Saddam definitely lives on...

Americans are a funny idiotic bunch who keep sabotaging themselves with their obvious, desperate -- very desperate attempts at more propaganda. They crown their propaganda with lies, fallacies, myths and made up figures that they sell as facts.
Do not be fooled by them.
Take for instance my last post on the former "Dictatorship"
Not once have I mentioned the great martyr and hero Saddam Hussein, the legitimate President of sovereign Iraq, without those filthy propaganda rats and supporters of murder and genocide, without these American nazis, crawling on my blog like some roaches out from their stenchy American sewers...

These rodents are all working for the CIA, the Pentagon, the Army, and the State Dept. Some of them served in Iraq, others are working for the White house.
Their names are

Jeffrey Shuster
CHMAR = Hmar means Donkey in Arabic
MisterGhost (even though this one seems the least bad of the whole lot)

The above "core group" are from Iraqi Bloggers Central. Their job is to monitor and supervise every Iraqi blogger around and to REPORT what they read.

Add to them, Greg from the USA, Programmer graig, Maury, Lynette from Minesotta,and a few other morons namely -- Anand the Hindu fascist.

And add to the above, the "Iraqis", such as Iraq the Model, Iraqimojo, Gilgamesh and a few other sell out ass kissers...and some are just hoping for a green card and a certificate of good political behavior from the above nazis.

Pay no attention to these falsifiers of Truth, pay no attention to these genocidal maniacs who cheer on the Iraqi Holocaust.

They just prove to you, that five years on, Saddam is very much alive...
They just prove to you that five years on, the real facts on the ground, speak for themselves...


Anonymous said…
Thanks for this, Layla - commented on the previous post.

Just been to your Uncensored site - now why on earth did you stop when it just got interesting?!!! I look forward to the continuation!

Anonymous said…
Little Deer,


"not tonight dear, I have a headache"...

Anonymous said…
Thanks Layla.

Classic 'excuse'!!! Waiting in anticipation for the rest of the article.

Take care.

James said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ian said…
Lots of ugly replies on that last post, we all seem to be brining a health dose of bias to the table. I certainly have mine.

Until my second trip to Iraq I thought Saddam was an evil butcher who needed to go. Last year while working Sadr city (the only city in Iraq where I have not been shot at) I was often told by several sheiks and women--yes, they do talk to men-- that at least under Saddam’s rule everyone knew where they stood. Chaos is not chaos if you can predict it and Saddam at least was predictable. Eventually it was hard for me to maintain my old position with any real conviction.

If Saddam needed to go, he needed to be replaced by something better: A government that is effective and predictable. Our FAILURE to do so has resulted in the current state of things in Iraq (murderous militias, mass exodus of academics, doctors, etc.) and it is unforgivable. We replaced one murderous bastard with a government that embraces numerous murderous bastards. This is not progress though the Iranians are certainly pleased with our blunder.

Now that I have stated the obvious (disagree if you want, I am right) I think it useful to address how to fix it. That would certainly make for some useful posts as reporting that Iraq is currently all fucked up these days (yeah, no shit) is of little use in the long run.
Anonymous said…

"he needed to be replaced by something better: A government that is effective ... I think it useful to address how to fix it. That would certainly make for some useful posts ...

Agreed. Wild hate filled rants are steps backward. To "prove" this, there is a game I have for you. I got 82 points. Can you beat me? What have you learned?

Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Applet

Should you consider working with people you hate?

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…

It is neither to you, nor to your country, nor to your government to have removed or to replace anyone...Do you understand that basic precept or is that too complcated for your feeble mind?
I shall not leave any of you off the hook before you collectively take responsibility for your murders...
In orther words I want to see you all tried for WAR CRIMES.
Anonymous said…
I really don't think "leaders" dampened you, the Argentine and the Iraqi on the newsbytes blog are not exactly to throw away...

More likely it was the psycho whisperer at the old souk when you were in your pre-teens and then that evidently disappointing ex-husband who rendered you uninterested in the other sex.
Anonymous said…
Who told you am not interested in the other sex ? lol,
However am not interested in the men with the dampening effect!!!!
Ian said…
Yes, yes, I know Layla: Death to America, you want to see us hung by our necks, blah, blah, blah. And people in hell want ice water but they will not get it.

I am curious as to how to begin repairing Iraq (clearly wthe U.S. doesn’t have an answer) and I thought you might have a constructive recommendation. Not the first time I’ve been wrong. I hope you did not take my interest that as an attempt to kiss your ass.
Anonymous said…
More to anonymous

and the Arab world is full of them!!! (with a very few exceptions - thankfully)and seems they abound in America too.

As for my ex husband, he was a shiite psycho, the second disaster after chernobyl.
Anonymous said…
Ian, and don't count on me to kiss yours...enough traitors of iraqis have already done so...with the iranian backed ones for starters that your fucked up govt put into power and deliberately so.

So here is the plan

- the americans leave, completely short of being having the shit kicked out of them OUT.

- the iranians hordes and their shiity conspirators end up in prison preferably hanged from their balls. that includes sistani, al hakeem, maliki, jaafari and muqtada al sadr amongst others...

- the americans return EVERYTHING THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM IRAQ, historical heritage, money in the billions of dollars, etc..etc..

- dismantling of all the us bases, the green zone and the american embassy

- pay reparations in the billion of dollars to the Iraqis,for their destruction of their homes, their jobs, their livelihoods...

- pay reparations by the WHOLE of the US people to the people of Iraq, in money from your tax money plus a worldwide public official apology...

- set up a reparation fund in which the americans will reconstruct iraq FREE OF CHARGE and that is part of their mental rehabilitation program

- Last but not least, have you and your ilks including your rotten govt and the preceding one be tried for WAR CRIMES Against humanity...

And even if all the above is applied, you will still not be able to bring us back our dead ones nor will you give back the orphans their parents, nor will you be able to give the ones you maimed their libs....

You are indeed a criminal people.
Anonymous said…
Ian, how can the US have no answers on how to begin repairing Iraq? After all, it is the US that did the breaking. In 2003, the world watched the arrogance, bullying and mendacity of the US prior to the attack of a sovereign state - and the arrogance, again, in believing that the US would be showered by Iraqis with chocolates and flowers.

So, the US knows what it has destroyed - get on with the repairing, followed by trials of all the perpetrators of the crime against humanity. And reparation - that should last many US generations.

Yes, in the eyes of the entire world, the US (collectively) is a criminal, not forgetting the 'coalition of the willing'.

Layla, your description of the ex is hillarious!

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Your ex-husband was a Shiite psycho ???
How come he was allowed to walk free in Saddam's anti-sectarian secular Iraq ???

And then what is this "fatal attraction" of yours for self-flagellators ???
Your ex, that Persian boy you had a teenage crush on... are you into S&M by any chance ? LOL
Anonymous said…
Reportedly Saddam Hussein set one condition to the toothless pittbull Rumsfeld who had come to meet him in prison to offer him "mercy" in exchange for collaboration: that the Yanks should have first returned the lives of all the Iraqi martyrs, the honor of all the Iraqi women and the innocence of all the Iraqi children which they had taken until then.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I love you.

Please muta'a me.
Anonymous said…

LOL, ok that was funny..
no no, the persian boy was pro shah, he had no self flagellation inclination...
as for my ex, he looked secular, thought secular but acted psycho...

I am very proud to say that I gave him the boot!
Anonymous said…
flashback, thanks that was beautifully said...
Anonymous said…
little deer, and on top of it, it's true!!!
Anonymous said…
Muhannad Zainy,

Go and fuck yourself...oh ! but wait, Jeffrey is already doing you....
CMAR II said…
At least I am the whole donkey and not just the backend.

The CIA does not pay me. They send the checks, but I just tear them up. Money would only ruin it for me.
Anonymous said…
Were you in love with the "psycho" ?
In this case, how did he manage to bamboozle a smart woman such as you ?

Or was it an arranged marriage where you did not know what you were going to get ?

I just hope "psycho" does not mean that he harmed you.
Anonymous said…
The Shah was a twat.

Hence your Iranian boyfriend was a pro-twat.
Anonymous said…

but he was a very nice pro twat...
Anonymous said…
anonymous re the psycho...

Yes he was very harmful...
No one forced me to marry the guy...It was just sheer naivety on my part, I was younger and dreamt on....
Anonymous said…
I am sorry...

Was he Iraqi ?
Anonymous said…
Are you sure you aren't the psycho? I can see it now, he leaves the toilet seat up, one too many times, and you fall in. At that point you order him:

- To leave or
- You will hang him from his balls when he sleeps
- that he return all the underwear he has STOLEN FROM you
- dismantle the bed and the ugly green computer
- pay bills, for the destruction of the toilet and your carpet
- pay alimony by the WHOLE of his family in money from his tax money plus a public official apology
- set up a reparation fund in which he will construct a new addition on your home FREE OF CHARGE
- and pay for your mental rehabilitation program
- Last but not least, have him and his parents tried for sex CRIMES in the bathroom...

That's about how seriously I take your list. If it were printed on toilet paper I would not wipe my ass with it. I am sorry for one thing: that we didn't get rid of Saddam in 1991.

One question, If we were looking to steal your oil, why did we gift $20 billion to Iraq and negotiate away most or all of your external debts? Where's MY oil???

Greg from USA
Anonymous said…
response to Ian

Yes, it was up to the people of Iraq to change their leader if they so desired. Like it was up to the people of many countries around the world to change their leader if they so desired.

It is not up to the USA to decide the leaders of other peoples' countries. This is the basic moral and ethical position one takes in respect for other sovereign nations. On this basis, the same moral and ethical principle applies to present Iraq. In turn, the US/Israel/Iran should now get out of Iraq and leave it to the Iraqis to decide their own future.

On this post we can see how the USA/CIA work. They try to blur the above and throw up one-man to cover up their heinous crimes in Iraq. One should use ones basic common sense and think about this.

Take your mind back to the beginning. The USA first set out to demonise President Saddam Hussein and told the public when they removed Saddam Hussein the Iraqi's would be happy free and liberated.

It is most important to bear in mind here the Iraqi people were prepared to suffer 13 years of US-led economic sanctions along with their President, and never asked the USA to invade them.
The USA at this time killed 2 million Iraqi people.

This being the case, we should ask why have the USA murdered near on another 2 million Iraqi people since they invaded, and yet they claimed the Iraqi people would be happy free liberated people under the USA occupation.

In reality, what they have done to Iraq is a modern day holocaust hidden with the help of the world press which you seem to agree on..

Basically, we should ask ourselves, would we like some foreign country coming into our country and dismantling our government, then destroying our land, our culture- our way of life, and killing, maiming and torturing our family, friends and neighbours. We should ask yourselves what gives the USA the right to do this.

Iraq is part of a long list of countries, the USA have done this to. Look at your history books.
Historically, the USA have been responsible for, and instrumental in, bringing our legally represented government down in my country. And this country is even a western ally.

One should always think for themselves on these matters. You are now seeing how the CIA works. They use four things chaos, confusion and lies, and then they always create an enemy in the form of one person for everyone to hate. Its textbook stuff in the PR industry. Do you know advertising evolved fully from studying Goebell's propaganda in Germany. And you know how persuasive that is.

Again we should ask yourselves why are these people still keen to interfere in the politics of Iraq? What's in it for the USA?

I am not an Iraqi, I am a westerner who supports the Iraqi's right to freedom and justice for all their people. And it is not only Iraqi's that hate the USA. It is millions of people of all different races and cultures.

And Ian, today, unlike the period of the Vietnam era – where we viewed the crimes of the USA against the Vietnamese civilians. We are not seeing this on our TV's. Ask yourself why?

And ask yourself, have you read much about President Saddam Hussein since he was murdered? And why have the USA and media brought him back front page again. Simply it is happens to be the 5th Anniversary of the USA illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the USA need to find one-person to blame, in order to hide all their hideous and heinous crimes they have and still are carrying out against the Iraqis.

To me this is the crux of this issue.
Anyway hope this contribution clarifies
some thoughts you have on this.
Anonymous said…
Hate hate hate, yawn, so what else's new from an Arab?
Anonymous said…
I can understand where you're coming from Layla, but I am sick of your lumping the few decent people left in America with the majority that don't know (and don't care to know about what is going on) and the rogue state. It's a fucking rogue state! We're past the point of no return. I agree with most of your solutions, but you're becoming the monster.

The Serbs bombed my friends and relatives, demolished our homes, planted minefield instead of gardens and cut up my countrymen like don't see me spewing hatred. I have nothing against Serbs, I love 'em like anybody else.

A little less ego, a little more humility. The dead are dead, c'est la vie. We are just passing through in this life. Looking at the big picture, Iraq is unfortunately only another chapter of our suffering. History repeats itself.

Love your enemy.
Angel said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

Supurb post, done in style.

5 years on and Iraq is a shambles, what a bloody mess the USA has made of this.

The invasion of Iraq was on the US cards three years before 9/11

Former President George Bush predicted in 1996 that if the United States were to engage in another war with Iraq, one aimed at overthrowing Saddam Hussein, the “entire Arab world would turn against us” and the U.S. would alienate its allies in the international community.

What a pity Bush Junior didn’t listen to his Dad. Maybe some unresolved Father/Son issues there.

A further quote from the article, non other than Dick Cheney saying:

Moreover, Vice President Dick Cheney said at an energy conference six years ago that hundreds of thousands of United States soldiers and Iraqi civilians would die if a war in Iraq were ever fought on the streets of Baghdad[/quote

What a pity Dick didn’t follow his own advice.
Anonymous said…
to anonymous

You must be enjoying being under the protectorate of the US and Nato They have done a pretty good job so far, they have sold off all your industries to private corporations.railways etc.which gave employment to people. Everything has been privatised. Unemployment is high and 70% of Albanians have left to find work elswhere. But the US and Cheney-Halliburton have got the drug scene there well in hand. The KLA controls that for them, so I have read.

But from what you say its seems you are very happy with all this. It must be good to feel so free. Did the US pay compensation for all the Albanians they dropped bombs on and killed. Anyway, I suppose their families are like you and believe it is a just passing phase in history, and are enjoying life whilst suffering.
Anonymous said…
"Love your enemy."
Anonymous 22/3/08 6:54 AM

Yeah, "beautiful" words from a perverse masochist and a religious psychopath...
Anonymous said…
love your enemy,

and I suppose you consider yourself one of the few decent ones left ? hahahahahahahahaha

Oh holy one ! 13 years of sanctions, 7 hiroshima bombs if not more, a holocaust and a mass carnage that you should be calling a GENOCIDE, a human refugee crisis of catastrophic proportions, the WORST since WW2 --
all of that on an INNOCENT country, and an INNOCENT people, did not differentiate...And you expect me to be impartial and objective and pick your saintliness out of the rotten crowd?

hahahahahah, what a retarded clown you are.
Anonymous said…
The above was ME, just in case you had not noticed, your
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla I read your blog and feel your anguish for your country. I am British (I am ashamed to say) and find it peculiar that you do not seem to castigate the UK and Blair for their part in war crimes. There were 2 million of us who marched against the war but we were taken no notice of. I hope that one day soon the Americans will be out of your country and with international help, some reconstruction can begin. Also that Bush and Blair and ALL the others, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice and many more will be arraigned in the International Court of Justice.

PS Why do you bother answering these trolls - that is all they want - another chance to spew their hate and venom ? In the meantime love and best wishes
Anonymous said…
Little Deer Re: the first exchange of comments of this thread,

How do Layla's virtual "hugs" feel ?

You are much envied... *sighs*
Anonymous said…
To somebody who loves Layla:

:) :) :)

The 'hugs' are just as good as the real ones!!

Sorry! But it's really nice to know someone loves Layla!
Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

I love her more than anyone I ever met in the "real" life, both because of her political beliefs and vision and...simply for the human being she is.

Alas, I don't think it is reciprocal... *sighs*

I should be grateful if you would reveal to me the "magic formula" to endear yourself to her :-)

Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla, can you provide just one example in which I've "falsified the truth"? Yalla just one example.
Anonymous said…

In today's multi-polar world, economic interests, not military force, predominate. "It used to be that the side with the most guns would win," says G.I. Wilson, a recently retired Marine Corps colonel, who has written extensively on terrorism and asymmetric warfare and spent 15 months fighting in Iraq. Today, says Wilson, the side "with the most guns goes bankrupt."

The courageous men, women, and children of the Iraqi resistance will prevail and I pray for their assured success.
Layla Anwar said…

You are right, I do not mention Britain enough and its role in the occupation.
This is a lacuna on my part. I like to justify it by thinking that
- Britain has lost all of its independent thinking and has become a lapdog of the US
-British troops were a "mere" 6000 compared to 160'000 ++ American troops.
- Britain is unconsequential even though we call it in the Arab World, the "head of the snake".

But --
I did cover some of the British abuses, hypocrisy and racism in its occupation of Iraq.

But I guess that by itself is insufficient.

Layla Anwar said…

Hello and welcome back. Nice to read your comments again. Wish more Usans were like you.
Layla Anwar said…

Why do I have this eerie feeling that you are the one who called me a fishwife once...not too long ago.
The one who slandered me and denigrated me when on some personal ego trip riddled with huge insecurity bouts?

If you are not this person, then my apologies in advance...but...why do I have this eeries feeling that you are her ?
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi mojo,

I need NOT give you any example, you are lie yourself...
Anonymous said…
I am afraid you mistook me for someone else.

I have never called you a "fishwife" nor verbally abused you in any other way, but I did pester you with awkward, childish attempts at gaining your attention/friendship...

Apologies and all my heart's dearest wishes.
Anonymous said…
Linda Heard:

LIES, LIES, LIES of the west:
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla

You say the British contribution to USuk was only 6,000. It might be now but I think it more correct to say that the size of the UK force was at least 30,000 at the time of the invasion, and up to 60,000. I am not sure of the correct figure. Our SAS and SBS forces were active with the Australian and US special forces for days before the main invasion.

My brother David Halpin asks me to tell you that he put a comment on to your previous article about the occupation. He says to give you his love. He sent the same piece to Newsnight the nightly BBC programme that discusses affairs and events of the day. Your blog receives a great deal if support here.
Anonymous said…
Mary, I'd love to comment - it really is amazing but only on Thursday night, I visited your brother's (David Halpin) website and almost sent him a comment in the contact section! I just wanted to tell him that he is doing great work - you can now tell him that for me, please! Thank you!

It really is very small world - or, perhaps, all like-minded people are somehow getting together through forums like this one.

In solidarity, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Evil Zionist Gigolo C.I.A Nazi scum here :) Writing from the heart of the USuck or whatever you idiots call it. Just wondering, do you put Saddam's brutal dictatorship in "quote brackets" when talking with fellow Iraqis, or do you just add a smartass inflection to your voice?

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