The Eye of Greed...

The Eye of Greed, or the I of Greed, there is no difference.

It is business as usual.

So many justifications, the business kind...if I don't go for it, someone else will...after all am helping the's a clean business, no death involved...etc, etc...excuses and more excuses, lame ones...the bottom line is you're there for the profit...short term or long term does not's profit.

That means anyone who does business in Iraq, is a fucking profiteer. A profiteer of the Occupation, a profiteer of our mass graves, of our exile and our displacement.

I don't give a fuck how you look at it...

Any, ANY company, that does business in Iraq today is giving legitimacy to the invasion and occupation. Because it means that you are dealing with the present status quo, and the present status quo is built on DEATH. It is built on thousands of bodies, on the biggest war known since the 2nd World War, on silence, on indifference, on apathy, on lies...LIES and more BLOODY LIES.

I am talking about Ethics. 99% of you don't even know what the fucking word means. Go look it up. Ethics and Business don't mix...they never did.

Hundreds of companies and individuals landed in Iraq post 2003. They landed to pillage us. It's that simple. Yes it's that simple.

Companies, individuals from the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Iran, Arab countries, all came to make a profit, they saw a fucking window of an opportunity...a fucking opportunity, an opportunist is always a profiteer.

Among those Arabs were prominent Palestinians, I have their names one by one...they worked not only with the puppets that are sodomizing, grilling our asses in dungeons, they even worked with the occupier himself. They won all sorts of contracts to feed, dress, clean, protect the mercenaries and the American invader. YES, Palestinians.

And those same people at night would hold charity dinners for the Cause...and they would praise Saddam Hussein, and cry over Baghdad and Jerusalem...but at the end of the day it was business as usual.

And those same people are urging us today to boycott Israeli products.

Never mind the Iraqi product, the product made of flesh and bones...these don't matter one's business as usual.

As for the Europeans, it's the same...

I remember a couple of years back, I was invited to some gathering and was approached by some European shit. He introduced himself, and told me that his business is in the medical industry.

I am interested in Medicine, so I wanted more details...he said am in the EYE industry, in the optical...when he asked me what I did for an occupation, I replied - I was just an Iraqi.

Assuming that he was working locally, I asked him how his business is doing...he said: business am afraid to say, is very good.

How so? I inquired. I work with eye lenses in Iraq, he said. We replace eyes with artificial is very good.

I can give you more examples, many more... of Americans, Asians, Indians, Latinos and the rest...

I have hundreds of examples to give you, on how it was, is, and it's business as usual.

So my Beloved, how many threw themselves on your dying body, on your corpse, out of Greed...hundreds, thousands...they'd kill you a thousand times over to make an extra dollar...they'd suck your bones, feast on your flesh for an extra dollar...

Never mind your mass graves, the floating bodies on your waters, the dying birds in your fields, never mind your prisons filled with detainees itching their scabs away, soothing their wounds with prayers, never mind all your women torn to pieces, never mind your beggars, your 10$ prostitutes for a piece of bread, never mind your street kids, lost wanderers, never mind any of that...

Money talks...

Big investments, let's go for the kill, profit shines - stars in a dark, obscure sky made of Death...

I need to vomit...again and again and again....

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