Mission Accomplished...for now.

A friend just returned from Baghdad. He said that people stopped asking each other the usual "How are you and how is your family". Greetings start with "Do you have any electricity?"

He also said that neighborhoods have totally been transformed. For instance an up-scale neighborhood like Al-Mansur is now populated with riff raff shroog, in other words sectarian whores who falsify their diplomas and get governmental posts with titles like "doctor" when in fact they have not even completed secondary schooling. Only 2% of the original inhabitants of let's say Al-Mansur remained there. All the others have fled or been killed, leaving in their place the rot of the new Iraq, the new Zionists who go by the name of sectarian Shiites. My friend said he felt like a stranger in his own neighborhood, where he was born and raised.

As I've mentioned before, on more than one occasion, the Shiites revivalists are the most chauvinistic, sectarian, bastards you can come across. Not only have they engaged in the plundering, pillaging of the Iraqi state, but they have also wiped out all Iraqis who stand against their Iranian project for Iraq.

I have also mentioned on numerous occasions, that prisons are full of Sunni Iraqis, both men and women. Rape and Torture are the norm against Sunnis. The mass graves that are being unearthed till this very day are mass graves of Sunnis and the good majority of those who fled to neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria are Sunnis - Sunni Arabs.

Today the majority of Shiites whatever their geographical location have been co-opted by the Iranian ideology and have placed their loyalties above their country, above their humanity...and their only allegiance is to their twisted, sick and perverted ideology of political Shiism - which when you get to the nitty gritty of it, is nothing but Khomeinism, even though some try to convince you otherwise.

And of course they will play their broken record, very similar to that of the lamenting tribal Jews of how persecuted they have been. A grotesque lie that had no foundation in Iraq.

Always remember that the majority of Shiites abide by the philosophy that the ends justify the means. Or is it the other way round ? Does not matter, the means and the ends are both hideous. An eerie reminiscence of Zionist Jews. Hence the(not so) strange fascination between both tribal groups. Something I will write about in the coming weeks...

I remember a 75 years old Iraqi who was kidnapped, and imprisoned in some sectarian Shiite dungeon, with hundreds of others, tortured in the most hideous of ways, and when he managed to get out alive I remember him saying " Even the Jews would not do this to us." I suppose Israelis treated S.Kuntar, a prisoner of war, much better than the way Sunnis are treated in Shiite ruled Iraqi prisons.

In fact the Sunni population of Baghdad alone, has dwindled down from 43% to less than 20% because of sectarian cleansing, exile and imprisonment. A genocide within a genocide that none of you bastards ever address.

In secular Iraq, we did not know each other's sects. FACT. We intermarried and we, at least Sunnis believed that Shiites were our brothers. But to no avail.

Racism, chauvinism and sectarianism of the fascist kind is ingrained, embedded in Shiite thought. They are like those Jews who consider their sect/religion as a race. Most Americans don't even know that Shiites are supposedly Muslims. They believe that Shiism is a different religion.

An American friend wrote to me recently and said that several years ago he was listening to a radio program in the US and some army guy was saying that the "only legitimate Muslims in Iraq are the Shiites." That was way before the occupation.

The Zionist who rule America are the ones who devised the sectarian and ethnic partition of Iraq. And the only ones who are racist and disloyal enough to carry out this plan to its minutest details were/are the sectarian Shiites of Iraq. Israel and the US understand very well that Shiism as it stands today is their only ally against any form of Arab nationalism. Because the Americans and the Israelis understand very well the depth of a dividing sectarianism ingrained in Shiite ideology. Shiism is a useful ideology for the American Zionist plan. And by correlation, the mother of all chauvinism and sectarianism - Iran as it stands today, is considered - under the table - as a priceless ally in fulfilling the American-Zionist plan. The plan of erasing any form of Arab Identity. Any form of anti-American, anti-Zionist, Arab nationalism.

Hence it comes as no surprise that the hard core Zionist theoreticians of the Iraqi occupation were the strongest advocates of Shiites rights. Another post will be dedicated to this vermin.

And it also comes as no surprise that for the past 5 years, the anti-war movement has been promoting Iran by fabricating stories about an "imminent attack" on it, diverting attention from the real scene of the crime - Iraq.

Iran has played a primordial, crucial role in providing the logistics in terms of militias, government players, arms and funds in the destruction of the Iraqi state and in erasing its Arab identity. It is thanks to Iran and to all of its proxies be it its militias of the Dawa, of Chalabi the crook/spy, or of Hakeem the fascist or Sadr the chief driller that the US was able to invade and occupy Iraq - in the 21st century!

While the Arab sheep, in particular, the so-called leftists of my butt, are jumping from joy to the so-called defeat of Israel at the hands of the Hezb of God - from Iran, they forget to look at the hard facts that I have mentioned above. And they deliberately forget to acknowledge that the US and Iran today, are engaging in OFFICIAL talks be it on the nuclear issue or in establishing diplomatic representations in their respective countries.

What was under the table in Iraq is today up front, public...only the fucked up Arabs, the left and the anti-war clowns refuse to see it.

Add to the above, the peace talks between Syria and Israel, the prisoner swap between Israel and Lebanon and you will get a fuller picture.

And I say to you these "peace talks" in whatever form they may appear, were only made possible by the total DESTRUCTION of the only true ANTI-IMPERIALIST, ANTI-ZIONIST country that remained in the ARAB world - IRAQ under SADDAM HUSSEIN.

All the above would have not been possible without occupying IRAQ and murdering its legitimate president. Only those of you, deceptive ones in TOTAL bad faith will deny that. It is so bloody obvious to anyone with a modicum of a conscience.

I, therefore, don't care much for your divine victories nor for the ignorant, debased, with a limited vision, hungry for more slogans - Arabs.

Eat your slogans, you fucking idiots. My country is gone and that does not seem to bother you. My country is gone and Iran and America/Israel are signing peace deals all over the place and you still drink and eat slogans - fuck you.

May what happened to us happen to all of you. And if need be, all over again. Let Iran and Israel rule you until you tie your own ropes around your necks and choke yourselves with your slogans.

In the context of all the above, the puppet dictatorship -- Iranian/American government that is currently ruling Iraq, is not concerned about the plight of its citizens, nor about the absence of water or electricity, nor about its 5 million refugees, nor about its gross human rights violations...

Instead Maliki, the Dawa pimp from Iran, is distributing bundles of dollars to Shiites only, to gain their love and respect. And he will gain their love and respect. This is how one gains them, it seems. Easily sold and easily bought.

But the most ironic part, is that what is on the Iranian/American dictatorship priority list is a new flag.

Now that they have erased our stars and colors, they have extended a tender, a bid, a contest/competition for artists and designers to come up with a new Iraqi flag.

Since the Iraqis, for the most part are absent or subdued into a sheepish silence, and since Arabs are celebrating divine victories from Qum crowned by peace deals, a friend of mine, an Italian, designed one for the new Iraq. Paola Pisi, editor of Uruknet proudly presents her design.

I think this design should be the new flag for Iraq. But not only Iraq, but also Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan - wherever Shiites exist. These countries will be facing the Iraqi predicament soon, they might as well adopt the new design now and spare themselves bloodshed, Iraqi style.

So I urge you to present Paola's design to the Iranian-American government of occupied Iraq. She really hopes she will win the competition.

Come to think of it, I think Paola should be given the Iraqi nationality once Iraq is truly liberated. She has shown more insight, devotion, dedication, loyalty, integrity and commitment to the Iraqi and Arab cause than of all those Arab wankers combined.

And I must admit, I also have a non altruistic motive behind nominating Paola, the Italian. I am hoping she will encourage the import of first class Italian shoes in particular high heels to Iraq, as opposed to the cheap Iranian rubber slippers that are saturating Baghdad's markets.

And besides, true Iraqis have wasted all their shoes throwing them in the dirty face of the Iranian and American occupiers, we could do with some good quality stuff for a change, in our new truly liberated Iraq.

And before I forget - Happy 17th of July, the day of our glorious Revolution.
An ARAB revolution against backwardness, sectarianism, injustice and oppression.

Look forward, with great hope to a united, free, and dignified Arab Iraq. True Iraqis will never become the slaves of America, Iran or anyone else. I promise you that.
The mission is accomplished for now only...but not for ever. We will rise again and again and again...I know Her.

Long live Iraq, its true women and men and Long live the Iraqi Resistance.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Haleem Kasim "The Bomb", 2007.
Flag Design : Paola Pisi, Editor of Uruknet.


Anonymous said…
fucking bitch !
Anonymous said…
and paola.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
Thanks for another insightful article. This kind of information and analysis is as rare as gold these days. For anyone to see the complete picture, he/she has to switch off the TV and start doing their investigation. They have to use their brain for once.
Basically the Zionist illuminati, ruling the current pity world, looked at the Middle East history and studied its worse periods and they are trying to re-implement it in full scale.
When the Mongolians came to Baghdad they found the Shiite to be their faithful buddies. When the crusaders came to the Middle East the Shiite were their faithful buddies.
The Shiite look at all other sects as enemies, specially the Sunnis, they deserve to be killed in the most hideous ways, their women to be raped, and homes and money to be taken away. That is their ideology. You read this in their dusty books from the middle ages all the way to the most recent ones.
You reminded me of the messages wrote on the walls of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut in the mid 80’s. “Ouktol Sunni tadkhol Al jana” kill a Sunni to enter the paradise. The same old story is happening now in Baghdad. You reminded me of the Women fleeing Sabra and Shatila after they were raped by the Amal movement militias saying that “the Israelis didn’t do that in 1982.” Yes the very famous Sabra and Shatila massacre that happened in1982 wasn’t as horrible as the one happened by the faithful Shiite in 1985. But why oh why the first one, the hypocrite Robert Fisk can write long articles about it and the second did not happen in his dictionary. The faithful Shiite continued the Israeli legacy in Lebanon to this very day. That is why Israel is rewarding the hezb by the prisoner exchange today. Israel is making all they can to keep the anti-zionist movement in the hands of their faithful allies. The real Israeli nightmare when the resistance falls into their real enemies. It won’t be under their control then. Then the rockets flying to Israel won’t hit only into harmless places. It will be pouring then into the industrial chemical complex in Haifa, the one that hezb tried hard to miss it and succeeded. Then the war will not be monkeying around. The rockets will not fall into the Arab neighborhoods in north of Israel. These rockets made a north Israel Arab say: “Israel with all its mighty power couldn’t push out of our land and today Sayed Hassan will force us out.”
I won’t expect much from the anti-war crap, they are in the same game. It is not coincidence, it is not random, and it is not ignorance. They have to fill the “anti” side as well, otherwise it will be filled by the right people.
Look at the picture today, Iran is rewarded by the nuclear power, the US is looking for diplomatic representation in Iran. Lebanon is given to the hezb, the pimp of Iran. And Syria in bed with Israel after Iran being in bed the US in iraq.

Anonymous said…
The 17 of July Revolution is the REAL reason behind all that has been done to Iraq.

You are paying a high price for your ideals.
Anonymous said…
Any idea on HOW to charm the Arab masses away from the Iranian siren and make them fall in love again with the Pan-Arab cause ?
Anonymous said…
1/ I thought high heels are bad for the back and therefore the health.
2/ What does the flag say?
Unknown said…
Dear Layla,

As much I agree with you on the evil actions and motives of most Shiites, I think you do injustice when you mention that the zionists would not be as cruel/evil.

The zionists are the scum of the scum (mufsidoon fil ardh). Not only do they carry out attrocities of murder, rape, and mutiliation on a regular basis, but more importantly, they are the masterminds behind most of the genocide which has claimed millions.

Finally, while the Shiites, Kurds, and Sunnis are all responsible for aiding the occupation, it is worth remembering that it was the occupation (not Iran) through their 'divide and conquer' techniques that instiigated the Sunni-Shiite conflict. Therefore, if we want to fight anyone, I stay we focussed on the real enemy: USA.
Anonymous said…
In India, the British strategy of divide and rule, culminated in the creation of two States. The partition was most bloody but it served British-Western interests. And today, a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India are bitter enemies as opposed to the peaceful coexistence that existed previously and with precious resources being diverted for military purposes as opposed to development. Let us hope that the Americans and their allies do not succeed in their own divide and rule game plan in Iraq. As an Iraqi and Baath well wisher, I would hope that all patriotic and enlightened Iraqis not succumb to the enemy's insidious game plan of a permanent Sunni-Shia enmity but come together to liberate Iraq and live as one people as in the recent past. Without being presumptuous, I sense President Saddam Hussein would wish for no less.
Anonymous said…

Without the US invasion and overthrowing of the secular Panarabist Iraqi government, Iran would never have been able to penetrate the Iraqi society.


Without the active, systematic, ferociously and lustfully effective collaboration of the IRANIAN PROXIES in Iraq through terrorist, apartheidist, obscurantist, mass-murderous, divide et impera policies, the US (and Zionist behind) would have been PUT TO ROUT by a UNITED RESISTANCE before getting to blow out the 1st year anniversary candle of "Mission Accomplished".

Remember always, the US may be a massive disastrous elephant, but Iran is a discrete, treacherous and silently lethal ADDER.
Anonymous said…
I read you sometimes, just to enjoy the mad ravings..
not that you don't have a point
but you miss a major one
that arabs are unable or unwilling to save their own ass.....so their ass belongs to us, the Yankee-Empire.
And you bitch and moan but you forget one thing, it's us westerners that listen (occasionally) to your pain, the arabs in general DON"T give a fuck. THey would do you in in no time, if given a chance.
So enjoy the emancipation of womanhood that is absent in any/all arab society. Have a nice 1.
Anonymous said…
..."so their ass belongs to us, the Yankee Empire."

As your mother's ass belongs to you too. You Yankees with your innate beguiling nature can justify just about anything including sexual intercourse with your own mother as a noble act. Fuck off.
Unknown said…
Dear anti-occupation,

Our people fought Iran for as long as I can remember and, even though a majority of the population of Iraq is Shia, they never managed to cuase the sectarien in-fighting and desentigration of society no matter how hard thy tried...

The US scum on the other hand brought in their decades of experience in the area of psy-ops and sectarien divide...They easily slaughtered sunnis and shia dumping them in the streets and making the killings appear sectarien...they then added a few bombed shrines and a few bombed mosuqes, then some clear pitting of positions in the government or army based on sect and PRESTO: a sectarien war (thank you Negreponte!).

Our only one and true enemy is the US scum...As for Iran, they are merely a side show which will be dealt with when the occupation is crushed and driven out.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layth,

I think I clearly stated that I agree with you on that the US FIRST created the conditions for Iran's interference in Iraqi society (through the "regime change") and obviously not the other way around.

My point was: but for Iran's collaborationist role in POST-INVADED Iraq, the Americans AND EVERYTHING THEY CAUSED (including the previously non-existent "sectarian conflict") would have been neutralized and defeated by the Resistance long since by this time.

That being said, I am keen on stressing that while the Arabs (NOT ONLY IRAQIS) should resist BOTH the US/Zionist tyranny AND the Iranian lures, it is OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE that they are careful not to fall into "counter-sectarianism" Sunni-flavoured, to always distinguish between Khomeinists and non-sectarian Arab Shiites - and of course, between HONEST and DISHONEST HUMANS (even among the Iranians or the Americans or the Jews themselves), which is, I think, everything that will really matter IN THE END.

Salam to you.
Anonymous said…
Remember, one of your Italian high heels is already "reserved" to be thrust into Psycho Fatso (Muqtada Al-Sadr) right where the sun does not shine before being hanged by his balls.

The whole scene will take place IN PUBLIC ;-)
Anonymous said…
In a normal world, the "veto front" France-Russia-China, not to mention revolutionary Cuba or Venezuela, would have provided the Baath and the Iraqi Resistance with funds and weapons.

Histrionic, self-complacent windbags good only at barking at the moon...to hell with them all.
Anonymous said…
Layla, what will you do with your life when our dear Iraq is free again ?

You'll not vanish from the lives of your readers back into anonymity like a star at daybreak, will you ?

I am so attached to you :-)
Anonymous said…
Paola Pisi, you may need to slip a Star of David camouflaged somewhere amidst the Yankee starlets.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymouse no.1

Tell me something I don't know !
Layla Anwar said…
i love,

Thank you, I love you too. Can't answer for Paola though.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear PSK,

Again a mind blowing comment from you. How do you know all this stuff ? I actually want to write about these same points you raised...and they are spot on!

Many people are totally unaware of the camps battles and the role of Amal and the Hezb in massacring not only Palestinians, their leaders and leaders of the progressive parties one of which was the (Iraqi) Baathists in Lebanon for instance...And people don't know that Lahd troops killed less Palestinians than the Amal party and that they walked in and finished the job.

The left wing parties (an oxymoron) in the Arab world have became totally amnesic. And worst still is that a good deal of the Palestinians themselves have become amnesic to these truths, and obliterated them from their memories in favor of some self proclaimed Sayyed.

I want to make your comment so far compulsory reading to everyone. Thank you for your thoughtful insights.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.2

Are you threatening me by any chance ?
Layla Anwar said…

Yes, I have a clue. Let the persians rule the whole Arab World alongside Israel, maybe then the Arabs will wake up. I won't hold my breath though.
Layla Anwar said…

are you for real ????
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Layth,

Had you read my post carefully, you would have noticed that I have repeated not less than 3 times how the Zionists who devised the ethnic partition of Iraq, have found in the shiites reliable allies. So am not absolving the zionists.

But tell me something Layth - what would your reply be to that 75yo iraqi man who was tortured and left in a shiite dungeon for no reason, An what will you tell all the 150'000 sunnis prisoners rotting in jail, two of which are my relatives with no charges...because their name is omar and othman or bakr..
And will you tell the Aishas who are raped and rotting in Jail too ?

And please tell me what will you tell the Iraqi palestinians rotting away in tents for the past 4 years tortured and exiled by the shiites ? Now they are willing to settle to live on the sudanese borders instead !!

But let me tell you something, S.Kuntar got married and divorced in Israeli jails, he also received a university diploma in pol.sc and was released free...

Iraqi sunnis die in prisons for crimes that they have never committed...their only crime is that they ar sunnis.

And who collaborated with the US and the Zionists but the Shiites ?

And the deep rooted sectarianism of the Hawza preceded Khomeini.
Layla Anwar said…

Of course I agree with you that S.Hussein would have wished for a unity of the Iraqis regardless of their ethnicity or sect.

But S.Hussein was also hard on those who plotted against the state, for he knew what mud they were made of. Hence the Dawa party for instance and the SCII were outlawed for obvious and justifiable reasons. We see today what they are made of and how easily shiite ideology is a fertile ground for sectarianism.

And how do you explain their collaboration with the imperialist policy of divide and conquer ????
Layla Anwar said…
Anti occupation,

would you have told the jews in Nazi germany not to fall into anti nazism too ?
Layla Anwar said…
ha ha ha,

It will be an old pair for sure...am not wasting my good new pair of shoes on that filthy bastardic psychopath murderer.
Layla Anwar said…

you said "Histrionic, self-complacent windbags good only at barking at the moon...to hell with them all."

bARABie said…
"it is worth remembering that it was the occupation (not Iran) through their 'divide and conquer' techniques that instiigated the Sunni-Shiite conflict."

I don't agree fully with the above.
The safavids were supporting the Northern Alliance WAY before the invasion of Iraq. Secondly, they worked hand in hand with the yanks PRIOR to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

I agree with you that the safavids are EQUAL to the jewish maggots in callous atrocities. What is going on now in Iraq IS a jewish maggot plan not yankee plan.
That is not to say the yanks arent guilty, of course they are but the plan, the ORIGINAL plan, IS a jewish maggot one.
Layla Anwar said…
layla's friend,

At the rate things are going, I am very likely to be around for a while...;-)
Layla Anwar said…
flag suggestion,

I agree with you...
bARABie said…
"Let us hope that the Americans and their allies do not succeed in their own divide and rule game plan in Iraq."

I am afraid they have succeeded.
bARABie said…
"Paola Pisi, you may need to slip a Star of David camouflaged somewhere amidst the Yankee starlets."

I second that motion.
bARABie said…
"they never managed to cuase the sectarien in-fighting and desentigration of society no matter how hard thy tried.."

Come on Layth, you know that's not true.
I cant remember the names of the groups but i believe iyad alawi was in one terrorist organization that tried to divide the country.
Not forgetting that the shite shitheads of the safavid empire had been actively pursuing a divide and conquer policy in Afghanistan and Lebanon since the 80's.
Why are the hizzies only shite shitheads and not ALL Lebanese, if they are not meant to be a dividing force??????
bARABie said…
Wow Layla, we are at different parts of the world but yet both had the same thought at the same time and decided to act on that thought the same way too.
Layla Anwar said…

You said
" The safavids were supporting the Northern Alliance WAY before the invasion of Iraq. Secondly, they worked hand in hand with the yanks PRIOR to the 2003 invasion of Iraq."

Excellent point regarding Afghanistan. People forget that 10'000 Iranians troops helped the Yanks in fighting the Talibans and that Karzai aka mr Armani and Ahmadimidget are best of buddies...just like Maliki, Hakeem and Sadr are best of buddies with Khameini and the other stooges.
bARABie said…
Layla, re Afghanistan I believe that the safavids killed Shah Masood, who was the leader of the Northern Alliance prior to the 2001 invasion, because he refused to go alone with the safavid plan for Afghanistan.
Just my opinion on that one.
bARABie said…
alone = along
bARABie said…
Why are the hizzies only shite shitheads and not ALL Lebanese, if they are not meant to be a dividing force??????

Even the jewish maggots have Druze in the ZOF (zionist occupation forces).
By making the above point, i am not agreeing that the safavids are worse than the jewish maggots.
In my opinion, they are different sides of the same coin.
Kali Manitou said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kali Manitou said…
oh, the point being:
a lot of sunni's collaborate as well...
Anonymous said…
flag suggestion, barabie

is the flag ok now? ;-)
KM said…
bARABie said…
Paola, i nearly missed it. Maybe somewhere a little more prominent, like in between the writing.
ddjango said…
Layla and all (except for several anonymous posters who are most likely white American males) . . .

Although the heat in here is horrific, it is because the sun shines so brightly and clearly. When I want to read truth (and not just about Iraq), I visit here. It is one place I can go and not hear how Britney Spears is doing, which is essentially what passes for political discussion in the US.

I just wanted to barge in to let you know that I am one older, white, American male who knows that things will continue to get worse, for both you and me, no matter what total asshole next sleeps in the White House.

I will not "apologize for my country" because it is not mine. Yes, I was born here and have lived here for almost sixty-one years. But it's not mine, never been mine, never will be.

This blog is featured and syndicated on mine.
Anonymous said…

this was your request:
"Paola Pisi, you may need to slip a Star of David camouflaged somewhere amidst the Yankee starlets."
and that's just what i did.

Now i cannot change my beautiful flag every five minutes ;-)
bARABie said…
Paola, i took the liberty of changing your design, hope you don't mind.

Here it is.
bARABie said…
""Paola Pisi, you may need to slip a Star of David camouflaged somewhere amidst the Yankee starlets.""


That wasn't me.
bARABie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
bARABie said…
How about this one?
Anonymous said…
Great! But that is your flag, not mine. I suggest that both of us take part in the competition...
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

>But tell me something Layth - what would your reply be to that 75yo iraqi man who was tortured and left in a shiite dungeon for no reason, An what will you tell all the 150'000 sunnis prisoners rotting in jail, two of which are my relatives with no charges...because their name is omar and othman or bakr..

My uncle abducted and then slaughtered last year for no crime other than his father's name was "Omar".

Do I blame the Shias?

Absolutely NOT.

I blame the true culprit, the US scum, who use the weak minded through money or coercion to do their bidding.

Do you honestly think for a minute that any of these Shia or Kurdish or Sahwa criminals can arrest and abduct and torture and murder our people without having the physical protection of the occupation? Do you think my uncle or others do not know how to fight or fire a weapon? That is not how these cowards come for them because they would be defeated and slaughtered like we did to them during the Iran war. They come to you after the US imposes a curfew and roadblocks so as to limit your movement and your ability to aid one another - then, the criminals (be they shia, sunni, kurds, or jews) are allowed into the neighborhoods through these very same US manned checkpoints to abduct and assassinate and cause mayhem.

>And will you tell the Aishas who are raped and rotting in Jail too ?

Do you think a jail can be manned and run without the occupation? It would be overrun in 10 minutes and the prisoners freed and the captors executed.

>But let me tell you something, S.Kuntar got married and divorced in Israeli jails, he also received a university diploma in pol.sc and was released free...

Am I supposed to sympathize with the zionist criminals who stole and raped an entire land and displaced and murdered countless millions because they gave a Palestinian who was trying to free his own land some freedoms!

Let us not forget Mohammed Al-Durra who was murdered while he was sheltering in his father's arms or Rachel Corie who was run over by a bulldozer because she would not move out of the way to allow zionist settlements in Palestine - No matter how much media spin the zionist put on themselves, they will always be, until the day of Judgment - the most evil and vile of mankind.

>Iraqi sunnis die in prisons for crimes that they have never committed...their only crime is that they ar sunnis.

That is what the occupation wants you to think. They want the Sunnis to huddle together like sheep and perhaps run to the big bad wolf himself to seek protection from the Shias!

>And who collaborated with the US and the Zionists but the Shiites ?

Arab Sunni leaders of every surrounding state collaborated.

Arab Sunni leaders in the Republican Guard and Army collaborated.

Arab Sunni Minister of Defense collaborated.

And now, we have the Arab Sunni tribes collaborating in droves.

>And the deep rooted sectarianism of the Hawza preceded Khomeini.

Again, Iran in all of its 8 years of war could not manage to dent the Iraqi unity (Sunni-Shia) - and it was not for lack of trying. Therefore, the culprit is and has always been the US occupation (with the silly Brits if you want to count them as a people/country).

I will end with a quote from our leader's last letter before he was murdered:

"'Oh brave, pious Iraqis in the heroic resistance. Oh sons of the one nation, direct your enmity towards the invaders. Do not let them divide you. Long live jihad and the mujahadeen against the invaders." (Saddam Hussein)
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
This kind of information as most of the truth in the 21 century is hard to find. The only book talked about this issue is امل وحرب المخيمات الفلسطينية and it talked about very little of what happend. I tried to google the name and it can be found on this link:
And it is only in Arabic.
I want to reply on some of the comments here. So when we try to tell the truth we will lose the credibility. I just want to say first that I am not preaching here for Sunnis or anyone else. In iraq, fairness will come with a secular regime only, not the Sunni nor the Shiite can rule on their own. What I am trying to do here is state the bare truth. The unreported facts that happened on the ground.
Well ok, you are saying that there are Sunni collaborators as well. That is absolutely true, but why the Sunni collaborators are only the immediate beneficiaries of the new system and Shiite collaborators are almost everyone. If you talk to a Shiite taxi driver he will show the explicit passion towards the invasion without any sympathy whatsoever to the 1 million Sunni dead in the new iraq. In fact he would show the satisfaction of killing those nawasib, as they say. Even when his own life is worse than it was in the previous regime. How do you explain that?
Most of the Shiite in Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, regardless of whether they are directly affiliated with iran, would show the unlimited support to the current sectarian Iraqi government.
I will tell you the reason, it is because shisim these days adopted the Persian version. A sectarian in its worse case. Have you heard the chanting in ashoura? They say “ya le tharat el husain” it means we have to avenge Imam Husain, who was killed 1400 by non by the Persians. But they want to take avenge from who, it is from the Nawasib, the Sunnis. Every year they make a promise, a promise to kill all the Sunnis. We used to think it is just some old traditions. We didn’t know that it will be for real. The Zionist figured that out before we did, and they unleashed them to create more and more instability, sort of divide and conquer. But the seeds of the division was already there.

We can learn that from their mouths, a Shiite policemen was rapping non but a Sunni woman, she cried out why are you doing that, I am Iraqi like you, the reply was because what you did in killing Imam Husain. The hideous crimes committed by the neighbors, the shopkeeper, the teacher, the taxi driver, against their Sunni countrymen were not for money. It was carried out to satisfy a boiling rage fed by their ideology.
So no, the betrayal by iran and its allies is more like an old revenge, an ideology.
This kind of sectarian vicious ideology comes in handy by the Zionist Master. And unfortunately it is too little too late to cover it up after killing 1 million. The division is already there, you have a killer and a victim, you cannot say let us put them together because the invader wants to divide us.
It is more vital to expose the spy living among us, and gaining our trust than to point to the obvious collaborators of the Sunni leaders.

Anonymous said…
One day Iran will stop worshiping bearded old Persian/Farsi man and go back to Islam and worship God alone - till then they will keep on killing one million Muslims per year for their zionist masters.

AmeriKKKa pretned not to know how it murdered 6 million Afghanis and over a one million Iraqis - the 100+ Shia death squads that Bush hires from Iran to kill for him are not even mentioned nor their victicms - Iran is a zionist nations and their "muulas" are Rabbis training them to hate enough to kill millions of Muslims.

Iran's mullas will keep on lying like only zionist Rabbis can, and the vain and Proud racsist Iranians will keep on beleiveing those lies over the truth in the Quran - and we will have to destory their murderoues and unjust empire once again - till then Iran will keep on murdering one million Muslims per year for Israel.

Sabra and Shatil was not Shia - it was the zionist Iranian Rabbis who infeltrated Lebanon's Shia and they did to Lebanon what they are doing to Iraq and Afganistan now - hizbolla is still not over becuase they have not yet recived orders to murder, but when Iran orders them to kill they will kill Muslims with glee, as Amal did and as their forefathers have done for over 1,000 years.

Iran will become a Muslim nation again, despite Israel and despite the crusaders and despite all the neo-cons.

Arabs are nothing without Islam, do not trust them and do not place and hope on their ever helping Iraq - true they do not kill millions like the Persian Khomayne worshipers and WHITE Israeli and American Jews and Christians do, but Arabs let it happen, that is worst.

Anyway - wait a bit, Jews do know history but now they can no longer cover up their destructive corruption with their usuall lies, they will now see the truth of their own evil in history being repeated, without their satanic rabbis being able to lie about it any more - it's all recorded in color on nice CDs and DVDs for their children to see clearly a 1,000 years from now.

The Quran teaches Iranian as well as Arabs to check theur facts and not to trust people who tell them lies - yet they prefer Khomayne's book of lies to the Quran, dumb, Dumb, DUMB - they have no excuses and their children will be able to watch the truth on those CDs and DVDs to.

Iran's Islam is based on lies - designed by Rabbis and Priests so they can murder one million Muslims per year - and Iran is going to increase that number for it's satanic black turbaned mullas.

Oh - and keep an eye on America, it's becoming more Islamic every day thanks to the zionists own propaganda machine being used against it.

Peace despite Israel
Peace despite America
Peace despite Iran

Anonymous said…
Dear Omar,

Your views and perception is spot on. But no worry, all things return to God and the victory will be ours at the end when we celebrate in a liberated Jerusalem (17:7).
Anonymous said…
Layla, I REALLY enjoy your writing.
We have had different experiences (obviously) so i need some time to digest everything, meaning my attitudes might differ from yours. But NOT about the evil of western hegemony.

Yes I think I am for real.
Often others over time discover this to be true.

The high heels in your post might well have been metaphoric anyway.
But alas they are not my image of practicality, then again I am a male and maybe it's not my business. But I do have it in my mind that they are bad for the health.

And I wondered what the two words on the flag were?

Maybe I wanted to comment more than actually having something to say.......
Anonymous said…
"Iran will become a Muslim nation again"

Excuse me sir, but my memory has some trouble remembering when in all history it ever was one - I mean SINCERELY one...

Good seeds can't take root in barren soils.
Anonymous said…
"would you have told the jews in Nazi Germany not to fall into anti-nazism too ?"

I did absolutely NOT tell the Iraqi Sunnis not to be anti-Khomeinist or anti-collaborationist Shiites - as I myself hate the guts of those dogs.

I only advised them not to give up the hope of re-creating some day or other that wonderful much envied mosaic of different sects and races living all together in peace, and, meanwhile, to continue placing their Iraqiness above their Sunniness and consider their struggle as one between Iraqis and Persians and not one between Sunnis and Shiites - simply as a MATTER OF PRINCIPLE.

And YES, I definitely would have told the Jews in Nazi Germany not to barricade themselves in their "being Jews", to continue consider themselves Germans (or Poles, or Czechoslovaks, or French etc.) first and foremost in spite of everything, to be fiercely anti-Nazi but not turn "anti-non Jews", if you see what I mean.

But then it would have been useless, victims in all times seem to be doomed to develop the characteristics of their tormentors, and sometimes even outdo them - as we have seen in the last 60 years...

I have VERY good reasons, though, to believe that the Iraqis have enough divine-insufflated wisdom in them to finally break this "curse".

Best wishes.
Kali Manitou said…
Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, the leader of the Baath Party who's eluded capture purportedly released an audio message for the first time:


Layla, i find it peculiar that you don't mention this guy at all allthough you sing the same tune all along, any comments?
KM said…
Regarding the "Arab wankers":

The 'free' greed & corruption that is rooted within the United States can / does severely impact Peoples of the World.

The United States government is gonna bail out ( take over ) yet more 'private institutions' as they criticize others for nationalizing.

The US banks are so much in trouble that they have to rely on Sovereign Wealth Funds where other countries have to pump in financial support to help them out.

We are probably witnessing the accelerated plans of laying down foundations of a new world order where the rules of globalization are being dictated by the wealthy & powerful around the World.
ddjango said…

"We are probably witnessing the accelerated plans of laying down foundations of a new world order where the rules of globalization are being dictated by the wealthy & powerful around the World."

Bingo! Perfect! Exactly!
KM said…
.. morning ddjango.


It was not an illegal, diabolic invasion into Iraq only,..based on known lies, it opened up ground to plant their seeds and Iran is being brought into alignment.
Anonymous said…
Urungu, I noticed the same thing.

It strikes as odd since Layla is a great admirer of the late President Saddam Hussein and this guy Izzat al Duri claims to be his rightful successor as the head of the outlawed Baath and the field commander of the resistance.

Indeed it would be interesting to know her opinion, if she agrees.
Anonymous said…
Had Saddam and his Ba'thist cronies recognized the status quo in the ME like the other Arab governments did, had they given up the unityfreedomsocialism nonsense, you Ms Layla Anwar would be still in your country, maybe in this very moment relaxing in some spa as you like without all the worries and griefs that come with war.

Blame your leaders, not us.
ddjango said…
KM . . .

your Atom feed at YD is not working. Are you posting there these days?
KM said…
I am posting there sometimes. I think comments may be disabled though.
Anonymous said…
I am proud that, your friend, an Italian, who has been really struggling to have her way, still CANNOT, WILL NOT design my flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
UNDERSTAND KEMALISM, reach out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
oh,no,no,I am busy cradling civilization, polishing Mussolini's boots with IRAQUI OIL,kissing USA HAND ,and being a natural ARAB!!!!!
Anonymous said…

I recall you being on friendly terms with Layla, joking about inviting each other to coffee etc.

What the fuck went wrong ?

What the hell does it matter to you if Layla hates Ataturk, for heaven's sake...she never asked you to stop loving him or to love Saddam instead.

Are you 10 years old that you can't respect people who have different views from your own ?
Anonymous said…
Mission not accomplished for not now, or for not ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
tommy said...

tommy speaks with his zionist forked tongue, you can see it very clearly in each word and statment - propaganda sucking does that to most America and Israeli brains - they do not like truth and prefer the soggy Bull Shit their zionist media's priests and rabbis showers them with.

We will not accept the zionist "status quo" and will kick out all you greedy and theiving colonist murderers and there is nothing you can do but send us more of your baby killing soldier for us to blow up and rid the world of their evil injustice.

America will learn the meaning of Justice, just like Israel will finally learn it to - first step is to stop lying and to stop beliveing liars in fancy robes and shows - that will be done by Palestine and nothing your forked tongued rabbis and priests can do will stop it.
Anonymous said…

I believe you are a little overexcited.

My point was not, as you childishly accused me on the other thread, whether or not Saddam and Ataturk are "comparable".

It was that you should learn to be less emotional about your political convictions, because it makes you sound pretty insecure.

Keep your Kemalism, but respect those who think otherwise.

And most importantly don't use BIG LETTERS and 1,000,000,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the time, be ladylike for heck's sake !
Anonymous said…
I just want to know what happened to my beloved cat and if he's alive and well.

Much obliged.
bARABie said…
meow meow

anyone seen my senile owner?
bARABie said…
Hey nur, did you know that kemal atabikhshee was a traitor to Turkey?

He would have to be the worst leader EVER to lead Turkey.

The Turks should be spitting on his grave for how he sold out the country to the west.

With your support of him, you just show how treacherous the average turk is.
Anonymous said…
Barabie, I beg of you, don't be such a desacrator, this matter is rather serious.

My cat was my only friend, the only one I opened my heart to and who could understand me, and he ran away after nearly 2 years of shared happiness leaving me defenceless and prey to nightmares.

This noble lady "Layla Anwar" KNOWS what I am talking about...
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla, i'd like to ask you something: what do you think happened in Iraq in the past 20 days?.
Because the past month all we've been hearing and reading about is Iran's this and the U.S accuse them of this, but now the shift, the U.S opens a new interest in Tehran for some reason.
It's very fishy and Odd, and demands attention.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla, my Shiite cousin married a Sunni last year. They live in Adhamiya.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Mojo,

A Sunni from some Sahwa tribe, I suppose...

Is it the famous "tough" cousin of yours that practices kickboxing on the "debased" "subhuman" "unworthy of living" Ba'thi Saddamist Sunni Arab Jarab ?

Intermarrying between sects under the enlightened, revolutionary, visionary modernizer Al-Ra'is Al-Shaheed was NORMAL and ENCOURAGED, and not the fashionable "kinky" prerogative of a few well-connected mollah's asslicker as in today slave-trading Iraq.

Anonymous said…
@barbie, the dumb blonde,
and all the rest on this blog, who are the sickest souls on this planet;
I have no idea what satisfaction spitting on someone's grave would give to a human being, but there you go, you wankers would know!!!!!!!!!!
MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK is totally beyond your reach!!!!!!!!! Come back in a few centuries, when you have all learned your lesson!!!!!
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

I will not reply to each one of your points as I believe that PSK, gave you a very good reply.
However, I will have to point out that you did not address the point about the Palestinians in Iraq being driven out en masse by the Shiites...FACT.

So yes, I stand by what I said, Shiite revivalist and the zionists are one and the same to me.

Moreover, I maintain that S.Kuntar was better treated in Israeli prison than the shiite ruled torture dungeons in Iraq.

Does that mean that Zionists are not scum or are angels ? Of course not...Don't jump the wagon.
Anonymous said…
@not so very sound mind
This is the best one can be 'ladylike' amongst you lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Layla Anwar said…

A lot of sunnis collaborated - so you say.

Kurds are majority sunnis so I guess yes they are the greatest collaborators. I was talking of ARAB Sunnis and Shias.

And the sunnis in today's Iraqi parliament (hahahahaha) have absolutely no weight and no power. FACT.

As for my opinion on Izzat Al Durri, is not important. I did say that I support the IRAQI resistance. And Al-Durri happens to be part of it. I have no support whatsoever to the driller called Sadr who pretends he is resisting the occupation.

I trust that the above reply is sufficient.
Layla Anwar said…

You are engaging in hair splitting.
I did not say that the Jews should group themselves in a ghetto mentality. I said would you expect the jews of Nazi Germany to love the Nazis ! Full stop.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your comment.Quite a propos.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for visiting and for your comment of solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for the accolade and you can comment all you like...
Don't take the high heels literally...And yes I know they are bad for the back...I don't walk around in them, just sleep with them on ;-)
Layla Anwar said…

and one more thing - the writing is what is written on the iraqi flag. Allahu Akbar. God is Great.
Layla Anwar said…

Again, a big thank you for your precious comment full of very accurate info. And for the link. You seem to have seized up the whole matter quite well...Hats off to you.
Layla Anwar said…

Please read my reply to Urungu regarding I.Al-Durri.
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks for a good comment. I will however disagree with you on one point. I don't believe that "capitalism" and globalization are the ONLY explanation for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…

hope your cat returns. Or get yourself another one. No need for nightmares because of a missing pet, despite the attachment.
bARABie said…
nur, i knew it wouldn't take much to get you going. :)

This time "mission accomplished".

Oh, thanks for the entertainment.
Now for your next act, can you sit?
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Samer,

You said :"but now the shift, the U.S opens a new interest in Tehran for some reason.It's very fishy and Odd, and demands attention."

Excuse me, but I've been saying that ever since I started blogging - namely that there was/is a secret deal between Iran and the US!

What you see now is nothing but things that were under/off the table surface to light.

And mark my words - if Obama gets elected, he is going to hand it all - Iraq that is - to Iran.
bARABie said…
"Please read my reply to Urungu regarding I.Al-Durri."

I know you have answered it already but i can't help but feel there is something you are not telling us about him.
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi mojo,

So what do you expect me to do, give your cousin a medal for marrying a sunni ?

Wallah poor sunni man who married into your family !

I bet you anything your cousin will use Vali Nasr "shia revival",(the book you keep harping about - your bible, next to your thesis in american ass kissing) as the nuptial Kama Sutra nightly readings !
bARABie said…
"And mark my words - if Obama gets elected, he is going to hand it all - Iraq that is - to Iran."

I don't agree due to the fact the jews will not want an iran THAT powerful.
They will more than likely hand them the south and Baghdad with the north going to the jewish wannabees, the turds and the middle going to the troublesome Sunnis.
Layla Anwar said…
Nur, the lunatic,

So what happened, Kemal At did not visit you as of late for your regular drinks ? hahahahah
Fucking freak.
And you know what to do and when to do it ! Need I repeat myself always ? KISS IT.
Layla Anwar said…

Maybe your feeling is correct ;-)

As for Obama not handing Iraq to Iran...Remember Maliki is the Dawa guy from Iran. And am sure Iran will strike a deal with Israel...

Remember what Ahamdinejad aide said as of late ?!

Isreal and Iran have a common denominator - they both hate Arabs.
bARABie said…
I know they have a common denominator but the jews can't help themselves. Look what they did to the German and British empires AFTER their usefulness had expired.

Regardless of what happens, the future doesn't look good for Arabs.
Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla my cousin probably never heard of Vali Nasr and she doesn't want a medal for marrying a Sunni. I wanted to let you know that my Shiite cousin married a Sunni because in your post you said that Sunna and Shia intermarried before the invasion, as if this doesn't happen anymore. I just wanted to say that it still happens, despite the sectarian violence.

I should also mention that one of our distant relatives in Amriya married a Sunni woman more than a year ago, but he (and his father) was murdered in front of his new wife and his poor mother by the "mujahideen" in Amriya. Read about it here. Iraqis tried to carry on with their lives, but the shit-for-brains "resistance" did not allow it - they mass murdered Iraqis and provoked civil war. They murdered Sunni Arabs too. Just yesterday they tried (again) to murder Mithal al Alusi.
Anonymous said…
layla, no I donot know what to do and when to do it, when psycopaths like you are concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know what????? I don't care anymore!!!!!! You can whine all you like, take a break and come back, waltz with BARBIE!!!!!!!!!, masturbate with DOLLIE, ejaculate with PISSI, or whatever!!!!!! I donot care anymore!!!!!!!
You were given more than many chances, you couldn't comprehend, tough luck!!!!!! Right now, I am drinking to what you have lost, what you have missed, and what you have misinterpretted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the heck??????!!!! 1,000000,00000000,0000000,000000 will be lost, and you will be sleeping in your high heels!!!!?????
Believe me, it will not be the skin off my back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
For me, who is of a very SOUND MIND, this is the collapse of a site that has had no inclination or resemblance of 'blues', and I rest my case, and leave you perverts to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALLAHU EKBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALLAHU EKBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EAT MY SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Layla,you sick soul, what is your message

Anonymous said…
Layla,you sick soul, what is your message

Anonymous said…
Dıgest my KUNDURA!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
And give my regards to your great great grandmother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NUR
Anonymous said…
tommy 19/7/08 9:04 PM sounds like a perfect mental castrato jewnazi psychopath...
Anonymous said…
And NUR must surely be tommy's twin - or al least sibling...
Layla Anwar said…
Nur, ya turkish freak,

Kiss my ARAB ass and my ARAB kundara...
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi bozo,

What I find DESPICABLE about, you spineless, no backbone, american ass kisser, is that you ALWAYS FAIL TO MENTION that PRIOR TO THE OCCUPATION, WE HAD NO SUCH SCUM, LIKE YOURSELF..

Yalla, go and kiss Jeffrey's and Rhuslancia putrid asses...

Enta wahed HAQEER.
Anonymous said…
layla, NOOOOOO, there is no more kissing, wanking, or bullshitting!!!!!
You are on your own now, I mean with your ass kisers, wankers and bullshitters!!!!!
And my smelly rotten KUNDURA will be with you ALL the way!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
fascist Arab motherfucker...just weave lies...rotten pussy
Layla Anwar said…

you are a kundara, you barefooted peasant...

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