A Caption of an Iraqi Woman.

Watched some advertisement on al Sharqiya Iraqi TV the other day. Some publicity for Iraq.

This is not a post to endorse the Sharqiya which is the only palatable Iraqi TV I can watch and only for a limited period of time.

But that advertisement stayed with me for several days now. It is ONE OF THE BEST I have seen so far in my life. And if I say it is one of the best, I usually know what am talking about. I can always tell the best from the rest...the best -- a terrible rarity these days.

The camera zooms in on a bride dressed in white, holding a mirror, making herself beautiful for that special occasion and then sitting on a well cushioned engraved chair, holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands, resting on her lap and the bouquet covers her belly.

She says: How I wish my parents to be present today, this is the most important day of my life.
Why are my parents not here, why is my family absent ?

Then the camera zooms on the chair next to her's where her groom is supposed to be seated. The chair is empty.

The Bride then says : Where is everyone ? Why am I so alone ?

Then she continues...

Why did you kill me ? You who is supposed to protect me, why did you kill me ? You want to protect Iraq from me ? Iraq runs through my veins...

She then removes the bouquet held in her hands and that covered her belly, and there is a huge blotch of blood on her white dress, right on her womb.

She was the one shot and murdered in the new Iraq.

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