Persian For Dummies.

News from Basrah.

Basrah has now become a complete Persian enclave run by Shi'as whose allegiance are to their Mother country the Safavid chauvinistic Iran of the Mullahs.

Two families I personally know, Sunnis, who have lived all their lives in Basrah, born and raised there for generations - left.
Each of these families lost a husband, a wife, a son, a daughter, a mother, a father,a relative, due to the sectarian massacres undertaken by the Iranians carrying recently issued Iraqi nationalities.

One grandmother lost her son who is a doctor, her daughter in law, another doctor, and now she has to look after 6 kids alone. She escaped with them.

The second family lost two members who were the breadwinners. Two pharmacists. A man and his wife. The rest of the family locked up their house and left taking nothing with them.

They related the following :

- Basrah is totally dominated by Iran. It is unofficially an Iranian province/state. All goverment and office employees are Iranians and hold the dual Iranian- Iraqi nationality.

-There are no Sunni families left in Basrah. They all fled.

- Application forms to enter Iraq from the Kuwaiti border - known as the Safwan Crossing- are printed in Persian and not Arabic. Hence anyone wishing to enter Basrah has to fill in an entry form on which the official language is Farsee.

- They confirmed to me reports that I had read and heard earlier namely that the whole of Southern Iraq has become an Iranian Province.

My hunch is that the whole of Iraq is going to become an Iranian Province apart from darling Kurdistan. But then that should not be a problem since both Iranians and Kurds pride themselves on being an "Aryan" race.

Iraqis, start learning Persian. I personally have started with a crash course. Elementary stuff.
I have learned so far how to say very good " Khayleh Khob " and a couple of insults.
The latter I will save for some other time . When the Iranian Mullahs become the "official and legitimate" rulers of Baghdad after the full decimation of all those disloyal to Teheran and Washington.
Don't be surprised. I keep hearing that the last elections were legitimate and official. No one mentions of course the buses that were carrying approximately 1 million Iranians who came and "participated" in those "transparent" elections.

As for the"anti-Imperialists","anti-War"venerable personalities and movements in the West,I suggest you do the same thing.
Start learning Persian. So in due time , when the full liberation of Iraq is complete, you can come and congratulate your anti Imperialist Iranian Mullahs with " Khayleh Khob"- Very Good and Bravo !

In today's edition of the Independent, Danny Forston - the oil Expert- states:
"The most coveted sites in Iraq are the Majnoon and West Qurna fields, both close to Basra in the South of the country."
Iranian Imperialism is as deadly as the American one.

Painting: Iraqi Artist, Ali Al Tajer - "People of Mesopotamia" Series.


Anonymous said…
So i guess we've been 'liberated' to chose between 'Khayleh-khob' and 'masaltof'...Maybe the intention of our 'democratic liberators' is to apply their model of 'bi- partisanshit or is it ship' to us otherwise ignorant lot....
I say to them and their lot in my language ARABIC, Mabruk you scunks for the new holes you have dug for yourselves,may you suffocate in them slowly but surely..
Anonymous said…
Mabruk, Mazaltof,Khayleh Khob, Congratulations....Thaa3at el Tassa!
Layla is becoming a het monger. Iran is not the monster Leyla wants to paint.

Basra people, the Iraqi Shie in basara are Iraqi and not Iranian. Those who sow division between the people of Iraq, Shie Sunni, Iranian Iraqi etc... are ONLY helping Israel and USA, and while Ayatollah Khamenei is everyday talking about unity, people like you Leila talk about hate and divisions.

There is no difference between Shiee and Sunni. Iranian Government is working for the good of the reigion, in the absence of a strong central government in Iraq. Also there is no difference between arabic and farsi they are both HUMAN languages, why do you act and sound so nationalistic? you sound like a zionist more and more an extremist arabist. We are all a family, all muslims. and Arabs are not higher than Iranians or vice versa, there is no problem if Iranian government is elping the south of Iraq.

you forgot that it was Saddam who listened to the orders of rumsfield and attacked iran in 1979, and not the other way around.

lt's be human, Let's be a family and let's fight Israel and USA together.
Layla Anwar said…

You are really something. You have the audacity to come and call me a zionist and an imperialist and a hater when in fact :
It is your government of Iran along with the USA that is
- occupying Iraq
-financing shia death squads
-massacring innocent iraqis
-assassinating a legitimate president Saddam Hussein
-dividing Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq when in the past we never knew this division.
-arming and funding fascist sectarian parties and militias like al Dawa and the rotten al Hakim with your rotten Sistani.
-killing palestinians in Iraq and making them refugees stuck on the borders of Syria and no country would let them in.
-fully occupying souther iraq when you know that it has the biggest oil in the country.
What hypocrisy dababase, what utter hypocrisy. But then this does not surprise me from you. Your Iranian govt is like you. You preach unity and care on the one hand and on the other you divide and strike.
Sickening lot!
Now come and tell me who is the real imperialist and the real zionist here.
Anonymous said…
One More Day in the Rotting USS of A

This tendency toward denial lies at the root of all your historic massive crimes:

Wars of aggression, dispossessions, eugenics, exploitation of workers, persecution of belief, racism, and the whole spectrum of crimes that depend on a silent public, willing to go along to get along, are all underpinned by the character defect of denial.

This kind of crime, the crime of participating in conspiracies of silence about the abuse of the weak, is deeply embedded in your national character there in the US.

The fact is that, currently, the leadership in this country is on a massive crime spree that dwarfs anything in history.

Attilla the Hun did not spread radioactive waste across the battlefield.

The Romans did not systematically and deliberately destroy the ability of the provinces to support themselves (Carthage being the exception).

Hitler did not keep the world in the grip of nuclear terror, though it is probable that he would have if he had had the chance.

Stalin did not systematically destroy the resources and environment of Russia for the sole benefit of his friends.

Even Caligula did not trap people in the midst of floods by preventing their escape.

But your leadership, in today's USA, have done all these heinous crimes, and many, many more.
How dare you come here.... Dear Layla: internet is all about the exchange of ideas. It is not a dare to write some comments on your site. the excessive force the shiee are applying these days in iraq goes back to when saddam _WITH THE BACKING OF THE SAME WESTERN POWERS WHO DESTROY HIM LATER- used to oppress and murder shie dissidents. this is not a lie. I don't hate you or any other arab nationalist, I say we need to stop attacking each other and finding common ground in fighting israel and USA and not so much copy the same kind of attitude from the zionists who pointedly think they are always right.

the problems of the world wont go away if all shie people drop dead tomorrow.

Im asking you to refrain from using racist language about iran, iranians and shie people. by degrading them, you degrade sunnis and the memory of Saddam Hussein.

Be human, BE civilized. Stop the hate. If you can;t stop the shie on sunni violence, at least you can stop the violence and hate in your analysis.
Layla Anwar said…
Seems you don't understand english well. If I did not want to see your comments, I would have comments moderation. Your kind are the LAST people to talk about civility.
Your govt is a fascist, sectarian, bloodthirsty, vindictive, filthy, revengeful and if you do not have enough honesty to denounce that then you have no leg to stand on. This is the least time I will reply to you.
Anonymous said…
...more stuff that americans don't read:

While the great American dailies are debating whether "we" need 20,000 additional troops or 40,000, or are limning the Napoleonic qualities of the new Iraq commander, General David Petraeus, the London Independent reveals the following:

"Iraq's massive oil reserves, the third-largest in the world, are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days.

"The US government has been involved in drawing up the law, a draft of which has been seen by The Independent on Sunday. It would give big oil companies such as BP, Shell and Exxon 30-year contracts to extract Iraqi crude and allow the first large-scale operation of foreign oil interests in the country since the industry was nationalised in 1972." [6]

...and they say it is NOT about the oil...

Abdullah Mustafa
stop passing extreme judgments on the iranian government. iranian people muslims and arabs are al in it together against israel and us uk domination in the region. we even have to do our best to get our kurdish brothers on the same track. i urge you to stop encouraging sectarian hate and violence. i urge you to think creatively out of the current difficult and bloody situation.

USA was invited to the region, not because f iran's fault, it was your great leader saddam hussein who twice became the reason for us to send its troops, and twice your leader lost to uncle sam.

saddam was a westernized and a pro west person, and essentially he conspired with his european and US admirer to bring down the iranian regime.

so you see the pattern of pretending to be strong but failing at the end did not start with desert storm, the very first war saddam lost was his illegal invasion of Iran, Israeli style. This is the same war Saddam started on the recommendation of then best friends like rumsfield and dick cheney. but saddam lost this war and could only stop it wen the west stepped in and demanded an end.

when you add this to the two iraq us wars of 91 and 2003, we get a three in a row lost military battles.

I don;t hate saddam I actually started to like and understand him after his capture. I think what happened to him is unfortunate and it was barbaric of americans to allow she militia act like that. this was a very bad idea and the shoe community and iran will have to deal with it, but as everybody inside the iranian system knows, the Iranians urged a long delay and were more favorable of his custody going to UN & international law, where Iran as a signatory could have a financial claim for the iran iraq war. so much cold have brought up against saddam. but essentially iran knew that saddam's execution means trouble and divisions among muslims, but in the presence of American Israeli pressure for an execution, the stupid government of maliki went ahead with the execution.

what a shame.

still does not mean you can write like this about iran and iranian government, in the long run iran has been more consistently against the west and a pillar of resistance to the zionist agenda. we ought to find peace among ourselves, if we want to defeat Israel in its expansionist agenda.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

You know, I find what you say about Iran very interesting. I confess that I knew very little about Iran until I had an major argument with my local Labour MP about Identity cards, and on looking on her web-site, where I found that she had a very pro-Iranian article, which I complained about, not that it did a lot of good.

So are the British Government doing what the British government has always done throughout history and playing a game of double-bluff on the Yanks? Could the intention be to sacrifice the Yanks in the coming war against Iran? Hey, and Layla, anybody who tells you that the British government works for the people of the UK is a liar. The UK government is owned lock, stock and barrel, by the Rothschild family. My Grandfather taught me that when I was a child.

Oh, and finishing my thought regarding America, they always were a rebellious colony, and I think that the "American Dream" is now over. I mean to say, how many of the US Government have already received Knighthoods and the Yanks still don't suspect a thing? Yanks are really dumb.

Thanks for the lesson. "Khayleh Khob" could come in very useful ;-)

Anonymous said…
Hey Layla, perhaps I should clarify why Yanks are dumb. As an Englishman, I know that the British Government is "The Enemy"; not to be trusted, no way, Jose.

The dumb Yanks actually had a revolution, because the British Government taxed them too much, and here they now, treating shit-face Bliar like some kind of hero.

Bliar, and Nu Labour, are traitors to the English people. The Queen is a German, like Rothschild, and just all those Jews with blue eyes and blonde hair are Germans, not true Jews.

Know thy enemy, Layla Anwar. The enemy is The British Establishment, with their "Christian" bullshit. 2000 years of "Christian" bullshit, and what do the Yanks do when they get "Freedom"? Embrace Christianity.

Remember the words of Queen Boudicca.

"Heaven is on the side of the righteous vengeance; a legion which dared to fight has perished; the rest are hiding themselves in their camp, or are thinking anxiously of flight. They will not sustain even the din and the shout of so many thousands, much less our charge and our blows."

"If you weigh well the strength of the armies, and the causes of the war, you will see that in this battle you must conquer or die. This is a woman's resolve. As for the men, they may live and be slaves!"

Not that I obviously need to tell you Layla Anwar, but sometime a little encouragement does go a long way :-)

Anonymous said…
Hey Layla, today on the BBC:

The British Government are defintely playing a double game.

Oh yes, and when you hear about "Asian Businessmen who finance Nu Labour", replace that with the words "East-India Company".

Anonymous said…
This is a gross exaggeration. Basrah is hardly a city under Iranian influence. In fact no one dominates Basrah. The Fadhila, SIIC and Sadrists have been fighting over control for months, with no one having the upper hand.

There are hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, and also Christians and Mandaeans, in Basrah. The towns south of Basrah, such as Zubair and Abu Al-Khasib, all the way to Faw, are predominately Sunni, and they are in fact in a much better position than the Sunnis of Baghdad.
Anonymous said…
Well, I, a brazilian, think that the arguments of dadabase are more convincing that of the Layla Anwar. Reading the former, I think that she will dance in the streets on the day when the Americans and Israelis will bombing Teheran. Because these desunion between shia-sunni, persian-arab, all of you will be, forever, under the dominance of the Western Powers.
Anonymous said…

For permanent sequestering
The bases have been built
Within Iraq, wherefore this Spring
The War Muse none may jilt:

Sweet Sister, blessed of beauty, grace,
How can we not attack?
The infrastructure is in place,
Nor does the spirit lack.

Dragging a stick amongst the brackish
Waters and muddy silt
We stir the fevers up--though slackish
Today, no none will jilt.

You see, the reason we did rush--
It was a long-range scheming--
Was so Iran´s hold we might crush
While folks at home were dreaming

Of false-alleged atomic bombs
Poised like sword Damaclean--
The planners knew, it was Sadaam´s
Base-camp domain, to be on.

So, built the wherewithal to launch
Incursion to Iran,
Begins vituperation staunch
Against them, child and man.

Why, even Hillary has got
Herself into the fray,
Unproven "terroristic plot"
Condemning by the way.

Meanwhile the poor chumps of Iraq
Despite such high-blown promise,
Basic necessities yet lack,
As we play to Osama´s

Prescience so well that he could shill
For all that we endeavor--
But is bin Laden breathing still?
We know that he is clever.

That much beloved House of Saud
With our regime, we find
Yet in the dirty bed, by God
Still makes its bump and grind:

There´s dicks and cunts and money passed,
There´s profits going round,
A dream--but sexy grunts can´t last
In face of the profound

Quick detriment of "Peak oil" now
On which is turned the corner,
So, in Iraq--and God allow--
We make ourselves sojourner.
Anonymous said…
I would just like to make it very clear that not every American subscribes to our president's point of view. I think it is that way with most countries...not everyone will agree with their leaders. Shouldn't we as Americans (and westerners really) also have the sense to realize that just because someone's faith is Muslim does not mean that they are out to terrorize the world?

Not all of us want to be oil hungry and bomb the world in order to put gas in our oversized automobile and live in a monstrous house that takes way too many resources to heat.

I personally feel an extreme burden for all of the women that are oppressed, scared,and living in fear under rergimes that don't seem to care about their populations (all of them). Often though, I sit and wonder what I can do as a lone American woman? Do I send money? Write letter? Pray? I wish their were viable options for those of us that want to help.(By help, I do NOT mean change every country into a western prototype...simply make things better while respecting the traditions, etc of a country and it's peoples)

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