. This offensive too is part of a desperate attempt to further divide the country and cut off any avenues of negotiation or phased withdrawal for the U.S. forces.

According to sources who monitor Iraqi resistance web sites, these have contained messages warning resistance fighters that the U.S. occupiers are trying to provoke battles between the resistance and the Mahdi Army. These messages urge fighters to make the main target the U.S. occupation forces, and where possible to convince Mahdi Army militia forces to join the resistance against the U.S."

Of course it is a pack of lies.After having read Mrs. Flounders article, I sent her the following letter (three times). Obviously I did not receive a reply.

Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 1:41 AM
Subject: For the attention of Mr. Sara Flounders

Dear Mrs. Flounders,
I've just read your article "Bush prepares to escalate Iraq war".

"It is also suspicious that an "unofficial video" was released showing alleged Mahdi Army members taunting Hussein. Hussein's assassination follows news that the U.S. has stepped-up attacks and arrests of members of the Mahdi Army, led by Moqtada al-Sadr. This offensive too is part of a desperate attempt to further divide the country and cut off any avenues of negotiation or phased withdrawal for the U.S. forces.
According to sources who monitor Iraqi resistance web sites, these have contained messages warning resistance fighters that the U.S. occupiers are trying to provoke battles between the resistance and the Mahdi Army. These messages urge fighters to make the main target the U.S. occupation forces, and where possible to convince Mahdi Army militia forces to join the resistance against the U.S."

We too monitor Iraq resistance websites, and we have found only articles and messages blaming Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr and his genocidal gang for having assassinated the Iraqi President in a sordid sectarian lynching and for mass murdering iraqis. Probably we are monitoring different resistance websites.

This is indeed the first time that I see an article condemning an assassination and praising the assassins. Moreover, as far I as know, the Mahdi army fights against the Iraqi National Resistance.
Could you be so kind to tell me which are those resistance websites that defend Mr. Al-Sadr, so that I too can monitor them?
Many thanks.
Paola Pisi

I add that Ramsey Clark's websiste sang the praieses of Sadr and his drill team, after the mahdi thugs had not only lynched Saddam, desacrated his body and danced like monkeys around his deascrated body, but also torured and slaugheterd two of Clark's colleagues.

Of course, I cannot know why. Yet Ramsey Clark and his website strongly support the iranian mullahs in every possible (and even impossible) way, and claim that the Islamic republic of Iran (one of the most reactionary and repressive regimes in history) is an antimperialist bastion and a Paradise on the earth. For instance:

Anonymous said…
KMWR--REGARDING RAMSEY CLARK--I JUST reposted some information I had from a previous blog entry regarding Ramsey Clark. This will probably not be my only entry for today. But, I put it up as a separate post. Go to the blogspot:
It would be nice if you duplicated your letter/response, above, on the uruknet website.
Anonymous said…
Italy is long way from Irak, right??!!
What do you want me to say??!!That I wish we were all having a ball, that ATATÜRK did not have to wear the çizme,and fuc'em all,and as a WOMAN, I have some issues that you will not regard, and although it is your 100th, we are still counting 30,31,32............
I am sure you know what I mean, and if that is not enough for you, I cannot guess what IS??!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Ir would be nice if anything you say could be dublicated!!!!!!!!
But you have no chance, lover boy!!!!!!!!!
You HAVE to understand what ATATÜRK said before your great great aunt was born!!!!!!!! you IDIOT!!!!!!!
And before you accuse meof anything, you should search in your dirty pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Who could say anything about Paola Pisi??!! Mussolini was her great granddad!!!!!
If any of you DARE say, utter a word about ATATÜRK, I am here to show your grandmother's dirty pants to you and to your nephews in the MOUNTAINS!!!!!!! Or in the CAVES!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Allright, Paola Pisi, let's have it eye to eye!!!!
You are still fighting, canniving, and I AM NOT!!!
That should give you an idea of your family, how they feel guilty behind bars, and how they want others to feel guilty!!!! You know what??!! WE ARE INNOCENT!! IRAK; NORTERN IRAK; SOUTHERN KUWA>İT; SOMAİIA; SUDAN; ZIMBABWE; ANDETC::::ARE FREE!!!!!!
Feel free to BANK on it!!!!!!!!
Hahahahahhaha, to yur brother in Northern HEMISPHERE!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
@Paola Pisi,
Shortly, stick it UP your .........
You know you will never ever ......!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
@Paola Pisi,really, YOU can kiss my Kemalist ass!!!!!!!!!
Of all the trouble you have caused in the region, YOUR POPE should be dangling!!!!!!!!
And don't worry, as you, who have followed in his batican footsteps, you will be dangling, too,and you will be glorified!!!!!!
I am tired of smacking you in the face, my next step will be smackingyou out ofspace......!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Into the hellhole you belong, ITALY!!!!!!
StaY THERE!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I hope, this has been an honest to God translation for you!!!!
the new world order, or your mother's pampered ass??!!
minus paola pisi!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…

As far as i know, Ramsey Clark's behaviour as President Milosevic lawyer was irreproachable: the Emperor clothes - that you quote - is a pro-Zionists website, and surely i don't trust it too much. And i am NOT saying that Clark is a sell-out, since i don't have the slightest evidence of it. Probably he's only an opportunist: all the so-called "left" loves so much iran and Moqtada, and Clark swims with the tide.
I've already posted on urukent my letter to Mrs. Flounder time ago.
Anonymous said…
KMWR--Totally untrue! Clark knows precisely what he does and the function and role BOTH HE AND THE ANSWER coalition play together. And, they have both been consistent in these roles and policies, throughout, as you can see. They BOTH go back a long, long way in this consistency, well before events in Yugoslavia. Neither one is a "mere" opportunist. They are both established entities, with long, consistent, track records.
TENC did an enormous amount of research surrounding Yugoslavia and was possibly one of the best resources. And, they suffered, accordingly.
And, I know this personally from someone I will not name who was teaching, parttime, in a university, again, I will not specify but who had to defend himself because he wrote, or, researched, on his OWN time, voluntarily, free, A FEW pieces for TENC regarding Milosevic, talked in class ALITTLE about Yugoslavia (I heard him) and had enormous difficulties.
And, this fellow had no "ax to grind" in his research. He just became interested in certain subjects and aspects and followed through on his own research.
So, I can NOT agree with your comment or representations either about TENC, Clark or Yugoslavia.
You have NO explanation, for example, WHY the so-called "Left" that you have properly identified loves Iran and Sadr so much. What's the reason? Instead, what's demonstrated, is an obvious clear, consistent PATTERN of disinformation, which relates to the information I posted.
And, Clark is most certainly not a "FOLLOWER" in anything.
I find the characterization of TENC as "Zionist" a truly odd and inexplicable one to me.
Anonymous said…
KMWR--Addendum to the above. Direct link for Editors, bio, at:
Am I to assume that being of Jewish background or documenting the historical and current use andc crimes of anti-Semitism, Fascism, Nazism, etc., is synonymous with being Zionist?
Anonymous said…

Is "the characterization of TENC as "Zionist" a truly odd and inexplicable one"???? Maybe you profusely quote it without reading it. It is one of the worst zionist webiste in the world. It strongly supports Israel and uses to slander and insult Palestinians and Arabs: for instance:
According to TENC, whoever dares to criticize a bit Israel is an antisemit:

If TENC is not a revolting zionist website, i can't even understand what the world "zionist" means.

When President Milosevic issued a statement of condolence for the death of Yasser Arafat, TENC rabidly attacked Milosevic too, claiming that Arafat was a NAZI:

Of course TENC defamed the late iraqi President Saddam Hussein too, and accused him of being ... guess what! ... an antisemit and a Nazi:

Must i go on?

Yes, TENC is anti-iranian, but it is anti-iranian just because it hates all the muslims, sunni and shia.

Therefore, if you quote that racist zionist anti-arab webisite to probe that Clark is a sell-out, i surely can't agree with you. Whatever Clark could be, he is always better than TENC.

And as for Clark, i don't accuse people of being corrupt without strong evidences. Surely many of the "leftist" mullahs' lovers are on "someone"'s payroll, and i have already clearly said it:

But there are also many opportunists and above all many brainwashed and stupid people. I personally knows some so-called leftist guys who defend and support Iran in absolute good faith.

And surely am not always able to tell the opportunists and the morons from the corrupt ones.
Anonymous said…

Addendum to the above: NO, "being of Jewish background or documenting the historical and current use and crimes of anti-Semitism, Fascism, Nazism, etc.," is NOT synonymous with being Zionist. On the contrary, there are also anti-zionist Jews and i always condemned any form of racism (i hate zionism just because it is a racist ideology and for the same reason i hate antisemitism).

But praising Israel and its crimes, insulting and defaming Arabs and palestinians just because they are arab and palestinian, accusing everyone criticizes Israel of being a nazi and an antisemit - as TENC always does - YES, is synonymous with being racist and Zionist.
bARABie said…
"all the so-called "left" loves so much iran "

Paola, you are talking about KMWR with the above and that's why he/she is so upset about "TENC".
Anonymous said…
Paola Pisi doesn't like pistachios, I love them. I was sitting in the lap of a proud PKK fighter and then the news came that the fascist Turkish army ran out of Cobra attack helicopters because the Kurdish resistance shot almost all them outta sky!
Well, I said, it was more comfortable when I was sitting on Ataturk's lap, he used to fondle my breasts so tenderly. I am tired of licking the face of Apo, the true leader of the oppressed Kurdish minorit that is not taking it anymore, so the little America of the middle east, where Turkey's live is a hellhole. If a word about ATATÜRK is a hard PKK dick, I am reading the book of porn everyday.
Kisses, kisses and more dicks for mehmetçik.
Anonymous said…
I deplore the people that caress my hair in the IETT buses. Hey you little çocuk, come closer to my tender breasts. I have a lifetime of bullshit that keeps coming out of my mouth. OH please, please someone take me seriosly. Otherwise I will go to Dersim and make a striptiz for the local folks. They like me, you know. They say my pussy tastes better than Nil Demirkazik's.
Anonymous said…
Freely i went to the BANK!!!!!!!!
There were some innocents from IRAK; NORTERN IRAK; SOUTHERN KUWAİT; MIDDLE SOMALIA; SOUTHERN SOMALIA, WESTERN SUDAN; EASTERN ZIMBABWE AND THEY ALL LIKED pistachios. That should give you an idea of your family, how they feel my tender breasts behind bars, and how ATATÜRK wants others to feel the same pleasures!!!! But you are still rejecting Apo, and I AM NOT!!!
You know what??!! I NEED A DRINK asap!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
KMWR--Well, those who are simply stupid do not have consistent PATTERNS and major roles to play. So, that's the first thing. Then, the question of the Emperors Clothes. He/they did some good work on Yugoslavia when nobody else was doing so. I consider that to be his/their primary contribution. I do not like or subscribe to his/their methodologies, subsequently, because I think they are weak. Facts and quotes are selected out of context. But, I understand this to be true almost everywhere.
I could equally say, not as an excuse, but, as fact, anti-Semitism is utilized amongst our GCC Arab "allies," and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and is little mentioned, studied or even acknowledged, here, because the reverse dominates all the discussion in terms of the ubiquitous, monolithic "Israel lobby."
So, any attempt at analysis about the USES of anti-Semitism in or as part of the above context equates to being pro-Zionist, pro-Israel or anti-Arab.
Both, all are equally true and terrible. And, both reflect opposite sides of the same cynical, opportunist coin as to how such racial and/or religious stereotyping, caricatures and generalizations are manufactured and propagated, who benefits from them and why.
I think my blogs make that point, which is why I NEVER use them as explanations for anything.
And, for sure, not too many people either acknowledge or discuss the continuity of Fascism/Nazism in the US either before or after WWII. Without that background, understanding, one can't REALLY know what's happening, now.
bARABie said…
kmwr, no one advertises their blog on here but you.
I would LOVE to say more to you but out of respect for Layla, i will reserve my opinion.
bARABie said…
"Well, those who are simply stupid do not have consistent PATTERNS and major roles to play."

How do you explain bush then?
bARABie said…
Let me guess, to get your explanation regarding bush one would have to go to your blog because you have answered it in "a previous blog entry" on YOUR BLOG.
Anonymous said…
KMWR--I am NOT "advertising" my blog, as you seem to suggest. I make reference to it BECAUSE I do NOT, generally, WANT to compose a blog in someone else's comment section. So, it's a reference, instead. I think and hope that I am NOT contributing so much to "opinions," which duplicate like rabbits over the internet.
I make my points in a blog instead of here--at least, I TRY to do that. And, quite frankly, I would much rather NOT HAVE to be doing the current content of my blog. It does NOT make me happy and gives me no or little pleasure. But, since I do my own research out of desperation, so I know what's really happening in the world and what's important, I compose some of it as a blog, for my OWN reference and for anyone else who wishes to read or use it BECAUSE nobody else seems to be doing so. I do NOT have the resources to be comprehensive. I wish I did. I am not a news service, altho I wind up being one due to the lack thereof.
As for the quote about stupid people, etc., which you TOOK OUT OF CONTEXT, actually, Bush never did and does NOT lead. That's why they have him there.
But, so far, nobody has said anything substantial about Ramsey Clark and the POSITIONS he represented and developed at the Anti-Imperialist conference.
What about that? I pointed this out PRECISELY because those points SEEMED to me to be totally consistent with that of the fake Left and Opposition, everywhere, the ones Paola, for example, PRECISELY noted. And, Ramsey Clark (and his ANSWER friends)were the ones SOMEHOW chosen to represent the US at this conference. These are all questions which could and should be answered.
And,then, what about the events occuring in the Gulf States? Anyway,
I have just done on this blog what I do not like to do, ramble on...which is why I prefer the blog.
So, this will end it for me.
Anonymous said…

you did NOT reply to my posting. Of course there are some anti-semits (or better, anti-jews, since Arabs too are semite) among arabs and among other people, but Emperors Clothes don't attack anti-semitism, it attacks the whole arab and muslims world and whoever criticizes israel and its racist politics.

I'd posted a lot of links. Now i post some quotations from the website that you like so much.

What Kanana has done is typical of anti-Israel propagandists. He has taken advantage of the widespread fantasy-view of the Middle East in which groups like the PLO are supposedly freedom fighters similar to Martin Luther King's Civil Rights movement, minus the non-violence. Anti-Israel propagandists build on this false image, likening Palestinians to blacks in South Africa under Apartheid or in the US under Segregation, and likening Jews to racist whites in these countries. Kanana knows that his audience is ignorant of basic realities in the Middle East, where half of Israel's Jewish population are refugees from terror in Arab-run countries, and where Arab racism against Jews and sub-Saharan Africans is common, Aside from the fact that Arabs live better in Israel than in any Arab country, the attempt to liken Israel with South Africa under Apartheid ignores other facts.
For one thing, white people are fairly recent arrivals in South Africa. But the situation in the Middle East is quite different. The only state that has ever existed in the area now occupied by Israel was the ancient state of...Israel. Eugenics assumes the existence of 'racially inferior' groups, but racist speech and discrimination are illegal in Israel. By contrast, in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian institutions preach that Jews are subhumans who should be killed. (What German Nazi leader does that remind you of?) [....] These were King's words almost a year after the Six Day War - that is to say, after the Arabs provoked a war with the intention of committing genocide and lost, leaving Israel in possession of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. All these areas had been used as staging grounds to launch military attacks on the state of Israel and/or terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. Immediately after the war, Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol offered to turn over much of this land to the Arab states in exchange for a mere public promise of peace. Egyptian President Nasser rejected the offer and the Arab League then voted to refuse even to negotiate with Israel, suggesting that Arab leaders were committed to their oft-repeated public promise to wipe out the Jews.

Slobodan Milosevic issued a statement of "deepest condolences" for the "loss" of Yasser Arafat, whom he called "one of the most important symbols of the struggle for the rights of peoples in our times" and the "President of Palestine."
In eulogizing Arafat, Milosevic does not represent the Serbian people, not even the relatively small number who, like myself, have actively defended him against the fabricated charges at The Hague Tribunal. If Milosevic were sincere about defending the Serbs against oppression, why would he endorse Arafat, the latest incarnation of the Islamic fanatics who have been murdering Serbs for centuries? I can find no mention of any 'nation of Palestine' in history books. The creation of this mythical state, complete with a 'people' called 'the Palestinians', has been a project of the NATO governments, the media and Arab leaders... By constantly referring to them as 'Palestinians', the media has imbued them with national status. This was aided by the refusal of Arab governments to let 'Palestinian' refugees become citizens in the Arab states; by the UN, which has given them a fortune in aid on condition that they remain 'Palestinians' and refugees; and by the US government, which coerced Israel to accept a 'Palestinian state'...
Milosevic called Arafat "one of the most important symbols of the struggle for the rights of peoples in our times." He can make this preposterous statement because the mainstream media routinely portrays Arafat as a secular progressive. In fact, Arafat's Fatah is heir to the deadliest scourge of the 20th century, the wedding of Islam and Nazism, which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, and played a key role in the Holocaust... This is the man who fashioned the post-war 'Palestinian' movement, born of the wedding of fanatical Islam and German Nazism, complete with an imaginary 'Palestinian people' that was designed to create world support for the destruction of Israel by depicting this destruction as an act of national liberation. By calling Arafat a symbol of the fight for justice, Milosevic is in fact endorsing the line of the Western Establishment. It is not the first time. The Western media image of Milosevic as a militant defender of the Serbs is pure fiction....

To grasp what [Saddam] Hussein is, it's really only necessary to read his speeches. He sees the world as dominated by "Zionist imperialism" which translates, "The Jews." He believes in Arab supremacy. He whips people up into a real ultra-nationalist frenzy. Just compare any of his speeches (6) with Milosevic's speech at Kosovo Field in '89. (7)
I would wager that sooner or later we will learn that the CIA backed the violently anti-communist and anti-Semitic coup that brought the Arab Baath "Socialists" to power. We already know from freedom-of-information documents that the US foreign policy establishment played the anti-Semitic card in the Arab world by calling Communism a Jewish plot starting in the 1950s. Saddam Hussein was raised in the household of his uncle Khayrallah Tulfah. Tulfah participated in the pro-Nazi coup and subsequent slaughter of Jews in Iraq in 1941. This was organized by that Nazi, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. According to the Wiesenthal Center:
"Iraqi state television, both on its terrestrial and satellite broadcasts, has initiated a new daily program dedicated to reading select paragraphs from the Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion. Every evening at around 8:00pm Baghdad time the reader introduces the Protocols and presents his readings for the day." (4)
The Baath Party has a history of this sort of thing. After Iraq lost to Israel in the 1967 war, the Baath regime hanged as spies fourteen people, eleven of them from the ruthlessly persecuted and always-spied-on Jewish community. The Baath Party called on people to "come and enjoy the feast" and paraded 500,000 chanting demonstrators past the bodies, which were swinging on ropes. There was an international outcry, to which Baath radio responded, "We hanged spies, but the Jews crucified Christ." (5)
And that is aside from slaughtering socialists and communists and persecuting Shiites, Kurds, Assyrians - in other words, most people - and all opponents in the country. Nevertheless some non-Iraqis on the Left pay homage to Iraq and allow themselves to be used in Iraqi communiqués. And they wonder why the Left has scant credibility! This echoes the unfortunate Soviet policy of endorsing some of the worst forces in the Middle East.
As for the oft-repeated description of Iraq as a secular state, perhaps it is secular in the sense that the government is not dominated by religious leaders. But you wouldn't know it from Mr. Hussein's speeches. E.g., at the end of one speech, which includes statements such as:
"... after they cleanse the land of Palestine from Zionist desecration. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. with millions of gun-barrels, exchanging places on the battle- fronts, or being stationed where they ought to be from the start of the battle until Allah grants His final victory."
Hussein concludes with:
"Allah is Great Allah is Great Allah is Great There is no God but Allah Allah is Great Praise be to Allah." (6)
If this be secular, may God defend us from religion.

And these are not occasional statements: one of the main purposes if Emperor clothes is the fanatical defence of Israel and the rabid onslaught on the arab and muslim world. Bibi Netanyahu and the whole Likud party are far lesser zionist that your Emperor clothes.

You can say that you agree with your Emperor clothes, that they are right in defending Israeli politics and in claiming that palestinians are not a people but a bunch of nazi thugs, that all the arabs and muslims are
anti-semitic criminals and that Saddam Hussein was a mass-murderer on the CIA payroll and persecuted commies, shiites, kurds and assyrians; you can say just all what you like, but you can't deny that an avowed zionist and anti-arab website is a zionist.

For your information, calling someone "zionist" is not an insult,
whilsts "antisemit" IS an insult, and you insulted and slandered me because i said that a zionist is a zionist and because am anti-zionist and defend palestinian rights.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, I have avoided this post of yours because the title indicated, somehow, what the link would lead to, and I was afraid of what I'd see. I wasn't wrong. Over the past five years, we've seen pictures of TERRIBLE things being done to Iraqis by those who wish to call themselves human. And the shock and horror one feels every time has not diminished.

The people who so brutally tortured this innocent man - they must have wives, children, family ... how on earth do they continue living 'normal' lives after this? The screams of pain, agony and finally, death ... oh God...

Thank you, Paola. I know your intention for publishing this is to raise awareness of the horrors taking place inside Iraq, but this particular post of Layla's has some really sick comments - particularly from that lunatic, Nur who seems to crawl out of the woodwork every now and then. It's likely that he/she may be one of the drillers, given the lack of compassion and utter disrespect.

It's no small and insignificant thing to see an innocent man lying on a cold stone slab, tortured from head to foot, broken body. Only, perhaps, a day or so ago, he was living: someone's son, husband, father, brother, friend.

May his soul rest in peace and may the criminals be brought to Justice. Somehow, with Iraq, I'm not sure any more if Justice will be served by man. It will require Divine intervention.

My sorrow is deep...

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