Protesting Iraq.

Oh so now the Iraqis are protesting...protesting against what ?

Protesting against corruption, the 2nd most corrupt country in the world. Protesting for bread, for water and for electricity when 50% of the population is unemployed especially SUNNI ARABS. FACT.

Protest my ass. Where were you when the tanks rolled in ? where were you when the sectarian Shiites and their turbaned mullahs swayed you with a couple of hundred dollars for a finger dipped in purple ink for a "democratic" vote...

Where were you when we escaped in droves, living the lives of dogs in exile...where were you when the militias you praised and danced for decimated us all? Where the fuck were you?

Where were you when you let another sectarian whore from Iran take power again, for a second tenure and you sat and talked of national reconciliation and ballot boxes ?!

Where were you when the Iraqi Resistance was struggling against the invader ALONE ?

That same son of a bitch who put in place the most corrupt government that rips us all of...that is stealing your resources, that is torturing your own, that is letting thousands of us rot in jails like sub where the fuck were you ?

I see you on TVs with your ties and you airs, talking about constitution and law ? What fucking constitution and what fucking law ? There is NO constitution under Occupation, there is NO constitution under American and Iranian rule. And there is NO law.

Demanding better living conditions from puppets is IDIOCY. Hundreds of foreign companies are making a living off your backs, bringing in their own staff and leaving you, so called educated class working as blue collars in your own country. Ditto for the shit Iranian companies, that you bow to like fucking idols, just because they have a turban on, are stealing your resources, your land and everything you own, you fucking idiots.

And what about you fucked up Kurds? Do you think you are any better. Your Barazani to whom you dance like fucking monkeys, makes a cool 1 Million dollars a month as salary...and you tell me fucking Kurdistan. What Kurdistan you bunch of pastoral herd keepers? The Kurdistan that Israel is building for you ?!!!

So where were you ?

Now you are tearing your ID cards in protest, saying am no longer an Iraqi...

Give me a break you hypocrites.

Iraq is my biggest love and you are my biggest disappointment.

Go protest as much as you like, I will not lend you my voice. I've been a lone voice for the past 5 years and suffered the worst abuse in your name. Go protest all you like.

But you may need to remember one thing --it is not bread, jobs, electricity and water you need to protest need to protest against being occupied first. That would be a good start.

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