An ambiguous Dream

Am on a short break, so I thought I'd share this dream with you, before I forget it...

I dreamt of Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel. And he was saying

"Drive them out, drive them out to the Desert. Drive them out to Sinai"

I guess reading news before going to sleep is not a very good idea. This Rabbi is considered one of the most influential international figures. If this guy is considered one of the most influential figures, that tells you a lot about the state of the world we live in...He also said in real life as opposed to dream life, that Muslims did not need Jerusalem, they had Mecca and Medina to contend with. (full article here and you must read it)

But the dream continues...

And I found myself in the desert, shouting " We have wandered long enough...we have wandered over 40 years. This land has always been ours - it's our promised land today "

Then my voice changed and I sounded like Golda Meir, and screamed at the top of my lungs.

" There is no such thing called Isghrael. Isghrael does not exist. All Jews from Europe, both East and West, should be shipped back to where they came from."

(Shit, I forgot to include American Jews in the dream)

Then the Rabbi looked at me with evil eyes and said "I am going to denounce you for anti-semitism. You are not a peaceful muslim"

I woke up perspiring, shaking and in a foul mood...

My only consolation is that in the dream even though I sounded like Golda Meir, I did not look like her.

What do you think this dream portends?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Dr.Mahoud Ahmed


Anonymous said…
means you need a break.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Iris, Is that all????
Anonymous said…
Layla will arrange picture for you.

Also it just came to me the words of the
song should have read -

the blue gums are grow'n
the Murrumbidgee's flow'n (not the Murray)

Layla if you love trees you would absolutely love these, they are magnificent.

I really do not know how you keep it up.
But I can also see why you do.
Anway enjoy your short break.
Anonymous said…
They have nothing - no connection

i think it portends you will be walking to your medicine cabinet tonight before bedtime and swallowing a magic dream pill, washing it down w/your favorite beverage.
Anonymous said…
bluegum is a gay canadian porn star
Anonymous said…
"the Murrumbidgee's flow'n (not the Murray)"

Skip, do you really think anyone cares if it's the Murray or not, let alone KNOW WTF you are talking about?
Anonymous said…
Interesting LAYla dreamt of being golda (the stupid UGLY DEAD jewish maggot).

Very interesting. Wouldn't happen to be envy, would it?
Anonymous said…
Hey Koori Barbarian, how's it going with your cut and paste? Any progress on the drinking front, when are you about to croak from industrial quantities of ethanol?
Anonymous said…
So much fucking hatred and bullshitted violence and divisions and groupthink

Fuck all your armies
Fucl all your governments
Fuck all you "leaders"
Fuck all the armies
Fuck all the corporate virus
Fuck all hatefilled and better-than-everyone-else religions that clamor over dead bodies to get to heaven
Fuck all you revenge
Fuck all your ways of greed and pollution and inventing ways to murder

Why dont every last one of all of you go to the antarctic and fight and kill each other and let the few of us live in peace !

Fuck All Of You
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla, my puter has been very whacky as of late. I suspect a zionist unloaded some virus into my machine.As a consequence, my absence here. I have been struggling to get it back to snuff.
Your dream should not be taken too seriously. After all, even Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
My own projection on this dream of yours , has something to do with Brack Obama and his presidential campaign against Hillary clinton. My great fear is the Clinton "destructo" machine will label Obama an anti semite.
So you see, dreams can be highly revelatory and simultaneously useless. They are so very very personal,
So get out there Layla and live your life. Your truly significant dreams will ring true and not awaken you in a cold sweat.
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing your dream as MLK shared his; look at him now, that stupid !@#$

i also have a dream; i dream to be in Heaven with peace and no suffering, and happiness and bliss, no pain, no sorrow, no hurt, no lies
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Ritalin,

Hope you sort out your pc problems. Zionists freaks love to silence people.
Upon second thoughts, I think my dream is very meaningful, and in my case a cigar is hardly a cigar.
The dream is telling me clearly that JEWS are the REAL Anti-Semites.

How about that for a aha insight?
Layla Anwar said…
binyameen netanyahu,

kindly comment once you grow a in 100 years.
Anonymous said…
i have a brain

do you mind if i call you bint shimal?
Unknown said…
Been a long time sister.

Time enough to know that the rightous have conquered in the face of tyranny and that the masses have proven themselves worthy of that prize of liberty whose cost is eternal vigilance.

I told you I'd be back (it was a day after the Iraqi soccer victory IIRC) in a couple years with pride on my shoulders to gloat but sin of pride has come a bit early for me and I come not here to gloat in victory for the Arab awakening taking place all over Iraq from sun rise to sunset from sunni to shia, but rather I have come in humility to request of you and yours one thing and that would be reconciliation with the Shia so that the state of Iraq might for the first time have not only state sovereignty but that sovereignty which is real and comes only through the self determination and self governance of the people.

May the bloodshed end and may Iraq be free tomorrow. "Inshallah"
Unknown said…
Well I can't find my old posts here maybe you hated me that much or maybe I'm to stupid to find them either way I'm going to post the battle hymn of the republic:

The youth of the new world has lost its innocence through the corruption of the old degridaded masses of those whom which we sought to escape, but one could not find solitude from their corruption on an Island let alone a continent, the only solution is for our soldiers to fight them at every corner and every turn. May God show mercy on the souls of our enemies because I will not.
Unknown said…
From Patrick Henry give me liberty or give me death download and listen or mantain your self inflicted state of slaver:
Anonymous said…
It could be worse. You could have dreamt you were Hamdia - Ahmedinajad in drag!
Unknown said…
There is only one agent in Iraq which seeks to deny the people their god granted right to liberty and that is the Islamists but by God if that is what you people want then feel free to vote for this scum, I nor any of my countrymen will stand in your way, if it is not then by God we will fight to the last man to secure your liberty, the choice is yours not ours and it never has been.
Anonymous said…
Es hebe die Hand, wer meint, der Jewnazi Psychopath TOT gehöre nict tot!...
Anonymous said…
hi layla
Anonymous said…
trajan u son u of a bitch shut the fuck up u bellend
Anonymous said…
layla u have 2 many nightmares
Anonymous said…
Hey JR, how've you been? Long time no see. Hope you are well.
Anonymous said…
yeah not bad r u???
my routine has been thrown a little out of sync cos ive had to get a job...but needless to say im working on ways 2 get the sack
Anonymous said…
Jr, you work? oh what a shame! lol
My connection sucks tonight. Can't even sign in to blogger. I think there is a problem with servers over here.
Till soon
Anonymous said…
Layla you're very funny. Even in your nightmares, you make me smile and sometimes you crack me up :-)
Anonymous said…
thanks 2 aljezeera:

Internet outages hit Middle East
There was a slowdown in internet connectivity
across the Middle East

Internet services and usage have been disrupted across large parts of the Middle East after an undersea cable in the Mediterranean was damaged.

Egypt's telecoms ministry said 70 per cent of the country's internet network was down on Wednesday.

India was also affected, losing more than half its bandwidth initially.

Residents of Gulf Arab countries reported a slowdown in internet connectivity and disruption of services, including that of Al Jazeera.

The Bahrain Telecommunications Co said its services were affected after two undersea cables were cut near Alexandria, on Egypt's north coast.

"This cut has affected internet services in Egypt with a partial disruption of 70 per cent of the network nationwide," the Egyptian ministry said in a statement.

The Egyptian telecoms ministry said it did not know how the cables were cut or if weather was a factor.

Storms had forced Egypt to close the northern mouth of the Suez Canal on Tuesday.

India reported serious disruptions to its services, with Rajesh Chharia, the head of an internet-service providers' body, saying: "There has been a 50 to 60 per cent cut in bandwidth."

He said a "degraded" service would be up and running by Wednesday night, but full restoration would take 10 to 15 days.

"The big operators have transferred their small broadband connectivity through the Pacific route, and that's the reason there's no hue and cry in the country," he said.

AT&T said that a cable owned by a consortium of which it is part was affected.

"We do know that one cable is disrupted," Michael Coe, an AT&T spokesman, said.

He said the "cable in question goes between France and Egypt".

Egypt said its call centres saw their services cut by more than 30 per cent, and two Egyptian stock brokers said market transactions were considerably slower and some international trading orders could not go through.

In Cairo, much of the capital city was without access to the internet for the bulk of the day, frustrating businesses and the professionals.
Montag said…
Beyond the obvious problems of what the Rabbi said, everyone is acutely aware of the fact that he is not truly serious when he wishes the Palestinians have a home anywhere, much less Sinai.

If gold or oil or whatever whets the appetites of the covetous be discovered in Sinai, he would be the first in line to invade the Palestinian homeland.
Anonymous said…

seems like the reality actually
landsker said…
Salam Layla,
Perhaps the dream is just a symbol of the truth.
That they, the "israelis" have stolen the land they call israel, that they are liars and thieves.
That their only recourse is to denounce the Palestinians as "non-peaceful", which of course is just a load of hypocritical hogwash.
But please, why do you want to ship all those israelis back to Europe? How about Texas?
Layla Anwar said…

lol, you take care of the Texas part and I shall deal with the European bits.
Layla Anwar said…
TOT, the psychopath,

You're still alive ? :-(
Anonymous said…
Please tell me, did you see A.Sharron being dragged on the streets of Gaza by some Palestenian children?? You must have!

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