Back to the Future...

A brief summary report on"Operation American Freedom and the Liberation of America."

Following 13 years of a cruel stringent embargo that left 1.5 million americans dead of which 500'000 american children below the age of 5 , the Iraqi army, with their imposing armada bombarded the U.S with over 700 tons of B.52's.
Iraqi armored vehicles, 150'000 Iraqi soldiers and 100'000 subcontractors and mercenaries(from the Arab world and Africa) have taken hold of Washington DC and other parts of the country.
The Iraqi soldiers toppled the Washington Monument, ransacked and pillaged the National Gallery of Art, the National Portrait Gallery as well the great Smithsonian institute and museum.
The White House , the Pentagon and the CIA have also been targeted and now encircled. Hundreds of Iraqi generals with their troops have squatted the headquarters of the American Government. The White House, looted, has now become an enclave of the Iraqi occupying forces and has been renamed the White Zone.

The President of the U.S.A as well as his 20 advisors have been caught and are now prisonners of war in a Fort Lauderdale secret prison, camp Babel.

A puppet american government was set up by the Iraqi occupying forces. They set up elections and eyewitnesses report that over 1 million mexicans came in buses and voted the new government in.
Reliable sources affirm that the current American government is mainly comprised of mexican americans with dual nationalities and totally backed by Mexico.
The American army has been totally sacked and replaced by a grouping of mexican/american police, army and militias working in close cooperation with the Iraqi occupying forces.
The Iraqi Provisional Authority in conjunction with the american puppet government are undertaking a massive campaign of "de-waspization" and "de-americanization" of the whole of the U.S.A.

Upper state New York, Buffalo and other towns have declared their independence and are being armed and trained by Canada as mercenaries and snipers.

Atrocious news have been circulating of hideous crimes committed by the Iraqi soldiers:

In Bethesda, over 12 pregnant women were killed as well as a 15 years old boy who spat on a passing Iraqi convoy. His mother's head was bashed against a wall and her boy shot in front of her eyes.

In Lexington Park , 3 neighborhoods have been razed to the ground. Over 500 defenseless civilians, majority of which were women and children have been shot in cold blood and some Iraqi soldiers were filmed pissing on the dead corpses.

In Richmond square, hundreds of bodies are strewn across the square and littering the side streets, showing signs of serious burns from napalm, phosphorus bombs and gun shots.

In Rockville, five Iraqi soldiers from the 32nd platoon division, gang raped 14 years old Abee Jones, shot her whole family including her 3 years old sister and grandparents then set her on fire. They were seen drinking Arak and grilling kebabs prior to their crime.

In Georgetown , over 500 american academics have been kidnaped and shot dead by Mexican backed militias and 100 students were blown to pieces in front of George Washington University. Body parts and books were seen lying in the debris.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN have reported the existence of hundreds of detention camps and prisons and the estimated official number of American prisoners is 50'000 men and women some as young as 13 years old, held without charges or trial.
These agencies have also reported gross violations of the Geneva conventions and have presented evidence of severe torture, including sodomy , rape and genital mutilation.
The Iraqi Minister of Defence denies these allegations. Most torture victims have succumbed to death.

The French Institute of Medicine issued a report confirming the death of over 700'000 american civilians since the Iraqi invasion. The UN has issued a report in December stating that for the year 2006 only, 35'000 americans have died as a result of the Iraqi occupation.
The number for widows is also staggering, over 1 million american widows and 2 million american children orphaned. The report also adds that american children are trafficked, sold as sex slaves or labourers in other countries.

Public facilities and amenities are no longer existent. The average American citizen gets one hour of electricity per day and for the past week there has been no water supply. Transportation systems have been halted, universities and schools shut down, the sewage system no longer functions and most American streets are inundated with rats and dirty water.
"Medecins sans frontiers" a french based NGO, has reported severe cases of malnutrition, water born diseases and outbreaks of cholera and typhoid due to the insalubrity of present living conditions for Americans.

Hospitals are no longer functional and can no longer cope with the influx of injured and maimed Americans. The Morgues are overflowing with dead bodies.Children suffering from cancer caused by Iraqi depleted uranium can no longer receive treatment and the prognosis for them is very poor. Other illnesses are no longer treated short of medication and staff as, most doctors and nurses have left the country. Surgery is done without anesthesia and medical doctors are subject to harassment, kidnaping , torture and death.
The general American population is suffering great trauma,PTSD and doctors have declined to treat patients from 9/11, arguing that there are more urgent priorities.

The UN has launched an urgent plea as 3.7 million americans have sought refuge in Canada, Alaska, Mexico and other countries as a consequence of the Iraqi occupation.
The UNESCO on the other hand has decried some of the Iraqi army practices. Many Iraqi soldiers have been found desecrating worship places by ransacking them, painting Islamic symbols, tearing, kicking, and burning the Bible and urinating in churches. American Monuments and historical sites have also been destroyed.

On the economic front, over 60% of the American population is now unemployed, inflation rate is 100% and most outlets, like Starbucks, Mc Donalds and the rest have closed down due to lack of clientele.
Shopping malls are empty and retailers have shut down. There is an economic depression but the Iraqi Provisional Authority as well as the american puppet government are re-assuring the american public that things will look brighter soon.

Russian and Chinese corporations and multinationals have monopolized all the oil ressources in Texas and the American puppet government has issued a law privatizing all american energy.
Furthermore , Dallas and Houston have become a mexican enclave. Only Spanish is allowed to be spoken there and all government and public posts are occupied by Mexicans.

On the political front, mexicans have managed to infiltrate all echelons of the governing administration included all armed forces : the american army, the american FBI and ministries and they have developed , funded and trained militias that are wrecking havoc in the streets of the American capital.
Countless american citizens have been abducted, kidnaped, raped, and slaughtered.
Dead bodies are seen lying around the city showing marked signs of torture , like eyes and nails plucked out and holes from electrical drills. The american puppet government denies any role in all of this.

Furthermore, civil war is looming close by. Catholics backed by Mexicans have waged an unrentless campaign of ethnic cleansing against Protestants. Black americans are fighting with Asians and Italians with Poles. Car bombs, mortar attacks and snipers are a daily occurrence today in Washington D.C , Maryland and Virginia as well as other parts of the U.S.

Native Americans on the other hand are caught in this ethnic cleansing and are being either massacred again or forced to seek refuge elsewhere. As Canada and Alaska is refusing them entry, they have ended up in tents on the borders in a no man's land.

Four weeks ago, on Christmas eve, the president of the USA as well as three of his advisors were hanged in what appeared to be a sectarian lynching.

The Iraqi President expressed dissapointment at the way the execution was done, he added it was "fumbled" but was glad that justice finally prevailed.
Reuters reported that 5 of the late American President's lawyers have been slaughtered during the Trial period. The President of the USA was filmed hanging at the gallows on Christmas eve and his body showed signs of post mortem torture.

The Iraqi President concluded by saying that americans should really show gratitude for what Iraqis have sacrificed in their name and in the name of Freedom.
He also assured the american public in a televised address to the nation, that a surge of an extra 20'000 Iraqis was needed for the reconstruction of the U.S.A to go as planned and that the mission has been accomplished.

P.S: I hope this piece of "science-fiction" reverse psychology shocks you. Everything mentioned above took place and continues to take place today in Iraq.And this is only 25% of what is being reported.The shocking truth and "awe" of the American occupation of Iraq.
(for more proof, check and
And I hope you realize that I have nothing against either mexicans,protestants or catholics, italians, poles, blacks, native americans or martians...It was just to drive a point home (...this politically correct thing is getting very tiresome- ask the Iraqis!)

P.S.S: Should Hollywood decide to take the above script, my only conditon is to have Charlton Heston starr in it. Last time I saw him in an interview (during"Desert Storm"), he believed that Iraq had borders with India. I surely hope he was given a geographical map since.
I would also like Sharon Stone to co-starr. Her role in "Base", sorry meant "Basic Instincts" is really appropriate for the script. Thank you for informing the zionist Spielberg.

Painting: Iraqi Artist, M.Muhrradin.


Anonymous said…
Point taken.

Stay safe.
God bless.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant and shocking, absolutely!
Anonymous said…
Fucking hell.
Matt said…

Not bad...

Replace "Iraq" with "China" and inflate all figures by around 60 percent...

you know to make it realistic...give it that "yeah that could happen someday" feel to it.

Matt said…
Make that 160 percent...

I'm no good at math...
Layla Anwar said…
matthew aka martin hoffman...too funny...lool.. I will try .
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla!

How are you?

I have been meaning to ask you, after reading your posts on your blog, why do you insist on providing apologetics for Saddam Hussein.

It's beyond doubt the man ran a mukhabarat state that tortured Iraqi citizens, who often would disappear in the middle of the night, where families loosing contact with their loved ones. He provided no democratic elections, which were all shams. He smashed Iraq with pointless wars that killed thousands of lives etc. We all know the legacy.

Just returning to human rights reports of the period would give you an idea.

It is far more consistent to your anti-occupation/pro-resistance stance, which I share with you, if you condemned both Saddam's regime and the current occupation backed puppet regime. Both have committed similar crimes when putting down revolts.

I can understand why you might provide apologetics, considering the way he was executed, and the nature of the occupation, but that does not excuse the fact that he was a tyrant and monster. Why deny the obvious?

Plus, unlike others, we have no agenda when we condemn his regime for what it was. In other words those who support resistance in all its forms, are far more morally consistent on this issue, unlike the sell outs, and traitors.

Tate said…
Orbitz, she already explained... Criminal genocidal occupational forces have no business instigating a kangaroo court and hiring foreign supported militias to kill their enemy... whether their enemy is guilty of something or not... it isn't right. Defend the guilty from worse guilt...

Assume that the crippled dog bit someone last year and then the American occupiers shoot the dog. Would you ask "why do you defend the crippled dog? He was guilty of biting so many people".

Same logic. It isn't about the dog, it is about the wrongful way of killing the dog.

This is brilliant very realistic.
Anonymous said…

Why do you insist on attacking the President of Iraq (may God rest his soul in peace) with baseless accusations?

I am amazed at the amount of 'we know' and 'certainly' and 'undeniably' that people throw around when talking about Iraq's national hero!

Did you hold a court in which all these 'accusations' were proven beyond a reasonable doubt?

Or, as is obvious, are you singing with the choir who have been spreading rumours and lies to justify their criminal activities against Iraq?

Had Saddam be guilty of just one crime where he violated the Iraqi constitution he was sworn under or the law that he was to uphold, then we should have seen the satanic USA and its allies jump on it with all their legal resources and millions of $$ rather than put him to trial against a pathetic case where an assassination attempt took place on his life backed by a foreign power!

Layla is sticking to the facts when she defends Saddam...Can you say the same about your attack on his character?

Tate said…
To Americans - You know in your heart this war is wrong. Don't be a good American, be a good person. Join the Resistance Manifesto.

Look at this guy's resistance in the above video. He has money, no education, no fame, just a lot of heart and a crazy approach.

You can resist too! Join the resistance against this unprecedented, instigated, criminal resource war.
Robin said…
Ahelen Layla,
This that you wrote is precisely (without nearly the clarity) what I try to impart to my fellow American citizens. They MUST look at it this way because it is quite simply, the truth. If we here in America cannot 100% put ourselves in the same shoes then there is an "emotional disconnect" from what our country is doing to yours. Even many in the so called peace movement are only concerned with bringing our own troops home, NOT what they are doing there. To me it isn't about our (US) boys being killed and mamed, it is about our boys going halfway around the world to participate in a illegal war against a people (yours) who did absolutely nothing to deserve this, not one thing. If each American soldier stood up for what is right, they WOULD NOT go to fight in your country. The problem is now, I don't have any thoughts whatsoever how to put this back together that we have torn assunder. I am sorry Layla, I am truly sincerely sorry for what my country has done. Take care and bless you always.
Anonymous said…
How shocking, Iraqis suffering... Iraq's not a real country anyways. Give Anbar (means 'storage' in Persian btw) to Syria, and we can annex the rest.
Tate said…
Journalist Dahr Jamail on Iraq, Lebanon and Iraq on the Alex Jones show... One American and one Lebanese talk about globalist (US terrorists) resource-war crimes.
Anonymous said…
From anonymous who sent you the note about Kofi.
Dear Layla,
Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi should not and will not be forgotten. She symbolises Iraq's destroyed innocence. And those who unleash hell on the defenceless deserve to have that hell reciprocated. Without deterrence, the hyenas will not learn. So your "science fiction" should indeed be reality even as you and I would both protect an Abee Jones in Rockville, MD from being hurt. I wish some computer savvy person would take your essay(s) and mass post it in as many Anglo-American websites as possible so that people with myopia can learn---including the well meaning intellectuals et al who are so thoroughly brainwashed and do not have the capacity to understand the nature of the Resistance and what Saddam Hussein and the Baath stand for.
When you have diffculty in coping, know that you have many, many well wishers who have a great deal of admiration and respect, and affection for you.
Best, always.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above is right. The hell that is being unleashed on innocent Iraqis is only happening because the Americans have no clue about what real destruction is all about. And they don't care. What they have only seen is Hurricane Katrina, but that, too, affected the very poor, mainly black community - perhaps some of the sons from that area are terrorising Iraqis right now. I also agree that this hell should be reciprocated - unfortunately, the people out there are so soft and pampered, they would not have any of resilience that Iraqis do. That nation needs to hit rock bottom really hard for them to realise what life is all about. Until then, wars of aggression and occupations will continue. Or when they have lost all their sons and there are no longer able young men to contribute to nation building (I don't mean through stealing..).

I deeply believe, too, that this article would not make an iota of a difference to the Anglo-Saxons - it's not happening to them although it is being done in their names. They have been conditioned to believe that the world owes them a living, but this will change very soon - most likely, Iraqi Resistance will teach them a lesson they will not forget for generations.

Hopefully, a REAL nationalist will suddenly arise in Iraq to lead the people out of this hell. The true nationalist was murdered, and history will record just what he did to hold Iraq together. From what we see today, it was a feat that no ordinary man can accomplish, but he did, despite the sanctions and everything despicable directed towards Iraq. History will look very kindly and gently on President Saddam Hussein.

And, yes, Layla, you have no idea just how much you are respected and loved. You do a great service to the people of Iraq ny bringing out the Truth and exposing the REAL suffering of all Iraqis. God bless you always. k
Anonymous said…
The following article was taken from a copy of a local newspaper which has a web site.
Pay PARTICULAR ATTENTION to the statement that there will be NO FEDERAL ASSISTANCE in developing this MANDATORY program.
More information on this "I.D." card can be found on underground news sites.
This card will be (or so I hear) MANDATORY for ALL citizens beginning in 2008.
Fucking microchip implantation is next...

Also, just for the record, West Virginia is also a very poor state. With the majority of the population being "hillbilly's".
West Virginia DOES have a good man in the seat of Governor, not that it will help. He and several other governors went to Iraq about a year ago, to see for themselves what was going on, but were warned not to speak of anything they were told not to speak about.

The Federals are pushing us into revolt.

I will not pollute Layla's blog with foul language. But know that I am more than angery. And I do not agree with the occupation nor do I agree with the GROWING federal record keeping, eavesdropping, and invasion of privacy upon the citizens.
There is a second American Revolution coming....
Our federal government does as it pleases but DOES NOT represent the majority of the American Citizens.
The majority, I should tell you, are poor and NOT HEARD.

But that will change.
As far as being heard...

Read on...

West Virginia Driver's License May Cost $100
7:29 AM Jan 26, 2007

West Virginians may have to pay $100 to get a driver's license in the near future.

The director of the Division of Motor Vehicles said we may have to pay for equipment needed for the federal Real ID Act.

The increase will used for computers the DMV needs to link with with a national data base, which will cost the state between
$60-million and $100-million.

The director said there doesn't appear to be any federal funds available to help any states.

Under the new law, you will need a Real ID card for air travel, open bank accounts and apply for any federal benefits.
Echo said…
haha...thats scarily hilarious. Imagine that happened to any country with significant world-media control. It would be the end of the world. I never thought of it that way.

I mean, damn...9/11 happened 5 years ago, 3000 innocent people died. Look at the reaction to THAT. 3000 Americans died, and two wars over 5 years and almost a million "foreign" deaths as a reaction. Now imagine 700 000 Americans died.
Take care, Layla
Tate said…
Ike, I like a lot of what you are saying here and I think you are a positve contributor. However, your understanding of the word "poor" is poor.

Here are the per-person income (YEARLY) of the world...

Rank Country GDP
per capita/$

country number - country - income per person in US dollars...

1 Luxembourg 80,288
2 Norway 64,193
3 Iceland 52,764
4 Switzerland 50,532
5 Ireland 48,604
6 Denmark 47,984
7 Qatar 43,110
8 United States 42,000
9 Sweden 39,694
10 Netherlands 38,618
11 Finland 37,504
12 Austria 37,117
13 United Kingdom 37,023
14 Japan 35,757
15 Belgium 35,712
16 Canada 35,133
17 Australia 34,740
18 France 33,918
19 Germany 33,854
20 Italy 30,200
21 United Arab Emirates 27,700
22 Spain 27,226
23 Singapore 26,836
24 New Zealand 26,464
25 Kuwait 26,020
26 Brunei 25,754
27 Hong Kong 25,493
28 Greece 20,327
29 Cyprus 20,214
30 Israel 19,248
31 Bahrain 18,403
32 The Bahamas 18,062
33 Portugal 17,456
34 Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands 17,270
35 Slovenia 16,986
36 South Korea 16,308
37 Republic of China (Taiwan) 15,203
38 Malta 13,803
39 Saudi Arabia 13,410
40 Oman 12,664
41 Trinidad and Tobago 12,625
42 Czech Republic 12,152
43 Barbados 11,088
44 Saint Kitts and Nevis 10,895
45 Hungary 10,814
46 Antigua and Barbuda 10,727
47 Estonia 9,727
48 Slovakia 8,775
49 Croatia 8,675
50 Seychelles 8,556
51 Poland 7,946
52 Lithuania 7,446
53 Mexico 7,298
54 Chile 7,124
55 Latvia 6,862
56 Libya 6,696
57 Botswana 6,439
58 Gabon 6,397
59 Equatorial Guinea 6,205
60 Lebanon 6,034
61 Russia 5,349
62 Uruguay 5,274
63 South Africa 5,106
64 Turkey 5,062
65 Malaysia 5,042
66 Mauritius 5,029
67 Venezuela 5,026
68 Saint Lucia 4,963
69 Argentina 4,799
70 Panama 4,794
71 Grenada 4,670
72 Costa Rica 4,620
73 Romania 4,539
74 Brazil 4,320
75 Belize 4,146
76 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 3,950
77 Dominica 3,947
78 Kazakhstan 3,717
79 Jamaica 3,657
80 Bulgaria 3,459
81 Dominican Republic 3,411
82 Turkmenistan 3,406
83 Fiji 3,349
84 Algeria 3,086
85 Belarus 3,031
86 Namibia 3,022
87 Serbia 2,880
88 Peru 2,841
89 Tunisia 2,829
90 Republic of Macedonia 2,810
91 Iran 2,767
92 Ecuador 2,761
93 Albania 2,673
94 Thailand 2,659
95 Colombia 2,656
96 Suriname 2,637
97 El Salvador 2,468
98 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,384
99 Maldives 2,350
100 Swaziland 2,336
101 Jordan 2,317
102 Angola 2,129
103 Tonga 2,106
104 Cape Verde 2,066
105 Guatemala 1,995
106 Samoa 1,832
107 Republic of the Congo 1,785
108 Ukraine 1,766
109 Morocco 1,713
110 People's Republic of China 1,709
111 Iraq 1,700 [2]
112 Vanuatu 1,530
113 Azerbaijan 1,493
114 Georgia 1,480
115 Syrian Arab Republic 1,464
116 Paraguay 1,288
117 Indonesia 1,283
118 Egypt 1,265
119 Sri Lanka 1,200
120 Philippines 1,168
121 Honduras 1,148
122 Armenia 1,140
123 Bhutan 1,126
124 Guyana 1,039
125 Bolivia 993
126 Djibouti 973
127 Cameroon 952
128 Côte d'Ivoire 900
129 Moldova 861
130 Nicaragua 850
131 Sudan 820
132 Senegal 738
133 Mongolia 736
134 Pakistan 728
135 India 705
136 Nigeria 678
137 Kiribati 672
138 Mauritania 663
139 Papua New Guinea 662
140 Chad 654
141 Zambia 627
142 Lesotho 621
143 Vietnam 618
144 Comoros 615
145 Solomon Islands 611
146 Benin 592
147 Yemen 586
148 Kenya 560
149 Ghana 512
150 Laos 485
151 Haiti 478
152 Kyrgyz Republic 473
153 Uzbekistan 444
154 Mali 432
155 Burkina Faso 430
156 Cambodia 430
157 São Tomé and Príncipe 430
158 Bangladesh 400
159 Zimbabwe 383
160 Togo 377
161 Tajikistan 364
162 Guinea 355
163 Timor-Leste 352
164 Tanzania 336
165 Central African Republic 335
166 Mozambique 331
167 Nepal 322
168 The Gambia 306
169 Uganda 303
170 Afghanistan 300
171 Madagascar 282
172 Niger 274
173 Rwanda 242
174 Sierra Leone 223
175 Myanmar 219
176 Eritrea 209
177 Guinea-Bissau 190
178 Liberia 161
179 Malawi 161
180 Ethiopia 153
181 Democratic Republic of the Congo 119 [3]
182 Burundi 107


So you see Ike, your income of 1,500 USD for a family of four is not poor. You four are living at a rate slightly below the average Romanian on a per-person basis, and slightly above the average Brazilian on a per-person basis.

There are about 70 countries above you (average) and over 100 countries below you (average). And you can imagine, that the countries below you will tend to have a larger population...

... thus, you are relatively rich in the world.

I bet you never considered having a refrigerator, a TV and a car is rich, eh? Well, it is.

But the oil-dependend economy of the US is coming face-to-face with a third world economy soon and our people are wholly not prepared for it.
Anonymous said…

Apparently you may have missed some of my other posts.
I am married to a Filipino and prior to that I was dating a young lady from Moldova, prior to that I was seeing a lady from Bosnia.
All of this due to my becoming disgusted by most American women.
I met these women as I traveled the entire USA prior to becoming disabled. I have lived in 48 of our great states.
Point being that I KNOW WELL THE LIFE OF POVERTY from MANY levels.
Second point being-8 United States $42,000 MY INCOME $11,000.
So actually you are right.
By doing the simple math you have provided me with I can see that I and my family are much lower than I was actually aware of, as I based my prior conclusions on a lower "poverty" base.

And yes. I am WELL aware of the fact that refrigerators, Televisions (even if only 13 inch screen), car's (even if a 1989 model), etc. are modern day luxury's for the lower class American citizen.

You know only what I type on this screen.
Not how I live.

As for "our" people not being prepard for the economy to bottom out in USA?
You have obviously never been to Olive Hill, Kentucky or Sandy Hook.

We DON'T NEED a fucking thing from ANYBODY to survive.

And yes, that is ALL things considered. Electricity, medicine.

We are quite different, and proud of it, from the people of several other states and income levels.

When the shit does hit the fan in USA, I can promise you the fiercest resistance will come from Appalachia.

Tate said…
Ike, thanks for that. I have no issues with you. And I agree about American women. Glad to read your rants.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello- How has this post provided apologetics for Saddam Hussein?
If you are referring to previous ones, then I need to draw your attention that several points that you may have missed in your argumentation.
1) Let us assume that you are absolutely correct and that Saddam (may he rest in peace) was a "Tyrant".
Would that mean, everytime the U.S considers someone to be a "tyrant", it will allow itself to invade and occupy?
2) Where is the true trial that proves that he was the "dictator" that they accused him to be? No one has seen that just and fair trial.
3) By constantly demonizing Saddam Hussein, you are in fact giving permission for the overthrow of a sovereign president by military means by a foreing power.
4) did you ever pause to think for a moment that this demonization campaign may have been conducted with the long term purpose and objective of the total occupation of Iraq? Like did you contemplate this might be a possibility?
5) referring to the Dujails, I am not sure if you have read any of the reports , but the witnesses brought in at the kangaroo trial were 10 years old when the dujail thing happened!!! and again I am not sure if you read the reports, but a group of 500 people from the Dujails went and paid their condolences when Saddam was murdered.For God's sake , the Serbians massacres of Bosnians happened 10 years ago. It is only after 5 years of genocide that the international community acted. So what are your points of reference exactly ?
6) Give me the name of any one country in past or contemporary history that did quash rebels who allied themselves with an enemy country during a STATE of WAR. And this is what happened to Dujail and other places. And I still want to SEE EVIDENCE that is not manipulated and that proves that all these things were carried out with the full knowledge of Saddam Hussein if they were carried out at all by Iraqis in the first place.
7)concerning Dissent and Opposition within the Baath Party. I am no Baathist and was never one nor do I intend to join any political party- aside from this personal note, I would like to draw your attention that Khomeini purged and executed over 30'000 political prisoners some as young as 13 years old! Or has Iran become a sacred cow now?
I will not mention the purges that have gone in different countries across the globe either.
8)the proof of the pudding is in the eating as the brits say.
What has the removal of Saddam Hussein shown? It has shown exactly what he had been battling all along his reign. Namely, massive interference from Iran and imperial ambitions, massive interference from Israel in Kurdish affairs and this is not new- this is has been going on all along, and the ultimate- the above factors easing and paving the way for the American occupation that is taking place now. Wars and occupations are planned they do not happen overnight and especially not by a superpower!!!! And what is the ultimate result: THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF IRAQ AND THE IRAQIS.
Next time you throw accusations by joining the choir as Layth rightly puts it- bear the above 8 points in mind. Regards.
Layla Anwar said…
and by the way- what happened to the Great Satan and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by the Iranian backed militias...just a side note!
Layla Anwar said…
Robin, hello and keefeek?
Nice to meet you and thanks for your support. The reason I posted this entry is because I was getting very tired of the lukewarm shrugs of shoulders from western acquaintances. I simply tried to show that we reversed roles, the truth would be all too shocking. Please read on next comment section as I will be touching on this point again...
Layla Anwar said…
Iran, hello and thank you for reminding us of your chauvinism and imperial fascism. Just a little historical note and to follow your own logic- When Mesopotamia existed, there was no such thing called Persia or Iran.
Have a great evening.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Anonymous/ref Kofi UN:), K and Echo,

I need to make things clear here and that pertains also to my comments to Robin.
So yes, Ref Kofi, I would NEVER WANT TO SEE another Abeer Janabi happen ever again - ever!!!!!
I DO NOT WISH TO SEE ANY INNOCENT AMERICAN CIVILIAN, CHILD, ADULT, ELDERLY BE KILLED, SLAUGHTERED, TORTURED OR RAPED. And that despite the majority American indifference, apathy and complacency.
However angry and sad I may feel,and whatever the extent of the Destruction of Iraq and the Iraqis (and IRAQ HAS BEEN TOTALLY DESTROYED), I still would not want to see Innocent civilians die in vain whatever their nationality or creed or race or....
My post is not a call for vengeance. Each one would interpret it the way they want.That is beyond my control.
I simply engaged in some imaginative role reversal to show how shocking and how evil American actions are in Iraq.
The references to american cities are left to the reader to make analogies with Iraqi cities.
Ramadi, Falluja, Ishaqi,Al Qaem, Haditha (and only yesterday another defenseless 20 civilians have been massacred by american soldiers again!!!)and of course Baghdad.
Native americans were an analogy for Palestinians.
Buffalo and upper State NY an analogy for Kurdistan.
So on and so forth...the rest is self explanatory provided that people actually read about Iraq.
The story about churches ie mosques and desacrating worship places is totally true . Look at Dhair Jamal Reports.
So are the figures and the kangaroo trial....etc..
Thank you for your support and solidarity. Best.
Layla Anwar said…
Ark Builder and Ike,

Ark - thank you for providing the list of countries , it is very important for all to see. There is a North South divide , no doubt about it.Of course Iraq does not figure on the list- there is no economy left in Iraq- simple!!!
I understand Ike point of view. Cannot give you much feedback on American women though- I don't swing that way :-)
Joking aside, Poverty is a relative thing and must be taken in my opinion in context of where the person lives and in comparison to the average index of the country.
I am sure one can make endless comparisons between North and South, this however does not diminish the poverty problem in the US where over 12 million people live below the line of poverty.
But it is also true as Ark points out that the mechanisms of profit and savage capitalism seems to have its worst effects on "third world" countries hence the whole issue of globalization.
I think you are both making valid comments, but each from a particular angle.
Layla Anwar said…
And one last note regarding Saddam Hussein (may he rest in peace).
Saddam Hussein for me was a true anti imperialist and he understood very well the nature of the beast. He died in Iraq and did not compromise with the Beast despite their offers. That for me is the BOTTOM LINE and that for me is what ultimately matters.
We need another Saddam Hussein and they have not made enough of him in the Arab world.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla

Thank you for your posts. I read your writing often. I appreciate your passion... have been thinking about writing to you for a while. You bring me a very personal appreciation of what's going on over there...

I'm curious to hear what you think of these links - a picture does speak a thousand words, doesnt it? They say to me, "the senseless pain cuts in all directions".

Look after yourself,

Cape Town
South Africa

Anonymous said…
They too are innocent.......?

Here's another one -
Anonymous said…
" it is also true as Ark points out that the mechanisms of profit and savage capitalism seems to have its worst effects on "third world" countries hence the whole issue of globalization."

And that is the game I am not down with.
To each his and let live.

Unfortunately that is the reality we as a global community now face.
The in general destruction of life and heritage as we have ALL known it.
Regardless of what country you are in.

And albeit that I admit visciously that I am not satisfied with my life in terms of "what money can buy"....As I stated previously, I will not dare complain here because I DO KNOW that people, some of whom I know well, in other parts of the world, have it MUCH WORSE than I.
I post here as a rebel rouser to alert those who read know that life in USA is not sweet for all who live here, and there IS a resistance that is growing.
The government is forcing an uprising.

And dear Layla, my heart has wept for Saddam since the day he said, and I quote "I have done everything I can do to appease the U.N AND the Americans in terms of their search for weapons of mass destruction....I don't know what else to do to prevent war".
When he said that, I KNEW, I KNEW, the man was innocent!
And I now know through research that he was a better man than the media EVER portrayed him.

And as a man...
I can say.
Saddam Hussein met his death like a man.
No crying...
No begging...
Stone hard defiant to the end.

And I respect that.

Anonymous said…
Hello. If you don't like to see american crew cut kids die - End the illegal occupation NOW! Simple.
Layla Anwar
Anonymous said…

Good to hear from you!

No, I don't want to see them die... and yet, seeing those fresh, innocent faces of ones who are now ghosts, the overall sense of Schadenfreude in me is intensified.

How am I to end the Occupation? He won't listen to his own people, never mind an African at the foot of the Continent!

(By the way, your profile says, under "About me", "Do you really care?" - that sounds very girlish for a mature woman of the world. Forgive me, but yes, I would be curoius who you really are. "But", you might say, "I am my words, my ideas"...
Anonymous said…
My own interpretation of "Do you really care?", was in question form.

My hopes were for the writer, and others, to know that MY answer, is yes.
And to hope to convey that through what I write.


I do care.

Layla Anwar said…

You know what am neither impressed nor amused. I mean , honestly, you come to my blog knowing fully well from my writings that my main concern is the Iraqi people - and you did not have the courteousy or the decency to express ONE word of sorrow for the over 2 million Iraqis dead and countless injured. And you truly expect me to send you my condolences to some americans soldiers who were shot ???
You must be kidding yourself, coz you ain't kidding me for sure.
Furthermore, had you utilized a little of your imagination, you would have understood that "do you really care" did not apply to ME personally but to the title of the blog "Arab woman blues"....
Good luck next time..if at all.
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks Ike , I know you do.
Anonymous said…
Jason, I'd like to address your comments - particularly when you have posted links of American soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq. These men CHOSE to go to Iraq, they CHOSE and CHOOSE daily to kill Iraqis, they CHOSE to destroy Iraq, so what are you talkin about 'pain cutting in all directions'? Surely, these men did not think they were crossing the oceans to picnic on the banks of the Tigris? If they believed their lying leaders, then that is their problem. If they thought that they could waltz into Iraq and get away with it, then they have had a rude surprise, haven't they?

I checked out just one link that you have posted here, because I wanted to see what you were talking about - and seeing the man filled me with loathing - because the same man must have taken many innocent Iraqi lives.

I am surprised to note that you make a comment such as 'they too are innocent', particularly if you come from South Africa. If you are white South African, then it does not surprise me, but if you are black South African, then you need to know better. If you are black South African, surely you would not call the whites of the apartheid regime, who killed thousands and thousands of Africans, 'innocent', would you?

Unfortunately, internet does not post the pictures of the thousands of Iraqis whose bodies have been torn by these 'innocent' men, the women who have been raped by these 'innocent' men, the children who have been killed by these 'innocent' men. If every Iraqi's picture was posted on internet, there'd be no space for anything else.

And, as Layla says, if you don't like to see your white 'boys' meeting their end in Iraq, END THE OCCUPATION. The world has had enough of this barbarism which is the trade mark of these 'innocent' men.
Anonymous said…
Javved bad to ey Baradare Irani, Hes right anbar means storage in Farsi, and I would take it a bit further An means shit in Farsi, and shit is what you are by constantly spewing your vile hatred towards, your big neighbor Iran, all I ask you is to please take your Mullahs back, they are iraqi products from the shia branch which was born in Iraq, cmon layla take the smelly bastards back, we don't want the shit gift of should I say "AN" gift you arabs gave us, and by the way anbar also mean shit taker!!!!
Anonymous said…
layla when neanderthal man existed, there was no such thing as Mesopatamia by your logic? and guess what when Mesopatamia existed, the Assyrians and their like sure didnt speak Arabic, that came frome the lower Peninsula. Also you talk about Saddam and how you love his smell arab ass. It amazes me how you arabs talk shit about Iran and Iranians, but yet worshsip their contributions and great mean they produced, and you have the audacity to claim they were ARAB!!!! your bastard tin pot CIA Asset dictatory Saddam? he had a hospital built that served the baathist party, he was so proud of that hosipital he called it Ibn Sina. Just because his name was Arabic doesnt mean the man was, Ibn Sina was Iranian and if the Arab hordes didn't get lucky in raping Iran he would be called Khosrow or Rostam and a Rostam he was you lizard eating hag,
Anonymous said…
Fuck the bastard palestanians. They set The Abadan cinema on fire and blamed it on the Army. They shot protestors in 1979 on the streets of Tehran and helped Khomenin blame it on the Shah' Army which didnt shoot a single shot, unlike Saddam and his oppressive Baathist Army. Yasser and Khomeini met and made a deal and hire those fucking terrorist palestanians to do dirty deeds in IRan, We will never forget that , you pig arab. You and your Chauvanistic dictator who had his stupid grin pinned on every wall corner, fuck him and his sadistic son's you deserve an Udday raping your ass, the best the Arab world has to offer is Udday Hussein along with his CIA hired Father? how Pathetic.
Anonymous said…
Kathy and Layla I have a word for both of you, its called IDIOTS!!! thats what you both are. There are not white boys only dieing in Iraq, there are Black boys Mexican boys, Samoan boys, Chineese American boys, filipino boys. Last time I checked a disproportionate amount of Black's serve in the military. So please don't make it Racial against the poor white people. Now I am not defending the white cause because am not even WASP, I am just making an observation which is based on fact
Anonymous said…
To the anonymous IDIOT and RACIST above, who talks about black boys, Mexican boys, Samoan boys, etc. Who cares even if green boys are dying in Iraq? They should NOT be there in the first place. Did the Iraqis invite them over? And how come you don't include the IRAQIS who are dying?????? Your so-called 'observation' is highly warped. WHAT ABOUT THE IRAQIS WHO ARE DYING IN THEIR OWN LAND????? Who asked all your rainbow-coloured boys to be there?????? A good idea is for you not to just sit on the fence and observe but to go there yourself. Join all the 'boys'. Luckily, you may not come out.
Anonymous said…
And to add to that, yes, dear black and Philipino boys serve as cannon fodder for the white racist leaders that they have over them. That's why they are in Iraq. And 'poor white trash' as you yourselves call them. 'Poor white people'? WHY????? These 'poor white people' have crossed oceans to go and KILL and abuse Iraqis - would you call those whites at Abu Ghraib 'poor white people'? Seems like you really need to have YOUR head checked instead of calling Layla and me idiots. But that is what people like you are all about. You do something wrong and expect to be exonerated because you are 'poor white people. And all the excuses under the sun will not change a single FACT about this illegal occupation and war of aggression against INNOCENT IRAQIS who do not owe anyone in the world a living. It is the 'poor white people' out there who are STEALING everything that BELONGS TO Iraqis and not the other way round. Or did you not conveniently notice???
Anonymous said…
Mesopotamia? What's next, Arabs taking credit for ancient Egyptians? Your brethren already do it with the Nabataeans.
Anonymous said…
anonymous shi'a fuckheads and iranian- so what's up dudes? do you get screwed by Ahmadinajad on a regular basis or you prefer the son of a bitch Muqtada al Sadr to do you in ? which way does your ass move?
Anonymous said…
Kathy and Layla

I am a white South African, my family arrived here more than 300 years ago. As such, I am as African as American descendants of immigrants from all over the world are American, or Australians are Australian, or Venezuelians are Venezuelians. My father who died two years ago never set foot outside the African continent.

Interesting that you should wish to distinguish whether I am white or black. I'm not sure how acquainted you are with the recent history of my country, but in 1990, the white government freed Nelson Mandela and all political prisoners, and at the same time (I bet you didn't know this) dismantled its arsenal of nuclear weapons, voluntarily, the only country in the world ever to have done so!

Four years later, in 1994, we held our first democratic elections, and I stood in a queue kilometres long with my black co-citizens, and voted for the political party of my choice. Soon after our GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY was established, and, thirteen years later, the economy is prospering, poverty is lower than it was back then, and a spirit of optimism pervades our land.

Contrary to the prophecies of doom that had been voiced all over the world from the sixties right into the nineties, the much anticipated race-war never took place, and today, apart from crime, which is not a racial issue, South Africans are living in harmony. I'm sure if you do a Google, you could bring up some articles to the contrary, but I dare say, I, as a dyed in the wool S. African, should carry more weight for you. That, after all, is why we read blogs, because are they not "from the horse's mouth"?

As the horse, I can then tell you that South Africa as a nation has achieved what every other country in a comparable situation has failed to do (e.g. Northern Ireland, Palestine) - found a politial settlement, reinvented itself as a place where all citizens are equal, and have a place.

As for the innocence or guilt of the collective, my father and his father did support the Apartheid regime up to a point (but then supported the black government); one thing I can tell you is that collectively, the blacks of South Africa have forgiven the whites. But should I feel responsible, or guilty, for those misdeeds of the past? Then all the descendents of the Spanish and Portuguese in S America should feel the guilt for the untold atrocities and genocide perpetrated by their forebears on the natives, as should present-day Americans for what their grandfathers did to the Indians, and Australians for what they did to the Aborigines, and the New Zealanders for what they did to the Maoris.

As for the young American soldiers, they did not choose, even tho they (almost exclusively from disadvantaged economic backgrounds) saw a way to make a life for themselves in the Army. What does an average, unexceptional young person in such a position do, when their venerable government sends them to war? Ask questions? Please, be real. They are victims! Are you really telling me this is the face of an oppressor? No, he is a victim and a tool of the oppressors. Are you telling me this is the face of a bloodthirsty soldier of fortune???

He's nothing but a boy! And look at this one...

Please show your discrimination, and see my point. They were people, like you and me. They just had the misfortune to be in very much the wrong job and very much the wrong time...

One way or the other, your comment is out of touch, Kathy - not with the evilness of the Apartheid regime, but with what we have subsequently moulded out of our history, and redeemed ourselves as a nation.

Layla, as I said, I appreciate your passion. But allow me now, as you have brought me here, to voice my criticism. I am not for America, far from it. In fact, as I said in my first message, seeing those images of dead American soldiers, mere boys, heightened in me a sense of "Schadenfreude" - a German word adopted into English meaning "pleasure from others'misfortune" - because it drives home that Bush is harming his own people, too! I hate America for what it represents, its lies, tho I do not hate its people. MY goodness, if I described my emotions on "9/11" to you, you might read me in a different light! I hated them for what they have done and are doing to Africa long before they invaded Iraq. Did you notice I included two very iconic photos of suffering Iraqis? But it seems you must paint me all white or all black. I am neither American, nor Iraqi, I am a citizen of an unaligned state very far away. The unutterable suffering of the Iraqis is a given, for we are speaking in your forum, and you have helped make us conscious of it. I was just adding a footnote.

As for my comment concerning your anonymity, I meant it in the most friendly way.

If your blog is just to pour vitriol, then good, so be it, it is still valuable, it still adds to my understanding of that world over there. But if you wish your writing to endure, and be remembered, and not an *exclusively* partisan account of events, that will be forgotten, then you will strive to see things from a universal point of view too. Many Americans support the war in Iraq, but they are victims in their own way. Not to say they must suffer the consequences thereof - as the grieving families of these wasted young men already are. I'm sure in the long-term we all will - suffer the conssequences.

I am, either way, very excited to have heard from you, my post to your site is my first ever. I hope to hear from you again, and will keep on reading your posts. All the best to you.

Anonymous said…

Not to say they must *NOT* suffer the consequences thereof - as the grieving families of these wasted young men already are.
Anonymous said…
Shi'a? Fuck Shi'as. Who gives a crap about your nonsense religion? Islam is for Arabs, they have no identity without it. You Arabs kill each other over such stupid labels like there is no tomorrow. I prefer Ahamdinejad to your sadist kind any day.
Layla Anwar said…
Well well, what have we got here today ? Seems it's Iran's day -
the rats have come out of the gutter?
to the anonymous guy , the iranian Iran may soon turn into a rotting careful what you wish for dear.
As for the Iranian fascist above- enjoy your sadist Ahmadinajad since you are into psychopaths..Have a wonderful day with that thought in mind :-)
Oh by the way, one day old Aish'a was murdered today with one deliberate shot in her back. One day old - her sin- her name is Aisha. No sympathy for fascist shi'ites.
Layla Anwar said…
Jason, Hi.

Jason I have an easy equation for you and maybe you will be kind enough to help me on it. You bring back the 2 MILLION Iraqis dead since the Illegal American occupation and I will show my sorrow for your troops. And I know you are South African, you mentioned that already. But seems they are your troops after all. Ideologically speaking naturally.
Furthermore, before you jump to conclusions about what I am and what I am not , I strongly suggest that you read my post entitled
" A letter to an American G.I".
I would also like to add I have not received one single word from the parents of any GI. Now , make your comments later.
Have a wonderful day.
Layla Anwar said…
Jason , one more thing. Since you have so much sympathy for innocent american victims of this war please check the video in my post "Saturday night fever". The language may be offensive to Nelson Mandela and I hope it will prove to be as offensive to you . Cheers .
Anonymous said…
They killed a girl named Aisha? Well, like I said Layla: "You Arabs kill each other over such stupid labels like there is no tomorrow." Glad we are in agreement. Iran's mullahs not forcing anyone to kill anybody, at worst they're just selling guns. You have to wonder why your fellow Arabs do as they do.
Anonymous said…

I used to be a tourist guide for many years throughout our beautiful land. I specialized in French tourists - I'd learnt the language at school, and had a natural flair for it.

Tho in my 35 years, I have spent altogether 3 weeks in France, I speak the language almost perfectly. I learnt it all here in South Africa, where French is not one of our 11 (yes, eleven) official languages.

This is how it came about - on all those trips, when I used to give commentary on the bus PA system, I would inevitably make errors in my French, stylistic and grammatical. The French, so peculiarly proud of their language, couldn't help correcting me, tho sometimes with some embarrassment. I used to reassure them,

"Please DO correct me - you're providing me with advanced instruction that would cost a fortune if I were to get private tuition! In fact, if we spend ten days together, and only at the end someone corrects me for an error I've been making since day one, I'll feel *resentful* if anything to be allowed to continue in my ignorance for so long, when you could've enlightened me!"

Part of what I like about your writing is that you shoot very much from the hip, no holds barred - so please allow me, in the spirit of frankness and openness to do the same, and critique you stylistically. You can of course do with it whatever you want.

In your response to me, you seem to have latched onto one thing, that I sent you photos of fresh-faced, and now dead, American soldiers. But I also spoke of my hatred for America and its lies (see my comments above); I even said the photos evoked a strange Schadenfreude in me...

Is it not implicit in my comments that I see the occupation as illegal, and a crime against humanity? Yet your last posts are confrontational, and simply don't relate themselves to what I said - "seems they are your troops after all. Ideologically speaking naturally", and another one, that seems to have disappeared from my screen now, about a video about Mandela you "hope" will be offensive to me?

The precursors for the American Empire, the Roman Empire, had a saying - "Aquila non captat muscas" - meaning, "The eagle does not hunt for flies". You interpret that one.

My critical comment is: your writing has potential to be remembered - but avoid such knee-jerk reactivity, or you will come across as a ranter and a raver. Nothing worse to try to engage with someone in conversation and feel they can only hear themselves!

A bientot,

Layla Anwar said…
Iranian, apart from being a racist, fascist, chauvinist persian who supports iranian funded, trained, backed death squads in Iraq, do you have anything else of substance to add or are you just like the rest of your category , just a sociopathic nuisance?
Layla Anwar said…
Jason, I suggest you refresh your screen. I said check the above video in my post entitled "Saturday night fever" and I added I am sure Mandela will find the language in it offensive, and I hope you do too.
And since you are fluent in french, do you remember that famous line by Jean Cocteau? " La chasse aux cons est un safari sans espoir". Please do correct my stylistic errors. A tres bientot.
Anonymous said…
Jason, it would be nice if what you say was corroborated by a black South African. And South Africa has a Government of National Unity because of the great statesman, President Nelson Mandela and not because of the apartheid regime.

I still note that, while you skirt around what is happening in Iraq right now, you make no mention of the innocent dead in that country. You insist on talking about the 'fresh-faced' American soldiers. How MANY fresh-faced Iraqis have given up their lives to fulfil the dreams of barbarians from across the sea? Do you know, as Layla has mentioned elsewhere, that a OND-DAY old Iraqi child was killed today? This child, Aisha, would not have lost her life before 2003. Is it so difficult to accept this tragic fact, Jason?
Anonymous said…
I like the reverse scenario because it turns the tables and makes you think for a minute. just a minute though, because the truth would NEVER happen to America. why? because Americans are a quarrelsome bunch that appreciates a good fight. look at the violence that erupts from winning a sporting event?! come on.. violence is part of our culture we see it to some degree everyday. it's a 'eat or be eating environment'. We will fight with family, friends, the toll taker, the banker etc. Do you really think americans wouldn't fight by the hundreds of thousands if we were being attacked? they'd be little old ladies shooting people if needed. thats just the way we are. you can talk about empires collapsing all you want, but the truth is, America failing would have to be thru monetary failure, not conflict. as already been proven, we don't shy away from a fight, even when it's not our own, we jump right in.
Anonymous said…
ok i think it is time to cut our jason a bit of slack.....i think ure being needlessly aggressive towards him

also, i would like to point out that "iranian" is obviously a ficticious character, or a troll in online terminology, and u really shudnt get so worked up abt it. u seem to have an unhealthy hatred of iranians which is sad to see.

finally, saddam hussein may have been the legitimate prez of iraq but he was also a murderer, one who killed less that george w. bush and tony blair, but a murderer nonetheless.........and u really should acknowledge this fact.
ps. he was also a western lackey up until the invasion of kuwait
Anonymous said…
a message from - Savage -

I do not question your intent, but if someone would come to your home and kill your people would you want to hang the pictures of these killers dead or alive on your wall? We know young Americans have been killed but is that Iraqs fault? I don't think so its a war over power and oil! And it's from the greedy leaders in America. Iraq did not ask for Americas help.

Being a true American I find it to be distastful to send these type of pictures, or question ones feeling on such a matter. How would you feel, Jason?

You sound to be very well educated to a point, but you need to open your eyes to the lies of what is truely going on here. Do you think maybe this is the wrong war in the wrong place? Iraq did not attack America.

Layla is a sister of mine and if she was to rant it is because of closed minded people that shows they have no compassion to truth so please don't show her your insensitivity. Thank you!

Cheif Joseph of the Sioux Indian Tribe once said;

"What starts out to be exaggeration, and even a great joke, can turn into a lie. The worst lie is to hurt someone intentionally, but equally sad is the lie told for pure self-defense, or to spare someone the truth. There are those who will believe a lie - which is more in their understanding then the truth."

Jason, please show respect to my sister! God should bless you to open your eyes as well as your heart. Be kind!

Your Savage American Warrior

- Savage -
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Savage...thank you, true American. You would understand. Your words, gentle yet true, sink deep.

God bless and Peace.
Anonymous said…

Merci de votre dernier commentaire, je pense qu'on se comprend!

Guys, I feel like I've made a whole lot of new friends. Don't have time to hang out right now, but will be back, and ***lurking*** till then.

Salaam All

Anonymous said…
Ok, before I go (geez, this is addictive - my first post ever, anywhere was right here, a couple of days ago. What a rush, now I'm drawn into a conversation with involved people from who knows where! Far away from here, at any rate).

Hi JR, hi Savage...

Kathy, no corroboration needed from Black S Africans. The proof is I, and my whole family, and about 4 million whites are still living here, HAPPY here, in the land of our birth, thirteen years after black rule began. Also, many whites who fled are coming back, citing a better quality of life here than in Europe and Oz, etc. Would that be so if what you imply is true, that all the blacks righteously want our blood for the wrongs we committed against them?

You should study the history of SA a little more, so you can speak more informedly - SA is what it is today because of reconciliation and massive concessions from blacks AND whites. Mandela was released in 1990, not because of a Palestinian-style liberation struggle - the whites' grip on power was very strong! But we had a change of heart, and the first time I voted, at age 19, was in 1992, in the last ever "whites only" referendum. The question was, "Do we continue to negotiate the handover of power to the Black majority?" More than 70% of whates voted...... yes! And then the transition to Black rule began, more (or less) orderly until the democratic elections of 1994.

Check it out,

Till soon,

Anonymous said…
Layla, I just happened across your blog and thought I'd contribute a recent article I wrote for a newspaper here in the states. First, I want you to know that I am absolutely against the war in Iraq. It is illegal, and I am ashamed of my illiterate, lying president. I, too, mourn for all the deaths and wounded - on all sides. I pray for the end of this senseless depravity which has been the result of the ego of an arrogant, self-righteous man - who has become quite the dictator in his own right.

The Human Condition
by J.C. Garrett

Recently, a man accused by some of spreading terrorist propaganda addressed the people of his troubled country:

"Men of passive tempers look somewhat lightly over the offenses of our enemy, and, still hoping for the best, are apt to call out, 'Come, we shall be friends again after all this'. But examine the passions and feelings of mankind. Think about the very nature of reconciliation, and then tell me whether you can love, honor, and befriend the power that has carried death and destruction into your land. If you cannot do all these, then are you only deceiving yourselves. Your future connection with them, whom you can neither love nor honor, will be forced and unnatural, and being formed only on the plan of present convenience, will soon relapse into even worse relations. But if you say you can still ignore the violations, then I ask- Has your house been bombed? Has your property been destroyed before your face? Are your wife and children destitute of a bed to lie on, or bread to live on? Have you lost a parent or a child by their hands? If you have not, then are you not a judge of those who have. But if you have, and can still shake hands with the murderers, then are you unworthy of the name of husband, father, or friend, and whatever may be your rank or title in life, you have the heart of a coward, and the spirit of a sycophant."

Sound like radical extremist rhetoric? Perhaps the maniacal rant of militia mullah al Sadr, protesting the American presence in Iraq? Or might it be a leader of Hezbollah, condemning any sort of peace with Israel?

No, it is not.

These are the words, slightly paraphrased in spots, of the lauded American patriot Thomas Paine in his historical document "Common Sense". 'The enemy' at that time was England and the people he was addressing were those who would fight and win the American Revolution.

In today's political social structure, the reality of the human condition seems to have become politically incorrect. Today it is considered narrow-minded to say that peace is not possible unless absolute conditions are met. That reconciliation cannot happen among people who have destroyed each other's homes, and killed, tortured, and maimed each other- at least until the enemy makes them whole. When we hear a leader say such things today, we accuse them of being pig-headed, unyielding, and incapable of compromise. This may well be true of some we label thusly. But we have to remember that it is only natural for men to feel this way.

Don't get me wrong- I certainly do not approve of the actions of the Hezbollahs or al Sadrs of the world. What I am saying is that we should not be shaking our heads in disbelief that men should resist negotiating a peace with enemies who they believe have oppressed them, and sought to destroy their homes and way of life. Enemies who have killed their countrymen, lain waste to their cities, and tortured and humiliated their loved ones. As Thomas Paine points out, it's only natural for them to be resistant to reconciliation. Paine even goes so far as to label those who could reconcile after suffering these injustices as cowards.

After all, what did we do, as Americans, after we were brutally attacked on our own soil on 9-11? We exacted retribution on those enemies that attacked us. Because of our amazing military might we were able to do this quickly and decisively, but had circumstances not been so favorable, I have no doubt that we would have waged an extensive assault in Afghanistan for decades, if necessary. The debacle in Iraq, of course, is a different story. We never should have been there in the first place.

You might ask, "But didn't America reconcile with Britain after the war?" Yes, we did. The difference is that America was located 4,000 miles across an ocean that took months to cross from Britain. I humbly submit to you that had America and Britain been neighbors, even if America had by some miracle won its independence, it would not have lasted. Periodic conflicts would still be flaring up to this day. There would simply never be any lasting peace. Just as there never will be any lasting peace between Israel and Lebanon. Too much history, too much blood, not enough distance.

Distance has historically been a huge factor in the success of America. Isolation, at least physically, is not such a bad thing. And it is, even now, the one thing that might allow us to protect ourselves, if we will only cease our full-blown military meddling and arrogant "nation-building" in the Middle East and elsewhere. The world is definitely smaller than when Mr. Paine penned his most memorable work. But even in this age of technology, distance still allows somewhat of a cushion against those who would seek to destroy us.

The issues dividing the various inhabitants in the general vicinity surrounding the Holy Land are age-old, and will remain until Gabriel blows his horn. That's not pessimism, it's realism. It's also written in a certain best-selling Book that many Americans find very credible.

Does this mean that we simply withdraw from all diplomatic relations in the Middle East, writing it off as a lost cause? Absolutely not. It means we have to have realistic expectations of what we can accomplish in a place where there has never been a real, lasting peace at any time in recorded history. It means we must realize that when we try to "nation-build" in that region, we, by proxy, become just another one of the nations located in that perpetually peaceless land, thereby senselessly condemning ourselves to peacelessness. It means we have to use that "common sense" Paine spoke of that so clearly points out why reconciliation is so very difficult after enmity and conflict have all but severed any path to peace. The inability or the unwillingness to reconcile in such circumstances is not just extremism as many have called it-

It is the human condition.

by JC Garrett
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Anonymous said…
To all from Savage,

We as humans have the right to be what and who we are. The Great Spirit made us that way.

- Sitting Bull - once said;
"If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man, he would have made me so in the first place. He put in your heart certian wishes and plans; in my heart he put other and different desires. Each man is good in the sight of the Great Spirit. It is not necessary that eagles be crows."

It is not up to one nation to build another nation to what they want, for we as peoples and tribes have rights that the Great Spirit has gave to each one of us. I will share another saying with you, that happened to my people;

- Crazy Horse - put it this way,
"We did not ask you white men to come here. The Great Spirit gave us this country as a home. You had yours. We did not interfere you.

The Great Spirit gave us plenty of land to live on, and buffalo, deer, antelope, and other (food) game. But you have come here; you are taking my land from me; you are killing off our game, so it is hard for us to live.

Now you tell us to work for a living, but the Great Spirit did not make us to work, but live by hunting. You white men can work if you want to. We did not interfere with you, and again you say why do you not become civilized?

We do not want your civilization! We would live as our fathers did, and their fathers before them."

All I can say is we all must be ourselves. We do not need to be as others, or live as others to enjoy life and what others might think has to have meaning, does not have to be. I say you can spread greed among your own kind. Let people and nations enjoy their own music and drum beat.

May the Great Spirit (God) bless you all.

The Savage American Warrior

Layla Anwar said…
Dear Savage American Warrior,
I always enjoy reading your comments- they are a fresh breeze to the soul.Thank you.
Paul said…

This is a very good article. If my fellow Americans had any real idea what was going on in this war, you would not see much support for it here. But our "free press" is a cowardly parrot that repeats whatever the government tells it to say, and that is how most Americans gain their world view.

Worse, President Bush is determined to use violence to solve problems no matter what the American people think. His ability to think clearly was permanently disabled by drugs and alcohol long ago.

I realize our problems in this war don't even compare to those of the Iraqi people, but I can assure you Americans will suffer for decades trying to reverse the damage this one idiotic president has done.

The main question is, will the American people elect another idiot in 2008, or will they elect an intelligent candidate who realizes that the war against terrorism can only be won by setting an example of kindness and compassion that no one can argue with?

I for one am not optimistic, because Americans just sat and watched 3 million of their fellow citizens become homeless, and they have the audacity to blame the victims themselves for the consequences of allowing Corporate America to take over our government.

All the best,
Anonymous said…
Hi layla,

it never fails to amaze me when people ask you to condemn the regime of Saddam Hussain when you turn around and say you support Iraqi independence.

The whole anti-saddam movement, has never been based around any concrete policies appart from

1: being against Saddam.
2: being against Saddam.
3: being against Saddam.

Sounding like the worst elements of Iraq's Communist Party, the Iraqi National Congress and every other "opposition group", the very fact that children are dying of malnutrition and people's living standards were far better under Saddam Hussain is irrelevant for those who still cling onto the past, to justify and appologise for what the occupation has and is doing to the country.

These elements are using various excuses and are looking for justifications for their own sectarianism and their failure as a "democratic movement" to establish anything other than "freedom", "democracy" and "Human Rights", empty promises in the face of reality.

People talk about these three points as if it is something that can be done in the presence of an occupying force and when the country is being torn appart for the interests of outside forces.

The so-called sectarianism that is being seen in Iraq, is not some natural act, where after thousands of years people have decided they dont like one another.

The dire economic situation, along with the instability has been exploited by those who gave up their Iraqi passports 30 years ago and now wish to govern a country.

With everybody at each others throats and death squads parading around. The so-called Iraqi Government are sitting in the greenzone, surrounded by US/UK troops for protection and gradually giving away the countries resources, or as many could claim, taking food out of babies mouths!

That is not sectarianism, that is called a diversion from the Maliki's and Allawi's of this world.

So, next time anyone says you must condemn Saddam to support Iraqi independence, maybe we should ask does democracy mean people dying of hunger?

How stupid of me, yes it does!


An ex active member of the Iraqi opposition to Saddam
Layla Anwar said…
Hi ex active member of the Iraqi opposition.

Thank you for your comment and I am interested to know what made this change of heart so to speak...
I have never belonged to any political party myself, nor the Baath nor anything else for that matter.
However, I saw that what is happening in Iraq - the objective of regime change and the subsequent re-colonization of this land with the help of a puppet govt confirmed to me that Saddam's vision about a "conspiracy" against Iraq was a correct one.
Do you mind if I copy and repost this comment on my newer columns?
I think your contribution is most important.

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