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I don't always have enough time to compose long posts and just in case you start missing me, you will at least have daily updates of bits of news that I find relevant. And you can comment all you want. I actually encourage you to do so... So "rant" away...

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RhusLancia said…
Hi Layla,

You should include the links for your news stories. Just a suggestion.

Also, I didn't know that Che was a Master-Racist.
Anonymous said…
Hi Sumac,

A link to my news stories - not always possible, some are picked from the radio station.

Che was not a master racist, but Americana nd that includes you little sumac are.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the newest addition to the AWB family.
Anonymous said…

Thanks, it's a baby girl added to the AWB family. And she is an anti-imperialist. I guess it must be genetic :-)
RhusLancia said…
Layla: "A link to my news stories - not always possible, some are picked from the radio station."

OK, fair enough. Maybe mention where it comes from if a link is not possible?

Layla: "Che was not a master racist, but Americana nd that includes you little sumac are."

So you dig Che for his violence?

America did have a master-racist problem, it's true. But we generally faced it head on and beat it back, now master-racists are a discredited minority, as they should be. Germany beat back their master-racists, too, but man was it a bloody slog. Now there's a few still there, but they're a discredited minority. Not sure why you think master-racism is a groovy way to go in Iraq and the ME, but I guess discredited minorities are to be expected.
Layla Anwar said…
Sumac, when will you grow a fiber of moral honesty and integrity in you ? Do you think that will ever be possible ?
So Che is violent in your eyes, but the 1 million Iraqis killed (check the latest from AP via Uruknet- a confirmation for your friend /rat Jefferrry), and an illegal occupation where your boys have destroyed everything in Iraq is not violent ?

Are you stupid or are you stupid?

No you are not stupid, you are a sold out american CIA agent, who served his term in Iraq killing innocent civilians who have done NOTHING to your fucked up country.

And I bet you you are a black guy too which makes it worse in my eyes...Not because of your color but because you have sold yourself so cheaply - re enacting your serfdom all over again.

Your fucked up country is the MOST racist country next to GB on the face of this earth.

You are indeed shameless RhuslanCIA.
RhusLancia said…
Layla, I'm certain every single one of them were innocent Shia and Kurds. Err, I mean, "traitors".

There- I made you smile!

Obviously Iraqis have suffered tremendously, and God only knows what the true count is.

Why do you have no shame, though? Such a toll with your dear leader in place would not make you so much as bat an eyelash, and such a toll after his rightful removal is only a useful tool to fuel your "rage".

Why don't you just adopt Ali Hassan Majid's stance, that millions of Iraqis killed are irrelevant, so long as the Arab Nation survives? He's a b*st*rd, of course, but honest and proud of the views you apparently share.

But I know the answer- your friends here need to think you are sincerely outraged by this number, not secretly proud of its usefulness.
Anonymous said…
Sumac CIA,

Next time you see your "boss", and engage in major ass kissing, tell him you have been closely monitoring the Iraqi blogs...and add that Iraqis are waking up to what scum you all are...except for your shoe shiner mojo and a few others paid sub agents...

Do remember OK ? For you have lost the war in Iraq 5 fucking years down the line. You are not able to effectively control one single area...without having to pay, bribe, and kiss ass with the iranians...and the iraqis...

Yes you lost. The mightiest power on earth (lol) has been defeated both militarily and politically by a bunch of " hajjis"...

So kiss it CIA and tell your boss to kiss it too.
Anonymous said…
rhustlacia u knob head fuck off back to your shitty blog.....dickhead
Anonymous said…
i dont get the point of htis new blog layla......we already have aljezzera and press tv
Anonymous said…
JR, you may have, others don't .
Besides, writing long posts take a lot of time. So when am unable to do so, I post short articles, with my personal touch. Something you will not get on al Jazeera.
Anonymous said… planning 2 stick 2 aljazeerah 4 time being though
Anonymous said…
In my opinion, English al Jazeera is like the BBC. If you understand Arabic, Arabic al Jazeerah is better. Still, I get my first news from the Radio, before it gets on TV or the Web, and they are usually more accurate for their is less time for censorship.
RhusLancia said…
Layla: "Yes you lost. The mightiest power on earth (lol) has been defeated both militarily and politically by a bunch of " hajjis"..."

We lost? Has the elected gov't fallen? Have your totalitarian heroes set up a new one?

Yeah, I'm glad we are employing more Iraqis, though. We should have taken some of the billion$ Saddam stole from Iraq and spread it around right away on local projects & employment. We know, now, that many of the insurgents are in it for the money, and are not ideologically aligned one way or the other. Unlike their jihadi allies, I guess, but those would've been easier to handle if sympathetic Iraqis did not help them.

But thanks for showing how much you really care about the Iraqi death toll. That's what I thought, but I didn't expect you to show it.
Anonymous said…
Money talks / Suckers walk.

I dont agree with the 'war' nor other countries meddling in anothers country's governing policies.

But, having said that, I can stil observe like everybody else and try to interpret what is going on; what causes it, what the current affiars are and where it may be leading. All speculations and opinions of course since I am not privy to actually setting in on governemnt's meetings.

But I believe going into Iraq was a 'strategic ' catastrophe...aside from all the deaths. the deaths and sufferings are obvious.

The US wil eventually pull out and I think it will happen sooner than later. In my opinion, I think the Bush Corporation did achieve its major goals. They do not care about actually securing territory or making areas safe. They dont care about troop deaths and Iraqi deaths or actually trying to 're-build' Iraq or the kicked to death dof of bringing 'democracy' to Iraq.

They have set up their roots...the roots they truly care about and understand. They understand the global markets and manipulations. This is their world. Its well underway and 'secured'.

When they pull out of Iraq, this will remain. If it gets threatened or interfered with, will another invasion take place? Who can say?

But when they leave, what will become of the vacuum? Not the international global-market vacuum, ( one does not need to be actually present inside a country to control the world of international markets ), but the actual vacuum of 'presence'?

Will Iran move into Iraq. What will Syrias role be? What will Arabia and Egypt do or how will they react? I believe when the US military leaves Iraq, another round of horrors will take place.
Anonymous said…
Do the “genuine revolutionary and national trends” include that of your beloved Saddam Hussein, who shot wholes in the shrine of Imam Hussein (a.s.) in Karbala and parked a tank in front of the shrine where his henchmen displayed his picture on holy ground? How can such idolatry on holy ground be considered anything other than blasphemy and extreme disrespect of Islam?

This criminal Nasrallah, a true puppet of Iran, was never a student of Sayyid Sistani… maybe you should check your facts.

"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over an Ajam nor an Ajam has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over a white - except by piety and good action."
Anonymous said…
"This criminal Nasrallah, a true puppet of Iran"

I don't see him as criminal, I see those who see him as a criminal as criminals...
Anonymous said…
History shows that Iran does not see Israel as criminals. They are convenient friends, bound by a common thread, which is their mutual hate of Arab people, which is reflected in their close ties during the Iraq-Iran War.

"On July 3rd and 4th, 1987 I participated in two highly secret meetings with Iran's defense minister, Col. Mohammed Jalali, and Robert Gates.. (US-CIA)

Col Jalali flew to Kansas City and made his way to the Americana Hotel where Gates was staying discreetly. Ora and I were booked into the Vista International just across the street.

On the evening of July 3rd I made my way to the lobby of my hotel and met with Gates and Jalali....

"What I would like", said Col. Jalali, "is an assurance that despite the Iran-Contra scandal, the sales to my country will continue" -

"As far as Israel is concerned, they will continue," I said. We both looked toward Gates. He smiled. "I see no problem with that."

We talked about logistics and the scandal that had put Oliver North in the hot seat. Then we agreed to meet again the following morning.

This time I visited the others in the lobby of the Americana. Once again, on this day that celebrates American independence. Col. Jalali sought and received assurances that the U.S.would continue to supply Iran with weapons."
"Profits of War" Ari Ben-Menashe.

Menashe worked in Israel intelligence from 1977 to 1989. And he wrote this book while in exile in Aust. in order to save himself from being assassinated by his Mossad employers.

In turn, one could ask what makes Nasarallah any different from the US leaders, who treat people like mushrooms and keep them in the dark.

Most everyday westerners especially in the US, Britain and Aust. and everyday Iranians were certainly kept in the dark about US/Iran/Israel continuing their dirty arms deals together. Bearing in mind, this was even while the Iran-contra affair enquiries were being held!

Little do the Iranian people know that Israel received billions of dollars profit from their government in order to kill Arabs during the Iran-Iraq war.

It seems both the Iranian and Israeli government thought it was better Iranian people die rather than Israeli people die when pursuing their mutual cause of killing Iraqi Arabs.

According to Menashe The arms money Israel received from Iran and money-for-arms donations from Israeli supporters from around the world was distributed as such - $780 million including interest went to Israeli slush fund, $780 million, $780 went to CIA slush fund (plus interesest). $100 million was transferred out of Aust. banks and transferred to Eastern Bloc. Another $100 million was taken from Eastern Europe accounts and given to a political party in Israel,and the remainder of Israeli money approx. $600 million is distributed in various countries around the world.

Yes all this cash, gift wrapped and a card saying to dear Israel compliments of the Iran Ayatollahs.

People need to wake up and get their heads around the fact that while Bush prances and performs on the world state accusing Iran of being terrorists he has installed them in Iraq.

And while Nasarallah prances and performs on the world stage pretending that Israel are the enemy, he and Israel are 'allies of convenience' in keeping the Arabs down in the Middle East.

In conclusion, one could say Nasarallah is really just another george B. and Old Mert wearing a different set of clothes.
Anonymous said…
In conclusion, one could say bluegum is really just another george B. and Old Mert wearing a different set of clothes.
Layla Anwar said…

Can't stop thanking you...:-)
I will copy and paste the valuable info that you seem to have at the tip of your hat and forward it widely...
bARABie said…
LIEla said...

Hey Koori Barbarian, how's it going with your cut and paste?

bluegum said...

Layla - When you cut and paste...

LIEla said...

I will copy and paste...


And i said....


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