An Important Note on the 25th of February 2011.

This coming Friday, the 25th of February will supposedly be a day of massive protests throughout Iraq against corruption and lack of services.

From my readings and listening to various sources, it is clear to me, that the Iraqis who will engage in this day of protest are NOT asking for regime change, but are demanding better services, less corruption, jobs and the rest.

But this is not the main point of this post. My main point is a friendly warning to all those inside of Iraq who will participate in these demonstrations :

Both the government of Al-Maliki, members of his Dawa party as well as the official spokesman of the armed police forces Kassem Atta, are already warning of "terrorists infiltrating the crowds and blowing themselves up" and that Iraq can revert back to square 1 if people do not respect the "law".

My understanding of this warning is as follows :

- this is being used as a deterrent to scare people from joining.

- this fascist sectarian Shiite regime has already used terror means to paralyze Iraqi society, on many occasions. Last in line was during the so-called elections period where the Shiite parties were actually involved in blowing up homes, markets and government offices to retain power. I hope I am wrong, but this fascist Shiite sectarian puppet government may well use the same method again on the 25th of February.

- the third important point to retain for now, is that the head of the armed and police forces has issued a decree out of so called "security concerns", BANNING ALL LIVE media, press, tv coverage of these protests.

- and last but not least, there are very serious threats of blowing up the government offices where names of MPS, party members, etc figure, inculpated in corruption charges. One such office was blown up in Diyala on purpose to cover up names. Another office in Bikar, has a thick high concrete wall being built around it, so it will not be vandalized by protesters. As for the main HQ office which happens to be in the Karada district, in Baghdad, it is receiving similar threats daily from government officials, in other words from the Shiite sectarian mafia that is ruling Baghdad. Residents of Karada are living in a state of permanent fear, in particular those who live in proximity of this building, fear of being blown away along with all the evidence regarding names, embezzlement and corruption charges.

Forewarned is forearmed. So good luck.

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