Many have tried to silence me...different methods used.

Some tried to silence me out of their own personal paranoia. A paranoid believes everything alludes to him or her. They, in their grotesque self grandiosity, actually believe every single post I write, is about them. They are delusional and live life through projections of their own pitiful selves. I guess, I always touch raw spots in people, be it political or otherwise, if you take it personally you have a huge problem and I suggest you seek urgent and intensive psychiatric care now.

Other people use veiled threats, in the beginning they come across as "nice" and "concerned", and I as a writer, keep writing on the spur of the moment, when am inspired by a thought, an idea, a feeling or a situation...again this category of people believe this is an affront on their "persona" and start using the old stratagem of veiled and indirect threats and intimidation.

Yet another category of people, will read a post of mine, and will go literally raving mad, they unleash their poison on me, and use direct intimidation and threats against my own person, or my family, promising to seek me and them out and punish me/us for my "transgressions".

Others use a similar variant of the above and the threats are direct, straight to the point and usually involve Rape and Death...

The most "benign" method I came across so far, is the one of ridicule, critique of style, content, vocabulary, punctuation...combined with personal slurs, insults and allusions to my sexuality, gender, race and religion.

ALL of the above has not stopped for 5 years now.

A message to all these people and this is not the first time I send out a message like this one. A quick search through my blog and you will find several similar messages previously issued.


No one, absolutely no one, will dictate to me what I write and how I write.

No amount of threats overt or covert will achieve anything. Of this you can be absolutely certain.

And as one commenter on one of my posts republished on ICH and who goes by the name of Raymond said :

Layla, it is amazing how with so many few words, you manage to let all these worms crawl out from under the ruins...He was alluding to the ruined, destroyed Iraq, I suppose.

And because Iraq has been so ruined and destroyed, it is imperative that my voice goes on...and no amounts of bullets to the head, rape and torture threats will silence this voice here.

And this is MY Resistance.

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