The Iraqi Holocaust - Part II

Weapons of Mass Destruction/ Radioactivity/Depleted Uranium.
The road of Mass Genocide continues...
In part II of the Iraqi Holocaust:"Rememberance and Beyond"video no.2 (see here) shows the extent of contamination by radioactive material (nuclear to some-also known as Depleted Uranium/DU.)
Since 1990, the whole of Iraq, its waters, its soil,its air are polluted by this highly toxic cancerigenic lethal matter DU. Its life span is in the million of years.
And the People of Iraq continue to pay today and for many generations to come the price of the only real weapon of Mass Destruction found in Iraq.
Added to the D.U, sanctions were imposed by the United Nations... Stay tuned for Part III.

Video : "Depleted Uranium Alert" by apfnog.


Tate said…
Great video!

4.5 billion year half-life folks! Nanoparticles

A "forever killer" of biological life, not just people

carried in the air, water, food and genetic code

And when it kills, it just moves on after the body decomposes and kills some more.

Not possible to clean up, ever.

Insane world, eh?

They say we shouldn't panic the markets. F that! Excuse me. But we need a some panic around this sick minds. Scare them a bit.

More info can be found here...
Anonymous said…
"Great video!"

what a stupid insensitive comment to make........i hope u rot in hell

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